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@pagetsam @BritishVogue That’s a really unkind comment. I’ve spent all my earnings this week donating to local food…
Second @BritishVogue column. On self care. What does it mean now?
So @BizPears has just reminded me of happier times.
Retweeted by Bella MackieSocialising unnecessarily increases the chances that you’ll spread the virus to someone more vulnerable than you. O…
Retweeted by Bella MackieThe license fee is an absolute bargain. This is great 👏🏼
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@harrywalker1 @BritishVogue Thank YOU X @tobymoses Course I will! If it’s about the west wing or 30 rock. Nothing else. X @shfitz @BritishVogue Thank you Sheila! X @Victoria_Spratt @BritishVogue Thank you xx @BeckyBarnesB @BritishVogue Thank you! @seanmstephens @BritishVogue Thank you my love xBack again to say I’m a @BritishVogue columnist now and that’s a massive dream of mine. Of course it’s come at a ve…
Logging back on for one sec to say that I just saw a drug deal happening. As dealer drove off, the buyer said to hi…
@DrRadhaModgil ❤️❤️😘 @scouserachel See you over in the less bad place xI’ve put together a few thoughts about what we can all focus on at the moment I hope they help 💛💛💛 #coronavirus
Retweeted by Bella MackieI’m deleting twitter for the first time in a decade (why should you care right?). I’ve realised how much this site… @mandy_gill3 You have to slow right down! And download a couch to 5k app. XPLEASE. SOME LIGHT RELIEF.’m eating my feelings and my feelings are just all anxiety feelings. Apparently creme eggs are the corresponding f… has boris gone from “ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it do be like that sometimes” to “your family is gonna die I’m sorry” in a few days
Retweeted by Bella MackieKnow your audience
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @EvaWiseman Her replies underneath are amazing @amy_hoggart I met her once (Susan not the ghost woman) and she said her secretary who was transcribing it had to s… @amy_hoggart But NOT woman in black though.
If you have a big platform and can inform people, maybe do some research before you #justask @lucyprebblish Not heard of that one. Is it new? @eatlikeagirl Oh I know. This is just stuff that comes up on main pageFood photos on instagram always look amazing but I click through for the recipes and it’s ALWAYS either “one can of… guess the lesson here then is don't rape people
Retweeted by Bella MackieSince we are not to shake hands anymore I propose we curtesy and bow as they did in the times of Jane Austen. Gend…
Retweeted by Bella MackieHarvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. Our office just erupted.
Retweeted by Bella MackieOh Jesus Christ. Just hang a red flag and have done with it. chugger just tried to high five me and when I said no, he attempted a fist bump. We, as a country, might not have… @Matt__Murphy @alicevjones Going to be honest. It would have been worth it.
TV OCD person wakes up: oh no I must clean my entire disorder is about Clean Me, a real OCD person wakes up: oh no…
Retweeted by Bella MackieRupert Myers designating himself the role of twitter #bekind monitor is quite lol
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @matt_colbert Haha I sort of agree but I want her to be LESS self aware. The fabulousness sort of came from her not knowing? @alicevjones I saw someone call it ‘Rona today and nearly punched myself in the face @matt_colbert Well I am so sorry to show you what a monster I truly am re Celine 🤪 @SieKirton12 🤪 @MoyaCrockett Exactly @matt_colbert Ha!My most controversial opinion is that Celine Dion has jumped the shark now. I said what I said.Amazing! What South Korea is doing is really bending their #Covid19 epidemic curve. Only 131 new cases today, versu…
Retweeted by Bella MackieWhile stockpiling toilet roll and canned soups may seem a bit over the top, the prospect of self-isolation is becom…
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @elizabethatar Oh thank you!! @MarkDiStef Rude not to mention my name here marki got got by the fake "Daniel Radcliffe tests positive for coronavirus” tweet and now i will unfortunately never be coming into work again
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @lindsaymackie Mama you know you have older food than thatThis is disgusting but unsurprising @suziedoore Coronavirus alternative - have a Skype wedding. Guests watch remotely, drink own wine @Benfogle I check on it constantly, I worry about dropping it, it keeps me awake at night. And it always needs to be carried.
@beck_smith @DrRubidium Thank you! @DrRubidium @beck_smith HELLO! Sorry, I got a bit excited about that gif @m0rven @DrMichaelMosley Thank you! @Barbwatt Its literally all going to get me arrested @joelgolby Joel. I need poison to kill you and make it look like an accident. I hope this clears up any confusion. @joelgolby Do you know about poisoning and making it look like an accident. I promise not to poison you once you te… you know about poisons? I need to talk to you if so (I am not planning on poisoning anyone, it’s just fiction I… @HadleyFreeman No? 😱BREAKING: #Italy PM #Conte announces the restriction zone will be extended to cover the whole country. No longer ju…
Retweeted by Bella MackieOh god my phone just tried to change congrats to contagion. My phone has anxiety just like its mother. @HadleyFreeman I remember you showing the Picasso. Cannot wait to read more. Congratulations! Xx @OteghaUwagba Wild. She’s a record maker that susanne @OteghaUwagba Obsessed with the follow ups from her where she insists she’s not fussed either way but...…’m buying this book tomorrow. Such a fascinating interview @HadleyFreeman 🎉 @JonathanDean_ Super spreader I guess @amyvoce Ha! You’ll never know the 111 num...oh @jamieklingler 😬😬M&S have removed all beauty testers and I suddenly realised how gross testing make up is in stores. My hygiene stan… everyone getting this text message or just me @scouserachel Excited to see what more can be done with green and pink.This piece on rich people is so interesting. And disturbing.’m in tears of laughter reading the entire thread of replies
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @ohheylauren_ Look at you! How amazing!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @SBrogarth @gregjames Thanks for explaining how to celebrate women. Clearly the whole thing was a joke but please d…
Happy International Co-option of Feminism To Promote Brands Both Personal and Corporate Day
Retweeted by Bella MackieA) @GaryLineker admits he was wrong to criticise BBC’s funding model B) he does it in a big interview the Daily Mai…
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The true meaning of international women’s day as sponsored by AXA #IWD2020
Retweeted by Bella MackieFrom the former homeland security adviser >
Retweeted by Bella Mackiejump - kris kross
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @janinegibson Just starting screeching in streetHappy Mother’s Day soz about vaginal dryness ☹️ @silverwoodcope Totally but it’s not a treat is it @Vickyjbourne Oh my GODHonestly I think mother’s day is a nonsense consumer trap but this is a low bar @gregjames Oh my god I wondered why there were barely any left literally 10 seconds agoMaking a joke about leo di caprio dating women young enough to be his daughters. Men were incandescent with rage in… good man, treated abysmally.
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Exhausting podcasts are now about coronavirus and that’s just the law. Even your murdery ones. Even the sport ones. Sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️People exploiting society's increasing openness about mental illness to mask and excuse all sorts of terrible behav…
Retweeted by Bella MackieSoooo.... I’m very excited to let you know that for the past 2 years I’ve been quietly working on my debut book.…
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @AmplifyDot @BloomsburyBooks YES DOT"Too often in the modern world we see our mind and body as almost separate entities, when they actually impact on e…
Retweeted by Bella Mackie @MarkDiStef @janinegibson Are you...talking about janineGod this picture tho. The tabs really did kill their golden goose (Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)
Retweeted by Bella MackieI find it very difficult to talk about Elizabeth Warren because I get too annoyed. This is probably to do with my f…
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