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@lukebailey90 Ooh I don’t knowThe gogglebox exec has just suddenly left her job and people are wishing her well....smells fishy @mrmarkroberts @Yeloop yes he does look like that! i couldn't place itOh m8 London and Liverpool in Tier 2 of new England system - but Birmingham and Manchester in Tier 3
Retweeted by Beigethis is a weird story days til no deal Brexit lads! 😍
Retweeted by BeigeCry more you bitter tory
Retweeted by BeigeShilton = Broalie @DaveLarkhall Brexit @mnrrntt Tier 2! to go for a power walk and then work that corporate schlongHaving a coffee & some vegan sausages with James (he’s not eating) your kids that Rudy Giuliani was once respected is like explaining that O.J. Simpson was once a football player.
Retweeted by BeigeOh my werd.
Retweeted by BeigeSDYP! at this @GLoBuglio @LoreleiKing Well I hope you eat some nice yams @icod But who? 👀Watching Simpsons. Mo mocking Homer for using the word garage. ‘Ooh la di da, Mr Frenchman’Johnny Depp refused permission to appeal against Amber Heard 'wife beater' ruling
Retweeted by Beige @fletcherchriss Yes that is true. Gets to see all the ladies againFinding out which tier you’re in need to remember: We’re at war with a virus — not with each other.
Retweeted by BeigeH from Steps lets slip Robbie Williams told him to quit group after seeing his face
Retweeted by Beige @icod OohI think Andy becoming a bin man again after 16 years is the perfect epilogue to the X Factor’s demiseHappy thanksgiving @GLoBuglio @LoreleiKing and no one else laughing at Zinfannydel this morning.
Retweeted by BeigeI am shook. Big Thursday alreadyOH MATE
Good nightMy son honouring Maradona, in a way @JoStBeans I really like where I’m at’s a real conundrum @eops @TallulahMiggins Thanks. Need to make the right choiceGreat movie for anyone @Yeloop Guilty as charged’m working short term at a company that I really like & just been offered a job at another company who I really ra… @Yeloop @GLoBuglio @LoreleiKing Oh hell @thehandofbeadle Oh god yeah @GLoBuglio What? I was talking about Brock Chansky from Delaware @thehandofbeadle Don’t get me started on Mark Wright partying around the world!'Our democracy was tested this year': Joe Biden's Thanksgiving address – video
Retweeted by Beige @scottmcfly I strongly suspected this was the case @scottmcfly Oh hell @Yeloop Extra large @TallulahMiggins @MsEllaSimone Always good to have fish fingers, potato waffles and chicken nuggets in the freezer @TallulahMiggins @MsEllaSimone You know I will @MsEllaSimone We always have loads in the freezer. Classic fallback for child dinner. Hope this helpsLove that Shane keeps getting voted for trialsJordan looks totally different clean shaven. Not sure if better or worsePheasant looks good. Give them a few bottles of wine you heathens @NicolaSillyBum Ooh you bitch @Yeloop OohTomorrow I will wish happy thanksgiving to my single American follower @Yeloop Suddenly emerged as a contenderAll I want for Christmas is a nice tea pot, a new blanket and some Amazon vouchers to buy books for my kindle. Mayb… AJ actually there?! #ImACeleb
Retweeted by BeigeJessica is a trooper must stink in thereI don’t blame her for spewingOh mateI would totally say no to 12I was laughing like a demented horse and I hear Louis shout from upstairs ‘shut up!’I remember a banter stag in Salzburg where the groom was forced to drink a slop bucket and was very sick and it was…’s like grim torture porn meets a stag weekendI love British televisionZinfannydel!It’s like the worst thing everIt’s like Club Reps gone very wrongThis is grim @outspokengeorge already feel queasyThey delayed the news for it!They’ve sold this task hard so I have no doubt they know it’s a bangerBut I’m watchingI do hate this challengeIf Shane was a colour on a Pantone palette he’d be Frisky PuceI really hope The Crown acknowledges that Princess Margaret died on the same day as the Pop Idol series 1 final, by…
Retweeted by Beige @maverick99sback Even Inception is 10 years old. Sad!Might download Barack to my kindle paperwhite #corporate @Yeloop Stuart did too @Yeloop AmbisextrousThe spa looks nice tbqhwySome lewd painting my face innuendo if you’re sick @Yeloop I did wonderPeople who rest their case #names
Retweeted by BeigeAnt and Dec tease Shane and Jessica's Bushtucker Trial is 'funniest in 20 years' #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Beige @GenFlynn ‘Let me not be a pederast, oh Lord. Oh, I am. Whoops!’#megashag
Retweeted by BeigeNot the first red one she’s got @outspokengeorge Your kids hate you?#megashagTess gives a great handshakeBev emoting about her husband’s bedroom prowess. Vernon all like @bedseo Bad pornSounds like tonight is gonna be a banger #imacelebrityIs Ruthie quite attractive? In this podcast I will investigate