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BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE #2 is out today featuring a story I co-wrote with @CorinnaBechko and drew. May be my favori…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyBest Shots review - Future State: Dark Detective #2 picks up momentum
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @JosephPIllidge 💯I got bills to pay so I've got a shirt to sell again, in a very unintentionally related design that I posted the ot…
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@RoxieReads I knooooowwww 😭😭😭 @RoxieReads Same...! @Kamo_1981 Me too ❤️😈 @TomTaylorMade Absolutely the same. @trhickman What wonderful news!
@ComicsWithJesse Thank you! @JosephPIllidge 💪❤️ @Jake_Sayz TRUTH! @jcbedgar 👊Working on a Sunday afternoon...always making comics! @Jody_Houser @RobotJQ @craigrousseau @sandy_jarrell @ZackDavisson @AmyChu @georgembenson @GeekintheCity @finalfuryk
What did we think, people? @DCComics @Ben_Abernathy @rainberedo
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You've made it through another week—enjoy the stunning covers to Batman Black & White #3, by: - Joshua Middleton -…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyDark detective #2 preview
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @JamesTheFourth 🙏🙏🙏
I just backed The Effervescent Adventures of Fight-Bunny on @Kickstarter Why haven't you!?!
@gabrielhardman I love this story so damned much ❤️
I need help.
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@callistaalex @TomTaylorMade @GBalder68 @rainberedo @thedcnation 😇DCeased: Dead Planet comes to an end this week. Huge thanks to the team - Trevor Hairsine, @GBalder68, @rainberedo,…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @wolstenholme Amazing, Ben! @YeahItsDayDay @TomTaylorMade @thisisbenoliver @DFinchArtist @rainberedo That’s my dream!!!
@AConstantWords Ouch!While you're at it you should probably tell your local comic shop you want FUTURE STATE: DARK DETECTIVE #3 w/ GRIFT…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyInking the Bat 🦇 #behindthescenes
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@whatthe_shea @josephryanhill Damn, me neither...I get months 2 and 3!Wait a minute... Zoom in. Zoom in. ENHANCE. #Nightwing #79
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@JoeyVazquezart @GlebMelnikov8 @Williamson_Josh This is rad!Unpacking soundtrack starts with...
ROBIN #1 main cover for April by @GlebMelnikov8. Let's get ready to RUMBLE! More info on the new ongoing series…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @KWestkoast @TomTaylorMade @bdanderson13 @DCComics Announcement dropped at the same time: @bdanderson13 Soooooo excited to have you on board!!!! 💪🏻🦇Make no mistake: Bruce Wayne doesn't back down from a mission. A new international mystery begins in…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyBatman goes to Europe in new Dark Knight title
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @TomTaylorMade @bdanderson13 @DCComics The creative team that dreams are made of! SO proud of this series!!!Me. Andy Kubert. @bdanderson13. @Ben_Abernathy. Batman: The Dark Knight. April. @DCComics.
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyJONNA AND THE UNPOSSIBLE MONSTERS #1 By Laura Samnee @colornmatt @ccrank & myself! Don't miss the brand-new, origin…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyIt would be fair to say that I am totally in love with the design of Flatline, character designed by @…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyAbout ten years ago I wrote Damian in a one-off issue of Superman/Batman. I've been trying to write him in his own…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @rissadee 🎶...sometimes you get kicked!🎶It’s been one long ass day...but sitting here listening to Live Baby Live by INXS with a cold beer...everything feels all right... @alex_segura @WielgoszDavid Thanks, buddy...we were pretty proud of it ❤️❤️❤️Hey, the Batman story in the first issue of the new BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE by @GWillowWilson and @SavageSmallwood?…
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@edbrisson I wish I could, haha 💀 @VincenzoFederi4 Yeah, it sure doesn't feel great haha...fortunately I brewed an entire pot of coffee for myself...☕️☕️☕️ @toherrys OMG... @Dont_AKS Probably haha @AConstantWords Haha well you're a night owl! If I'm up past 11 pm it's madness! @dennisculver We are the guardians of the night!Up way too damned early...I think my brain leaked out of my ear while "sleeping"...What's the truth behind Tim Fox's origin? Discover the answers after #DCFutureState in THE NEXT BATMAN: SECOND SON…
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Tomorrow we will find out if it's possible for 1 man to write 2 books that take place in 2 different line-wide even…
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@ile_Wolf OUCH
Just a heads up- FUTURE STATE: DARK DETECTIVE #1 featuring the first chapter of my GRIFTERS story has already gone…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @themikenorton @Jody_Houser @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @CraigTaillefer @craigrousseau @finalfuryk @georgembenson State: The Next Batman just came out, so thought I'd share a process gif of a page from the issue! lineart b…
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As we all take in the staggering fifteen (15) arrests made for today’s attempted coup, please join me in calling fo…
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Dear @DHS_Wolf: You overrode local authorities and deployed your troops to protect confederate statutes and buildin…
Retweeted by Ben AbernathyReminder fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests th…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @vascogeorgiev ❤️CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❤️
I want to see pictures of you holding your #StarWarsTheHighRepublic books/comics when you get them this week. We’ve…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @arune @Skybound DUDE! Congrats, that's amazing news!!!
@jonahweiland Just a pandemic change of scenery! Happy new year amigo! @lianakangas Describe your 2021 energy with a Star Wars gif
@DavidGillette1 👍👍👍 @angryf @merrelloutside I used to have some Merrell shoes and loooooved them! @edbrisson @EricJ_art @arune Brooks seems to be the winning brand...👍 @Sinccolor Good call—I will! Happy new year bud! @Steph_Smash I’ve never tried either brands...thanks for the recs! @alexdecampi Thanks Alex! I used to run exclusive in New’s time to get back to it 💪🏻Beautiful day for a walk! @ Cathedral Park @Jmont1z 👍👍👍 @IAmBradWalker I’ve been staying up in Portland for a stretch with family! @TerryDodsonArt Great suggestion amigo...I’ll order some socks for the time being! @adampknave I haven’t! Nike has always fit my feet best so I’ll check them out—thanks man! @KJLunarKnight Ooof good luck haha @arune Great suggestions—thank you! I’ve never worn either brand so appreciate the recommendation!First run of the New Year coincided with my first run in a downpour. Anyone have any recommendations for a good out… @mdnorthrop That looks GOOD @robertvenditti TRUTH
@KenBlakePorter I really enjoyed Daredevil: Ninja! @kibblesmith Congrats you two 🎉🍻 @RoxieReads @stumptowncoffee That sounds awesome—happy new year, Nicole! ❤️Kicking the new year off right...big cup of @stumptowncoffee and some killer new scripts to read...2021 is going to… @SteveEllisArt @RAHeight @IAmBradWalker @cullenbunn @ChrisSamnee @DocShaner @JAMALIGLE @TiredFairy @chrisgrine @ArtofSCS Congratulations! However, I think the studios might very well still be closed in April... @mngkyouGoD Cheers 🎉Happy New Year! Let’s all be rad to each other in 2021! @JamesTheFourth ❤️🦇😈 @matthewkmanning @georgembenson @Egghead302 @marissadraws @GeekintheCity @Jody_Houser @bonniegrrl @ZackDavisson
Well, Finally 2020 says goodbye, so clench your fist and go for 2021! And see you there, friends! Thanks for daily…
Retweeted by Ben Abernathy @GregCapullo @JamieCapullo Happy Anniversary you two! ❤️Loads of crazy Earth 2 pages are 20% OFF for just the next couple of days at I don’t think…
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