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I like the stats. New Media Editor, MLS Digital. The views expressed by me are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of MLS/SUM.

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This year's 22 Under 22 is out, Diego Rossi is No. 1. I spoke with a number of technical staffers anonymously to ge…
Retweeted by Ben Baer 10 of this year’s #22U22 about to be revealed @Dylan_Butler @Dylan_Butler Looks like he’s from Upstate NY (like real upstate).If you haven’t watched this yet, I highly recommend it.
@PaulOfFame5 @bricey16 @MLS The draft takes about 5 minutes. The newser was up within 5 minutes. That’s about as re… @bricey16 I think No. 2 but don’t quote me. @bricey16 He decided not to participate. Anyone’s guess as to why.Juan Agudelo, Saad Abdul-Salaam selected in Stage Two of MLS Re-Entry draft. BWP removed himself from it prior to t…'s the list so far. 10-1 coming tomorrow. is a good piece on Paredes after his #22U22 selection (though I’ll quibble with some stuff in the second graf). good things going on in Colorado as evidenced by placing two players on this list. Haven’t had a player on her… @nycfc_network @MLS @ColoradoRapids @impactmontreal @colebassett19 Patience is a virtue.We're underway!
Is Gressel out? off #22U22 week with this piece from @bwarshaw14
More successful boats than the Gophers today: *Titanic *Edmund Fitzgerald *Lusitania *Water skiing boat in Jaws…
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Retweeted by Ben BaerFrauds #RowTheBoat weather at this Badgers football game has me thinking 🤔
Yep. Ref probably just cost Tigres a goal by stopping the game for a meaningless VAR check. Incredible.APG game is #PeakLigaMXDare I say unsafe?
The bad news is officially here for #CanMNT
@tombogert I feel like this is a Bobby thing.Here’s my Sjoberg reaction column for those who want it. Also came up with an idea: Could he be the anti-Ilsinho? B… @osequeraTOMALO your Baerantee is now trash. (cc: @BenBaer89 @nicholasrosano)
Retweeted by Ben Baerdumbest motherfucker on the planet. stays undefeated.
Retweeted by Ben Baer @ScottSandalow @ASRomaEN Congrats man!Spoke with Montreal Impact sporting director Olivier Renard on a number of topics, including the future of Orji Okw…
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@BuddyTylerMoore Nope. Just the event. @jamesinho4 Nope. Just a conference call.Four players selected in Stage 1 of 2019 MLS Re-Entry Process removed himself. Post was updated shortly after publishing.
Excited to have #22U22 drop next week. Have a really good voting panel this year with six technical staffers from a… these players were picked, none of them have been added to rosters. Clubs must make a genuine offer, but tha…
This is -- and I'm not saying this lightly -- straight out Nazi shit.
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Rapids GM Padraig Smith spoke to today and dropped some info on yesterday’s trades and what…’s a sad day in Red Bulls land. Maybe the two best and most successful players in club history are gone. Will be…
Broke down what today’s trades mean for each of the 3 teams #Rapids96 #DOOP #Crew96“so Allocation Money, right? it helps buy down the salaries of players who would otherwise be over the cap limit. b…
Retweeted by Ben BaerMarco Fabian and Haris Medunjanin will not be back with the Philadelphia Union in 2020, source tells…
Retweeted by Ben Baer @collinsolberg @andrew_wiebe Oops. Cache issue.
Have your Expansion Draft analysis (including the trades) right here Whitecaps and Canada U-17 midfielder Simon Colyn will train next week with PSV, multiple sources tell…
Retweeted by Ben BaerMinnesota crushing content
@mtbh12 @adriandc4l Difference between boys and men.
@JerseyJonathan @adriandc4l 3 players. Ok haul, not earth shattering. @adriandc4l Excuses or facts? See follow up tweet.So while it’s obviously good and fun for Mexico (and disappointing for the US), this tournament does not necessaril… Mexico leading in the U-17 final, it’s important to remember that they won the tournament in 2011. Not one of…
@mayewj9 Not 100% sure but they’re not on the list. @55sullivanplace @MLS Right but Miller may have more value league-wide.Oh, and Sisniega over Miller (who’s out of contract).I’ll say that I doubt three of those guys will be picked due to salary but we’ll see.Think I did a decent job. Only team I think I was well of on was Atlanta. Diedie Traore, Conechny, Morrow and Cecch… @ScottSandalow I think he has some room for improvement and could do that here. @BenBaer89 If USMNT fans have one favorite pastime, it’s pretending they have the supreme wisdom to make Jordan Mor…
Retweeted by Ben BaerA lot of players, yes. The majority, maybe. Every player? No.Every player wouldn’t be better off in Europe. I don’t know why we’re still having this argument. @ScottSandalow In the three years he’s played, Jordan Morris has won 2 MLS Cups, vastly improved as a player and is…’s a red.
@empiregass Kelvin Leerdam about to ball out. @CalenCarr You and me both. @SolonTLG @TheZidar @bam22542 @tokenliberal @etmckinley @MassiveReport And updated again! Cadden isn’t involved.Wrong again! Cadden and Buttner are not involved in the expansion draft. @RobUsry @MLS "Generation adidas players who have not been graduated at the end of the 2019 MLS Season are automati… @StatHunting @MLS Yep.Received some incorrect info and it turns out Buttner and Cadden will need to be protected. Made the necessary upda…
@nball7 @MLS @NewYorkRedBulls Because they had a player picked last year! @FleurdemaxRCTID That’s the amount of time he wasn’t on the field..@FCDallas’ Jonathan Gomez GOLAZO. I expect him to be signed to a first-team contract before the season. a reminder that since the #VWFC announced their 'global search' for a Technical Director, #IMFC have fired a c…
Retweeted by Ben Baer @drdefense @twickert9 @MattDoyle76 Correct. Updated. @JKulani @MattDoyle76 Robinson is still a GA. Hyndman’s loan status doesn’t affect him either way. @Eric_Giacometti @prizby @MattDoyle76 Wasn’t listed on our roster page. Updating. ☹️ @gray9s Oversight.Here's what Opta has to say about Romney's on/off stats. @hizilla @MattDoyle76 Turns out that’s not true.Made some updates as guys like Fagundez, Morris, Glad and Lima are auto protected. @twickert9 @MattDoyle76 Actually he wasn’t on 2019 roster so he’s auto protected. @twickert9 @MattDoyle76 Oooh. Forgot about him. Thanks. @jeff_lemieux @SeanLDonahue @MattDoyle76 Just got confirmation that Buttner doesn’t need to be protected. @SeanLDonahue @MattDoyle76 I’m not 100% sure tbh. Reading the rules and going through the r… @SeanLDonahue @MattDoyle76 Fagundez no longer has Homegrown status according to the roster page. Not sure about But… @actsbk @MattDoyle76 I think it’s worth keeping him protected even if his status is uncertain for 2020.So I went through the process of trying to predict who will be available in the Expansion Draft (with some help fro… the last 24 hours: -Zlatan departs #LAGalaxy -#MNUFC trade Darwin Quintero -#Crew96 get Nagbe -#NYCFC sell Scal…
Retweeted by Ben BaerAlright - back to work. But since the opportunity presents itself ... I had a BLAST writing this one for #MLS a fe…
Retweeted by Ben BaerFrench twitter rn #IMFC
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#GACup (Premier Division) champ in 2017 as a 14yo, along with Reyna and Haak. Interviewed him the next year a few d… @BerkEhrmantraut @andrew_wiebe @MattDoyle76 The 16th But I’ll have a fun piece predicting…