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Independent journalist and filmmaker. War zones & feminist movements. Latest film: "I am The Revolution". I also wrote a graphic novel: “Io Non Sono Islam"

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È già tardi. Se nel 2020 c'è qualcuno che scrive sulla porta una cosa del genere vuol dire che non abbiamo fatto ab…
@Karl_hakon Very jealous, why didn’t I see it?!?? No snow where I am. @Karl_hakon No way! @Karl_hakon Ah! Where is it Norway? I didn’t see so much snow today... @Karl_hakon Where did you take this picture? @Dlrdrk1 Piroz be 🌺Apparently I am the only one who has not felt the earthquake in Qamishlo 🤷‍♀️
One evening in Sere Kanye..., this is getting better and better... is a good film! Piroz be for the sold out, and if you are at @IFFR you should watch this incredible film @vvanwilgenburg @joanne_stocker I would say the answer is yes.Maybe he does it intentionally l, I can’t believe no one told him who he was going to meet. e #DisegniperilRojava: ci siamo!
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriFriends have described the current situation between Russia and US patrols in NE Syria exactly like this, and SDF f… is just heartbreaking. If I think of Sere Kanye I think of the streets full of kids playing, the market, the p…
Syrian fighters abandon Libyan War, flee towards Italy: report #Libya #Syria
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriThis is a big deal. @vvanwilgenburg Yes. I need a vacation.There are days in which this would be of great help for mood and morale.’s wild that Russian spies are just assassinating people across Europe with poisonous chemicals and there’s so li…
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It's been two years since Turkey's invasion and occupation of the Kurdish-majority region of Afrin. Forcible demo…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriJi Bo Bîranîna Şehîd Baran Egîd
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"Escaping çetê" An Arab family fled Arishah, in NE Syria, after Turkish proxies looted and destroyed their home. H…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriThere’s been a huge influx of intl volunteers since we released this video and structures like the @CommuneInt &…
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517 individuals including 371 children have died in Hol Camp in 2019 - primarily those who arrived with severe maln…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriMuayad Abdo, a member of the TFSA, has defected to the SDF south of Tal Abyad, bringing with him several weapons an…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @lapinesque @vvanwilgenburg @kurdishlessons Ah mamoste.... I know you looked at your special dictionary thing for this!This is the effect of the massive inflation that is happening in Syria. This summer 1$ was 550SP today is 1100. Cui… @lapinesque @kurdishlessons How so??! 🤨🤓😝 @vvanwilgenburg @kurdishlessons Rune! Which is not the right spelling @kurdishlessons It is funny I still don’t know the verb to wait which seems to be very important in KurdistanThese images illustrate what the Turkish proxies are doing in Libya. They did the same in Rojava. @kurdishlessons
@NotWoofers That same wall
Street art in Raqqa
I would like to give a talk about my adventures in learning my mother tongue, Kurdish.
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I showed him his picture afterwards and he approved 💜🌺 I am taking a picture of you! A very sweet girl in Tel Tamer. After months under siege the town went back to a…
7 years ago on this day, Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez were murdered in Paris on the order of the T…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriIn Raqqa a lot of people is working very hard to restore and bring back to life pieces of art that were destroyed b… is 12 years old, he is from Sere Kanye. Since Turkey invasion, he lives with his family in a refugee camp nea…
BREAKING: Canada’s @JustinTrudeau says "We have intelligence from multiple sources, including our allies and our o…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri#rojava film commune checks out the art and culture centre in #rumelan, where the #film 'ji bo azadiyê', banned in…
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If true (don't forget the last letter debacle) Soleimani's death may achieve what he never could in life.
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriVIDEO: Iranian media release more footage of the moment missiles were fired at the Ayn al Asad military base in Ira…
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More than 3.500 women have come together in an autonomous Zapatista enclave in the Mexican state of #Chiapas for th…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriThis is truly incredible. For Sama - a Syrian mother's account of living through the siege of Aleppo, has just beco…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriPlayed on protests and funerals alike, "Şervano" is the iconic song of Rojava's resistance against the Turkish stat…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriA Russian military delegation held extensive meetings with Kurdish leaderships and leading figures in Qamishli, eas…
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@andreaarma Non è che è falsa. Asper dice che non c'è alcuna decisione. sono dei matti. @andreaarma E' gia' stata smentita...This US saga is really the essence of incompetence. The people who should be in charge have really no clue what to… a mess in the Middle East. Shiite world enraged. Sunni states nervous. Isis fight on back burner. US allies ag…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriJournalists, Nasrallah says, are not fair game for Soleimani revenge
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US president warns Iran again: "should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & full…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriWhen the Kurds actually voted for independence from Iraq in the 2017 referendum, the US opposed it. Nobody is buyin…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriMy my, @realDonaldTrump is NOT going to be very happy!
