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Best-selling author of 'The Rhine' and 'Why The Dutch Are Different' ( Writer, aid worker, speechwriter, recovering Tory.

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Quite a cover can understand why you might think a curfew is undemocratic or ineffective. But I'm not sure why you'd be aghast… a Dutch person, this is appalling and embarrassing. The Netherlands has not only vaccinated fewer people than… @Aaron657 I'm not sure there is in English, actually. If you're seriously interested the book Governance and Politi… @sherifhany I don't actually have a very strong view. I think it will probably help curb infections a bit, and the…’s once again something Very Dutch Politics about all the haggling over exactly what time the curfew should st… expected, Dutch government struggling to get a parliamentary majority for the curfew they announced yesterday,wi… stuff from @TomMcTague on Biden’s Europe problem. “Tesla is worth more than all of Germany’s mai… @CraigGWelch @vankatalaan Age is irrelevant. Everyone should wear a mask. And if you’re leading a country, you shou… matters. Setting a good example matters. Good leaders don’t stick barely to the minimum of good behaviou… someone who follows political stuff quite closely, I have in the last nine months rarely seen a photo of Joe Bid… @egelprik Based on guidance from the manufacturers and the results of the clinical trials which they organizedIf you like the idea of government closing mosques and forcibly repatriating immigrants but think a nighttime curfe… morning from Gouda @MollyQuell @GordonDarroch Disappointed not to see @PartijvdDieren taking a stronger position on this @mjhagen Nothing wrong with being rightwing, of course - but what’s odd is to choose to frame yourself as “halfway to Trumpism”it comes after de Jonge spent weeks saying delays don’t matter, what’s important is following best practice, and cl… isn’t a completely crazy idea - one reason UK has been so fast is they’ve ignored timing guidelines and used t… got a bit lost in all the fuss over curfew, but notable that the Dutch government confirm they’ll give people th… is indeed a nutty advert for the CDA - "vote us, because we're halfway between Atlanticist progressives and co…
@MollyQuell @Standplaats_KRK Yep#Inauguration2021 was fun and uplifting, but I did particularly love the way the music choices (Jennifer Lopez, Lad… am completely unaware of any difference between these two travel bans, but if you’re quick there’s still time to… @jumantheman en je luisterde niet? @sylviavbruggen I’m aware they are different. My point is: strange times. @Exzl87 @omg_butter @muumi_tweets Yeah, this ☝️Four years ago, Trump started his term by banning travel to the US from seven countries. Today, the Dutch governme… liked this, at the inauguration. Obama’s take on Biden. He sounds alright to me. @JTatLife yes absolutely - for once acting while the fire's still reasonably small, rather than waiting until it's…, Mr Hoekstra. If I can dare to speak on behalf of the Dutch people: we wish you and your family well, but…
Retweeted by Ben Coates @RoniVeredAdar I guess you can’t get parliamentary approval while keeping it secret - and it’s maybe good to warm p… @jenzerb @always_andie In a park, where people often do this - the toilet paper was a giveaway hurry guys, it’s not that important anyway long international nightmare is over @WiBo53 @RenaNetjes See first bullet point above? @ChrisPJoness I think the idea is that a curfew stops people working in the day and then going to friends/family in… short, it turned out that trying to clear up a big pile of crap in a slippery bath while the phone wouldn't stop… on new Dutch corona rules, if you missed it: - 8.30 pm to 4.30 am curfew starting this weekend (subject to… @NicoTresHaches Let just say it wasn’t mineNot going to watch Rutte’s big press conference because my dog rolled in actual human shit and now needs a bath. Li… @Jasper_Gompelos I suspect it’s unlikely to actually collapse but the risk seems real - not many firms with high fi… case you missed it: “Without additional funding from government there is a real risk to the survival of Eurostar… invited Carter to the U.K. In May 1977 that Mr Carter captured the hearts of the North East when he gre…
