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#BLM. they/them or she/her 🎷 i DJ, make music, video edit, stream and write. I can make a rollout + press kit for your thing. ✨ header is a goal list

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Joined Twitter 8/29/15 forlorn to redirect my passion for spiraling into something useful like turntablismthis looks fun
Retweeted by 🌠traveling through whiteboards chalk-zone style until you arrive in a record label board room mulling over vinyl col… lounge and grillAnyway has anyone ever made this image
Retweeted by 🌠 @itisthatkid chorus of the decadeWhoa! Leaked Sopranos stills show Tony was supposed to use a Needler the whole time:
Retweeted by 🌠one of my favorite stories I’ve heard on this here internet was @DSKoopa explaining how one time a guy came into hi… and image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics
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Retweeted by 🌠24 February 2016: It has been exactly 5 years today since Especia released their 2nd full-length album CARTA. This…
Retweeted by 🌠*hyperventilating* SoundCloud rappers are writing for Johnny's groups now
Retweeted by 🌠 they’re closing fry’s electronics because I played ms new booty on all the Bluetooth speakers. I’m sorry for this
Retweeted by 🌠 @THICCLING it & VS were so goodAd for Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom via Nintendo Power (2003) idea I’ll add into this sort of mood board thread: big head mode @biancabeefanty Wait we have one?dark and bright at the same time do you call this aesthetic also was memorable but kind of made me feel funny at the time? Really weird vibes from this game I don’t hear brought up that ruled ass: - pac man world 2 - I Ninja - chibi robo Game that Nintendo power wan… platformer era ruled but maybe I had more patience growing up than now @crtrlndn okay that’s way improved from last time I did this @ElkBit def if you can get it running and saving I’m downcome on maneeeeeeeeeeek you can’t just date someone you had on your album as a teen how do I get a Nintendo DS flashcart anymore? I figured hellsite would have them but it seems they’ve cracked do… Core リリース情報 - - - ☆Taku Takahashiが手掛けたNovel Coreの『天気雨 feat. Hina (from FAKY) -☆Taku's Japaneggae Remix-』が、2月2…
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Retweeted by 🌠Fffffuck my brain and its distortions
Retweeted by 🌠 @jeffgerstmann Early education!
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Retweeted by 🌠[OFFICIAL] 21.02.24 TvN’s On & Off Teaser featuring @haroobomkum #parkbom
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Retweeted by 🌠Vintage Stüssy N64 and PS2 logo flip tees (2000’s)
Retweeted by 🌠Just got ma’am’d twice in one outing and I still don’t know how to do makeup, you truly actually do enjoy seeing itgood day for some niernew mix, better blends, hotter spices, finer herbs. enjoyi don't like tooting my own horn but this has to be the best thing i've ever done because of a poor sleep patternabsolutely bonkers mix incoming as soon as the upload is doneHey man, how's it going? I heard you're becoming a goblin? Oh cool... yeah Eric said you were becoming a goblin typ…
Retweeted by 🌠Thinking about 我是馬布里 (2017) starring Stephon Marbury, Baron Davis, Allen Iverson, and Jessica Jung
Retweeted by 🌠shibuya meltdown still providing the goods during the entirety of the pandemic gives me hope#SHIBUYAMELTDOWN
Retweeted by 🌠Every captain jack rap was like “I’m captain jack, I’m here to rap!” And I think that’s lovely @MarcyOnline @H_lowercase_h 100000% @H_lowercase_h years and years and years of listening to and appreciating and sampling and honoring and mixing and… @H_lowercase_h i think stuff like the beatles made it seem super uncool to learn your history when you jump into so… this is far & away the most hilarious thing that ever happened with daft punk! you can take away a lot from… @H_lowercase_h i genuinely do not think it's their fault that their fans are lazygreat ad
Retweeted by 🌠and archived as fucki believe in content being accessibleJust pure misery every time I wake up but I can’t stop scrollingI wish someone took me aside and forced me off here like 10 years ago you came into Yakuza for the brawler gameplay but find the Cabaret Management mode
Retweeted by 🌠is this particular piece of music really worth over 20k usd or is it the thrill of Setting A Record that is worth o…
Retweeted by 🌠Amazing. Where’s my $1400 4 TRACK EP co prod with @rf9weu8hjf78923 (purchase links in comments)
Retweeted by 🌠what the fuck is tokenizing a tweet. Are you charging people money to see something that’s on this site for free? This shit sucksa phrase I want to use more: “what am I supposed to do with this information”I want Taz to do commentary on the finale of Madoka Magica
so a bit of what you might have seen from me & others earlier was definitely like...confusion and surprise that peo… understand that some people have frustration with the music industry upholding careers far past their period of w… the daft punk breakup happened 10 years ago i would have had a lot to say but at this point i'm not sure there's… @ninelyoko you sure it was actually them and not the rumor mill?you assumed KCET's DS game Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia wouldn't appear in your feed today. you were wrong.
Retweeted by 🌠before you guys freak out, it's not a grad announcement, she has IBS (bad digestive system, i.e trouble shitting) s…
Retweeted by 🌠 @fillettown brand brand new feature @techhonors death punk @jawnmayer Holy SHIT @jawnmayer wait is it the noise in the beginning of the Party with Uffie?!like the legend of the penis
Retweeted by 🌠random abscess memories. ThanksRandom Access Memories apologists making me miss ARMY
Retweeted by 🌠All. I. Wanted. To. Do. Was. Listen. To. SHINee's. Album.
Retweeted by 🌠Or is twitch preferable for access? Weigh inhey would y’all be okay with me hosting the next event on Bandcamp so I can guarantee my girls some royaltiesYeah this the one @mbmelodies Cat 10th Anniversary Celebration Album
Retweeted by 🌠that guy who couldn’t get on clubhouse & made his own app with crabs had the right idea, bet his security is way betterto my ex: fuCK you f*ck your cartoon hotdog husband fuck his stupid sun-glasses and FUCK the ketchup kids and fuck THEIR sunglasses
Retweeted by 🌠jesus christ. am i getting old? is that what this is or*azon basically ate yesasia's lunch & they're rubbing it in our faces nowam i really about to buy a $30 version of an album so i can see the photobook when that used to be the bare minimum & what you got for $15 @slampoets right? strangely busy week