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@TheOneTAR Thank you @TheOneTAR ! This is a mighty fine list btw! @jkayati @AlexxPfister Oh nooo haha I apologize for that! I’m also jealous because that sounds like a ton of funPeople I'm following right now because they give me hope and joy and all that fluffy junk for this industry & where…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @DanielKeim93 @AlexxPfister LOL. I’ve attempted to finish a curse before in that game and I can agree with u. That’s a looooong game! @genxsaisquoi @AlexxPfister Ahhhh okay I was wondering that. Very interesting @genxsaisquoi @AlexxPfister Is the Newdale Campaign heavily related to “Oh My Goods”? @GamingRulesVids @AlexxPfister Whaaaaat! That’s awesome. We were considering doing that until we saw how big the de… @Briggs_A_Miller So glad to hear you’re enjoying them! Those games are some of the best experiences IMO @TomLonde @AlexxPfister Ahh yeah, we were going to start Betrayal Legacy until the pandemic hit. We were fortunate… @BoardGameMike @AlexxPfister Amazing! How many games did it take u? @PunchboardUK @AlexxPfister Amazing! Are you loving it? @TheRealYotus @AlexxPfister I loved that one too! @DanielKeim93 @AlexxPfister You finished all of those campaigns??? Yes, solo definitely counts! @ChrisDooB @AlexxPfister Amazing. How many games has it taken u? @dnlnwmn @AlexxPfister It’s a pretty big deck! We were looking at it thinking, wow how many games will that take @1choiceatatime @AlexxPfister Haha yeah the storyline is definitely a nice added touch @RapsRene @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister You finished it twice! Amazing.
Tonight on Gumbo Live! @GeekJockBlogchats about some spicy hot games we’ve played recently and of course the latest…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @ReviewsSilver @AlexxPfister Ahhhhh gotcha! Someone mentioned “hard mode.” Now I finally understand. Thanks! @ReviewsSilver @AlexxPfister 12 games! Wow, that sounds like a lot but it seems really fun. @jhopper8 Aw I’m so glad! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! @EminteaWASD @kovraystudios @beneeta_k @MysterY186 @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister @annamaria_jp Ooooh how were u liking that one? @annamaria_jp @beneeta_k @MysterY186 @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister GORGEOUS @beneeta_k @MysterY186 @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister @annamaria_jp Amazing. We’ve been halfway through season 2 for over a year now lol @lakerk I just saw this LOL. Biggest facepalm @debonair_squid Thank you so much!! @jacoblongmusic Awww yay!! I’m so glad! @captainraffi @pmgandhi That’s so beautiful! @DrinkingQuest @AlexxPfister Me too! I like the color palette @CARDBOARDTIME @AlexxPfister Ahh okay awesome! Thank you for letting me know. We were wondering about that actually… @Allen_USF @AlexxPfister How many games has it taken you so far? It sounds really fun! @price_justin @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister Lol same here probably @WatchItPlayed @AlexxPfister I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true lolMaracaibo! This game includes a campaign mode that is a big deck of cards. Has anyone out there actually finished… I say at the start of this video: I'm not sure my channel would exist if it wasn't for Catan. So many people fou…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @Lumrunner I’m so so so sorry to hear this =/ sending our condolences 💜 @lakerk Oh Kanye. @disorderlygamer It was my first class with him! I’m sold. @Boardgame_girl1 Whaaaaat?! I’m sorry to hear this! How terrible. I hope that person stops! Kindness for sure. Send…
@TomLonde I think it was supposed to mean more along the lines of “let’s try to love ourselves more by investing in… hope you all find joy today.
