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I try to be worth the follow 😂 @Bengals evangelist w @JessEllisConley. Tailgate=@BengalBombSquad! 🧡 @Reds @FCCincinnati 🗣️Likes/RTs may not = endorsement 😜

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@nlambert82 Sharing something I found funny, even with COVID restrictions, there's still "that guy" 🤣 @KParker2011 @holygrailbanks Deal! @Youngmay0131 @holygrailbanks I'm lucky I had the chance, I'm normally down after a loss and browsing Twitter, I'm pretty pumped right now. @BengalsCaptain We are going to be alright We have a rookie QB who threw for 400 yds and 3 TDs This team isn't…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain“I know everyone is down in the dumps right now, the fan base is frustrated just as we are,” Joe Burrow said. “We’v…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @BenjiWhelan @holygrailbanks I do! @trealjoshwarner @holygrailbanks Gimme another year, and I'm making the move. 5 bedrooms and a pool.Mike McCarthy on no Cowboys players getting in Jon Bostic's face after his dirty hit on Andy Dalton: "We speak all…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainSaw this myself. Also thought I saw a few things on the field, but I'll wait to look again.' at the bar at @holygrailbanks, hearing crazy amounts of optimism about today. I need to move to Cincinnat… PLAYCALL. GUTS.Was AJ being held the entire route?Joe Burrow can see the future.TEE HIGGINS IS GROWNClear PIWe need AJ to come up clutch on this drive.Always have to pay a visit to the finest #NFL Power couple in all the land! @JessEllisConley (Happy Birthday) and…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainDamn. guts to throw that! @BengalsCaptain told ya I’d get ya!
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainJonah walking to the locker roomCheers to the fan taking video and ending the vid w "Captain douchebag!" That was a long walk for that 🤣I spy @thebengalorian DEY! was painfulNew videos pregame are 🔥🔥🔥I can hear @TrayveonW from the stands. He is HYPED!I didn't say they were interested for my health... atcha! you @BengalsCaptain & @JessEllisConley for helping me get these tix! #WhoDey #SeizeTheDEY @Bengals
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainAJ looks QUICK in warmups warmups Growl (Backstreet Boys) @Bengals @ItsColinCooper @DylanBodley @CincyProblems
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainHappy birthday @JessEllisConley! You're my favorite human! 😍😍😍 *I tagged her Instagram in my earlier post 😜 my love, encouragement To everyone this morning. #allworkiseasywork
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @jdharm 😬battle of ohio pt.2 i’m in the booth 🎶 #whodey #cincinnati #bengals
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @9_11didBUSH Deleted the tweet it seems Trayveon!!!“Meanwhile Geno Atkins and AJ Green seem to be at peace with where they are, and neither are likely to be traded.”…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainAlso @RapSheet reports Carlos Dunlap could be inactive today.
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainBack in The Jungle! 🏠 #ItsMillerTime | #SeizeTheDEY
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainChilly fall morning from Stadium. We’re ready for @MoEgger1530 and @WKladakis to watch the Battle Of Ohio!!!…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @wagatdubdidi Another card I've never seen. Nice! @Thelonius72 @thebengalorian 😂😂😂 @DJohn138 Thank you! @VinLospinuso91 Thank you! @WillItG Yes @RealBoomerdrew Thanks! @owenaf_ Thank you! @CBJAlex_lax Screen print paint and a heat gun to seal it. I don't have a monster heat press, so I do this lolGood enough for now. A little heat before I work on the front. @JimbobOl 😂A little closer...
@SmallHandsJoe @commissioneryas Absolutely! But this is a one off. Anyone else likes it, better call Yas 😂 I'm not doing this ish all week 😂 @DaleAltman @thebengalorian @bengaljims_BTR @chezburger10 @shawnvoelkercom @commissioneryas @JessEllisConley Totall… a photograph! a few days left to WIN this original @ochocinco painting! Enter here (as many times as you want):…
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @blakejamieson @ochocinco Fingers and toes are crossed! @BuyAndSellYou A jean jacket for JessSick get from @BuckCityBreaks 🔥🔥 #Bengals #whodoyoucollect
Retweeted by BengalsCaptainBit of fun 😉 After all, it’s still a billion miles closer to an #NFL touchdown than I’ll ever be... #Giants
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @cnewman1115 Thank you! @MapcaseExapno It'll get cleaned up by the end, and...its actually screen print paint 😉 @DustinCroft Maybe... 😂 @DustinCroft Thanks! Now the work really begins. @bambi_liam Nice work!I'm really loving posting progress pics bc it's so easy to spot what I need to fix. I'm using a crap brush to lay o… @Chazperin As you wish...More progress... shows it was a false positive.⁦@BengalsCaptain⁩ ⁦@ioegreer⁩ we’ll be seeing this in 2 weeks😎😎
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @kodiakhorton @BeardedSatanist felt like was there! Ball out, brother! ignore me, I'm just a random fan. But, I'll NEVER say "just trust me." never have, never will. thing about 1-0...
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @90Corey Man, he has a nice signature! @scotchnsports Thank you! Some mistakes here and there that'll get corrected with the orange and white sections. @MzVickieSecretz @mcilroy1986 I'll always be a fan of the man and the family. Today hurts, as much as football fandom can. Perspective. @RealMcCoy1983 @CincyJungle The world needs more critical thinking like this, but no, that stuff isn't what I had in mind.Freehanding this stuff always makes me nervous. @WillLew51464805 @DustinCroft Who Dey.I like taking different approaches but still staying within brand
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @BengalsCaptain
Retweeted by BengalsCaptain @DustinCroft @WillLew51464805 Well, I apprxiate it to, bc I can't recall every specific event, and I'm working, I d… @WillLew51464805 @DustinCroft Weird hill to die on since eveyone can see the exchange and prove that to be incorrec… @EdwardEmerling @JessEllisConley 😂 Not sure I believe that 😂 @WillLew51464805 Again, I never called you a liar. I pointed out the unfollow being ironic as you ask me to prove s… @DustinCroft @WillLew51464805 And that's just the most recent. He's said it before that. @WillLew51464805 "...something we all had the chance to watch/hear." does NOT equal "you heard him say it." Evergt… of the year, Smith-Njigba. @WillLew51464805 I mean, I see you unfollowed me, you do you, but you insinuated I was lying, and asked me to prove… @WillLew51464805 Never called you a liar. You said you hadn't heard it, so that means you've missed something. Ever… are happening at PBS. No, today's conversations are not being ignored.