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Associate Prof at @Univ_Of_Oregon. Study coproduction, ridehailing, cities, & management. Research Co-Director - Institute for Policy Research & Engagement

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Are you a Ph.D. student? Make sure to take this survey for a study on work-life balance of Ph.D. students. Also, pl…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @dansmithphd You lucky dog
Drinking a Breakfast Stout by @CaptainNeon - a Sea Monster (No Scurvy, No Scurvy, You're the Scurvy) by @CaptainNeon at @captainneon a From Idaho With Love by @CaptainNeon at @captainneon a White Tiger IPA by @CaptainNeon - a Kris Kringle by @CaptainNeon at @captainneon a Hammerhead by @CaptainNeon at @captainneon @conservativcrat Guess the state bar has better lawyers lobbying for them.Skunky - Drinking an Erlkönig Hell by Landbrauerei Ludwig Erl -
@marshall_curry @SamuelAdamsBeer good for a sam adamscool stuff going on at @uopppm
Drinking a Samuel Adams Winter Lager by @SamuelAdamsBeer -
Every year, no every day, the @gop spread disinformation about the social safety net programs that far exceed a com…$2 million over 30 years has to be the most mild extramural consulting for someone of Warren’s credentials and stat…
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Drinking a Turbo Prop by @propellerbier - @registerguard YesDrinking a Perlenzauber by Privatbrauerei H. Egerer -
@milo_phd not even once. Though I haven't been to a barbershop in 15 years, so maybe I'm missing out (damn male pattern baldness). @dansmithphd Dersh seems oddly possessed in the last few years similar to Rudy and Lindsey. Maybe I just didn't see… Duck and beer - Drinking a Pacific Rain by @NinkasiBrewing @ The Duck Store —
Love parks? So do we. Help find innovative & sustainable ways to fund the maintenance and improvement of Lane Count…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @kairyssdal Feel like we've heard that before.This video is something I'll use in the classroom as we talk about the importance of reflection--but I wonder how w… is no doubt true. If the people that train others to be better are failing, how can trust be built. They revea… video is an interesting take on #fundraising. The organization-a racial justice org-is being self-reflective o… a Gold Märzen by Memminger Brauerei -
@PaulGowder Ramones: Merry Christmas I don't want to fight (or something like that) @ChanLiska @gillianjein @raechelroot @UOslowlab @cplindner @graceharrison5 @HarrietHarriss @nowurbanism for proposals! Making-do in Urbanism and the Arts, conference, May 30-31, 2020, Portland, OR.…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @kowyatt @ELGL50 I bought my mug yesterday. Handcrafted by @uoregondesign students. Mug love is supporting student… @fordm10 Carrot Top in the class room! is on something strong when he says Trump "speaks clearly." I hardly understand a word the man says...and wh… a Mexican Chocolate Yeti by @greatdividebrew - a Strawberry Rhubarb by @greatdividebrew - a Kriek by @cascadebrewing - a Heart of Stone by @urbanfambrewing - The Oligarch - Bocconotto (2019) by @breaksidebrews - a Sedna Tiramisu Stout by @Eclipticbrewing - a Pancake House Cocoa Maple Coffee Stout by @baerlicbrewing - great - Drinking a Sparkle, Viognier by @block15brewing - a Schnaitl Bräu by Privatbrauerei Schnaitl -
Nahhh. I’ll keep calling you a crazy, uneducated, misguided, unfortunate seller of lies. #antivaxxer a Hallertauer Craftbier Blau Weisse by Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei - director Grant D. Jacobsen’s research on the effect of "energy booms" on local workers is discussed on EurekAle…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkThere is a very large collection of Perry Mason DVDs at @Oregon_Law library. They are very on message. (LA Law DVD…
@adidas why do you create packaging for stocks that is so wasteful? A piece of plastic to hold stocks that isn’t ev… call for applications..deadline is tmrw (12/2) at 5pm. We are giving two 1K awards to Black men enrolled in so…
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Advent calendar day one. Not bad - Drinking a Käuzle Helles Lager by Kauzen-Bräu - make just one company pay when we all create congestion? Congestion pricing is something everyone should be pay… @IUBloomington @Mike_Ekey Very excited for my calendar this year. Mmmm beer 🍺🍻We’re now accepting applications for a new PhD in Planning and Public Affairs, launching fall term 2020! Learn mor…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkCongrats to Renee Irvin, Director of PPPM’s Master of Nonprofit Management Program, for taking the helm of a three-…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @abbyedavidson, Li-Wei Chen & I have a new paper @PAReview – “The Expat Gap: Are local-born entrepreneurs in develo…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkFaculty members Renne Irvin, @dyanamason and @LallSaurabh representing UO at the 2019 ARNOVA Conference in San Dieg…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkMPA & MCRP alum Stephanie Scafa was selected as one of Eugene’s 20 under 40 for her work as the 2021 Project Lead f…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @TomCottonAR @Apple Now do the GOP.
