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The year is 1995, Tina Turner is hitting the "Goldeneye" high notes just because she can. Life is great. @WStuartross no @ShirleySTANson I'm watching her 2000 @ Wembley and SCREAMING.I'm going to spend the rest of my ~break~ watching full concerts. I CANNOT express how much Tina Turner is the firs… don't know the best way to say this but... Tina Turner is the best to ever do itWe are all one day away from recording the all Cher version of West Side StoryI finished all of my coursework the first week of the quarantine and I've been unravelling ever since!!!!! No work,… the bolt cutters
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji. @christmasguey yes! @ANTFERNY these screen caps.... im screamingThe literal fact that this is real...
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.Lady Gaga announcing the announcement of an announcement... Britney remains the most influential girl in the game, every time I finish a listen of Madame X
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji. @ZacharyRogerO stahpThe hardest part about being a Madonna stan? Nothing. It's easy being right. @catmancatman864 every time I listen to it I think of Rihanna's "the audacity..." tweet @ZacharyRogerO famke come thru @ZacharyRogerO the first Bond I ever remember seeing, so it ranks VERY high for me even though I know it's badMy three biggest concert regrets are: 1. Not seeing Tina Turner 2. Not seeing the 07/08 Spice Girls reunion 3. Not… is so iconic that when I saw her she didn't sing Bang Bang, All I Really Want To Do, Take Me Home, Half Breed,… @deanevangeliou oh same, he's one of my least favourite players to watch @catmancatman864 covid cancelled the tour, but not the era @deanevangeliou but yes, sophie is trouncing him @deanevangeliou Tony's strategy being banking on being a "big threat" even though he knows he's a mid level threat at best is lowkey genius @christmasguey Sophierce and Albert breathes Sophie: That fucking idiot thinks he's smarter than he issophie having another season of her edit being explaining to dumb men with big egos why they are wrong? an unstoppable queen @pizzablasted i went to an island for the turtlesNo one: Cher: how do we work a giant animatronic elephant into every tour?today i caught two turtles and 87 easter eggs, i luv animal crossingwe are so blessed that cher chose to let us walk her earth at the same time as herElizabeth Debicki is tall, but she's not joan allen's neck tallIt's so rare that someone is both as good a singer as Cher and has as singular a voice that Cher does. It's usually one or the other!!!!true reba-heads know nothing good comes after breakfast
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.What are Cher’s definitive live performances I can find on YouTube?I just decided that I’m going to listen to a lot of Cher tomorrowwish I could watch rhony live tmr :(When she thought the circus looks were all their actual bodies/faces and not makeup? That was a classic.Thinking about how Twiggy had no idea what was going on her entire duration on ANTM and just spent her three season… @steve_venner it’s margo martindale seasonYou have to admire that Tinsley has been famous for like 15 years and she’s still never got an upper lip injection @mttspdfr Can’t wait for you to go abroadGo off baby girl
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.Kim realized she had no shot of winning the first time her tribe went to tribe council and just said “nah I’m good”… hope Sia gives the entire pre-merge $10,000The only good thing Russell ever did on his 12 seasons of Survivor was allowing us to see Rupert's face when he los… am forever thankful that CBS didn't use Rupert winning ~America's Favourite Player~ as a way to rationalize him onto this seasonNothing will make you hate men like Survivor.
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.sophierce runs this gameAdam trying to force himself to cry during a confessional....The way Kim is giving us nothing this season... Queen @tawilliams11 no, but yesThe most boring option... of course!!!i'll never know how the star wars skywalker saga ends and i love that about me
thinkin about... chipswell hello
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji. @Ian_McK_ do we get to recreate the "hold me like you did by the lake in naboo" scene with herNatalie Portman.... teaching a master class... on acting... i am screamingThe Sex and the City writers having one episode each season dedicated to Charlotte getting shit faced... that's art, mama. @MACDONALD3RADY @kimpetras its what we needed @MACDONALD3RADY @kimpetras oh! Is Kim releasing eurotrash dance pop again?????!!!!FYI..this still applies!
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.Sex and the City setting an All About Eve themed episodes in the Hamptons was absolutely deranged and perfect. @mttspdfr the fish beaver is here and all i am catching is EGGAnyone else's joint pain flaring up from doing nothing all day? I just had to take a break between grating each clove of garlic!!!!u ever think how sherry pie's punishment is not being in the live finale to be taped later this spring is now equal…'t believe how little salami I bought when preparing for the quarantineu ever think about how Eureka's response to being called a racist was showing up to her drag race finale dressed as… love hearing correspondents reading their favourite poems on @BBCR4Today and decided to put our own spin on it b…
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.was there ever a bigger boot than Brooke Lynn Hytes's sad tiny canadian flag from her entrance looki was gonna do cycle 3, but i live tweet that by memory about once a monthgonna live tweet an old seasons of antm for only my enjoymentthe intro of america's next top model but it's drag race s12
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.Gourmet Makes with Chris and Brad? I loathe April Fools Day.moon has pork breath @nickybrownson oh ABSOLUTELY @nickybrownson tyra, she got us againthinking about how the tiffany/rebecca double boot in ANTM cycle 4 was always scheduled to happen because the next… fish guy is on my island, but all I seem to be catching is easter eggs 🙃🙃🙃 @MarcusMichalik The tracks that weren't trend chasing were SO GOOD. "Make It Look Good" is one of my all time favourite Mariah tracks!I love Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse more than most, but why did Mariah wear a Ramona Singer macrame bathing suit on the cover?Just did a Beyoncé bracket and labelled one of the corners “no thank you”Vanderpump Rules airing a toilet paper prank episode during an international shortage of toilet paper pretty much s… need a sequel to Wrapped in Red now more than ever @kellyclarksonApril Fools? Thanks, I hate it. @hernameisjuan Thank u bbantm deep cut jokes make me feel like i'm alive againcould not have found a lower quality picturePride cancelled? Honey, Pride’s been cancelled since 2005 when Michelle took this terrible photo in the ANTM seven…
Priya being out of frame for her entire segment on today's BA video is so iconic, she's such a queenlmao pride is CANCELLED there’s literally no way the restaurant I worked at is reopening @McCrAlt lmao what a journey @McCrAlt Did you thank Bruce ValancheThings could be worse, I could be someone who is taking the quarantine as an opportunity to rewatch The Big Bang TheoryI'm back! 👀
Retweeted by Love. Angel. Music. Benji.Thinkin about JLo stealing “I Luh Ya Papi” from TinasheMore heterosexual people know who Michelle Visage is than who Dua Lipa isThinking about how Courtney Love's America's Sweetheart and Nobody's Daughter both had great songs that were plague… ate a half loaf of garlic bread that I left on the counter over nightgonna start ranking things and making lists yes mama i'm bored