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(He/him) Video game writer and JP to EN translator. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 | Splatoon | Love Island: The Game. Member of Moishe Pod Manchester | #BAFTAcrew 2019

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@Ethelmonster This is so cool!I'm only just starting out in video game writing, but I wouldn't have even got off the ground if it hadn't been for… promised “there is no privatisation of the NHS on my watch” - yet @MattHancock has now handed a staggering £9.2…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @breadwitchery Oh hey, I'm anosmic too!*logs on tumblr after 2 weeks* *logs out*
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I love tora lmaooooo
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanAlso, they'd be fat. You ever see a skinny seal? @louisaonome_
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @DistantValhalla @kfertranslation @tiger Here seems good! Inside, before the publishing guff. @DistantValhalla @kfertranslation @tiger I'm interested why you don't think translators belong on the front cover.… name is Steven LeCroy! Thanks @mahoujosei (with an assist from @rachel_thorn_en)!
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanWhy is Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls the only Eisner nom/winner that *doesn’t* list the translator? Did…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @thing_stuff I was thinking about this exact thing the other day and wishing it was on Netflix. What a film.the implication here is that the face breathes which means it has lungs and blood
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanGood news for me and my Ghibli-as-fuck WIP about people exploring wild places looking for nature gods. @GabySpartz Tap an untapped Royal you control: transform Frog PrinceMe: I'm here for Unreliable Club Guy: The meeting was yesterday Me: I know Guy *under breath* holy shit this guy's good
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @LondonStudioHQ Hey peeps, I've now sent two emails with no response. Should I just apply anyway?
I don’t even know what’s right anymore.
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanHostel spaces for @feralvector sell out RIDICULOUSLY fast. If I got together a group of people interested in campin…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanThe glacier "Ok" used to be a glacier but lost its status as such in 2014 when it had shrunk too much. This is a br…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanREVIEW: The most impressive thing about this immersive, smartphone-based treasure hunt against the clock is the she…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanMy writing appears in the smartphone portion of this game! If you're in London, you should check it out!
@laurenspieller "It's really going to suck when I spill this coff- goddammit" @laurenspieller What powers did they impart to you?Remember Kiwi & his goth gf? Well now she's his goth wife and they have 4 beautiful half goth babies 💚💙🖤
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @KenzieMillar How would you say doing BOYD has influenced your current writing, if at all?
The Golden Age of Japanese RPGs inspired an entire generation of SFF writers. I spoke with @scottlynch78, @tazmuir,…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @literallycait Ooh, I'll check it out! (Also, woohoo for you imminently reopening to queries. Definite dream agent) @literallycait I started watching one randomly the other day and got so engrossed in it. How do they even find these exploits?! @kaokun @literallycait It's an absolute masterclass in level design. Truly exquisite. @kaokun @literallycait I did really really love Captain Toad - I found its emphasis on puzzles as opposed to dexter… @LaurenLDarnell @literallycait I was talking mainly about main line Mario platformers. I like Kart and a couple of other spinoffs. @kaokun @literallycait Early ones (SMB 1-3), and then Galaxy 2 later. I know these are great games - it's an unpopu… @literallycait I'm hesitant to share mine because it is a TRULY unpopular opinion... Mario games aren't fun.My wife @katie_kaestner, who is not a regular consumer of video games by any means, is fully obsessed with Reins He… @studioanisa Nice! It's such an interesting language. I'm a translator, so happy to answer any questions you might have :) @danhett Is this the same Parliament of Ghosts that was at Feral Vector?my heart 😭 this bunny shop assistant doing such a good job ♥️🐇
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A great article! If I could write something that felt like a Final Fantasy game, I would be very happy. live look at what’s inside Area 51:
