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Chicago born and raised. Musician. Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. ChiArts Class of ‘17. Heavy casual White Sox fan. Mets. Bears. Bulls. Columbia College.

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@ChiSoxFanScott’s Lloyd McClendon doing?Lmao @LaPantheraGoat David Wright and Jose Reyes were always favorites of mine. @LaPantheraGoat They’ve been my second favorite team since I was eight.Has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. @LaPantheraGoat Mets all the way. @HashTagWhiteSox I know. I don’t want him anywhere near this team in any capacity.Don’t get my hopes up. @wenhardy Gonna do the same too. @BobbyBrownEye5 @BCB_Sara @NBCSWhiteSox @whitesox TA and Giolito: putting Justin Turner in isolation
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @jordanmshiner We’re getting Yadi, Wainwright, and Kluber 😂. @ScrantonSox They’re signing Michael Brantley?me everyday this semester:
Retweeted by Bensc WartzBruce Banner and Betty Ross together in the Wakanda Files MCU tie in book! #Marvel #mcu
Retweeted by Bensc WartzWhen I wake up to the White Sox hiring Tony La Russa as manager. via @RawGuz95
Retweeted by Bensc WartzI’ll be so proud of the White Sox if this La Russa bs is just an elaborate troll.
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @ChiSoxHaze Glad you two are happy while the rest of the fan base is crying and moaning. 😂😂😂😂You know what, fuck it 😂😂😂😂 @jonklemke front office looking at White Sox Twitter burn to the ground
Retweeted by Bensc WartzNick Madrigal before La Russa shows up vs Nick Madrigal on Opening Day.
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @Harp4803 *Books a flight*Bump you’re telling me we have to deal with this managerial shit on top of also the election as well? Fuckin hell…A Rod has to by the team from Jerry first. @DumpOnTheUmp Only if A Rod buys the team from Jerry.Did he light the beacon of Gondor? @ChiSoxFanMike Did he light the beacon of Gondor? @aliwhitesox Stone Cold Steve mood with all this White Sox shit. @FlynnJimmy_ @Moncada4P *Plays Marvin’s Room* @stevestone @TheJoeyMcNeely😭😭😭 @TheJoeyMcNeely @HashTagWhiteSox
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @Mattheius2783 @TheJoeyMcNeely @HashTagWhiteSox is all one big ass rick roll. got dicked. to repeat itself and we fire him after one year. if Tony La Russa is getting a job, but it’s just an “advisory role” and we are all on this app tripping for no…
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @TheTyronePalmer Literally 😂😂😂😂I mean 😶😬😬😬 Sox coaching staff in 2021
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz"cancel culture isnt real. u can play Go Getta"
Retweeted by Bensc WartzJason Benetti: “And there’s Yoan and Eloy celebrating in the dugout and.... Tony is taking a little nap, I guess.”
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @HashTagWhiteSox To be fair the game definitely has changed in the last 30 years since he managed the team 😂You can’t be an org talking about #ChangeTheGame and then you bring in a coach that last coached your team in the 1…
Retweeted by Bensc WartzGonna have my deGrom jersey ready to purchase.Angry Stoney>>>> @FlynnJimmy_ One of Bichette, Biggio, Gurriel, or Vlad works.I’m fucking sick of this shit 😂 @FlynnJimmy_ Save me a Bichette jersey 😂 @noobde Mileena looks great, Ed! I’d love for her to be a template for a female Tarkatan in Kreate a Fighter!
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @jonklemke Will he be wearing a Darth Vader suit to breath? @KingMac1129 Just me being over dramatic 😂😂😂Honestly, yeah. @kmald211 @HashTagWhiteSox Bitch what the fuck 😂So you would bring La Russa back before you bring Ozzie back? For the record I don’t want either of them to ever to…
Retweeted by Bensc WartzGive me Hinch or I’m moving to Queens lol. For the first time, the Mets actually give more fucks than the White Sox. @CoveysBurner I want to watch dinosaurs manage, I’ll just go watch Jurassic Park.I fucking hate this team 🤦🏿‍♂️I fucking hate it here…’s 75% black. She can do whatever she pleases.Nothing I make will ever top this.
Retweeted by Bensc WartzOkay, and? 😬 @Mark_Bussey @ChiSquatch @ChiSoxHaze @SoxsideBoys If he shits on TA… cannot think of a worse match than this White Sox team and Tony La Russa.
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @LagoIsHell @ChiSoxFanMike The White Sox spending on Pederson or Springer. Say hello to Michael Brantley lol. @LagoIsHell @ChiSoxFanMike the white sox
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @Ecnerwal23 Bring Ricky back 😂Fuck this bring Ricky back! 😂Every time I hear about Tony La Russa gaining steam. #WhiteSox and the Sox tomorrow commenting on the La Russa rumors after announcing AJ Hinch as their next manager -
Retweeted by Bensc WartzBig mad. @FlynnJimmy_ They’re the New York cousins of the Sox. @FlynnJimmy_ @jonklemke Yes 😂 @ChiSoxHaze James Shields!He’d be a nice DH until Vaughn comes. @YasmaniGrandaI @scuriiosa I know my needs. am a: ⚪️ man ⚪️ woman 🔘White Sox fan Wanting: ⚪️ a boyfriend ⚪️ a girlfriend 🔘 Tony La Russa to not be the m…
Retweeted by Bensc Wartz @FlynnJimmy_ Going to Bummer in the 9th for save situations.I know what I said. Sox extend Nomar Mazara.’s been binging coke again.