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Benikage @BenikageCasts Philadelphia, PA

Freelance CSGO caster covering Women's CSGO & NA Premier. Founder @1stEntryLeague. DM for business. Thoughts are my own. Likes/retweets are *NOT* endorsements.

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@tconnors555 I have the exact same processor and video card and it’s really struggling at times. When I had access… awful decision. This is grotesque. @tconnors555 Fair enough I missed the joke on PUBG. Mea culpa. I’ve played or casted CS on a variety of different… take tbh for multiple reasons. Yes CS has jitters but from what I’ve seen it’s way more dependent on personal e… truth is a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow
Retweeted by BenikageLet it be CS please. @ipsychogirl That looks absolutely 🔥AMBUSH FEMALE SPRING CUP 🌻 Wow, still feeling hyped from last weeks qualifier! We still have two upcoming qualif…
Retweeted by Benikage[CS:GO] The match-ups are set for the quarterfinals in our Female Champions Cup 🔥 👉 Galaxy Racer 🆚 4750 Crew 👉 JFT…
Retweeted by BenikageTONIGHT! 7:30PM EDT 3 games from EU Open @nsc_gg vs For Glory Youngsters Winfinity Fe vs Illicit Mentality Volkor… @StarlightZA @LarsTKKN Tell me you play Mahjong without telling me you play Mahjong is the vibe I get from this tweet. @milkelele Ken with a banger of a tweet. Not a fan of the mid season change but am still excited to see how it plays. @lunarkats Welcome to the VAC’d gang. @MitchMan @BanKsEsports Happy Birthday Banks! @thegoalkeeper @MLSPA @CoadyLatimer good article about MLS salaries and payrolls for you. @Damage_CSGO Aside from connector, squeaky, and side on A site what really changed that would ruin a cam path? @Damage_CSGO No. Earlier the better.Alright look. Nobody tell this woman that I have a massive crush on her and we’ll be cool ok? Good. in absolute awe that this wasn’t called a penalty last night. @LeonYulaR Mate we’ve booed the shit out the ref. It’s not made a difference.This ref is actually fucken terrible. @Higginbotham05 @PhilaUnion I gotta ask Danny. Pen no pen? I think the first time Kacper goes down is a definite… @FilaUnion @BrotherlyGame @CoadyLatimer BRO. COME ON. CLEAR AS DAY.The refereeing has been appallingly poor.
Good evening from Subaru Park! @spyoncy Also just the notion of changing a map pool smack dab in the middle of a season. Not good optics to be honest. @pansy @Rushly123456 @ScrawnyCG @CSGO IDK Pansy heart breaking. Thoughts & prayers with Jordan’s family & friends!
Retweeted by BenikageTBH the better decision would have just been to run this at the start of Season 38. @Thorin This will be an amazing video. A must watch for anyone in the industry at any level. It's on us to see th… @NekkraGaming Congratulations! @Perfect_Tommy26 @aEvilcat Christ. One of those days that makes you just want to unplug for the whole day. @aEvilcat I unfollowed a lot of people in that scene. Missed what it was this time. @aEvilcat Jesus Christ it's just a comedy at this rate. Either that or a circus. Haven't quite figured out which yet.Bring back a proper Unreal Tournament game. @Mahoukarp Congratulations!
Nice. My gift to Atlanta fans has arrived. #UniteandConquer if Gazdag works out well for the club I think the tone has to shift about the Union. Not just because the… got raked over the coal by local taxes. Worse than any side effect the vaccine could throw at me. @Caltyss Happy Birthday Caltys! @Phipo31 Love AC/DC. People keep telling me “they just sound the same all the time” and I’m like, the alternative… @BenikageCasts @PhilaUnion The entire push to make anything and everything into an "club" when they're all bought a…
Retweeted by Benikage @StutheAnnouncer @PhilaUnion Bro this Columbus rebrand is the worst. Montreal's was B-A-D but this is just another level. @keiotic_cos Literally you're the fucken GOAT.Playing Mahjong with @xTaeny @LarsTKKN & Koala.
