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“i’ll show you how it’s done, shall i? i’ll teach you a lesson.”

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my mums dragging me out i can’t even take a naphavent slept eyes hurting 💔 @bluntpaulsonn i cbaaa with any of them they all act like children 💀 it’s 2 straight ships please get over it it’s not that deepso pathetic having to make tweets like that because you’re that desperate to start drama and act like a child. @Alicexharvey who? i’m nosy and can’t mind my own business10 YEARS?! @rundleswalker they invented height differences @Shealas_hat EYE @beautiifulpeach 😭😭 @tissaiaspipe the more stressed i get the more tea i drink 🥴 @Shealas_hat ‘wanna prank tissaia and fake my death?’ @pathlesstaken4 i was born unethical ✨ @freedoughnut SORRY SKDNNShow does it get light in england so quickly it was dark like 20 mins ago @pathlesstaken4 absolutely no idea and i’m meant to be doing ethics this term and i did empiricism last term but i… writing as a hobby vs me writing for uni
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵SHES SO PRETTYYYY BRB WHILE I CRY then i made this
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵ @pathlesstaken4 i mean my lecturer just sits and reads from a powerpoint and then puts us in breakout rooms on zoom… make some tea tho and bring my laptop downstairs with mei wish i liked coffee that way i could have energyi need serotonin to carry on with my assignment so i’m dropping this so i can keep coming back to it taken just before disaster english lecturer is the only one i trustenglish: powerpoint, resources, tips, if u guys need any help email me ❤️ philosophy: here have a super vague assi… you go through a process that will change your body forever without taking those damn herbs:
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵ @beautiifulpeach fuck sake yennefer @Shealas_hat ur some letters on the internet#LADYDIMITRESCU: she's a maneater
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵this parallel is so painful.
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵ @zackfxir me at the end of the vid: what... @_ellennnnnnnnn i miss them so muchHEIGHT DIFFERENCE @Tissaiadeyeet tissaia: 😡 *but lovingly* vanielle: 🥰 @freedoughnut WJDNWN THAT SCREENSHOT LOOKS LIKE ITS A SOFT SCENE BUT IN REALITY IT SHOULD BE IN HORNY JAIL @Tissaiadeyeet SKSJDNN @Tissaiadeyeet i havent written that part yet 💔 it’s just fluff for now @Tissaiadeyeet COUGHsmutCOUGH @freedoughnut CAN U WITH THIS @Tissaiadeyeet that entire chapter is a mix of everything sksnndI WANT DEATH’m sat here at 3am trying to figure out how 80% of my points for my essay have comedic value and wondering how i’m… @Tissaiadeyeet here u go tis cute @Tissaiadeyeet would a happy out of context part of my fic help @Tissaiadeyeet i’m always sad over tissaia 😭also reminds me of the time i was late to school bc the school bus got caught behind a load of sheep that got free… reminds me of the time i went to disney florida on holiday with my parents and the coach we were on from the a… @Shealas_hat like this 😭 me can see without glasses link me / current me / ideal me @frillycake IM NOT SAYING ANYTHING BUT if u figure it out then u are very big brained @frillycake :) @FlRELORDKATARA oh god 😭
@FlRELORDKATARA this hit home @tissaiaspipe if she knew we’d all have jobs as her butlers 😭 @tissaiaspipe me when men @tissaiaspipe nothing problematic at all but he’s done live shows and stuff in cornwall and i’m just 😭🥴 @Tissaiadeyeet 😭seeing sabrina yell at a 6ft tall man is gonna be hilarious to me she’s gonna be so tiny next to him @Tissaiadeyeet cat goes ZOOM @Tissaiadeyeet no ❤️ @Shealas_hat tissaia: oh no how tragic. now where abouts do you want your wardrobe in my room?he is a good looking man tho i’m not blind BUT 😭everyone finding henselt hot vs me knowing the actor from entirely different stuff that makes him less hot 😭me after realising i’ve gotta teach myself philosophy bc my lecturer is shit @kurwiszcze a mood @Tissaiadeyeet catnip brownie @Shealas_hat RUDE BUT TRUE @Shealas_hat yeah but then she probs went to aretuza and we all know who’s therecaption this @Tissaiadeyeet she looks like she’s on drugs 😭💀the little pouch has catnip in it headcanons are entirely harmless but claiming canonically lgbtq+ characters are straight/cis IS harmful as i…
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵ @freedoughnut arrows go pew pew into her chest and she falls down the steps dead at sodden 😭 @Tissaiadeyeet literally like it’s beautiful and i wanna see the northern lightsyeah i miss going for walks along the coast and looking down the cliff at the water @frillycake as you should if ur not a vetra simp are u even playing mea @Tissaiadeyeet if i had siblings my mum would 100% tag me in that 🤡 @Tissaiadeyeet i’ve always wanted to go norway and iceland and i convinced my parents that iceland would be a good… @cavillcomrade my dad always says it’s cause it’s higher up and out in the open and i’m just like WELL ITS NOT FAIR“i like your shoelaces” is my fight or flightno social media site has the lore and history that tumblr does @Tissaiadeyeet OOP @Tissaiadeyeet i’m moving to fucking norway and living in the snow @cavillcomrade but when we do get snow it’s at a weird time like april 😭poppy was lying next to me and some cats started fighting outside and she jumped on my stomach 😭😭😭 @Tissaiadeyeet IM TIRED OF NOT GETTING SNOW @Shealas_hat i just,,, cuddle my cat until she gets tired of me and leaves @melaniewithanie HELP 😭 @Alicexharvey damn 💔 @freyallun time to go steal some snow @Shealas_hat okay this is a moodcornwall is the worst place to be in the winter but the best in the summer and i stand by that statementwhy did everywhere get snow except for cornwallthe gay fashion spectrum
Retweeted by lucy ‎✵april 2020 - june 2020 hp twt was iconic to pause it and explain why the ira k1lled lord mountbatten 🧍🏻‍♀️ pausing it every 2 minutes for 3 seasons to ask me questions