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I serve King Augustine as the Duke of Beer and the Grand-Admiral of Bogeys.

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@bluepeter442 @craig_gd @D_Raval Now compare intensity of service patterns. @alangibbons1968 @D_Raval @johnmerro1 Our rail infrastructure is owned and maintained by Network Rail. @jonnyed55 @D_Raval Please explain how Britain's railway is not "designed for people". We do not have the capacity… @DickyShoulder @Palayo @D_Raval @KateKasp For TGVs and longer distance intercities, yes. So you can't travel at all… @Palayo @D_Raval @KateKasp Except that isn't remotely true. It depends on how full the service is whether you get a… @exert2020 @D_Raval Errr, you think public transport is free to tourists? They actually pay double for rail travel what most Swiss pay. @Mountie31 @D_Raval BR was good before 1979? By which metrics? The 50% annual fare rises they sometimes had, closin… @StevePrincep @D_Raval It just displays complete ignorance of the railway actually, but never mind. @jazzaoxon @D_Raval How exactly do you think Branson could have possibly created the capacity to have such carriage… @sarahcam3ron @D_Raval Funny. You think Corbyn could have enabled such things? What would he have done, waved a mag… @D_Raval No, we can't have stuff like this because our services are much fuller, because we've had a more than doub… @D_Raval Now compare intensity of service patterns in UK compared to Norway, and compare the number of people commu… @Rosa60044194 @saundersvon "untold damage"= the same as one road scheme thirty times smaller. @saundersvon @Rosa60044194 Please explain why expanding our railway to cope with a more than doubling of passenger… @JunagarhMedia Please explain what is "lies and fraud" about expanding our railway to cope with a more than doublin… @simonhall1974 @BorisJohnson If HS2 were cancelled, not a single extra penny would be spent on flood defence. The m… @ultimateOne So it's Johnson's vanity project now is it, not Cameron's, or Gideon's, or Adonis'? 'He' will pay by b… @10_000BC @SteB777 @BirdgirlUK @GretaThunberg Please explain what form of technology has replaced high speed rail f… @MCY1X a) HS2 isn't "+£100bn" b) HS2 pays for itself long term by its revenue and wider economic benefits. @stellastafford @dbound66 @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Please just focus on p… @F1cyclist @BenJAJ20 @BorisJohnson As explained, building HS2 has no bearing on what flood defences we build. @F1cyclist @BenJAJ20 @BorisJohnson No, that isn't what's predicted, try not to fall for spin leaked from number 10.… @Rosa60044194 @saundersvon Please explain which rail journey to London will have "20 mins clipped" off it.
@GeekayClement @HS2ltd Which bit of it do you not agree with or think is false? @F1cyclist @BenJAJ20 @BorisJohnson HS2 pays for itself long term, which is why we can borrow unlimited money for su… @saundersvon @Rosa60044194 Part of the reason rail tickets are expensive at peak times is because of the lack of ca… @sandra_haith @HS2ltd @RishiSunak Yawn @DrumEQ a) HS2 isn't 105bn b) The money for HS2 is borrowed at zero or negative interest rates, it doesn't come out of a piggy-bank. @saundersvon @Rosa60044194 Because we need to expand our railway to cope with a more than doubling of passenger numbers. @guardian It wouldn't make any difference. For a long haul I'd still buy a 2 litre bottle of fizz and a couple of b… @Fiona_Go The money doesn't exist, and so can't be given to Glasgow or anywhere else. @Sheikh_Anvakh @thekowalski1 @Queen1Tiger It's only a mystery to people who don't understand it. This "20 minutes"… @F1cyclist @BenJAJ20 @BorisJohnson The funds for HS2 don't exist and so can't be redirected anywhere. HS2 is being… @dbound66 @HS2theTruth @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 He's like… @dbound66 @HS2theTruth @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Just bloc… @stellastafford @dbound66 @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 I really wasn't saying… @DissidentDetect @mithaldu What is "getting into drinking" precisely? What we should be concerned about is abuse of… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 I previously asked you this ques… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 So let's say you take the Manche… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Birmingham Interchange is connec… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Please look at page 14 of this.… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 No, I'm not suggesting that. Tra…
@JohnnyBaizdon @BarrySheerman @Number10cat a) we're not spending £100 billion on it, b) your fast journey with a wh… @plebsense @grantshapps You realise there's no such thing as wind-powered trains, don't you? @logitecuk @JamesMelville So it's Johnson's vanity project now is it? I thought it was Cameron's? Or Adonis'? @tocatchathief8 @bbcwm Could you please describe your alternative plans for getting significantly more capacity on… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Have you been on the sherry Stel… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 I'm not sure why that would both… @We_OwnIt @TheGreenParty @jon_bartley It's coincided with a more than doubling of passenger numbers so describing i… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Stella, somebody has put the ide… @vlad_mihalcea @java The fact that the question talks about "storage technologies" shows that they don't understand… @KephinJ @northernassist @TPExpressTrains @TransportFocus @transportgovuk This one is a good one, there are others… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 Precisely because the purpose of… @stellastafford @LachlanShanks @rec53 @PaulPaul49 @John_Whitelegg @HACAN1 @stophs2 This is the opposite of the trut…
