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Total confidence that if Bob Mueller were not satisfied that he had been able to finish the investigation to his sa… @ynot1010 @mcLitchman Their guilt is apparent in the film itself.Or if you'd rather listen to it: window for @RepJerryNadler to follow this precedent is fast closing. I stand by this piece: @mcLitchman I love that movie very deeply. @matthewamiller :) @matthewamiller I'm not sure how that one quite applies....Every time I think of Trump's White House staff, I think of Matthew 10:36.Great thread by Ben expanding on my point:
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes.@benjaminwittes has given us the aphorism for our times
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThat's all I got.We may or may not have a fight on our hands to find out what Mueller has concluded. I'm happy for that to be the fi… if Mueller is ready to tell us he is done, I have not a shred of interest in the investigation's being prolonge… said, I trust Bob Mueller. I trust his staff. I trust the FBI personnel who conducted the investigation. And i… confess I am perplexed by how it can be over with so many apparently open threads--a subject I addressed today wi… investigation is not a permanent state of affairs. It is an effort to answer questions.It is a moment we should all welcome, whether we believe the president friend or fiend, whether we believe that the… is a moment of accountability.So it is in no sense a bad thing it Mueller is now finished. It is a moment we have been waiting for for the better…, there is a question about whether Barr will allow the transmission, but a precondition for that to happen is t… means that he is in a position to give his findings to Barr--and through Barr, to the Congress and the public.It means that to the extent Mueller believes answers are obtainable, he has gotten them.This is certainly correct. If Mueller were being shut down against his will, he would say something. This clearly r… the DNI for telling the truth. This. Is. Not. Normal! Trump grows frustrated with Coats, leading some to fe…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesBig news y’all: I’m hiring! If you dream of introducing law and policy students to technical concepts relating to…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesIn light of this tweet, let’s pose the question ...
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes
Amid more reports that Mueller is wrapping up, read @MikhailaRFogel and @benjaminwittes on what that actually means:
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesOn today's @BulwarkOnline Podcast, @benjaminwittes joins me to discuss Andrew McCabe's new book, an update on the M…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesTreat every day as though the Mueller report is showing up--and one day, you’ll be right. @TheRickWilson Dismissed on initial motion to dismiss.Actually this is wrong. The calamity is asymmetrical. It’s very bad for Europe. It’s a calamity for the UK.
@MaggieCaroline1Dinosaurs need caffeine too. @PersVtr @RoseGardenerWI Ah, I see. I'm pretty sure the answer to that is that it is uncharted territory. I suspect… #Brexit summary I've heard yet. Thorough and clear yet not at all dumbed down for American consumption.…
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @RoseGardenerWI Not sure I understand the question.Fascinating--and totally unsurprising., the level of analysis we get only from @benjaminwittes and @qjurecic
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesMalevolence tempered by incompetence, Exhibit 4,337.
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"Thoughts on Andrew McCabe’s 60 Minutes Interview," the latest from Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes:
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThoughts with @qjurecic on Andrew McCabe's interview:, Andy McCabe's 60 Minutes interview sure ripened this piece nicely:, if someone at that hearing wished to use our FOIA request to construct some questions for the secretary, that… @ebruenig Stephen Jay Gould used to say that small children love dinosaurs because they are (a) big, (b) scary, and… @MaggieCaroline1 @KoriSchake I would proudly host an cutting of @KoriSchake the Venus Fly Trap in the Jungle Studio. @Vermeullarmine @jacklgoldsmith I just have one word for you, son: cannons. Will you think about it?
Well played @MiraRappHooper Are we doing a podcast with @StephanHaggard? @dandrezner Would you nominate me for Nobel Peace Prize, @dandrezner? Please?We are going to be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing: @RoseGardenerWI People really don't like it when you wear dark shirts on TV with lighter suits. #SorryNotSorryJokes aside, John Bates is one of the very finest federal district judges around--also one of the judges with the d… @RadioFreeTom Particularly when worn with flip-flopsExcellent piece for @lawfareblog by @ALichtenbaum detailing what the "form and legality" review that OLC does of th…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesSpoiler: Judge Bates, who was placed on the FISA court by Chief Justice Roberts, says there was no impropriety in c…
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very proud to be part of this team.
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesI am super-proud every day of the team we have put together at @lawfareblog. But I confess I get a special glow whe…"The Week That Was: All of Lawfare in One Post," the latest from Lev Sugarman:
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @aaronjmate @NatashaBertrand When the #BabyCannon siblings retire, they will let you know. :) In the meantime, the…, @davidkris and I launched a limited series podcast. Big thanks to @benjaminwittes, @matthew_j_kahn and the…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesInterested in understanding Trump's border emergency: @lawfareblog has a brilliant all-star cast covering it:…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesOr not, as the case may be. Hmmmmm is different rather different from boom. It reflects confusion as to what somet… And not only have I seen nothing that would indicate that, I have heard nothing that persuasively makes that case.""I will note and note with some force that I have seen nothing that indicates that the court was misled, that the D… In conversation with ⁦@DavidKris⁩ and ⁦@n8jones81, former FISA Presiding Judge John Bates addresses the contro… @BobbyChesney refeclts on judicial deference deference to presidential fact-finding in national security matter… pieces this morning from my two @lawfareblog cofounders. @jacklgoldsmith asks what is--and what is not-… @YesMomsCan Your suit of armor is pretty cool too.
@OohChips YesHmmmm @InklessPW @IChotiner @PreetBharara The reference got cut CNN today. Again, ⁦reported as fact. Not saying it isn't true, but as Fast Eddie says in the Hustler, the game… think the president is making up data again. So does @S_R_Anders. So we filed a #FOIA request to find out. is an important piece from @JoshMBlackman about where exactly one of the laws Trump invoked today came from. D… hat tip and thank you to @MegReiss for all the excellent work she has done at @RSI for @lawfareblog. Wishing he… The essential problem with the widespread notion that Trump is declaring an emergency when there is no emergency is this:
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesConfused about what legal authority the President could have for declaring a national emergency to build a border w…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesWhoa did Trump actually do today? @MargLTaylor and @S_R_Anders have answers: cannot confirm or deny that I had this custom made. #BabyCannonSociety reading today. @robblackwellAB And you, sir, are not a banker....I agree! Don't ever forget it. here's @matthew_j_kahn's history of the Amendment.'s @matthew_j_kahn talking to a real live framer of the 25th Amendment: McCabe and the FBI brass thinking about the 25th Amendment is looking better and better.Word periodic reminder that producing @lawfareblog is really expensive and relies on the support of readers: celebrations of #NationalEmergencyDay include long, rambling stream of consciousness speeches. 2019 until the end of time, the day after Valentine's Day shall be known as #NationalEmergencyDay.
Just went on television to talk with a former CIA director about a book by a former FBI director about whether the… conversion of the dangerous into the merely stupid is the very definition of victory in America today. #JustSaying @marty_lederman @GStephanopoulos A LOT of senior officials write about such communications. @marty_lederman @GStephanopoulos I think there's a good case for the norm as a general matter. But I also think the… @marty_lederman @GStephanopoulos I think you just answered your own question: in an environment in which writing su… @AndyGrewal I know of nothing not to admire about his conduct in the wake of the Comey firing.