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A Student | Curious Brain | striving to be better | The Wanderer | dreamer | Introvert and many more features in the making. Tweets can be fictional.

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Hello. Let’s talk panic attacks. I am noticing that numerous people are experiencing heightened mental distress, so…
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक Fan @dominos_india do you have guaranteed 30mins delivery feature ? @bacchu_mcfc 😏mjhi gifs load hot nhiyt mhnun vachlas @bacchu_mcfc परीक्षेत रट्टा मारलेले answer🤣 @EmEyeEnAEL Grey or blue ?Want new friends Purane walon ko shayad Alzheimer's hua. @veda_mulga @bacchu_mcfc 😂 @veda_mulga @bacchu_mcfc 🤦🏼‍♂️ @veda_mulga @bacchu_mcfc Tyapeksha vahini shodh...gori gori paan,fulasarkhi chanAre those restaurants with table,2 to 4 chairs and big umbrella on the table like they show on TV for real ? @veda_mulga तुला पण शुभेच्छा
Sab so gayeTill what time does a Twitter account remain active/visible if nobody uses it for years ? @Er_sanky33 😏😏😏weirdo @Er_sanky33 Boring tha yeShe is Gauri Khandare, age 17. Left home y'day wearing red top and black leggings, at 3pm for her classes, hasn't r…
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक FanEverything around is so static @Shine_Dat Bhaari @bacchu_mcfc 😏 @bacchu_mcfc Ho aaj mi keli😏 Ani sly maraychi ky garaj jr mahit ahe direct tu bolu shkto personally @bacchu_mcfc Sly maraycha mhanun😏 @bacchu_mcfc Br😏🤷🏻‍♀️ @bacchu_mcfc 🤦🏼‍♂️ time thewin tasach @bacchu_mcfc Jis kaam ke liye tweet ki wo ho gaya toh delete kr dia😒 @bacchu_mcfc @bacchu_mcfc Tarif😏 @bacchu_mcfc Isse bhi pehle @anu_bundhe @Shine_Dat Khushi k aasu h wo😒I didnt start🤣🤣🤣🤣 @berozgaarhoo Ajun specific sangभेळ म्हणजे भेळ असते ....प्रत्येक ठिकाणची सेम नसते🤣🤣 #असंच @bacchu_mcfc 😒without filter ajun chan vatte @veda_mulga 😱🤣🤣🤣 @berozgaarhoo ठिकाण ? @veda_mulga गेलो नाही कधी , खूप ऐकलंयएएनआयसोबत कामाची संधी :
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक Fanआमच्या इथे रेवसला उतरला की free mangrove walk मिळतो 😏 @Aniiiiish @MysticSage1990 Boom boom boomer😍RT if you don't wear cute dresses and skirts Cz you mostly aren't waxed
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक Fanअगं ऐक ना ....जरा हसतेस का ? #muramba
*Yesterday* Mother : Do you like me ? Me : Yes Mother : But I don't like you Me: But you don't have option either 🤷🏻‍♀️ @bacchu_mcfc 😂😂Tula saglikdech fake lok distaytHey @AmazonHelp is there some issue with Amazon Pay wallet ? can't find option to add money via UPImy friendship circle over the past few years: ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️…
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@S4NDY07 Ata he bghun bhuk lagli mla😒👊🏻...bhakri bhat sampla na pn😭Why is it called 'baby shower' though the baby is just a foetus/unborn ? #GenuineQuestion @Er_sanky33 Mi comment karnarch nahi @arian_earthling Boiling by adding haldi and eating with salt+masala @S4NDY07 😄केरळाला नाही तर कार्ल्याला तरी कधी जायला मिळेल का असं वाटत नाही 🤦ते 'कमाल' पेक्षा 'क----मा------ल' बोललं की भावना लवकर पोचतात का ?After WhatsApp university , Twitter should be declared as University tooSanta can be on Cruise only in MumbaiWhat if Twitter showed who viewed your profile and how many times ?
@Renukaa291 Thanks😊आणि डॉ काशिनाथ घाणेकर हा चित्रपट कोणत्या appवर पाहता येईल ? Hotstar ? Prime Video ? Zee5 ?What is the word for "Thank you" in Tamil ?Girls too feel the same when mom tells पाण्याची कळशी घेऊन ये like boys feel when told जाताना कचरा टाक while dressed up."Oh,so you are at home these days🤔.So you don't go to any college🙄.You haven't joined any course😱" Why aren't peop… ke time life ki har cheez intresting lagne lagti hai
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक FanMorning weather was so good.Reminded me of Pune😊Jugnus have got superpower . They shine when its dark.*Gift* What I imagine : Bluetooth earphones,shirt,watch What they give : 18pieces of Choco Pie with "Khadad" writt… : Anything and everything you eat will be used against you. @cinnabar_dust Zero
@26rjun Ho...Takeaway menu card 😋 @26rjun of misal cha ahe @26rjun Thanyatch try keli mamledarchi @Me_Saleel @26rjun 🤣 @Me_Saleel प्लाझाच्या शेजारी ...variety ahe baryapaiki @Me_Saleel 2वेळा खाल्ली ...आवडलीच नाही House of Misalची चांगली आहे @Me_Saleel Overrated20s is a cursed period. After a point of time,there won't be day when your parents won't talk about marriage.😑😑 St… @ManaliGharat Shawshank Redemption @berozgaarhoo Outrage hoil 😂 @bacchu_mcfc Waah waah @EmEyeEnAEL Oh....Danny Ocean😄Shortest horror story : Washing Machine's water outlet pipe not in the bathroom.
There are two types of people : 1. Kiti khalla tari angaala laagat naahi 2. Thodasa khalla tari angaala kay aatmyaala pn laagte .
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक Fan @paulbarbar_II @EmEyeEnAEL 😂😂😂😂😂 @HerLavishHustle Same....decluttering and cleaning.*Quiet room* Everyone else: Me: My stomach: F̣̮̙͈̖͉̥͎̂ͩ̎̉͝͞ͅĘ̪̱̪̭̘́ͭ̉̽̈̅͂E̶̱̱̣͖͉͖̮̦̲̾̈́͗̿D̬͓̫̪̝͍͓̻̒̍̔̍͛̐̀ ̩̩͇̣̝̩̜͌ͩ̐̆̉ͪ̉̇M̈ͫͅẺ̾̒͏̧̡͓̦̫̘ͅ
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@Boomrah_ Location ?Hi twitter. I'm 20 yrs old and an unemployed student living away from my family trying to pay my bills and in a des…
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक FanOne friend need ugrnet help regarding customs fraud. Where should he contact? #Help
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक FanStay offline.Bahot scope hai.
@AkshaySakh07 @maggihairgirl_ Light bill bhar😆The more you try to be 'the real you' with new people,the greater degree of fakeness they find.If you want to see my dark side, watch me when m hungry.
Retweeted by उकडीचे मोदक Fan @work1hours @EmEyeEnAEL I hate for being such a suspicious person.Video calling was conceptualized in 1920s People before that : @work1hours @EmEyeEnAEL I thought you work at Archanas kitchen since the paneer kulcha image is the same like one o…
@bacchu_mcfc 🤣🤣tujha hangover utrel tewha tu thobad fodshil na hadkya @Er_sanky33 Surprise havay😣Nobody brought me birthday cake. Will Twitter send me one ? 🤔 @bacchu_mcfc Ata samjla...mala nvhta mahit hair wax pan aste @bacchu_mcfc Mhnje ?