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Essential holiday review thread @MachinePix Let’s not and say we didnt 😁 @gamespite @sewart Haha I laughed, then I criedI’ve made a habit of taking a home test every Monday morning before heading to the office, and my wallet would defi…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @umbshow Agreed
@necrosofty @stevenplin With all the bloomin chips on the Saturn board it should have! 😜 @digituba Good pointCongratulations, Wii U. It took nearly a decade, but you finally trended
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @bfeld @mediarchaeology Awesome @JuliaMinamata @digituba How preciously disturbing 😁 @digituba YikesThey sound like a type of cute fuzzy creature but actually help you comparison shop for lighting. By @benjedwards
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @MinisterofDOOM Me too. Or Riker on the Titanこたつの中でくつろぐ猫たち
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsStill my favorite Star Trek film, although it’s only a hair ahead of First Contact @HelloCullen @BillyDomineau My family would eat cereal 3 hours after dinner and call it Bed Lunch.
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @jaduino They look awesome, Justin!Decorations are up 🧑‍🎄
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @colossuspionage Thanks, that makes me feel better @MongolianMisfit I cant, its too humiliatingI bought the world’s lumpiest Christmas tree today and I’m really depressed @cassieschmitt @LibColleen That sounds very reasonable. Can you follow so I can DM you?
@GameHistoryOrg @GamingAlexandri This is neat because I never knew the SNES version has a special mode. I need to c… @cassieschmitt @LibColleen Wonder what it would cost to put them all in a box and ship them to Raleigh, NCUnbelievable work by TZMWX to create a portable Sega Saturn by, among other things, cutting the board in half and r…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsBilly Preston and George Harrison
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @thepacketrat Everybody wants to get rich by doing nothing
@jonphilmitch @MovingImageNYC Awesome! @phoopee3 Yep that makes senseThe only thing worse than a bad interface is a slow interfacePulling off a bank robbery on the TRS-80 is always a good way to start one's morning.
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @Mel_Matheson @AtariSpot Wonderful story!Tad dramatic, sure, but a true story from me.
Retweeted by Benj Edwardsstartech is the only good tech company because they make all the weird shit everyone is too afraid to get into
Retweeted by Benj Edwards
Wow, an Apple II clone in an Atari 1200XL-style case! This is really neat @JacGoudsmit That’s awesome!They said it was impossible to create the perfect television, but Sony did it in 1975
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @thepacketrat Should I be worried if I get a VirusTotal result like this? All the major vendors say no problem, but… @feliciaday That scarf is the best @ScottWozniak @focusattack @QanbaUSA @SNKPofficial Looks awesome! @gregmaletic There's been a pattern throughout history of certain social groups being targeted and persecuted based…’s worse is that participating in this surveillance is effectively involuntary. Sure, it’s likely buried in som…’s bizarre that this Stasi-like level of surveillance is so fully baked into our lives now—and completely legal.… home, I mentioned Miralax in an Apple Messages text to my wife. To my knowledge neither of us have googled Miral… was I targeted? Some clues come from the ad, which talks about “your patients” as if I am a doctor. So somehow… took my kid to the doc this morning (at a medical complex). He recommended MiraLax. I came home, mixed some MiraL… @freedjpc Me too. I still have a couple of clocks with the flappy numbers :)They said it was impossible to create the perfect television, but Sony did it in 1975 it got a graphical overhaul in 1985 and hooked a generation of kids, The Oregon Trail made its debut as a te…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @errorsgalore @VictorMortimer They prob put it on the bottom because when they redesigned Ver 1 (AA) into Ver 2 (re…
Is this 1993 or 2021? Such deja vu. We're all so honored and humbled to have had our completely re-imagined version…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards<em>Quake 1</em> gets its first major co-op content update in 25 years
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsToday's #TBT is my 2003 NFL Sunday living room setup. All kinds of fun technology featuring 3 CRT TVs, game systems…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @stevenplin I still have that exact Daewoo TV and a larger one. Love them so much @Claude1079 @ghalfacree Looks exciting, whatever it is! 😁…And it’s live! Grab a copy while it’s hot! 🏆💎 for limited signed and numbered editions ✌🏼
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @olivermcmuffins This is true @Claude1079 @ghalfacree Explain this black magicSomehow Microsoft managed to design a much better mouse using only technology almost 20 years ago anyone needs me, I’ll be standing at the intersection between technology and liberal arts thing about the creator economy is that, unless you're one of the lucky few at the very top, it's an exhausting…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @LotsaNintendo That really sucks. What phone is it?It feels like you give any company an inch these days, they always take a mile. I'm tempted to coin a new maxim: In… made me nervous last year because it required a phone number to sign up. I usually avoid that. I checked… should be illegal for apps/services to see (or ask for) your device's contacts list. It betrays the privacy of everyone on your listthis shit is so frustrating Edge is a perfectly fine browser, maybe even better than Chrome But Microsoft is acti…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @SophieAmandaH Both excellent classics! I love the 3DS version of Ocarina too @frankcifaldi @kelslewin Great work Frank and Kelsey! @SophieAmandaH Which Zelda game is your fave?
one other tidbit: the taunting laughter heard between stages in Nintendo's Spartan X/Kung Fu port, later reused in…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsToday the NVM remembers the late Jerry Lawson on his birthday, December 1st. His work on the Fairchild Channel F l…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @KaySavetz @MrVGBrow Awesome! @VideoKraken @FozzTexx If you ever remove the joystick I'd love to see the Stick Station without it in there too @VideoKraken @FozzTexx Awesome, thanks! This is a historic photo @MrVGBrow This game is epic. It blew my mind as a kidYay!! @SweetMicga
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @VideoKraken @FozzTexx *photo of the bottom @VideoKraken @FozzTexx Can you share a bottom of the Stick Station? It might be the only time in history we get to see one :)One of gaming's best eras #Xbox20
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsHey Twitter! This is the Atari Stick Station. It is basically a plank that "convert" your Atari 2600 joystick into…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @VideoKraken @simoncarless The legend in the flesh! December40 years ago today, these amazing people brought the BBC Micro to the world. Like so many others of my generation,…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsThe Computer Folder is 40! In 1981, the Xerox Star 8010 Information System originated the desktop metaphor with fo…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @ariel_fischman @howtogeek @Xerox @PARCinc Thanks, Ariel!In this #MegaDriveMonday I reduced hundreds of colors to just 31 in 9-bit depth. I redesigned all the art and took…
Retweeted by Benj EdwardsEveryone, this is important. I need you to know that we are just under $1,400 in donations away from making…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @necrosofty I genuinely laughed at this. Thank youThis Atari guy is starting off the holiday season with a bit of the new Commodore 64 Christmas Demo Cartridge.…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @sumim @howtogeek @Xerox @PARCinc Very interesting! @benjedwards @MikeJMika
Retweeted by Benj Edwards
@DoctorP00 @RetroGifMonster It works great with about 5-6 games. I made a list once if you want me to find it later @GabrielPyron Looks amazingOur next DONATION CHALLENGE comes from our friends at @panic! If we can raise another $2,500, they'll double it rig…
Retweeted by Benj Edwards @Slipgate0 Yeah, I am fuzzy on exactly which version of the Viewpoint OS those photos show. It could be a later ver… @Slipgate0 At some point the Star OS gained new features such as a wastebasket and overlapping windows, which seem…, I see a continuum of innovation between Xerox and Apple. The Star didn't have overlapping windows, drag-and-dr… @MikeJMika Btw, I'd go for an official Beatles/Hobbits crossover film @MikeJMika George seems really keen on second breakfast all throughout the doc. Endless toast