This is absolute class.'s one of the worst re-brands I think I've ever seen. It's absolutely awful. It's not "The Crew", it's garbage… @aEvilcat LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO! VAC'D GANG!I feel like among the people I know from gaming/esports/anime/art scenes I'm the only one who listens to and enjoys… @karenxtran Congratulations! Also got vaccinated today. Soon a return to normalcy.Looking forward to a packed house once more. @BenikageCasts only petty when their money is at stake! Not caring when others have careers taken away or when spot…
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Retweeted by BenikageToronto having 1 point from 3 games. @missharvey @HLTVorg @tolkienfanatic @SkyIine_To This TO that we want to keep paying us a ton of money is directly fucking over players but it’s ok caus… @VellyCasts The profile picture. 😂😂😂 You’re too much man. 😂😂😂It’s the whole “well ESL were going to do it anyway angle” that screams laziness. So it was never your intent to e… an organisation that wanted to act like agents for helping with player contracts they give off the impression o… yes. Ignorance is bliss after all. It’s the expectation that if the CSPPA champions the players and protecting… @esportsbeia Grow tired of it in esports. Tired of the lying and the games. People out here trying to play Strate… @jakeyboypro 😂😂😂 @jakeyboypro Gonna be a monster computer. You deserve the upgrade.If this is about prize money not being paid then fair enough. I’m on board with this statement then. If this is ab… @GeorgeCGed @SirScoots If only we got those types of tweets when hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of NA and E…
Retweeted by Benikage @Ambush_ZC We’re like 43% vaccinated as a county. @RyanAtRBM Bring back the 0 days picture. @Damage_CSGO Happy Birthday!💉✅ 💉✅ @tinxZA FootballAn unforgettable farewell ❤️⚒ 🗓 #OnThisDay five years ago...
Retweeted by BenikageAn unforgettable night 🥺 #OnThisDay five years ago, @WestHam said farewell to Upton Park in the best way possible…
Retweeted by Benikage @femalecs @f6tal_csgo Happy Birthday! @Smix @Fifflaren Congratulations! @RyanAtRBM
TONIGHT! 7PM EDT @giraffley & Brylers Bake Club @risenwarriorss @xset @bifrost Blue double header!… @owokats I need to talk to more I'm sorry. That's a mea culpa. @BatterSickle @marqoguapo @3StacksPodcast @xTaeny I was the same way BG didn't quite enthrall me like Icewind Dale… for a CS producer/observer for this season. One best of three a week starting at around 8:30PM EDT. Occas… @milkelele Challengermode's client has been very promising I just hope they get the server situation sorted. They're awful in NA. @marqoguapo @3StacksPodcast @xTaeny I have that with Baulder's Gate and Diablo. I stayed up until 5AM to watch him… @3StacksPodcast @marqoguapo @xTaeny I'm tossed up on FF VII. It was good but I feel like it's over-hyped and I lov…
Retweeted by Benikage @xlanplays @jamesbardolph Twisted Metal 2. TM2, 3, 4, and Black were so good. @3StacksPodcast @marqoguapo @xTaeny $1400 Sharcoochi board... @3StacksPodcast What's the benefit of getting up before noon? @keiotic_cos: You see the sun for longer. Omegabrain take. @3StacksPodcast @xTaeny's silence is all of us to be honest. @3StacksPodcast time while I work on prep for today's cast. I'm behind a little so it's Episode 10 time. @TeacherOnTopic @_DHOTYACan we PLEASE stop changing club names in MLS to just Boring FC or Boring SC? Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. @1863Football 3W 6D 13L? Not really..@FACEIT telling a TO they have to create 3 separate tournaments One for groups One for bracket One for 3rd place… a great season from West Ham but got the results they needed. 9th isn't great but we were looking like relegat… should lose his seat if he continues to drive like he has this season. #SpanishGP #F1Sucks for Tsunoda. I think he’s shown some decent performances in some races this season. Engine failure is so unlucky. #SpanishGP #F1 @femalecs @insanefpss @Moraltis Happy Birthday ladies! @tkn0801 Not hard to tell why you look absolutely flawless in it. @lazz_tv @RBG_Esports BRO RBG YES TO LAZ @BenikageCasts Dumbest name for a rivalry game ever btw.
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