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Incredible scenes. @Blun_Z I like the joint specials with Pyra and Catalyst! "We fight for our future! With these hands we'll seize it!" @KayAyDrew I looooove it! @KayAyDrew Hard same for the novel I'm querying, except in my fantasy it's Netflix and this is the theme song! @LondonStudioHQ Thanks, sent! @danhett @common_bar This really makes me want a burger from Common (well, two burgers). @billykilledtony @JeffHoogland The government pays people to learn how to kill. Why can't it pay people to learn how to heal?This is what every level of every platformer ever feels like to me. I just feel beset on all sides by the requireme… @ZiziFothSi @EwaSR I'm telling you baby you will never find another girl in the whole of MarsSomebody please adopt her
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @Brainmage @thecatreviewer She looked both ways before crossing the street! <3
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @bookishchick Ooh, interesting! I bet that's great for pastry. I did ruin some bread the other day by accidentally… @CGTester It's not the real Tim Curry, but it is a real good thread. @bookishchick Interesting. I'll have to try baking with salted butter next time! I assume you don't add salt as well?"are you following me?" "no. just scratching my ear" "DUDE" "I WASN'T"
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanHe’s supposed to be exercising in this
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @LondonStudioHQ Hi! I see you have a freelancer writer position up on your jobs page - is there a possibility for remote work? @bezzerkker Funny how different families have different traditions. In our house, we left out a small vial of the b… strongly identify with how the Water Opossum seems to be screaming in all its pictures was a bit of a tribute to frog, the one who started it all. here's to these two wholesome buddies💫 (+ that 4-m…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchmancomic about toad 🐸
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @_LisaRodgers Ah, I getcha! I've never given blood before.猫和榴莲
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @_LisaRodgers Sorry, but what do you mean by "actively work to keep things flowing"? @ZiziFothSi I love her witchy little cackles.You've got to hand it to Boris Johnson. [I pass you a live grenade] Quickly!well, my mom ruined my dog
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @tha_rami Last year I met a young woman (early 20s) waiting in A&E. Trump was on the news and my wife and I mention… launched his political brand 8 years ago saying the first African American President was born in Africa. It h…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanI just found out about Microraptor, an amazing dinosaur with four wings that was probably capable of powered flight… President of the United States just told brown-skinned members of Congress who were born in this country to go…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanScarlett Johansson Cast as First Black James Bond
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@renarossner I finished SotWW and it sparked some great, deep conversations at book club about Jewish identity and… bakers have transcended the art of making bread and pastries, they don't need tools or ovens, they are called,…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @WeronikaJanczuk @ZoeHanaMikuta @FeiwelFriends Holy wow this book sounds amazing. And 18 years old! Cripes.トラウマ不可避のピカチュウウェディングケーキ
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@TheMaverickGal @elektrotal @baetog_ Affinity for Forests @thebeccascott I am the very model of a freelancer and I will send you a call🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 🍉🍉🍉🐱🍉🍉🍉 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @GaryJKings From the thumbnail, I thought @thing_stuff was proclaiming the glory of a magnificent eggEvery year we go through this.
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-FrenchmanWhile working on my dissertation this evening, I just translated the phrase "ze'erānū ša Aššur izērū" as "the hater…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @benjanun_s Straight people:
new aziz special is transformative
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @SarainAnnArbor @TarmoKat @MTGDetroit @ChannelFireball @TwinsEstate @wizards_magic Don't forget to tag… @hansmollman @Saraurora Someone on reddit made this I finished 'Walking Through The Village' #watercolour and #gouache, 24 x 31cm. It may not be appropriate…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @ctukyoto Yup. @ctukyoto Oh, no, it's America's Next Top Model! @ctukyoto I know, right? It's absolutely incredible that anybody allowed this to happen, let alone multiple people including Tyra Banks.What a national humiliation. The whole country reduced to excruciating sub-Piers Morgan levels of sycophancy becaus…
Retweeted by Ben Kaestner-Frenchman @gshowitt I read the title to the tune of "Spider-Man". Does whatever a tiger wouldWh @EvanMakesFilms @HooiWanV I like how the smell fills his senses, plural. Love to touch my smells @smatthavi John Sapey just sounds like a 5th grade teacher @CactusCorps @skyedsjbennett @SCSsoftware Oh man this is such a good idea. I've never got on with audiobooks becaus… was Oedipus's favourite character from The Nightmare Before Christmas? The Pumpkin King
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