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Senior Fellow at @BrookingsInst. Editor in Chief of @lawfareblog. Law Analyst for @nbcnews and @msnbc. It was snowing. And it was going to snow.

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Notes on the Mueller Report, Update #6: Introduction to Volume II Wherein I unpack like a Yeshiva student what Mue… wrote it myself on the Mueller Report, Update 5: Prosecution and Declination Decisions In which I give a brief summary of wh… @ChuckRossDC Please name for me one goalpost I have moved over where I previously set it.Notes on the Mueller Report, Update #4: Russian Government Links to and Contacts with the Trump Campaign Wherein I…
Fourth, circle back to @lawfarepodcast and listen to the formidable cast of legal experts and journalists…
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @matthewamiller Next time we're in the green room together, dude, I'm going to tweet what YOU'RE really wearing!In case what’s missing from your life is an obstruction of justice heat map from @qjurecic... 135 piece has aged well. half is TV me. Bottom half is racing to the gym afterwards to work out. #doublelife point from @JoyceWhiteVance: Anger here would not be an unreasonable emotional reaction. it. So it will be a while before I post my next diary entry.Okay folks, the next section of the Mueller report is one of the most important in the entire document—and certainl… @ezradf You recall incorrectly. Here's what I wrote about Barr when he was nominated: @JohnGPettus I haven't written about Barr yet because I've been focused on the contents of the report itself. I pla… @hiyawathathecat Should be fixed now. Thanks again. @hiyawathathecat Thanks for flagging. Will fix serial typos! It was late at night.Notes on the Mueller Report, Update 3: GRU Hacking Directed at the Clinton Campaign Wherein I show how much worse…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesNotes on the Mueller Report, Update 3: GRU Hacking Directed at the Clinton Campaign Wherein I show how much worse…
Catching up on my Mueller report podcasts while taking a break from reading. This discussion between ⁦@PreetBharara… @xeni @mpamer Also, this might be helpful, though not an audiobook: it. on the Mueller Report, Update #2: "The Russian 'Active Measures' Social Media Campaign" In which I reflect on… @Susan_Hennessey and @qjurecic. For what it’s worth, I agree with this in almost every particular. yes, I know. I'm only on page 13....First, listen to @benjaminwittes read the Executive Summaries on @lawfarepodcast. Riveting stuff!
Retweeted by Benjamin Wittes @dellisny Try it now. We had some trouble with the file. It's definitely working from the site now.Also, how many "angry Democrats" really worked for Mueller? And what precisely did Mueller's jurisdiction cover?Notes on the Mueller Report, Update #1: "The Special Counsel Investigation" In which I address a little-noticed se…
In case what’s missing from your life is a @lawfareblog emergency podcast discussion of the Mueller report featurin…'m reading the Mueller report and making notes as I go. I'll tweet every time I update this diary. I hope people f… me, @Susan_Hennessey, Chuck Rosenberg, Mary McCord, and @MargLTaylor on Tuesday: is a two cups of coffee read, but well worth your time ☕️☕️
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThe clearest and most thorough first analysis of the Mueller report you’ll read, from ⁦@benjaminwittes⁩ & the ⁦…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesWant to read the Mueller Report, but have a long commute? I'm listening to @benjaminwittes read the executive summa…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesDoesn’t matter how long I #live #abroad - funny #translations get me every time. I present: “Grape Preserved Fruit…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesA point of personal privilege. It was a matter of considerable satisfaction to me to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders adm… posted this late last night. My deep thanks to all who worked on it. would be possible for me to be prouder of the @lawfareblog team, I am sure. But I'm honestly not sure how.Appendix: Instances of Obstruction in the Mueller Report - Lawfare @Lara4DC @lawfareblog @benjaminwittes @Susan_Hennessey @qjurecic @MargLTaylor Ask and you shall receive (eventually…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesIn case what's missing from your life is a very long initial take from the @lawfareblog team on the Muller report:
In case you just want the overviews of the Mueller report--instead of the news stories about it. whole Mueller report in less than an hour:!!!! @OrinKerr @MaggieCaroline1 @Fleurette15236 my big question: what is all of your key music for Mueller Report Day? F… is a good idea #MuellerReportHaggadah. My entry: I and not a ministering angel. I and not a fiery angel. I and… Mueller Day @WendellAlbright The reporters on this story are excellent."lightly redacted" Interesting omission in this story, which reports a granular look at evidence on obstruction: no… power knows no bounds! Mwahahahaha!'s amazing how people NEVER do this to my male colleagues.
Always worth the time to read or listen to HLS third-year Michelle Melton, an invaluable contributor to…
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Giving a speech in a few minutes at the Yale Law School on the end of the Mueller investigation and what comes next… is rare that #BabyCannon has a chance to prepare. But she made something nice for ya'll for Thursday morning.I get this a lot. I make a point of reporting abusive content. I find it remarkable how much of it Twitter consider… reading assignment of the day. @qjurecic is wise. @rhorbas @TheRaDR @tfreemanLT An excellent place to start is the work of Geza Vermes.Known to do this? Dude, I do this REGULARLY.
Big week comin''s the underlying article: friends in the New Haven area... you are planning to use ⁦@lawfareblog⁩ content when the Mueller report comes out on Thursday, please consider ma…! @maureenogle @benjaminwittes Well that's outstandingly kind. Thank you! Here's the paper the podcast is talking abo…
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Drop what you’re doing for this. Every bit as revelatory as promised. Deep dive; history and law are involved. You…
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Oh and here's my piece asking for your approval. remain ready to revisit any or all of it should the occasion require.Here's my piece on Barr's "spying" comments the other day:'s my piece declining to condemn Barr's handling of the Mueller report release before I actually see what he re…'s my rather complicated piece on Barr's appointment: there are some people who seem genuinely confused. So here is what I've written on the subject of Bill Barr. I stand by all of it.The vast majority of people who are yelling at me have clearly never read anything I have written on the subject. S… have made a point of not responding to the many people on Twitter who are attacking me for my supposed "support"… check: Still true⁦Listen to the timely and relevant insights of my @UMLaw colleague @jdmortenson⁩ as he discusses his study of execu…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesThis conversation with @jdmortenson is one of my favorite things we have done on the @Lawfare Podcast. Stick with t… it, sir. It's a really great conversation. @Hemiboso Thank you. Our podcasts go up on the podcast server earlier than they go up on the site, which is general… think we should rename the "Take Care Clause" the "Take at Least a Little Bit of Care Clause." Some thoughts wit…
2019's the full audio of @Susan_Hennessey and @Comey today at #HewlettVerify. Comey responds to Barr, talks cyber o… will be podcasting the entire conversation as soon as we get the audio.My less temperate reaction: a conversation with ⁦@Susan_Hennessey⁩ at ⁦@Hewlett_Found⁩ #Verify2019 conference, ⁦@Comey⁩ says he has no idea… @mfcannon guy once called me an "anti gay, pro-genocide laptop.", incessant juvenile shrieking is my jam...'m not looking to hate on Bill Barr. But his comments today were indefensible. The attorney general slimed a lot o… very sensible principles from @qjurecic and @benjaminwittes on how to read the Mueller report
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesGreat to fill in for @tcwittes on @RatlSecurity this week! Come for the hot takes that @Susan_Hennessey,…
Retweeted by Benjamin WittesWith ⁦@thejimbaker⁩ at #Verify2019.
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