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@xavierck3d @warcabbitMWM Greatest prospector in the North!
I'm looking for anyone who has tried really hard to buy a PS5 for a story. Maybe you gave up, maybe you finally got…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsWhat if I told you that with only 26 symbols, you can represent any word or thought —even ideas not yet discovered of system update 11, the Nintendo Switch now shares eShop data with Google Analytics in regions other than the E…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @rabbitengr Honestly I figure that a laser would just melt and not cut the plastic, right? So there wouldn't be any clean cuts @Cyber_Cox Beat ya to it :)’m afraid I might lose control
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @MikeJMika "I have my father's balls" [pulls out box]Time for some content. Here's "#Atari 2600 drums are sick" - Part II ... RAVE!!!!! #chiptune
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsIf you were running a battery company, is this what you’d go with?
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @GlennF @jcenters Thanks, that is useful info. It’s ABS in this case @Summerson anyone have experience with desktop laser cutters? @MisterAddons @racketboy @fannyfaz Anything’s possible if you connect enough wires 😁 @DorksDelight 😁Obi-wan’s been hiding out in Boston @im_an_alvani Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check it out @ablitter Some day I might do a video tutorial on how to build a simple console stick. I’m not sure how well my tec… @swheatley Hang in there!
@OniSneku It was a fun but all-consuming process. And messy with the plastic shavings“Manually”Drill press flashback. I drilled out the holes in over 150 joysticks manually with this thing someone can gift me a CNC milling machine that can cut precise holes in plastic, I can make some custom joystick…! @ibogost Have you tried Brownian motion @ibogost Have you tried sneezing on themI figured it out with the help of @kiwapebretech . Thanks, everybody!Does anybody out there have Windows 2.0 running on a real computer (not a VM) that can test something for me really quick? DM meDo yourself a favor and do an Amazon search on "Faraday cage for WIFI router" right now.
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @SendhyJaya It's possible, but it would add about $60-$80 to the cost to use a different encoder board that is compatible with those systemsThis one isn't upset, but here's a playful Peach from Super Mario Bros
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsI'd watch this sitcom 😁 you know you can share screenshots and videos with your phone from your Nintendo Switch? We'll show you how!…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @Gaudet_Benjamin At this many buttons (and what I’d have to charge for it), I think there are better alternatives o… @Gaudet_Benjamin I’ve made a few like that before. The labor to cut the holes perfectly was exhausting, I’d need a… @Zodypop I’ve made a few like that back when I was drilling the cases by hand. These have been pre-cut for the BX-1… China's probe's-eye video of landing on the moon is fascinating: It's hard to get…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @warplayer It’s a really neat game. I first found it on a BBS as well @gamespite @bobservo You should do your next video wearing a giant false beard 😂 @dvertov 😁👍🏻Sold out! Thanks everybody!Hey I have one of Benj’s sticks and it’s basically the best thing I own
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsCamping
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @AaronCortyCort @frankcifaldi They’re surprisingly fun for every type of game. I even use them for platformersOnly 1 left! Technically I could build a few more later, but any more would arrive after Christmastrue facts
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsI bought two of his sticks a while back and I am very happy with them
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @edzitron @advice_by_dad @ItsPhetz @Drew4484 @BRENTHOR @jessica @hideous_pizza @rahcelscorner @AceGracious @a_moon_rabbit @Yelix 😁Oops I just bought 1/3 of these better hurry
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @frankcifaldi Frank over here cornering the market @reillyhadden Thanks Reilly! @HelloMrKearns Thanks, Sean-Paul!If you're in the market for a stick, I'd highly recommend Benji's work. They are solid. So happy I bought mine when…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsAnnouncing the BX-111 Limited USB stick. Genuine Sanwa stick and buttons, zero delay encoder, weighted body, screwe…
NSFW @gamespite Never underestimate the power of Atari 😁Climacium dendroides, aka tree-moss. Well-named, I’d say.
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @nedskee @billkendrick @llamasoft_ox @CarrieTahquechi Honestly I had not tried to find you yet, was just trying to… 2000 voices update! Thanksgiving I experimented with combinations of joystick parts I already have that don’t need drilling or pai… feel a Hallmark collection starting.......yes these are indeed Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @nedskee @billkendrick @llamasoft_ox Hey Ted! I was just recalling talking with you on the Atari Forum on CompuServ… @DavidEllis Sweet, I’m in the outer ring as well! ...What is this? 😁 @wralbleslie I'm supposedly descended from Robert the Bruce as well, so we're cousins, Bill! Hehe @barcadenewyork @jonphilmitch @retronauts @Barcade_LA Thanks for keeping history alive! @dosnostalgic @s_misk Oh yeah, forgot about that one! @diskettepark I had that hairstyle basically, heheThese Logitech press images vividly illustrate the sequence of events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 6…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @diskettepark For some reason I went through a trackball phase for about a decade and I completely forgot about it… @diskettepark In fact, here's the box for it. Still have it in my garage. :) WatchIT! TV videoboard from New Media Graphics let you watch TV on your computer while doing other work... back…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @diskettepark I used this trackball on my Windows 3.11 machine for several years. I enjoyed it.We fixed a bug in our latest SDK that was reporting yesterday's date as 13/80/2020, which, frankly, feels pretty ac…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @s_misk There was a MS-DOS port of Tempest 2000, and it was available as a free demo to download as well. Or it cou… @48kRAM @leonkiriliuk Good idea. Heating up the lining of the chimney is important too so it doesn’t chill the air and make it sink @leonkiriliuk Someone else probably already said this, but you have to heat the flue. Some people burn a rolled up… the latest Nintendo Switch update, you can now transfer screenshots and videos to a Windows PC using a USB cab…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @billkendrick @llamasoft_ox @nedskee Awesome! @jeffgerstmann The coolest thing about that song is the acoustic guitar strum in the middle of all that frantic electronic pulsingToday we celebrate what should have been Jerry Lawson's 80th birthday. The engineer was born on December 1, 1940 an…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @cyberat2600 Ted’s wife. See other replies @dosnostalgic According to the screenshot I posted from Atariage forums, it was Ted’s wifeWow, this from @llamasoft_ox seems to support my memories somewhat. Ted’s wife was involved think I asked him who did the “Superzapper Recharge” voice — his wife, maybe? So many hazy memories.. wish I had that transcriptI remember chatting with Ted Tahquechi (who I think did sound effects for T2K) on the GO ATARI CompuServe forum bac… @ibogost Everything’s a salad, if you think about it. Even a sandwich @ibogost Where’s Words Between Salad, Ian @AlJDugan Yep I remember that. I worked at a company that use them for payroll for a long time
Retrofans, you know what to do @A8bit YepThey used to sell "sound proof" plastic encasements to dull the sound. I can still hear that high pitched neep-neep…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @sentientsixp Yep I used to have one. Like a machine gun! @dzesika Yeah you’re right. Like a machine gun!Frightening is a good way to put it. Even small dot matrix printers make me feel like I’m under enemy attack @Melissa_B2B Classic! 😁Siiilent type, hooooly type All is calm, all is bright @harrymccracken It's always back.. in my garagethe honeymoon phase of a new pc is officially over once you have to install java
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsBig Shaggy Moss (OK I made that up and you may correctly prefer Big Mouse-tail or Isothecium alopecuroides) often o…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsHi friends! Our charity is raising funds for an expansion to the office, we want to entertain people and let them a…
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