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Ben Walker @beninthenorth Cheshire / Yorkshire

Attempting Data Journalist | Councillor for Upton Heath | Graphic Designer | not sure if pretentious or just with posh voice | he/them

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Ann Summers sold more penis pasta last week than in the whole of 2019. Their pasta sales were up 1300% compared to an average week
Retweeted by Ben WalkerEvery child in the UK to have their education supported as BBC offers a wide range of curriculum related learning f…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerBBC to deliver biggest push on education in its history - 14 weeks of educational programmes and lessons to every h…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerIf her social media address doesn't feature subtitles then I seriously hold little faith in her ability to unseat B… of the residents of @ShitChester , using their time off to work in their sun tan. #QuarantineLife
Retweeted by Ben Walkergwon lass, at least someone thinks that I guess.
Cancel the rent — that's the new chorus across the country from city leaders who are facing mass housing chaos. Can…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerThe coronavirus pandemic has led to 10 million people applying for unemployment benefits in two weeks, the sharpest…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerLovely Reuters picture from Oxford.
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We are very concerned to see Hungarian PM #Orbán table legislation outlawing legal gender recognition. Exploiting…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerTwice a year the sun rises directly behind the Brandenburg Gate. Today was one of these days - Berlin this morning.
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@LindsayPB Similar can kinda be said for Skyrim: "an ocean with the depth of a paddling pool" 1. Trajan 2. Constantine 3. From slave to Senator to Emperor - Pertinax.COVID-19 is not like regular recession it is like natural disaster hitting not a single region but entire country (…
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This is a difficult time for everyone, not least for the people of #Yemen. More than ever, after 5 years of conflic…
Retweeted by Ben Walker @Smith_n_Chips I think we've reached the point where the what-ifs and the reality finally meet: Boris would probably be PM (?)1. YouGov June 2019: Con 22%, Brex 22%, Lab 20%, LDem 19% 2. April 2017: Con 50% 3. February 2015: Grn 7% LDem… 1. The hung parl one I asked @LiamVernon to design back in 2017 five minutes before the ex… @FoxKnight1509 Closest I've come to reading a military scifi was the lore of the Half Life universe lol1. Sticky Rib. 2. Thai Green Curry. 3. BBQ Pulled Pork. Police in Northampton seek hospital hand sanitiser thief caught on CCTV. The man is seen apparently…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerI... know next to nothing about Big Brother bar George Galloway and the David's Dead lady so I can only give two so… Attlee 2. Brown 3. ... Blair Honourable mentions to those we never had: Ernie Bevin, Barbara Castle, Denis Heal… The Thick Of It 🙄 2. Black Books 3. Borgen Honourable mentions: Sex Education, Big Mouth, Derry Girls. The Bloody Chamber and other stories (Angela Carter) 2. When I Hit You (Meena Kandasamy) 3. Project Fear (Joe Pi…🔒 Electoral systems 1. Open list d'Hondt (PR). Boundaries based on most (urban) local authorities and (rural) coun… I like giving my opinion energy in fairness to the government, this is why they wanted to institute a lockdown as late as possible, anticipatin… virus concocted from animal transmission and poor market hygiene woke: chinese concocted virus to ruin the…
The radio presenter @theousherwood reveals how over 11 days the virus crushed the breath out of him - and brilliant…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerJeremy Hunt calls for mass testing to end coronavirus lockdown faster
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I think they prefer it if you stop
Retweeted by Ben WalkerI don't wish anyone ill. I wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery. I hope everyone in coming days gets the car…
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Oddly enough, Douglas didn’t reply to this
Retweeted by Ben WalkerJust put the bin out and the whole street applauded. Best day of my life.
Retweeted by Ben Walker @0ldoini Off Licenses are considered essential so I think if stopped by a police officer you'd actually have a pretty strong argumentClapping around East Village #clapforNHS
Retweeted by Ben WalkerSeaside fireworks for all the family at the worst possible time!
