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@trog69 I agree. No one does. If only Glenn felt the same way. @trog69 A Brazilian radio show, Nov. 2019, a far-right Brazilian columnist. (They were both guests that day.) @Lollardfish I pity anyone who has not experienced the unalloyed joy of buying live worms or minnows from a Vend-a-Bait machine. @benshapiro That's ridiculous. Everyone knows you were born of a cloven-hooved barnyard animal.In my opinion, this is the biggest, most important story of the transition. Team Biden is going to make a forcefu…
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈 @briebriejoy @ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald, a world-renown expert in the art of defusing neo-fascist rage, joins us t… @RadioFreeTom Mostly agree, but here's the thing: Many of the perennially adolescent seditionists *do* hold doors o…
@LegionBobo Ben Franklin. More commonly known as Ben Franklin's. @theintercept These are very legitimate concerns. There must be other policy tools available. Were no sources avail… @BCDreyer I read Ragtime in high school and loved it. Then I read the brilliant U.S.A. trilogy in college and was l… @VanityFair The photo on the bottom right (and at the top of the article) is not Pickford. It's Ruby Keeler. Here's… @johnpavlovitz Steve Kornacki. @robertloerzel Amateurs.
@WhiteHouse Shorter Trump: I don't even trust the right-wing extremists I appointed to the Supreme Court to interpr… @esglaude Hiding at his sister's home in Missouri. @bdomenech And the other one knows that the Republican Party has the future of a tsetse fly.Did you know that the contract of every cable news show host requires them to say "I'm not a lawyer, but..." no few… @AlexThomp @peterbakernyt @maggieNYT @anniekarni You know this story is accurate because that epithet is exactly th… @RepDLesko What sort of country do we live in when a member of Congress can't even smuggle several dozen zip-ties o… @marcrod97 @jaketapper And Boebert's like, "C'mon! My husband was arrested for flashing his dick at a child in a bo… @TPCarney @chrislhayes Justice-ish Coney Barrett doesn't need the help of Chris Hayes or any man (other than Donald…
@Gayer_Than_Thou How in the hell did I live this long without knowing that eminently useful word? Thank you! I've t… a functioning democracy, every fucking one of these breathless tweets from MSM personalities would note that Kat… @AlexNBCNews @Liz_Cheney BREAKING NEWS: Winkie guards courageously abandon Wicked Witch after Kansas youth reduces… willis can’t get covid because he is already dead thank you so much
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈 @nypost But is this Rite Aid security cam footage a Christmas movie? @Yamiche @sue_sume If McConnell seriously wanted to impeach Trump, he would have called Trump directly instead of a… @JenniferJJacobs And now you know their plan. @stevesilberman @Krash630 @WardQNormal Ahhhh! Love it. @stevesilberman @Krash630 Town of my birth. Having "Normal" typed on one's birth certificate comes in handy as a retort from time to time. @FranticAntics @bhrenton tyHas there been any reporting on whether the members of Congress who are now testing positive had already received t… @JenniferJJacobs "I, Mike Pence, a member of good standing of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, do solemnly swear to be…
@RepMattGaetz I can't imagine the pain you experienced last Wednesday night when you had to assure Nestor, while yo… @ErnestGubbins Lana wouldn't collapse any other way, and neither would I. @DEADLINE @AmazonStudios This casting makes total sense. One of the funniest running jokes in I Love Lucy is how Ri… @SohrabAhmari Perhaps you should whip out your Ouija Board and ask him if he still feels the same way about Trump and Trump supporters. @BlueBoxDave The nights grow colder, Federalist Boy. @BlueBoxDave And you aren't getting your place in polite society back. I suggest you get yourself a pet possum to keep you warm at night.The beer garden scene has rightly enjoyed a revival in the Trump era. But this has been a long time coming. When I… @samstein @meridithmcgraw Thank god for little favors, I guess. At least Tiger Beat on the Potomac's latest acquisi…
I get why Isherwood had catty things to say about Fosse's choice of a talented singer to play the role of an untale… Thompson deserved 1/3 of Liza's Oscar. (This observation is offered in tribute to the extraordinarily talented… @Chance4Gardener @fifiandbelle @GeorgeBrownSTL @BeschlossDC Absolutely! @HawthorneJunipe @GeorgeBrownSTL @BeschlossDC Snark isn't per se shameful. (I have to say that bc I came out of the… @WFKARS Where is the Daikon I've grown so attached to since you posted a pic of it? Is it waiting offstage for its… @GeorgeBrownSTL @BeschlossDC I came here to post snark, but then I saw this reply⬆️from Mr. Brown and was instantly… @peterbakernyt Note how the phrase "and all Capitol Police Officers and law enforcement across the great Nation" in…
“All politicians are the same.”