Retweeted by Ben CoatesAnother tough week, but Joe Biden plus this adds up to a pretty good day the person you live with Dutch @derekhardwick Yep. Even if you agree with his politics, for an ambassador to openly criticize his host government… classic example here, if you missed it (via @alexandreafonso) An embarrassment to both countries., Mr Hoekstra. If I can dare to speak on behalf of the Dutch people: we wish you and your family well, but… night curfew looks set to be announced in the Netherlands, a sharp rise in online searches for delivery driver j… @seanayre23 @LucyIsabel33
@ianshutters Uh... isn’t this more of a covid thing than a Brexit thing?Starting to understand why the Dutch weren’t keen on importing more ham sandwiches are living in a tightly-plotted but horribly depressing horror story“‘Eye-watering’ post-Brexit paperwork [means]... over 120 lorries carrying British meat are sat at Rotterdam port i… @wishmaster_nl Not really. It’s certainly up for debate, but I’d say a strategic business like KLM @Martin2Bakker maar je bent erg leuk 😘Even if we're all doomed to squabble about everything else, can we please just agree that Eurostar is a wonderful i… @jmjdamen 😂 it's actually to be positive about almost everything (often to the dismay of twitter) - except for the… want a Dutch passport? Nearly new; never used to travel abroad. good friend from Washington DC just WhatsApped me the latest traffic info from his nation's capital. #DCLockdown
Retweeted by Ben CoatesIsraelis aged 40+ now receiving the vaccine
Retweeted by Ben Coates @estwebber Shouldn’t be striking. Should have been absolutely standard practice for months! Set an example.The dilemma now facing many countries: the spread of new variants means it’s wise to tighten the rules now, rather… @vredezijmethem I think you may have misunderstood what “curfew” means? @EuroBriefing “In the pocket?” That’s a pretty bold accusation, whatever one thinks of his views. Did I miss someth… correct and only sensible response 👇 @CasperGraaf I don't know, actually. Unusually, I don't have very strong feelings about it. But my inclination is t… wait to see half the country lose their minds over this even though they basically haven't been outside sinc… Dutch cabinet plans to implement night curfew, to be announced tomorrow evening corona conference planned for tomorrow, with extra lockdown expected. "The cabinet is heading towards introdu… extraordinary range here, for countries with approximately similar levels of education and economic development… Kong public health advice from a year ago is maybe better than the Dutch advice now 🙄 @ArjanvD95 Or mostly, not at all(This version’s from Wikipedia; I’m not sure who made it. If you want to know more, then you know what to do... it’s just me, but I always find this map interesting - the different routes which the waters of the Rhine fol… a Dutch citizen, can I again express my deep sympathy for those forced to live in corrupt, badly-run, morally ba… good news: Even with the new variant spreading, lockdowns and distancing can really help bring things under con… @ToscaSel That’s kind of my point: personally, I’m not convinced that many news outlets around the world do have their own FranksLooking good: with people unable to travel to Washington for Biden’s inauguration, the usual crowds have been repla… @ToscaSel It is lighter and, as I said, nicely done. But I do think the framing is notable - last summer, for examp… has for months been running a diary from a man called Frank, who stays home all the time. It’s nicely written an…
Armin Laschet is the preferred candidate for Merkel’s CDU among those who’d like her more progressive approach to c…
Retweeted by Ben Coates @Jeroen_Wiebolt @Barilloche3 Ik ga de hele avond niet verder. maar: "kinderen thuis houden van school, maar dan and… @Jeroen_Wiebolt @Barilloche3 Huidige lockdown: 8 weken + Standaard vakantiedagen: 20 dagen/jaar Next! @Jeroen_Wiebolt Jouw kanker, jouw probleem Jouw huis in brand, jouw probleem Jouw bejaarde ouders, jouw probleem Jo… = €75/maand 🤷‍♂️ no confirmed plans for a night curfew in the Netherlands- but some police forces are already adjusting staff… 💕
Retweeted by Ben CoatesIn my unbiased opinion: the perfect cure for the winter blues 👏 @Nedlifenews thanks - I lived there for years so know it well! @Nedlifenews I’ve done it many times - even wrote about it in a book, I think - lovely!Rotterdam 💕, 1960-2020: “Compare our GDP growth rates, deficits and debt/GDP ratios and you’ll see why other countr…
Retweeted by Ben Coates😂😂😂 @deepfulvio He is a doctor