🚨🚨 Professor Sharon Peacock, Director of the National Infection Service, Public Health England, says antibody test…
Retweeted by Ben Walkeryes Charles got tested because he's a royal, you lot have had royals for a while now, they get special perks becaus…
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“Come mine I’ll pay your fine”
Retweeted by Ben Walker @Chrishink @hillyon No sneaky quickies before bed! @Chrishink @hillyon And just that one!Another one I took earlier... Eastgate St this evening @ShitChester
Retweeted by Ben Walkeryou could do great things'm very annoyed that no government has yet sought to buy Vault Boy from Bethesda and use him for all COVID ads. @Chrishink Have u found the answer
Policing minister Kit Malthouse tells the Commons: "When we emerge from this crisis that's engulfing our country, I…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerThe blame being directed against the public will make the political backlash against the govt worse, if and when it…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerLabour backs lockdown "We now call on the government to move to enforced social distancing... as a matter of urgency"
Retweeted by Ben Walker @RobYate48392986 You get the noose after all thisNow you tell me.
Well no wonder the UK is doing social distancing so badly hints that some form of lockdown coming in next few days: "Some people are not making it easy for us because the…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerNEW: German Chancellor Merkel is in self-quarantine at home after a doctor she had contact with tested positive for coronavirus
Retweeted by Ben WalkertHeRe is nOWt nEEd tO prOteCT. trANS riGHts mORE
Retweeted by Ben WalkerQuarantine day 11:
Retweeted by Ben WalkerHappy Mother's Day ♥️ rate in Israel surges to 16.5% as virus puts *500,000* out of work.
Retweeted by Ben WalkerMap of properties in London owned by offshore corporations. Read @ncbrooker's fascinating article about uncovering…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerI strongly suspect there isn't actually much panic buying or hoarding in the way we imagine. Supermarkets in the UK…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerSo the government goes into the Sundays from that presser with the top line of not ruling out rationing... just in…
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@_SalmanAnwar @MichaelCraig96 @bradleygbooth @esbarnard_ You fuckin tragedySo I’ve had (declining) symptoms of COVID-19 since Monday evening but I’ve no way of knowing if I’ve actually had i…
Retweeted by Ben Walker#WhatIlovetoday The way an air photograph reveals a D-shaped enclosure - preserved in prehistoric #field boundaries…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerLust is but a bloody fire,
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Not now Kim more people have recovered from Covid-19 than have died from it and more live data on the coronavirus pandemic:
Retweeted by Ben WalkerKnow some older people who say "carry out" stop being horny on maincan't relate could put hunt for Maddie McCann on hold so police can focus on 999
Retweeted by Ben WalkerLock h̶e̶r̶ them up! for the storm to hit is painful. Knowing what is coming feels unreal. Watching the general public hoard foo…
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A message from Her Majesty The Queen.
Retweeted by Ben Walker"The longer the problem is examined, the stronger the case becomes for simply giving people money." My latest for t…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerFatality rates aren't high among young (20-44) American cases with COVID, but the hospitalisation rates are at 14-2…'m seeing footage from London Riots a few years ago spreading on WhatsApp now. Do not mistake it for latest news…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerGordon Brown saved the world (economic system) in 2008 and he can save the world ( _ ) againWASH YOUR HANDS 💦 STAY AT HOME 🏡 DECLARE YOUR ONLYFANS TO THE TAX MAN 💵
Retweeted by Ben WalkerAs an emergency measure can we make Gordon Brown PM for the duration?
Retweeted by Ben Walker"for stranded tourists" "price range is likely to be USD$3,000 - $3,500"'Act now or risk thousands of jobs losses in the fight against COV19' says Gordon Brown
Retweeted by Ben WalkerHospital at [x]% capacity for adult intensive care beds in January, long before coronavirus hit Britain. yes, this is true and real and within a fortnight there will be tens of thousands of people needing critical car…
Retweeted by Ben Walker @0ldoini Then that means beds were at 83% capacity well before covid hit. Really does ram home the point.Am I missing something? In January there were only 4,123 adult critical care beds in England?Man 1 walking behind me in Tottenham: Feels end of days. Man 2: Yes. Man 1: So I might as well tell you. Man 2: Wha…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerJoy of making the odd typo in data collation is being able to find who's copied and pasted it and tried to pass it off as their own work.
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Let's take the positives where we find them.
Retweeted by Ben Walker11pgs of broadsheet news coverage of coronavirus in tomorrow’s @Telegraph. Other papers likewise. Right across Flee…
Retweeted by Ben Walker Johnson does not rule out universal basic income — says it is one of many suggestions PM says he will meet…
Retweeted by Ben WalkerGood from the BBC. Needed. panic buying has got out of control that one disease has stopped another
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