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈Murkowski voted to acquit Trump less than a year ago. This is on her. Sorry.
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈 @DonaldJTrumpJr Every time a white nationalist says "homosexual,' another angel gets a pair of roller skates, a dis… @thehill Those ears. Oy. They get bigger by the lie. It's as if Pinocchio and Dumbo had a truck stop toilet baby. @WardQNormal Nice!
@AlexThomp @realDonaldTrump Are you shitting me? Maggie Haberman just RT'd you. You wanna know what's going on in t… @Spireship As do I. That effect is not easily achieved with watercolor. @nytimes Curious to see whether this puts her international crime lord brother's preemptive pardon in jeopardy. Unt… @jsrailton Ask Roger Stone. @HawleyMO @simonschuster Will you be issuing a statement on your Craigslist shopping habits when you were at Yale L…
@KLoeffler Local busy-gal-on-the-go takes break from her packed schedule of insider trading and buttery-blonde-high… campaign ad in the 2024 Illinois gubernatorial election. The recently acquired ring on his left hand is a n… @DebraHendler They always have to find someone other than themselves to blame, and he's the only the guy available.Tom Cotton is the frontrunner in the race to be the first *competent* authoritarian US President because his freaki…
@Gayer_Than_Thou An instant GTT classic. @HenryPorters He's just a hick trapped in a backwater town, Henry. Cut him some slack. It's not as if his professio… Dear Diary: Once again, I am saddened to see many of my fellow progressives abandon their principled c…
Well Trumpers, you did it. You made me write a Long Version about the Business Plot.
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈Those inclined to learn more about Cleta Mitchell, the breakout star of the Republican coup attempt, would do well… movie affirms my belief that the surest way to a lifetime of heartache is to marry a man with over-manicured e…
@BillKristol Not really, given the timing. The encoded message here is, "Hey, Georgia voters! Trump is a rogue bad…'d wager a fair amount of money that, if he remains majority leader, Mitch McConnell will cite to "millions of vot…
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈 @Reuters This Democrat speaks only for himself, but my definition of the word "hero" doesn't include: "elected offi… theme emerges on my TL...
Oh ffs. Profile in courage? Raffensperger is all like, "If this delusional clown would let me get off the phone, I…, this is what gay bars were like when I was in college. #TheStrangeAffairofUncleHarry #NoirAlley #TCMParty
@Patrice_Brost1 A Snuggie.The gotchas don’t work so stop trying to fix everything with a gotcha. Democrats act like if you point out a hypo…
Retweeted by Benjamin Compson 🏳️‍🌈 @BurdLarryes Oops. That was a typo--my first one of 2021 (I think). @BurdLarryes @cjubarrington Same, lara. This match always made total sense to me. @jbouie Donald J. Trump has been tweeting since March 2009. @CountSnarkula I. The Art of the Slow BoilSomeday, when I'm older, I'll write a 145-tweet thread titled "Jennifer Aniston's deft approach to light comedy rem…
Raise your hand if you're so old that Ann B. Davis reminds you of every great-aunt or elderly family friend who was… @Gayer_Than_Thou You come for Doris, you come for me. @JoshuaHol How much did my 85-year-old mother pay you to write this tweet? Sincerely, DC Resident (Who's Not Going Anywhere) @2014ORTOY It certainly will. She was also a high school speech and drama teacher for most of her career, and a s… @2014ORTOY OH! My! GOD! @BCDreyer Photo by Absolutely Shameless. @2014ORTOY @threadreaderapp I LOVE this. One of my dearest friends was a Romper Room hostess in the mid-1960s. Rest… @samstein Or maybe people are simply applying Ornstein's law: "A balanced treatment of an unbalanced phenomenon dis… @ClassicMP Ann could not have been happy about that development. @micahuetricht Perhaps the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves. @BCDreyer @shannonmstirone I've been instructed by folks way more smarter than me NOT to trust those internet infla… broadly, I find it delightful that a pointless piece of Log Cabin Republican shit has deigned to share with th… @emptywheel @LemonSlayerUS Or at least their self-preservation instincts. If today's news cycle of MSM political jo…
@NormOrnstein @EricSchultz @froomkin Same goes for Lady MacHaberman, whose bloody handprints are all over this part… @emptywheel That's because the exponentially bigger news of the day is that the Biden transition team disabled the… @KBAndersen @BenSasse He is not decent. No decent person would have cast the worst of those bad votes that you casually brush aside. @samstein After four years of litmus tests, how many more are required to support the conclusion that the GOP is a… @JudgeJeanine @mattgaetz Was the question, "Any interest in pegging me while Nestor watches?"