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Founder of Bemused Backpacker, the UKs leading travel blog. Professional adventurer, travel writer, qualified nurse, published author of 7 bestselling books.

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MOUNTAINS OF MONTHLY MEDICATIONS. In Nov 2019, our vets administered 380 deworming, skin treatments & vaccinations…
Retweeted by Bemused BackpackerI'm proud to announce that I am a keynote speaker at the Middle East Youth Expo in Abu Dhabi in Feb! Showing future…
@TheUncorkedLib Definitely, I mention it from time to time (as in I don't hide it) but I don't specifically share i… @usethatleave That's completely understandable, there are definitely more than enough destinations to discover in the world 😊 @TheUncorkedLib Thankyou! Yeah you can't include everyone, more and more of us are doing better and better now. I l… @TheUncorkedLib A hundred grand a month is insane! I've cracked that number per year now so still have a long way t… @CareerBreakSite Sometimes, you can't know every single one straight off the bat so often end up learning through mistakes and faux pas too! @ILoveNYPR @NtlComedyCenter @TheBuffaloNews I'm not surprised, I had an amazing time here! @URAQTME2 Do what? Boycott or not? Either way is okay, its a personal choice, but why? @AngieAway Santa said he's stopping by the ATM on his way 😉Should travellers boycott controversial destinations? I make a conscious decision not to allow personal politics to… @travelsofadam It's not influencer marketing that's messed up, it's the PRs and in house marketing teams that reall… @easyJet @HeelsInBackpack Yep, if your flight is cancelled then they should be automatically getting you on another… @the_HoliDaze Been to Tbilisi a long while back but not explored much beyond that @the_HoliDaze Bit of a change from Malaysia! Enjoy! @whereistarablog That's not my name!
We Need To Change How We Think About Travel Safety. via @bemusedbackpack #travel #safety @LeyLaLaa @RosieFoodie @JikoniLondon I meant in relation to you two! 😂 But fair play, he gets a knee surgery pass! Haha @LeyLaLaa @RosieFoodie @JikoniLondon No such thing, theft is theft and he just didn't want to get caught and face t… @LeyLaLaa @RosieFoodie @JikoniLondon They are just concerned I'm sure. If I had a daughter I would expect nothing l… @lottiecgross Doesn't matter, non UK or not it's a term and condition for working with you and is stated on the inv… @LeyLaLaa @RosieFoodie @JikoniLondon Serious kudos for not letting him get away with it! Proud of you! @lottiecgross Did you put it in your contract? @easyJet @ChefJames97 Erm, so not informing this poor guy about the fact that you are legally obliged to give him a…
@kristenabroad I get ones like that from time to time. I approve them and just remember to thank my mum in the reply. 😉Should You Learn Self Defence Before Your Gap Year? via @bemusedbackpack #martialarts #MMA you a Flashpacker? A Bragpacker? A Chelsea Traveller? What type of Backpacker are you? Malaria Report hot off the press with a focus on pregnant women and children.
Retweeted by Bemused Backpacker @belay_s I love how it is just seen as routine and cultural. Ethiopia really is an amazing destination for #Vegan,… @VisitSG_UK Miss Singapore so much! Really need to go back soon! @sightDOING Awww!Ethiopian Coffee Culture - An Invitation To The Famous Coffee Ceremony. via… Vegetarian And Vegan Guide To Ethiopia. via @bemusedbackpack #travel #Ethiopia better for a pre Christmas weekend break than to the Holy Land and Bethlehem in Israel? Get all the informati… @Snqcks_ Plenty of people go to college after uni, some don't. The point is a gap year helps you figure out what is… @irrelevantt01 What is there to be ashamed or embarrassed about? Gap years are amazing things that have a lot of pe… @JohnPMullany @FlightClaimEU @easyJet @Ryanair If the flights have been cancelled they are legally obliged to get y… @CareerBreakSite I'm the same, universally bad at languages but try to learn at least the basics just out of politeness @AngieAway I thought you said nap and was just about to enthusiastically agree!
