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betsy devos hate account. these are my personal opinions, rt✖️endorsement | ucla chem/matsci & polisci

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@MayorOfLA fire him @bantboolbitch this shit needs a diagram bropeople who think what's happening is not a symptom of greater societal issues... 🤡🤡🤡 @bantboolbitch I think it could be streamlined to: 1. booling 2. solo seshing @kAYElahill ily Kayla ♥️ @CheyFreedenberg ♥️ @bantboolbitch ok but like what if the arguing is not actually arguing it's just banter then it's part of the booli… @bantboolbitch does bool not include all of the above @DelaneyAnn_ ♥️ @kanikubarii thank u Kani ♥️ @evakayecahill ♥️ @ohshitcay wish I could be out there too but rn I'll have to contribute in other ways and live to fight another dayi was 16 @ohshitcay glad you're safe brotherhey I would just like to thank all of my mutuals... if it wasn't for y'all liking and RTing I wouldn't be seeing al… what the fuck there any evidence we are not currently in a dictatorship facilitated by the police and military, ordered by Tru…"Can I ask you what's going to happen at 8, sir?" "What's going to happen is we're going to start beating the fuck…
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Los Angeles convention center has been transformed into a military base
Retweeted by benji | BLM @userjaymes I deleted it because I realized posting it in the first place was irresponsible and it could spread cha… the army on protestors is what dictatorships do. It’s literally the antithesis of America. Republicans…
Retweeted by benji | BLM @userjaymes also trump just said so, there's that too @userjaymes 3 of my friends were just activatedTrump's calculated move to solidify himself as the "law + order" candidate by claiming the US will label "ANTIFA,"…
Retweeted by benji | BLM @slpng_giants can I work for yall @heyitskatelin @UCLA @UCLAchancellor shady shit @ebolababyyy QUEEN @ebolababyyy LETS GOOO @checkenpatty2 @ebolababyyy FREE ELLIEIf you’re in Westwood, please stay inside. Spotted on Gayley, Landfair, Strathmore, and Levering. I have no trust t…
Retweeted by benji | BLM @LisaMarieBoothe @marcorubio 1. Boogaloo Bois 2. Three Percenters 3. Proud BoysIt is a sad commentary on the sorry state of the Republican party that, under Trump, its only hope for winning in N…
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Retweeted by benji | BLM @gracemarion928 nope is hard can’t lie
Retweeted by benji | BLM @DallasPD good*shouldnt @YourAnonCentral attaboys @chaisepucek like I am NOT in the mood to do second order differentials rn smh it's really all lip service @chaisepucek Janet and Gene boutta stay silent af
Professor Tyrone Howard at UCLA, what a KING
Retweeted by benji | BLMFor legal reasons, I am not a formal member of any activist organizations besides the NAACP and ACLU and don't asso… we are all TRULY SAFE. Where we are all brothers and sisters in blood and arms united against the evils of th… are all the same people. We have a common enemy. The way to defeat them is to show them that their influence… the criminal justice system that is designed to exonerate murderous cops. Fuck the redlining and civil policie… does not mean you should be anti-fascist- there is a DEFINITE distinction between the two. Saying I am anti-fa… everyone's personal safety, I would suggest not associating yourself with ANTIFA (the two flags one). With the… @realDonaldTrump NO @WallySkalij @helenenothelen @latimes please blur/black out the faces of protestors.No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace.
Retweeted by benji | BLMNow do the Klan. I’ll wait.
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Retweeted by benji | BLM @getlaidan @1800SADDAD that's the little sister of the Molotov thrower shes done nothing wrongHow come every cop is outfitted like an Avenger but health care professionals are out there fighting COVID wearing barrels on suspenders
Retweeted by benji | BLMI had no idea how organized the Hong Kong protests were. It's about time that we follow their lead
Retweeted by benji | BLMA reporter interviews a #Minneapolis nurse who was working at the medical tent, treating a man bleeding badly from…
Retweeted by benji | BLMPlease stop sending us nudes or we will close our DMs.
Retweeted by benji | BLMI was at the Beverly Hills protest. Everyone was peaceful and kind. Shop owners cheered us on and motorists honked…
Retweeted by benji | BLMjust saw pics of a synagogue near me vandalized :/ @gracemarion928 idk how to blur faces so I won't be posting anythingHELEPDJD NOT THE DONUT ON A STICK ???????
Retweeted by benji | BLMfrat guys be like: "lemme put this nike post on my instagram story so jessica will think i care about people just e… @mercuriansol @bowserstanacct projected to arrive at midnightLAPD arresting peaceful protestors but doing nothing about gangs of looters who are taking advantage of the situati… right, let’s do this. Police are America’s largest organized criminal enterprise megathread.
Retweeted by benji | BLM @NFL fuck you @cooperhefner your father would be ashamed of youPLEASE SPREAD THIS FOR PEOPLE IN LA I'm listening to the LAPD scanner and if anyone is in the Beverly/Fairfax prot… cop some protesters are only a few blocks from my home, and what I'm concerned about is the intersection of my area… supremacists have been documented and communication within neo-nazi groups has been intercepted that reveals…
Retweeted by benji | BLM @brittany_broski hi bb :) missed ugotta let the heliCOPters know whose side we're on @LibertyHangout shuuuuut the fuck upEveryone: #BlackLivesMatter Cher: @nxtvxkxng I love her so muchACTUAL NAZIS are walking the streets across the country. I live with my holocaust-survivor grandma, and I might ju… @MattLaslo he looks pretty slappablewhat the fuck has murdered 601 people since 2012 but they’re against “repeated acts of violence”
Retweeted by benji | BLM @ericwsundin king @getlaidan ♥️ love u brothera few years ago i was pulled over in the middle of the night on my way home with my gf in the passenger seat. the o…
Retweeted by benji | BLMhi this is just a reminder not to feel bad or ashamed if you can't afford to donate to blm/relief fund ♥️ use what…
it is no hyperbole to state that the vast majority of frats, no matter how progressive they may appear, are histori… am I not surprised to see that collectively, members of my former frat, people who voted down the implementatio… 90-year-old grandmother comes out as human shield for her grandson who was going to be killed by Texas cops FOR R…
Retweeted by benji | BLMprotest.'t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in TODAY) Sources say the zebra experienced a loss of blood and broken neck before losing its life. The lion in t…
Retweeted by benji | BLMif you’re attending protests as a white person, this is how you act! anger is justified but do not center this arou…
Retweeted by benji | BLM @kenklippenstein goodif you are upset about the murder of George Floyd, then you are on the right side of history. justice SHALL BE SERV… @hello__caitlin @endofanerajc forbidden pineapple lįqüîdThe fact that I'm nervous to be speaking out about racial injustice on Twitter due to it impacting my job search ju…
Retweeted by benji | BLMMy statement on the death of George Floyd:
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