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @andreaarma @CarloCalenda Considerando l’informazione delle emittenti private non so... @andreaarma @CarloCalenda Io non credo che privatizzando la Rai si possa risolvere il problema dell’ignoranza e del… have executed and beheaded a group of fourteen men in the southern Raqqa countryside, in their most successful…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriIl primo TG in Italia. 🤦‍♀️
Afrin Liberation Forces released the outcome of resistance for 2019. - 252 operations carried out - 621 jihadists,…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri“To paraphrase Leon Trotsky: You may not be interested in the wars of the Middle East, but those wars are intereste… asked Iran to respond "in proportion" over Qassem Soleimani killing, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guard…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriBREAKING: Explosion heard in Green Zone, Baghdad. Details to follow.
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri📣 Nè con gli #USA nè con l' #Iran: il nostro punto di vista di #Rojavaresiste sulla morte di #Soleimani 👉…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriEzidi friends spread this picture of an Ezidi girl which was taken to Idlib by her daesh capturers after her mother…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @dkrasne @DaleAndersen6 @rcallimachi Tbh @rcallimachi is a brilliant and accurate reporter. Everything she writes… I’ve had a chance to check in with sources, including two US officials who had intelligence briefings after the…
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriFACT: The Coalition @CJTFOIR did NOT conduct airstrikes near Camp Taji (north of Baghdad) in recent days.
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US officials tells @NBCNews that Soleimani killed for plotting to strike US targets in Syria & Lebanon. Congression…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @kurdishlessons You can’t leave ypur students in the dark like this!!! @kurdishlessons I propose a system for the answer like: after 3 hrs ( or whenever you want) you make a tweet which… @azadkurd_ @kurdishlessons Thank you we had a whole debate here @kurdishlessons Yeah you are killing me! Which one is it? 2???I'm not at all happy with this US move of bombing Soleimani & others in the strike. As it will put all region on fi…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @iainoverton HeyThe drums of war.'s one of these days again in the Middle East. You wake up. You read the news. And you are terrified of what is to come. #Soleimani
Retweeted by Benedetta ArgentieriThe end of Quds force head Qassim Soleimani will completely change the region. No one predicted this.
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We have documented killing 1776 people, injuring 3909&arresting another 6001 since the Turkish incursion into NE Sy…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri#BREAKING: 4 missiles reportedly landed at the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport. #Iraq
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @PatrickHilsman @KJKnodell @RaniaKhalek In any case just today I read an article on the NYT about how we should all… @PatrickHilsman @KJKnodell @RaniaKhalek Exactly. @KJKnodell @PatrickHilsman @RaniaKhalek Thanks @KJKnodell @PatrickHilsman @RaniaKhalek Please send the link. @PatrickHilsman @KJKnodell @RaniaKhalek I think Jennan Moussa hasn’t been in Idlib for a long time. Plus she works… @PatrickHilsman @KJKnodell @RaniaKhalek Now what’s going on and indiscriminate bombing is an absolute crime. Though… @PatrickHilsman @KJKnodell @RaniaKhalek I understand. And I agree with you. Though as a general I haven’t met any i… vividly remember speaking to @benargentieri just after she witnessed this family fleeing with nothing and seeing…
Retweeted by Benedetta Argentieri @PatrickHilsman @RaniaKhalek Yes for sure there are cases. Though everyone in Syria knows that the control of Idlib is in hands jihadists @PatrickHilsman @RaniaKhalek I understand, nonetheless it is important to say who is actually controlling Idlib, the groups that are there.Each time they do something really bad happens. @KiriBiri1 So che me l’hai mandato perché ho ricevuto una mail. Ma no. Lo vedo tra i messaggi 🤷‍♀️ @fgeerdink Yes!After the 70-year-old Kurdish man in Afrin died from his injuries after being beaten/tortured by TFSA group for not…
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