@kristenabroad Yep, answered the call myself as an emergency nurse quite a few timesIndiana Mike And The Hapless Wandering For The Lost Ark. via @bemusedbackpack #Travel @DeepSouthUSA @TweetHomeAla @KentuckyTourism @LouisianaTravel @visitms @TNVacation Definitely hoping a trip through… @newjrwhodis Happy to advise, feel free to PM @loyaltytravels That is insane on so many levels! The US needs a work life balance revolution!Did you know you can go husky sledding in Slovakia? And then afterwards cuddle ALL the huskies?! What are you waiti… @adventoura @simonsnopek Huskies!! @loyaltytravels You're right, and even in the USA where there is arguably as much/more disposable income than Europ… @loyaltytravels Very true! At the time though I was talking about Thailand's status as the traditional backpacker '… @sightDOING Cheers! @PassportAndPix @SoVeryBritish Ahh, there is great comfort in the fact a Brit will always carry our own teabags! @TheyTravel Nope, I have a semi regular clean up myself anyway because you are absolutely right, who needs bots? Al… Revival In Yogyakarta, The Perfect Solution For Temple Fatigue In South East Asia vi… Indonesia The New Ultimate Backpacker Destination? via @bemusedbackpack #travel Evolution Of Khao San Road. via @bemusedbackpack #Thailand #backpacking #travel
@CareerBreakSite Loads of reasons but also nothing specific. I just could not gel with the place at all. I think mo… @sightDOING And you actually stand to get your bag back too, which is never a certainty in the West! 😉 Hope it doesn't take too long @CareerBreakSite Yep, did not like it one bit. @sightDOING Frustrating in some ways, but so freeing in others. Can you imagine sitting at the airstrip waiting for… Come along with me on the Great Himalayan Road Trip! via @bemusedbackpack @wandering_quinn You'll be cracking six figures in no time 😉Would you go volcano trekking in the Indonesian Ring Of Fire? via @bemusedbackpack
I've stayed with every age in hostels, from 18 year old backpackers and 40 year old career breakers to those using… @wandering_quinn Congratulations! And just think there are still people who think blogging isn't a viable business model! 😂Bali isn't my favourite destination in the world, or even in Indonesia! Here are 7 better island alternatives to Ba… @passport_plates Yep, everyone just assumes you do! Haha @GoNOLA504 @PresHall If you are going to listen to live music I can't imagine a better place!We are almost at the start of a whole new decade, it may be time to shift your priorities and think about why takin… @EdmundCraske @KLM At this point they should be rebooking you on that flight and giving you care vouchers, accomoda… @nerdyOme @WhoThat_One_Guy I'd say it isn't as much the pricing as the marketing. When you call a ten page short st… Tourism Is Essential For Improving Animal Care In Wildlife Travel. via @bemusedbackpack
Agree so much with this. Tourism income is one of the best ways to help a destination like #TheBahamas recover afte… out this deal from a genuinely amazing hotel! (I've stayed here personally) If you are coming to #Liverpool t… @PaulMagan2 @whatalifesaver @FascinatingFens Definitely an essential piece of kit! And full respect for camping out in the cold weather! @wandering_quinn Chinatown is always my go to but KL Sentral and Bukit Bintang area is a good option too.Have you only ever seen Singapore on a quick layover? You have no idea what you are missing out on!… @passport_plates Totally with you, I don't drink either and everyone is always shocked! @BrandUSA Happy Thanksgiving! @LondonCityAir @champagnecaptl @flybe It's winter. In England. Bad weather has come as a surprise to you? @Evo1089 @FlyLoganair Don't let them fob you off, know your rights when flights are cancelled @FlyLoganair @FlightClaimEU @Evo1089 Free of charge? Well that's so kind of you! No mention of the compensation and… @BrighterCraft 1. Just how much blog work is undervalued compared to trad media (a LOT)! 2. That YOU are in control… Unwritten Rules Of Hostel Etiquette For Travellers via @bemusedbackpack #travel #hostel 6 Common Myths About Mosquito Repellents For Gap Year Travellers. via…
@adventoura @TravelSeeWrite @RehakLubomir @SlovakEmbassyUS @SlovakEmbassyFI What event was this for? That os epic! @cassiethehag Get everyone to wear one of these, he may get rhe hint! 😁 If not it is perfectly acceptable to take h… of the most popular posts I have on Malaysia and Singapore is how to travel between the two overland! It's a go… Benefits Of Local Tourism On Your Gap Year. via @bemusedbackpack #travel #gapyear @journeymaxx And also morally and intellectually repugnant and abhorrent @tyovng @ginocIock Taking a gap year is an amazing experience at any age. It may be a little daunting but there is nothing to be scared of. @pavementedd Taking a gap year to travel can really help you to figure things out and give you time to recharge and… when you travel you will face challenging reminders of the darker parts of history, paradigms and world v… @goodwin_jackie @FlightClaimEU @easyJet If they are delaying you send an official letter stating your rights and EU… @merwanator @British_Airways @UK_CAA Mate they are LEGALLY obliged to give you a new flight asap AND compensation b… you checked out my review of the LifeSaver Liberty Water Filter Bottle yet? When you do use the code BLACKFRID…
Do you have a connection to music when you travel? Does foreign language music remind you of places you have visite… @SLCoLab To build a business of course. 😊 @AmyGuides @londonviewpts @markandkylee @beautybackpckr @smiling_food @AskChefDennis @MiaVossOnTheGo @JodyHalsted @AmyGuides @londonviewpts @markandkylee @beautybackpckr @smiling_food @AskChefDennis @MiaVossOnTheGo @JodyHalsted @Safe_H_Travel @Travelnpack Twitter mobs and bullying are horrific on this platform. I don't think I've been seeing… To Do When An Airline Loses Your luggage. via @bemusedbackpack #travel