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @Dustin_EdD Omg amazing @ThinkerThemer You two are the freaking bestAfter a year of very strict lockdown here in Australia, we can’t wait for the 20hr drive 🚗 to see Amy’s mum, sister…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @pmgandhi Wow I am so down for that! Thanks for the recommendation @pmgandhi His name is Alex Toussaint. Really great“Who the hell is gonna love you more than you?!” - today’s cycling instructor Let’s love ourselves today, y’all. @beneeta_k I highly debated Phoenix Wright!! Ahh now I’m considering it again lol @beneeta_k @dannibelow LOL Yeah i was like... okay it's 2 or 3 bucks...let's see how it is @kovraystudios @beneeta_k @dannibelow Make sure to report back lol @jeroen3huis Very true! I was tempted to fill the entire list with roll-and-writes lol @debonair_squid We showed a little bit of it during one of our vlogs, but maybe sometime in the new year we can wal… @Dustin_EdD its sooooo fuuuuuuun! @czechgames @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 @BramBeardGaming @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 @dannibelow @beneeta_k LOL I got - Picross 3 Inbento Monster Prom Not Tonight The Room Speed Dating for Ghosts El… @chayashida @JacCCMF Omg haha that’s awesome!! The ladder!! Lol. We both really miss gaming with u all btw 😫 @dannibelow I wasn’t gonna buy any switch games UNTIL I SAW YOUR TWEET! Lol now I have a list of like 5 -__-We really enjoyed hanging out with these two cuties! Check it out!
@b1231 @thechriscormier @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @BoardSunniva @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 @ilporcellinoUK @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 @GamingRulesVids Thanks! I hope you’re having fun. We had to scrap the live stream for this week @mrsnaki @GamingRulesVids Oh nice! Yeah it’s great how small the box is for all that game @Madcoder8 @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1
@b1231 @thechriscormier @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames is live-streaming all weekend for a fantastic cause! Please help support if you can. Also, we’re playing thi… @TheMoodleDoodle @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 @TheMoodleDoodle @BlueOrangeGames @Pandasaurusgame @RavensburgerNA @BrainGames_int @riograndegames @SpaceCowboys1 us as we discuss, "10 Games We Love To Give As Gifts." What board games do you love to gift? Check it out here… @WatchItPlayed Thanks Rodney!! @OnceAndFutureDr @AtomicFirebird Ahh thank you!
@TheBGDetective @kovraystudios Yeah who does he think he is @kovraystudios This is Dexter. He is my soulmate. He likes to sunbathe and is a big-time cuddle bug. @AspieGamerGirl Oh nooooo!Fantastic list of Filipinx content creators, including Dustin! @Madcoder8 Thanks Jeff! You too! @cardboard_kid What a relief! @dannibelow Dzaang gorgeous!
@jmaltman @Boardgame_girl1 Also very smart @Boardgame_girl1 lol smart! @ElizaPacey @Asmodee_USA I was actually the same way but I’ve definitely warmed up to dice games over the years. So… a video for a filler (on a Wednesday this time), a playthrough & review of “Troyes Dice,” published by Pearl… @drhernandezusc LOL!!! Oh u guys. That’s hilarious @MicahBBurke Oh yeah! That’s another one. The hard part for us is we don’t have an explanation for patients calling… @MicahBBurke That’s in addition to the long-term cardiac complications they’re seeing in-patient @MicahBBurke Oh noooo, that’s a severe case! I’m sorry that’s happening! Yes, we have some patients who have long-t… @CallmeJacPls I usually have another one in my car but of course it was missing today lol @WatchItPlayed Thanks Rodney!Let’s get them to 100 subs, shall we?, I know the media can feel unreliable and it may be difficult to truly know what’s going on. At work, i mainly… @BoardGameGhee LOL! That’s hilarious. @ThingsGetDicey Haha awww glad we could help!On today’s This Game Gets Dicey we are playing New York Zoo and I gotta say, this Uwe Rosenberg game looks right up…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @GirlsPlay_Games I think it might have been Splendor. Yes, we still really like it!Beautiful. @ElizaPacey Ahhh thank you for also being safe! Your plans sound really nice actually @Maisykuv Wait is that real life?! lolI hope you will join me and @emmzaja tomorrow at 10AM PST for a game of Calico from @alderac on @TabletopiaGames !…
Retweeted by Monique M. // Before You Play @Gameosity Thanks you two! Hope you’ve been well!