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There is so much parking in the USA that it would cover the entire state of West Virginia. Yes we have enough parki… treasonous, traitors to the USA get more respect in Alabama than women and minorities in that state.
Drinking a Monk's Uncle by @pikebrewing - a Sierraveza by @SierraNevada - a Warsteiner Premium Verum / German Pilsener by @warsteiner - a Grolsch Premium Lager by @Grolsch -
THE SEVEN SECRETS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE 1. Private school 2. Legacy Ivy admission 3. Nepotism hire 4. Seed c…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkThe answer is... none. Most cancers caused by #HPV infection are not detected until later in life, after they star…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. Clark @SportsTalk953 Or at least he played there. Don’t know if he graduated @SportsTalk953 don’tForget urban Meyer is a Cincinnati grad.
If Graham cannot pick up the smell of Trump, ever, then I don't think his nose actually works. policies do not protect communities-they endanger them. He is an affront to the rule of law, our constitution…
Yum - Drinking a Serenity Someday by @MatchlessBrew/@TrapDoorBrewing at @biersteineugene cannot speak highly enough about this opportunity. #localgov @NWELGL and local #icma folks should take a look.
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkAre you a city, county, or public agency in Oregon looking for help advancing your economic, social, and environmen…
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Great beer wine great local gov peeps @elgl50 - Drinking a Record of the Wreckage by @claim52brewing @ Claim 52 Kit…
@TheBaconDiaries @kowyatt @kwyatt23 Just happy it wasn’t me @kowyatt @TheBaconDiaries @kwyatt23 Saw anal glad juices projected into my vets mouth once. 🤮#poliscitwitter : Serious offer. I am looking for a grad student coauthor to work on a paper on public goods, instl…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkThis makes me confident New England will win have been better on a hot summer day - Drinking an Apfelbeer by Skyline Brewing Company at @graduateeug Having played with Lego's makes you an expert in architecture and structural design. you are interested in accessing one of our articles & it is behind a paywall, please reach out to our editorial…
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkIn the primary season, this seems like an appropriate way in which to compare-contrast. In the general, let's not f… a Pilsner by @tgbrew at @graduateeug an Arago Amber by @7DevilsBrewery at @graduateeug a Best Coast IPA by @ancestrybrewing at @graduateeug
@SABRbbcards @matt_ygr Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf. rational folks think Murthy should still be the Surgeon General (you don't fire the Surgeon Gen when you take… Ask Everyone To Keep It Down While They Rest Kawhi Leonard
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkProtect Roe. Abolish Hyde.
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Tax evasion ain’t no joke. Ever wonder why trump tax records are on lock down? See former Baltimore mayor (& Al C… Mitch McConnell and the rest of the @GOP continue to bury their heads in the sand as if our democracy isn't burn…
The White House’s defense amounts to “look at all these terrible, untrustworthy people in the White House!”
Retweeted by Benjamin Y. ClarkDrinking a Kid In A Candy Store by @weldwerksbrewco - a Velvet Merlin by @FirestoneWalker - a Mexican Chocolate Yeti by @greatdividebrew - a Double Chocolate Stout by @rogueales - a Pancake House Cocoa Maple Coffee Stout by @baerlicbrewing - The Black Forest by @3magbrewing -
@donmoyn @pamela_herd I love magic.