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Retweeted by FunkyAnd this is the inspiration
Retweeted by FunkyI dont really understand why people like shitcoins, but at least this one has a great name😂😂😂😂. The Fuck Jake Paul…
Damn if they’re admitting this then how bad is it really ???🔥🔥🔥 @DiscraftDG making some sick Buzz!!! Not released yet but im giving a couple away today. Like this post to be… 82: Live on @FunkyCryptoPod the Author of "War On Small Business" @caroljsroth - How the govt used the pandemic…
Retweeted by Funky#Bitcoin encourages people to treat the future as something to be invested for instead of borrowed against.
Retweeted by FunkyA discussion on Big Tech censorship + the economic incentives that align @TheRokfin platform with its creators.…
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@Benaskren @FunkyCryptoPod @caroljsroth @CoinFlipATM @CryptoKeysStore Hey @Timcast we want you on our podcast!!!
Retweeted by FunkyEP 82: Live on @FunkyCryptoPod the Author of "War On Small Business" @caroljsroth - How the govt used the pandemic… 82: We are going LIVE 1PM EST with @caroljsroth The Author of "The War On Small Business" How the government us…
Retweeted by FunkyAt what price will #bitcoin hit and you say to yourself. “Shit I’ve been wrong this whole time!!!”? Or you just go…
BREAKING: For first time in the history of the Global Scorecard, we have a dead even draw. More members of the Ve…
Retweeted by Funky$111,000,000 of shorts liquidated in 10 minutes. REKT
Retweeted by FunkyJust landed. You guys did well. Go #Bitcoin.
Retweeted by Funky#Bitcoin
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Cory Sandhagen vs. TJ Dillashaw is one of the closest fights in the history of Verdict. The margins on the Global…
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Would you rather have a $2M net income per year Shoelace company? Or spend 10 years to become an “influencer” and…
Retweeted by FunkyThree young women that are likely the future of Women’s MMA. Follow her on Verdict & Twitter at @KayHansenMMA 👊…
Retweeted by FunkyThe only thing the government can do to try to dig itself out of the hole it is in is..... tax more and print more…
Can you find me?? So hard to believe this was 13 years ago..... the #Olympics kickoff, we must remember one athlete who isn't there: Iranian champion wrestler #NavidAfkari. Na…
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So @DiscraftDG left a few extra players packs at my house!! Giving away one on all my social media’s(twitter, IG an… watching the #Bitcoin conference live with @jack @elonmusk @CathieDWood i’m sold on Bitcoin. officially hol…
Retweeted by FunkyThe War on Small Business…
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RAE Halving After the first 1,700 RAE mints, the new RAE Tokens distributed per mint will drop from 10k to 5k. So…
Retweeted by FunkyBREAKING: Elon Musk just confirmed that Tesla, SpaceX, and him personally all own bitcoin.
Retweeted by FunkyMy course isn’t broken in enough yet, but getting close this is awesome!!! Can’t wait to talk about this tomorrow. Only place that makes sense for him to go is…
Unranked Ben Kawczynski puts it on #1 Chase Horne and takes the HWT Fargo 👑
Retweeted by FunkySome people have no life ;). I don’t waste my time with the replies. moly!!! BEN KAWCZYNSKI.🆕 You can now consume free content on @TheRokfin without signing up.
Retweeted by FunkyProbably nothing. Seriously something, wow.
Retweeted by FunkyWe Are LIVE! EP 81: @FunkyCryptoPod with @DavidBurkett38, #MWEB (Mimble Wimble w/Extension Blocks) Developer on… business
Retweeted by FunkyMost anticipated fight of 2021. Promoter needs to pay up! reaction when you get paired with @Paul_McBeth for doubles. 🗣️ Watch round two content from the…
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#TigerStyle in the Olympics🐯 In 2008, Ben Askren became the first Mizzou wrestler to qualify for the games, compet…
Retweeted by FunkyExcited for the launch of @TonyHinchcliffe's channel on @TheRokfin #makeit
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What amazing advice!! is it so hard for people to comprehend that not everyone wants to inject experimental technology into themselve…
Retweeted by Funky⚔️ @benaskren and @LizotteDiscGolf we're BATTLING on the green during the #DGPTCelebProAm. Content from the event…
Retweeted by Funky"#Bitcoin is the fastest, cheapest, most global and inclusive monetary network on the planet. It's the only network…
Retweeted by Funky @MikeTyson Mike, I spent more than a thousand hours considering this question and chose bitcoin. So far, I have pur…
Retweeted by FunkyIslam Makhachev dominated Drew Dober before finishing him in the 3rd round in his last fight. #UFCVegas31
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Gold is the next best thing but the next best thing is... Not so good. - @michael_saylor Cc: @PeterSchiff
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The U.S. Gov is clearly interested in limiting speech of dissenting citizens. This is exactly what the founders fea…
Retweeted by FunkyThank you @michael_saylor , I’m a sponge to all of these gems 💎
Retweeted by Funky😂😂😂😂 Farms inaugural Pro-Am tournament was a dream come true. The morning round was filled with fun, broken Mando…
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Funky Farms inaugural Pro-Am tournament was a dream come true. The morning round was filled with fun, broken Mando…’s a word for a political system whereby the government directly controls the actions of corporations….
