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@ElijahSchaffer Being brainwashed at its finest.Start reopening churches!! @MagaWeather @NYGovCuomo He’s too weak for the mafia 😂I swear, Andrew Cuomo thinks he’s in the mafia or something. He acts like he’s so tough. He can’t even handle… a reminder that Gavin Nuisance doesn’t control your holidays.That’s why you had a big indoor dinner party with no one wearing masks. Isn’t that right Mr. Gavin Nuisance?
Make this a thread of something positive that happened to you this year! ❤️ @MintChipMusic AmenAll I want is for this country to turn back to God.
Umm, they can. @KamalaHarris Just curious why you haven’t given up your Senate seat yet? Asking for a friend. @Jolivery1 I honestly believe it’s more about control and power.Serious question. Why do feminists hate the idea of men taking care of them and being chivalrous?For our country- get out of politics. @GeorgePapa19 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Y’all just ever feel bad for @KamalaHarris’ husband? Yeah, me too.
She/Your Royal Highness ✨💕 parents generation had Wonder Women, my generation has to wonder if it’s a womanThere’s literally five people working to save our entire country right now, we don’t need people like… was up with @TuckerCarlson tonight??If masculinity is toxic, then I love it.This is awesome! Great job, Sammy ❤️ MANLY MEN GREAT AGAINHappy #InternationalMensDay to all the men still out there. In a society that labels you as “toxic” and continually…
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@KadyCannon313 @realDonaldTrump Breaks my heart honestly @bennyjohnson Officially done with Fox News, I honestly don’t know what their problem is.The violence we saw from BLM and Antifa last night would only get 100x worse under a Biden/Harris Administration. W… is silent on the attacks on Conservatives last night by BLM and Antifa, as usual.
To clarify: I’m saying no Trump supporters were inciting violence.Isn’t it crazy how hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters rallied in DC today at the #MAGAMillionMarch, and not…
🚨BREAKING: A police officer was just killed in the line of duty in Arkansas. The suspect was also a suspect in a pr…
Asking for prayers to lift up my Grandmother who has been battling Small Cell Lung Cancer. We just found out today… @TheJordanRachel Omg i cringed so hard
@ArsGratiaArtist I’m 20! I’ve never gotten Botox before, thanks so much though for the compliemnt❤️ #allnaturalbeautyLet the democrats celebrate the next few months thinking they won, we’ll be celebrating the next four years. 🇺🇸 #4MoreYears #Trump2020
Well everyone, @JoeBiden delivered on one promise, all of a sudden the pandemic is cured. @realDonaldTrump has been fighting an uphill battle since he ran for President. We need to keep fighting for him be…
@KadyCannon313 Honesty, kindness, loyaltyWith all the election madness, I took a much needed hike else notice how there are no riots and burning of buildings going on?Dominion Voting Systems.
Joe Biden is not my President.
@ElijahSchaffer So sorry that you are going through this. Stay strong! We all love you! ❤️
ARIZONA IS A TOSS UP @axre91a He is most likely going to win AZ. AK is not essential which is why I said it’s a plus if he can get that too. @KadyCannon313 Just got involved a year ago! 🇺🇸At the end of the day, God is in control. @obviouspropaga2 @realDonaldTrump @NationalGuard It was a typo, I had taken it down and repostedI believe @realDonaldTrump should send the @NationalGuard into places like Michigan and Wisconsin and count the ballots themselves.WI has 110k more votes than registered voters.Biden is on the same exact path as Hillary. If Biden holds his states and Trump holds his, Trump will win. @JoeBiden Yes! We’re ready for another four years! 😍 Trump2020 @gopfan2020 @JoeBiden @DineshDSouza I don’t like him as a politician. I like him as a personThe Chinese currency is FALLING right now. @JoeBiden just concede and go back to sleep. @TheJordanRachel He’s gonna tell us that we can save 15% or more on car insurance when we switch to Geico“You can save 15% or more on car insurance” and Jill Biden are coming out to speak soon. What do y’all think it’s about?Or watching “Cuties” @JoeBiden is probably sleeping rnI’m more excited about this election than ChristmasAnother prediction: AZ will go red
My bets are on... PA will be red FL will be red NY will be redJust sit this one out, buddy. are not as divided as the media says we are! I had a wonderful conversation with these women outside the Supreme… will win and it will be a landslide. 🇺🇸 RT if you agree!
This is a reminder that @GavinNewsom doesn’t control your holidays.I’ve never been so thankful for Jesus for saving me in my entire life, until now.I am now officially Republican Barbie! 😂💕 @jasonrantz Not all heroes wear capes 🦸‍♀️
Trump has had TEN rallies in TEN cities, in TWO days. Unreal. #Trump2020
Joe Biden has done more for China than he’s done for the American people in 47 years. Let that sink in.
@KamalaHarris Yess! Vote Red!⁃Being able to cancel people, shows, hair styles, fashion, etc. because it’s “racist”⁃Forcing multinational companies like Starbucks to change their operations and force all of their employees to comp…⁃Being able to replace White ethnic peoples in their own cultural and historical stories from White countries for…⁃Being able to accuse everyone else of being “racist” while they themselves are racist but they claim that they can…⁃When the media adds “diversity”, it means Black 95% of the time. ⁃The LA Mayor giving $150,000,000 of the police… hate crimes not being reported or even considered hate crimes. (Ex. The black nursing home worker that punche…⁃Being able to steal valuables and destroy property and having the rich and famous donate millions of dollars to get you out of jail.BLACK/ LEFTIST PRIVILEGE ⁃The mainstream news being concerned with Black issues more than any other group in the c…
2020 @UncleSamsNation Why the hell didn’t anyone stop him??
This is your friendly reminder that in one week Trump will be your President for another four years. ❤️
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“Come on man”
Who’s ready?? is so touching. ❤️🇺🇸
@Harlan One of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life..@bellamaria1776 details to @EmmaRechenberg how she was ‘harassed and threatened’ by politically-opposed women. "I…
Retweeted by Isabella Maria DeLuca @WayneDupreeShow @lamiette512 Good for him, I would’ve left too. These people have zero respect for the President.This election is not just Republican vs. Democrat. It’s Good vs. Evil, and after the displays we’ve seen from the l…
@chadloder @LibertyHangout Actually my second time being assaulted by you wonderful people. Charlie Kirk didn’t bri… @Todd_Spence @UncleSamsNation You all believed Jussie no problem right? But because we’re both conservatives you tr… not my best look, but this is how my face looks now. fact I even have to come on here and defend myself to a bunch of disgusting leftists is sad. I didn’t charge at…