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Senior Fellow at @BrookingsInst. Editor in Chief of @lawfareblog. Law Analyst for @nbcnews and @msnbc. It was snowing. And it was going to snow.

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This is quite a thread’s the inculpatory evidence privilege. Any evidence can be excluded on grounds that it would tend to inculpate. this Lawfare Podcast episode, @BenjaminWittes talks to @BUngarSargon about the recent attacks against Orthodox…
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @OrinKerr forward to seeing you there. @chad_dawkins @colfer36 @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @WashindDavid @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @BMadre @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @lisackaplan @lawton_sophie @AletheaGroup I’m not qualified to intern for you guys. But what is the Birds Aren’t Real movement? @rebelupdate @benjaminwittes It's a bug with his cached score, he is not 0%. His score will automatically be updated soon.
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @rebelupdate @cbouzy @cbouzy should answer this question but I think the answer is that it is known for certain that a human is behind it.Hey Twitterverse! Have you ordered YOUR “Unmaking The Presidency” yet?
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesIt’s book release week, but @qjurecic and I didn’t forget about our @TheAtlantic column: and the baseline data of human scores gives us a good understanding of what @botsentinel scores mean. Totally c… useful thread by the founder of @BotSentinel. I will be tracking not activity in response to my tweets over th… @JoeNBC @Susan_Hennessey Thank you, sir!What an important book @benjaminwittes and @Susan_Hennessey given to Americans at this critical time!
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesFor everyone who has been asking for Season II of The Report. @rosieogrady53 @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey Uh, that is very much NOT the message of the book… @lailahsnanny @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @colfer36 @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @MaeWunder @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey @casciello @JoeNBC @morningmika @Morning_Joe @Susan_Hennessey to ⁦@JoeNBC⁩ and ⁦@morningmika⁩ for having me on ⁦@Morning_Joe⁩ this morning to talk about “Unmaking the Pre… like what the New York Times really endorsed was Ranked Choice Voting.
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @charlesw7474 Ok so this is interesting. And you are a real live human being?.@bungarsargon, I found your conversation with @benjaminwittes on @lawfarepodcast to be affecting and informative a…
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @jenmercieca @ewarren @KamalaHarris @neal_katyal @AshaRangappa_ @tribelaw @HillaryClinton @GovBillWeld There is no…
Hey folks: Just a reminder that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in emailing abuse to strangers. other words, normal Twitter activity does not typically trigger “problematic” ratings, and I have not seen one c… is turning into a very interesting dataset showing what normal folks who do politics on Twitter generate on… @wlai @BotSentinel I will let @cbouzy address that question. @CincinnatiBrian @BotSentinel I totally believe you. This is a very good way of seeing what normal, real people reg… should give us a good baseline of how @botsentinel handles real people discussing politics, law, and democracy.So here's another experiment in disinformation. In replies to this tweet, post a screenshot of your own… for this to arrive this week! @Susan_Hennessey @benjaminwittes
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes.@Hilary_Hurd in the Jungle Studio! @OrinKerr @BotSentinel from zero to heroI could go on. But you get the point. If you have a high rating from @botsentinel and you're a human, it's because… @BotSentinel @Doranimated Ditto @ChuckRossDC @BotSentinel @Doranimated So not only is his rating effectively zero, but I knew before I entered it that it would be. @BotSentinel If you think this is a matter of political bias, here is @Doranimated's trollbot rating from… am not a shrinking violet on Twitter. I say what I think. I argue with people. I retweet a lot of stuff. Here's m… am I mindlessly retweeting misinformation and disinformation? Why am I being an asshole on Twitter so much? I…, if you have a 48 percent chance of being a trollbot according to @botsentinel, and you are a real person, i… you have a 48 percent chance of being a trollbot, that means you have 52 percent chance of not being one. Take t…, I am aware that @botsentinel is an imperfect tool that sometimes flags false positives. To which I would say t… @cbouzy @NatSecLisa I have also replied to all accounts in this thread which @botsentinel rates as likely trollbot… @MargLTaylor Oh, that was a statement of identification, not criticism. @BrianofNJ @lawfareblog Short answer: yes. Executive privilege does not make a distinction between acting/not-actin… @GP3ach @BotSentinel @jack @tadster48 @BotSentinel @jack @KatSpeakingUp2 @BotSentinel @jack @RoscoeTheRev @BotSentinel @jack Are you sure? @Storm_22xoxo @BotSentinel @jack @Typhus369 Indeed. @MPanichello @BotSentinel @jack The system is not perfect. And I am not flagging people with only a 41 percent chan… @cha8881382 @BotSentinel @jack @BradMil67114539 @Thomas1774Paine @NatSecLisa @MargLTaylor nerdThis is important @nybooks @NoahRFeldman Concur. @benjaminwittes
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesRead the introduction from @benjaminwittes and @Susan_Hennessey's UNMAKING THE PRESIDENCY.
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesFabulous discussion of anti-Semitic violence in NYC with @bungarsargon and @benjaminwittes Highly recommended for…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesI look forward to discussing @Susan_Hennessey's and @benjaminwittes' important new book,, a…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThis is an important piece of issue spotting my @MargLTaylor. I suspect you’re gonna be hearing more about this iss… @PreetBharara: @gtconway3d: @GenMhayden: @jacklgoldsmith: @Comey: @HillaryClinton: to all of these folks for their kind words about “Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump’s War on the World… Keep this in mind the next time you read “sources close to X”.... great conversation with @bungarsargon on the recent spate of attacks on Jews in the New York area and elsewh… honored to discuss #antisemitism with @benjaminwittes yesterday, and grateful for his patience when I refused to…
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@juliew38138 @NatSecLisa @jimjo199 @RRalstonAgile @NatSecLisa @DemocracyJourno @reillygtr @NatSecLisa @thejenn999 @NatSecLisa @trumpulist @NatSecLisa @cbouzy @NatSecLisa Sounds great. Good luck with the snow! @jamjmont That’s interesting. I’m much more concerned about trolling attack bots than about booster bots. But that’s good to know. @ChuckRossDC whatever our disagreements, I hope we can agree that this sort of shit is needless, gross, and worth calling out? @cbouzy would love to chat with you about how to mechanize reporting on trollbot replies to @natseclisa’s feed—and that of others.No, not at all. I didn’t include the various folk who noted that she used a government phone or made criticisms on… will continue to do this every time Lisa tweets as a demonstration of what automated attacks look like. an experiment in disinformation, I just ran all of the hostile responses to this tweet from Lisa through… I can say is this: I very much look forward to Rod’s deposition.
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @McFaul @lawfareblog, @benjaminwittes and @Hilary_Hurd "think through ... how House impeachment managers and lawyers fo…
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @davidgura @lawfareblog @Hilary_Hurd @MSNBC Also check out @Hilary_Hurd’s very amusing history of impeachment."The presidency is changeable, and in systematically violating the norms of the traditional presidency, Trump is pr…
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This is one helluva an essay on where the US is now as a democracy, in the form of the introduction to…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThanks!