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Ben Coates @bencoates1 Rotterdam/London/Zomba/Kampala

Best-selling author of 'The Rhine' and 'Why The Dutch Are Different' ( Writer, aid worker, speechwriter, recovering Tory.

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@rinamae As a Dutch person, I’m compelled to spend 75% of the year complaining it’s too cold and 25% complaining it’s too hot
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Have a nice weekend, everyone little review from Cycle magazine: @reggiederakker I am Dutch, actually. The Netherlands isn’t perfect, but most countries would think themselves unbe… @coelhory @ppklapwijk I’m Dutch, actually. But still, good to know my countrymen can take a lighthearted conversati… @wierdduk A poor man’s RotterdamNot bad @macharoesink Good. But it varies a lot and that’s not the experience everywhere"The risk of [people] not getting a test or keeping to the rules is that they may infect others who are more vulner…👀 @rinamae As a Dutch person, I’m compelled to spend 75% of the year complaining it’s too cold and 25% complaining it’s too hot(source: curve which needs flattening 🥵 @RealKenMoss You can, for example, go Den Haag -Delftgood morning. a naturist in Berlin got his bag stolen by a family of boars
Retweeted by Ben CoatesNetherlands: you take the tram thirty minutes and everyone’s got a different accent and tells you how people in the… @ppklapwijk @bobfunn Not trying to start a fight here fellas. Just always surprised that there’s literally nothing… @bakkiepleurtop Lived there for years, it’s great but ugly as hellIn case you missed it, Mark Rutte’s new coronavirus policy: @emileschmieman @sirflue Not trying to be unpleasant. I thought the way you responded to the first comment was a bi… @emileschmieman @sirflue Not to be unpleasant about it, as everyone's entitled to an opinion, but it feels relevant… @ppklapwijk Oh hi grumpy Dutch person convinced the Netherlands is terrible, I've been expecting youIs there a more beautiful city than Amsterdam in the sunshine? Visiting for work for the first time in months, I wa…
I cannot believe this website is free @gpb1979 Yeah, I guess. Just grated a little for me. They’re literally explaining to people how they can avoid dyin… to be a miserable identity warrior about it, but the whole thing where the Netherlands gleefully laughs at sign… @KenTorrens @Krulsprietje Yes, total mortality is a decent alternative. On that measure the Netherlands is doing be… @KenTorrens Thanks for the expert opinion, guy on Twitter! @HLJLooijesteijn True. But the obvious question is: at what point do you have no other choice? 12,000 dead? 15,000?I think it’s still possible to argue the Netherlands has got similar outcomes to other countries while allowing lif… the changes enough? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else really. But if I were you, I’d buy shares in thi… says infections rising fast, but fewer people are requesting tests, and it’s hard to track infection sources.… Dutch coronavirus response in brief: no 2nd lockdown but more powers for mayors to restrict shopping etc. No in…’m not going to Mark Rutte’s coronavirus press conference tonight, obviously. But if I was, I might ask -off the t…
Retweeted by Ben Coates @RoelantSiekman Thanks Roelant! Appreciate the feedback! For what it’s worth I think I’ve given the government a fa…’m not going to Mark Rutte’s coronavirus press conference tonight, obviously. But if I was, I might ask -off the t… discovered the secret to getting other people to keep a safe distance: you just have to choose the right br…
@huisman_pieter @GlobalNomad0 @AngelusMerula "lovely kroket", also a contradiction in terms. @DerekLambe Not yet, I'm afraid - although if you look closely you might be able to pick out a key word or two! @GlobalNomad0 @AngelusMerula A contradiction in termsSunshine, good coffee, a good book and a little time to write. Perfect. @flying_mom True - but what about the airport and the plane and the bus and the hotel and the buffet?