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Ben Gold @bengold Brooklyn, NY

Freelance Product Designer. Looking for new opportunities.

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@irace @stripe IF ONLY YOU KNEW A GOOD PRODUCT DESIGNER @madisonmonteze @NotionHQ @superhi_ Downloading it! @queasy_f_bby Are you ok? @madisonmonteze @NotionHQ I’ve never used it, I guess I should give it a try
@paarikan Please explain all of this to me @luoser Lololol @chrismaddern I was on a video call yesterday on my phone and then I went “where is my phone” @fvrmvn I too can’t wait to return to the store that only sells pencils in LES.face inpainting has reached the threshold of what i would expect from a human with photoshop 😳 via @ak92501
Retweeted by Ben Gold @jamiew I love this so much
@round @figmadesign @lexisnotinlove No
@dtrinh Reminds me of this @lexisnotinlove I’m pretty sure this is exactly what I’m not supposed to do...Who wants to isolate with me @queasy_f_bby Or a healing ointment like aquaphor
Love @adafruit! Use this quarantine time to learn how to make hardware stuff. Go order from them, they’re excellent… @newcryptid I’m not a smart manThis. @newcryptid I thought it was an ice cubeIt’s projects like this that are humbling to be apart of.
Retweeted by Ben Gold @hels I didn’t know what the second picture was and it freaked me out until I read it was cabbage. @jstn Is this for growing drugs?
@pieratt I mean I still know tons of people who would hire one right now @lexisnotinlove Yep, it’s sad, but he’s in the minority. Just a genuinely good guy who cares about his people. @lexisnotinlove Right? @elirousso True, though I don’t really feel the need to wear headphones at home unless I’m on a call @noahkalina LinkedIn I get, but give zoom a chance. It’s not that bad. Now, if someone invites you to a bluejeans, run the fuck away @helen I tried to add you as a friend on switch but it says your friend list is full. How is that even possible @elirousso I bought a pair and ended up returning them. Pretty happy with my airpods pro 90% of the timeI have a 5 hour video interview tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for! @rrhoover Anything is toilet paper if you try hard enough @dtrinh He’s very good.Once again Stewart is one of the few tech CEOs I look up to. @katarinabatina Honestly, I thought about buying it @fvrmvn My friend has a thing where he sends you a trade magazine from a unusual/interesting industry. The last one… @mikesmith187 That laminar flow? @fvrmvn It’s cute
@notdetails @maxvoltar Zoom is fine, it could used some enhancements, but it’s not horrible @fvrmvn I’ve been learning harmonica. I am not joking. @paarikan Paari, learn to cook. @katarinabatina I never saw Artsy's live streaming thing, but I designed one for Paddle8. It was really funny thoug… @TaylorLorenz Julia Child said it was one of the best sandwiches.This is really disappointing to hear. watch all of Strangers with Candy next. @elvin_not_11 We read the same Wikipedia page I see lolOmg. People are crazy @elvin_not_11 Apparently they were never married!Would love to compile a list of great designers in similar situations right now! is unbelievably talented and you should hire her immediately for all your illustration / brand needs. She wo…
Retweeted by Ben GoldIncredible how everyone went from constantly shitting on Cuomo to loving him.She’s very stupid. @noahkalina I like this Noah guy, he’s a straight shooter @dinfowars That’s power. Also come visit Steve, my island @michelle_mattar I have a day if video calls on Thursday and I just keep thinking about how I probably should clean… @lexisnotinlove I wish I had a group textHonestly this is all I think about, especially as he tells me to go find resources for the damn store and I need 2… @mathowie Welcome @jil_slander This is cute and you make good tweets and I’ve heard that you are coolI think Nintendo is my new Apple. @chelsea Do they still make those!? @jstn My coffin I hope @nlevin They make good stuff! Container Store sells a lot of it.
@fvrmvn I’m just thinking about how it would fail accessibility standards. @jstn The fun kind or the tasty kind?Buying a toilet seat that rinses my asshole seemed extravagant at the time, but given the toilet paper shortage, I feel like a genius now. @jil_slander You should use capsule, I believe they’re still deliveringRESEARCHER: In front of you is one marshmallow. But if you can wait 15 minutes, I'll give you-- TRUMP: (eats marshmallow and researcher)
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How the hell do I get black shoes!? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @kraykray I bought actual Mochi rice instead of this... it is possible to pound Mochi at home, I sort of did it, bu… @dinfowars I had to go to Best Buy and I got one of the last switch lites they had.This Zelda game is so incredible. I’m frustrated because I know I’ll never work on something as good as this. @lexisnotinlove Get the switch lite @allanyu_ Acne, but I also like my other spelling @allanyu_ The fucking acnie beanie, I can’t even
@fvrmvn Do you even eat in the game? I crafted a frying pan, but unclear what the purpose is. @fvrmvn Thank you
@michelle_mattar I hope you set her up with a twitch stream @michelle_mattar I hope you said yes @blackmad No, but I'll send you the linkI made a Discord server to see if it's cool, DM me if you want to join it @kevintwohy Yes. Very good @kevintwohy WHAT ARE YOU MAKING!? @fvrmvn Isn’t that just “charm”Correct technique to wash your hands for proper disinfection. #CoronavirusOutbreakindia #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID
Retweeted by Ben GoldSo I was watching those Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction videos and someone in the comments mentioned how if you put i…
Retweeted by Ben Gold @jongold Invite me to one, I just want to talk @ZackSultan I don’t even understand @evanrodgers Sorry, it was an ice cube lyric reference, poorly timed. Hope everything is ok! @evanrodgers Someone got killed in South Central L.A.?Me every morning
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@elirousso Honestly I kind of want this for the switch, which does have Bluetooth, but does not support Bluetooth headphones... @irace Did prime now actually deliver? Every time I’ve looked at it there were not slots available @queasy_f_bby Do you?I have been playing too much Zelda @jongold I can’t tell if it’s good or bad...I am very lonely! @lexisnotinlove I got one a few days ago and it’s been a great way to fight off the lonliness and boredom @sweetiealert Take mine