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Ben Cartlidge @benjcartlidge Oxford, England

Classicist, linguist, violinist, conductor. Lecturer, Christ Church, Oxford. Projects: language of comedy; early Hellenistic literature; Athenaeus; Platonism.

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It isn't big. It isn't clever. It doesn't look that good on a plate. It isn't even that difficult. But it's freezin… @DJLdistraction @katherineschof8 @katherineschof8 @DJLdistraction love this @DJLdistraction @katherineschof8 @jimmallinson I prefer the term 'creative destruction'. @DJLdistraction YASS!
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @lottm That the angle between a goat's ears and horns faintly resembled a lobster claw.Just got to do a legit google search for pictures of goats during a tutorial and it made me so happy, not least bec… @Andreasthlm1 The Etymologicum Magnum, edited by Gaisford. @Andreasthlm1 I call it "Man with large book". @jash147 I think this one just wanted tummy tickles 🥺🥺 @Tho_KalDan I am imagining little votives of knees 😂😂😂 @Tho_KalDan St Blasen 🤣🤣🤣Following up on yesterday's post about Fuck!ngs new name, here are some other funny ones! Which one is your favour…
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @saxeusque "it's called a turny-button. And it LIES to us" - Eddie IzzardCan Netflix get the rights to this? I would watch this Christmas movie. @JoWolffBSG (as a strategy. Obviously learning Japanese is a generally good thing to do.) @JoWolffBSG I don't necessarily recommend this @reeshistory Tbh I've never understood that either, but now I get asked to review stuff fairly often. That does seem to "happen" somehow. @reeshistory ....which it wasn't, to me. @reeshistory I think they just thought it was obvious. @reeshistory Neither - my supervisors never spoke to me about publishing, apart from my first review that a supervi…'m extremely grateful for the Zoom call I had tonight with @DrCaitlinMGale @bluebananna @classiclina @BhamHistory @k_ditya There needs to be.
@saintsoftness I was a bit shocked.No but I think a lot about the moment Tamal Ray said he thought about a particular pulled pork sandwich a lot. @thisispanos And when do you eat the football team? @dr_sjcullinan If so, I'm even more upset that it wasn't shown.Creating my sandpit like @GregHGilles The dog's hooman left and attended to it. Which doesn't rule out Alexa, but might indicate an unusual… again, v productive. Finally getting to grips with Canvas. in this meeting has an audible dog and we aren't seeing the dog. Unacceptable. @Maccadaynu Then once the infection rate is up again, they can inflict a nice savage reprisal on Liverpool. Won't that be fun. 😡 @BjornHeile @eeleach I like this theory @gusbussmann Even better, we could just eat it frequently? @DJLdistraction Awwww @JenRobinsonArt @word_geek @nearlythere @Radthanael I think you salt aubergine to get the water out, not the bitter…!! @pronouncedsham Oh and it lasted till this morning. @pronouncedsham A book"For how long do we have to sit here?" This is going to be a long day... Good morning.
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @azforeman Or tell you what the problem was with nutty mister Dumezil, Or tell you what the problem was with nutty… good opposite of masfalsebation. @cobbaltt I have unstressed [ʌ]. And I think a complication for your story is that [ə] is a weakening of lots of ph…
A box of baby Bengals
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @krishnaomkar @DJLdistraction @katherineschof8 @Paul_Edmondson @stanley_wells Jane Austen is like fencing with an e… @pronouncedsham (and I haven't properly lived in a capital city since about 2006, unless you count Liverpool as 'capital of north Wales') @pronouncedsham I use them for all my shopping. The fact my mother disapproves is grist to the tote bag mill. @krishnaomkar My proudest moment on those lines was 'but we can understand something about this passage, for what h… year I'm most thankful for I'm typing this on my laptop because my phone battery died and if that's not peak 2…"Now fuck off" got taken out of "Persuasion" by some humourless editor. @adriandkelly @jtwolfenden Sleepy giant bear 😍😍😍😍 @qaleidoscopio No. There was a war. We live in caves. @VivekT1w Nope, got distracted by violin music @mostly_voids Send biscuits.Nice thing really tired being about syntax dead too is.The nice thing about job market dying is at least there are no cover letters to write. @mostly_voids This is so wholesome. I'm at the stage of term where I barely even unwrap the biscuits. CRONCH.I have so much left to do tonight but fuck it, I'm having some wine. @GregHGilles @ChrisRouse1212 Misread numerous as murderous, I must be mixing this up with my other support group. @alas_not_me @ArmandDAngour @Nik_Gunn Siegfried: "DAS IST KEIN MANN!" @hypsipyle Gotta get your Phaeth on @Curculiunculus @lllogansays !! Fascinating! @lllogansays Fairly standard in the context of e.g. political figures being got rid of - transitive but usually pas… @emilypillinger @ShadiBartsch (also my guess fwiw)Cabinet Office warns of ‘economic crisis’ as Britain leaves EU. While Covid was unforeseen, Brexit is a deliberate…
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge“The UK higher education sector as a whole now relies on student fees for half its £40bn annual income. Universitie…
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @GregHGilles Mmmmmm delicious wallpaper!! 😂 @Maccadaynu Anecdotally, I think the crucial element is "c*nts". Twitter seems quite sensitive to that word. The th… @GregHGilles I swear the cat's saying "nice vase you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it" 😂Important Q: when you look at my cat’s chest, do you see a.) a vase or b.) 2 men about to kiss
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @ArmandDAngour Never been more glad that I'm not that eloquent. @benvyle Often only because I've had more alcohol the night before though (insert ThisIsFine.gif....)🥺 @katherineschof8 Book Christmas tree on the desk right here. @katherineschof8 You would immediately need one right at the bottom. @HardmanCasey He's a darling 🥰😍I like the idea that tea has become "the strong stuff" 😂 cute. As are the satellite dish ear flexes. A course where you read Frankenstein and stop in the middle to read Paradise Lost, Werter, and Plutarch'…
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @mattitiahu Have you been crafting your bush? 😂 @divoantics 👀
@olivernorgrove Green pesto. @LinguistJosh @willpaddyg The point is there is still plenty to do, but it's not the same kind of discovery. @hagenilda MA supervisor used to introduce digressions with "I cannot resist the temptation to tell you...." before… @SilencingTrees @Maccadaynu From four in the afternoon to ten the following day? @DocCrom Love that! @LinguistJosh @willpaddyg Part of the problem with languages is that at a certain point there's not a lot more to d… @_ACFox ButchHildegard joins a campanology group. Hildegard von Ringen. @oldnorthroad Sadly I don't think Ewan ever actually went by Ben in the movies 😔 otherwise we'd totally kiss, obvs,… 2. Day 20. ARE WE STILL HAVING TO STAY AT YO HO YO HO HOME?
Retweeted by Ben Cartlidge @oldnorthroad Then again.... @oldnorthroad Ha @GregHGilles @GeorgyKantor PF recommended I adopt the same practice (I've made the occasional experiment) and told… @GregHGilles @GregHGilles The only person I know who does that is Patrick Finglass (and I very much appreciate it: it's nice to… @DannyBate4 I mean, you're quite right, no-one would be interested. With the possible exception of basically everyo…