(from Volkskrant: Rotterdam, nothing says "I refuse to wear a mask" quite like a bikini made out of masks @LucyFergusonDHM Sorry, already left! Will let you know next timeDutch newspapers today: approximately 30% articles about "very concerning" rise in coronavirus infections, and 20%… @CDolleSamuel Yes, they should be - orderable through most major bookshops, or online retailers, or as an e-book @indiepatico @ABCBooksNL enjoyed visiting the lovely @ABCBooksNL in the Hague, for my first browse in a bookshop in months. Some… stupid squabble here, but one of the worst things about Twitter is how many can’t acknowledge that two reasonable… @Antidentite I have a master’s degree in Economics. @Antidentite And by the way, assuming people “don’t understand the issue” just because they have a different opinio… @Antidentite It’s a tweet, not a detailed indictment. As I said, it’s complicated and possible to argue the counter… @Antidentite Because it’s a fact that they have a collapsing economy *and* many deaths. These things are complex an… five times as many deaths as Norway, Finland and Denmark combined’s pick for new ambassador to Germany: a Fox News commentator who says migrants are coming "with the goal of e… @RozemaHilbrand It is indeed a lovely read. If you liked that, you may also like this, which I’m just getting start… @nynkelp New Zealand is a group of large islands with five million people on them, out in the sea in the middle of… lockdown is “intelligent”, which is Dutch for “non-existent”
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@Ludootje @DerekLambe I don’t assume the experts are wrong. But I think it’s fair to ask rigorously why masks are c… @jelmatbro Past tenseOur lockdown is “intelligent”, which is Dutch for “non-existent” @GordonDarroch Looks amazing. Who needs Hawaii anyway?I don’t know much about Lebanon, but I presume that if you import almost all your food and your port looks like thi… port is completely destroyed #Lebanon #Beirut
Retweeted by Ben CoatesWow. Horrifying. Hague, where it always feels a bit like 1920 @inquisitordaisy @Lydia44404631 I didn’t say it was uniformYes, it’s complicated. No, Dutch performance hasn’t been especially bad. But I do wonder how many of the people now… @inquisitordaisy @Lydia44404631 Not inclined to argue either,but I think the argument that UK achieved roughly simi… how that idiot Boris Johnson has let the pandemic run completely out of control. @juan_ic_huarte No masks, and for many the nearest decent beaches @JMSlagter Can’t chat now, busy shouting at them to give back my bikeStarting to understand why Germany has such low infection figures: almost the entire population is away on holiday in the Netherlands @staypufd @jcderr’s just really not very clever, is he? and contrast @Quirine77 Yes - in the countryside at least it’s usually spotlessly cleanIn places like this it is the opposite of clear - lots of sediment, underwater visibility of a few centimetres, and… good way to wake up
@leidenhaag Not “nudged”. You can dislike masks if you want, but the Netherlands is clearly… @Alexandros_D That does sound fine - but unfortunately not entirely standard to find this while digging a hole in my garden near Gouda. A little research shows it’s an ointment jar f…
Retweeted by Ben Coates @MollyQuell I have literally never sent anyone a tikkie but can’t admit this or they’ll take away my passport @rinamae I enjoyed your book, by the way! @rinamae I have seen mixed reports about that. There’s clearly no national ban on masks in hospitals - but at the v… @OscarBaruffa regular reminder that you can get thrown out of a McDonalds in the US for not wearing a mask, but thrown out o… @AsEasyAsRiding fair response - you know this stuff far better than me. But I will say that as a cyclist who rides… - your bill for the total number of hours I worked on writing the book is on it’s way. (Alternatively, consi… is important but overrated: what matters most are cultural norms around how drivers interact with cy… myself quite impressed with Ahmed Aboutaleb these days - clear messaging, strong line on masks, firm action… needs trucks when you have bikes? @themichaelbooth inside public transport and on a few busy shopping streets in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, but mostly they're unheard of @themichaelbooth not too bad so far, but distancing etc is almost non-existent. It's all very pleasant and laid-bac… @mccullgr glad to hear it - hope the news was good. Unfortunately quick service is not the norm everywhere the Netherlands: we’re too busy to test right now, please call back later“People don't like being told what to do” - me, interviewed (extremely briefly) in the Mail on Sunday about the Net…
Retweeted by Ben Coates @Rangeeni @LondonMudlark Yes I have read her book - it’s good!