Retweeted by FunkyRe-reprocess of the 08 OTT, had to get them just right. It’s fun reliving these epic moments. @ClarissaChun
Retweeted by FunkyThe history of the 20th century is full of examples of countries that set out to redistribute wealth and ended up redistributing poverty.
Retweeted by FunkyIt’s worse. The FBI did nothing to stop the sexual abuse of children gymnasts and then FBI agent fabricated an int…
Retweeted by FunkyBrodie showed no mercy breaking the course record the night before the tournament. 🏆 Take a look at the competition…
Retweeted by FunkyBrodie showed no mercy breaking the course record the night before the tournament. 🏆 Take a look at the competition…
Freedom & human rights… something we ALL can get behind. ❤️🙏❤️ you can feel his whole heart through the phone.…
Retweeted by FunkyI finally filed my 2020 taxes, what an incredible headache. Over 11,000 taxable transactions. We need a more ra…
Retweeted by FunkyI’m so freaking pumped for Fargo!!@the_rudis @FloWrestling @awawisconsinAn @FBI field officer applied for job with Olympic committee as he was “investigating” a pedophile gymnastics coach…
Retweeted by FunkyA little post Funky Farms invite round and I finally nailed the ace on the Island Hole!!! @Paul_McBeth @DiscraftDG will be more important after central banks increase their control over fiat currencies by creating digital…
Retweeted by FunkyBREAKING: Saquon Barkley has announced on The Best Business Show that he is taking 100% of his endorsement money in…
Retweeted by FunkySquad goals! Thanks to all for a great time
Retweeted by FunkyThis is theft. No other way to put it. Avenatti went to prison for much less. Someone should investigate the judge.…
Retweeted by FunkyHad pretty much the most fun ever hosting @discgolfprotour first ever Celeb Pro/Am at Funky Farms!! 'EM UP! Back-to-back aces for @Paul_McBeth and @catrina44184.
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Death By McBeth (aka @paul_mcbeth + @jordan_wiseley) take the dubs portion of the @discgolfprotour Celebrity Pro-Am…
Retweeted by FunkyEP 80: @FunkyCryptoPod with @JohnkimLTC and @GoingParabolic - WTF? Inflation! - @Tinder chicks preying on #bitcoin've got our FINAL LIST! 📃 Here's who will be your participants in tomorrow's DGPT Celebrity Pro-Am Invitational.…
Retweeted by FunkyALMOST ACE ALERT 🚨 @Benaskren
Retweeted by FunkyOne of my favorite holes at Funky Farms! I love throwing my beat in jawbreaker zone.
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Check out Bens final few days of practice before tomorrow’s tournament at Funky Farms. He must have been saving all…“Freedom” and other anti-government slogans
Retweeted by FunkyIt’s weird to see so many grown men enamored with that Irish degenerate McGregor. Literal beta cucks
Retweeted by FunkyI'm starting to think that these people might just be dangerous and power-hungry sociopaths.
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Maybe socialism isn’t everything it is cracked up to be! #FreedomForCuba is my timeline full of people tweeting about a soccer game!Conor is just a gimmick now !
Retweeted by FunkyI guess England isn’t locked down anymore???😂😂😂 awesome would it have been is Poiriers wife would have walked over and kicked Conor in the foot when he was tal… won R1 10-8, all you Connor fan boys get real💯 what a garbage move! trash talking about Dustin’s wife had that internet troll feel - very distasteful and unbecoming of any competi…
Retweeted by FunkySo if Conor does come back again who do you watch him up with?Conor sounds like such a douche right now.McGregor was taking an ass whipping, why’s he talking crazy now.I tweet this when Conor was in his guard not at the end of the round 🙄’s the chances Conor ever fights again?Damn Poirier smashed!!!Man doesn’t look like Conor even wants to get up!Is it just me or were there 5+ back of the head shots at the end there 🤔🤔
Retweeted by FunkyThat’s a damn tough round to score! 10-9 Wonderboy unless you think Burns stole it at the endThe Shooey is the worst/best celebration in sports! @aaronbronsteter @Benaskren @ufc @BjornRebney I can’t wait to see what other tweets make the cut tonight lol
Retweeted by FunkyDid anyone else just see the @ufc post @bjornrebney old MEXICO!!! tweet