@sandra_haith @HS2ltd It's not imaginary, it's going to be built. What on earth has put this ludicrous idea in your head? @sandra_haith @HS2ltd @BorisJohnson It's about both. In the South the capacity is a bigger factor; in the North it'… @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak Found it for you Sandra.... @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak Give them time, you must be on their guest list... @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak Except you have already been told by rail professionals that your photos don… @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak And last time engineers who had actually been part of the team planning it told you it had been done. @sandra_haith @HS2ltd @BorisJohnson So how would Sheffield to London journeys be improved? Or Sheffield to Birmingh… @sandra_haith @HS2ltd For cities like Glasgow and Liverpool the HS2 services will simply replace the existing servi… @sandra_haith @cynicalkind @RishiSunak Oh you are funny Sandra. Last time you tweeted that picture *actual rail eng… @my_amigouk @sandra_haith @PaulHowellMP @BorisJohnson Why does travelling from London to Newcastle via Birmingham b… @sandra_haith @HS2ltd No local services will be lost due to HS2. You keep spouting this rubbish. @sandra_haith @HS2ltd @BorisJohnson Phase 2a is just to Crewe. What on earth are you suggesting, linking Leeds to B… @sam_thomassss @FergUK85 @northernassist Yes, suddenly the Castlefield corridor will become uncongested overnight a… @FergUK85 You're complaining about overcrowding due to a lack of capacity, and at the same time pouring scorn on so… @SPavelle What if you can't get on the train 20 minutes earlier because it's full? @TingewickPotter @kathiebennett HS2's funding comes from borrowing, at zero or negative interest rates, which is pa… @duosayso Do you think the concept of compulsory purchase was invented by HS2? @Maylor Or here... @Maylor Just one example... @RealDavidCarter HS2 will carry exactly the same passengers as are making intercity journeys currently. The three P… @RealDavidCarter Please explain what "upgrades to track" you propose. For each one, how much extra capacity would t… @RealDavidCarter If HS2 is going to be a "white elephant", could you please explain what form of transport will ha… @KephinJ @northernassist @TPExpressTrains @TransportFocus @transportgovuk £27.21 by splitting your ticket. @CityVoicEd The fact that Berkeley is tweeting it tells you all you need to know. It quotes fictional figures and d… @WalesArtsReview @CaraghMedlicott The author doesn't understand the real purpose of HS2 or how it's funded. @Auriga_ZA @British_Airways Out of interest why did you want to fly this route? @WorcsTravel @ThisGirlIsFast @JJStroud @worcscc @CrossCountryUK @SLCRail @worcsLEP @CllrKenPollock Any buses to Kem… @ActionforEarth @ChrisGPackham @WildlifeRBLN No, it won't. How about some perspective? @Londoncanals How many times have you watched The Matrix today? @Maylor It's not remotely feasible. It's been debunked countless times. Right-wing public transport hating "think t… @tinalouiseUK a) HS2's current cost estimate is not 100bn. b) It's not remotely feasible to reopen the Great Centra… @MyKomment @bigjohn850 @Fydsy @chantal_oiseau Actually anybody who understands HS2 and the railway in general wants… @geeksusma @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius A future Blades fan. @abitgenius @vlad_mihalcea Spring JDBC Templates is indeed a good idea. A sensible example of a framework.#BoycottMulan because lead actress Liu Yifei supports police brutality. And @Disney you guys suck ass for backing h…
Retweeted by Beeron @geeksusma @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius @watafactory Oh, and a little thing called Brexit means I have to get… @geeksusma @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius @watafactory Jesus, if you don't like my principles I have some other… @BrianMcSporran @AfrecoNg @RailDeliveryGrp @GWRHelp @worcscc @HuddlestonNigel But what has the Rail Delivery Group got to do with Africa? @geeksusma @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius There's a bloody storm here in Brussels... enjoy your sun. @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius Well, that's because they mostly use entities, and you know as well as I that th… @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius But I wouldn't recommend any framework that claims that it can automate the inte… @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius At this point, I normally get told "ah, but that's just bad use of Hibernate". E… @vlad_mihalcea @rponte @abitgenius Quite right, but also a red herring. I could recount you horror stories of 130 q… @rponte @vlad_mihalcea @abitgenius Fair point. Someone who really understands it could at least make a case for it.… @joncstone And talked about "deploying different arguments".