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Stay strong for your family and always strive and prosper #3G3 #RipKash #RipAmir #RipDion #GipBustG

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The way my beard is growing 💪🏿 I could teach you bald face fellows something @Josh_Dixon4 Head up familyWhat type of games are be played and how it’s going down , it’s on to we gone I got to know now is you with me or what ?RememberI called myself trying be sexy with one of my exes and exposed my mans on snap by accident 😂 @Eazy730 that ain’t about a thing my boy 🤞🏿 @Eazy730 Lol real shit fam rs , but hope everything straight on your side @Eazy730 Real shit just ignorant 🤣 @CeeThaG_ Got too @CeeThaG_ I got the same reaction from a couple people around me lol it’s cool they the definition of niggersCrazy thing is my boy was so deadass you got a Queen protect her heart and support all her ideas
Retweeted by Chuck .
I think I found my tree im order next weekBrady still got ithow I be vibing with myself lately
Retweeted by Chuck .Cook or order out tonight? @Ravens get better gang Sunday ain’t the same without you 😢Lmfao dmx still not fucking with me after I gel’d off that wack ass movieNice grab rookieBeen giving my time out to the wrong people😂 white boys so gassed rnI ask for wiz though 🤣Shit make me feel like it’s the 90s I got my L rolled and about to watch @MikeTyson put somebody on they shitMy nana call me everyday now she got my number lmfao I give my family a chance every six months until one of them s… want someone to build me up like I’ll do them
I like to handle my business then head homeFeingiving 🤣 @diamondjeann 🤣🤣 I’ll let you live then @diamondjeann Just when I was going call to be annoyingHungry is hell rn @RealPiru My grams was the main one like you better not having it smelling like weed and have tree up 🤣 get in the Spirit @RealPiru Lmfao I know but I my family my grams and moms want to slide though so I got make it look niceSomeone help me pick out a Christmas treeHow im Trynna b 😂 happy asf wit my shorty 🤞🏽
Retweeted by Chuck .Thankful for these blessings because I remember when the shoe was on the other foot
I’m only happy I don’t have to cook for alittle bit , if you live by yourself you felt thisLmfao y’all to loud I just be looking for the wrong type of femalesLmfao I really ain’t know shit IThis was me when his girl asked who they was brought his side chick and her friend to his crib with his girl and her friends lmfao and swore it wasn’t going be awkward @Dat_NiggaSwagg Fuck happen @DaidaiG_3G3 BoolatoIdc where I’m at once I’m ready to go I’m out
Came to see my nana she gave me hennyI’m the family member that come high but offer shit like drinks or ice 🤣🤣Lmfao you ever see someone sneakdiss everyday but just know they not on your level 😂Lmfao never I was going get one too so easy when it’s all love @ChillKHALIL Thanks fam I’m still celebrating like it is
@FBBLou Goodlooks my guy @SizzyBri Thank you @tariq_parrish Love you to cous thank you @DMNTsnurr Appreciate that fam @King_Tyy Appreciate that my guyThanks for getting me home gang @denzellmarable 🤣 @BustG103 I made it another year I love you so much 🤞🏿 you know What’s going on I’m dying making this name big
Learned this when I was 14 lmfao @FBBLou Max and Jim do one I’m there on bro @FBBLou If feel like it was up more with him and maxThey be wanting us to lose but we running laps around themMy beard be making me looks fat is hell in the face
I wear my heart on my sleeve they not as real as meLmfao I waited all month for this cut I’m shitting on these niggas Na this only happen when you got grab the food real quick other than that I’m just in my boxers @itssyeyii Lol Na I’m just saying we going be on lockdown anyway could just use my wifiShouldn’t even had paid my phone bill all I really need is my work shitI’ll do it after my haircutForgot I had to pay my phone billKcamp really all I be bumping
@King_Tyy 😂😂 guess I dodge a bulletLet’s go 88 @DezBryantMy boy @DezBryant out there getting some catches inI don’t mean to be distant i just have this thing with not getting attached to anything anymoreI be thinking about dinner super early @FastBreakJayy Fake mid-life crisisKodak really be bending shitAin’t even real nigga I swear I got everything from @BustG103
I want my kids to know your pops did a lot of wrong but got right when it countedOmg he just cooked himI was young in that cell alone shit made me to man earlyOr Miserable but we not going dawn on that lmfao be up just thinking about life and where it’s going take meI know what really turn you on I’m keep a secretBeen gave up on the streets that shit took my whole heartFriday’s usually contains new bud a movie and takeout
I can’t wait to get this cut Monday I been looking crazyDon’t be afraid when nobody in the room looks like youNeed to grab some lunch but I’m stay away from greasy food today @kamaiaaa_ Thanks gangsta 💪🏿💜 @_millz2x Ykts my guy 💪🏿 @FBBLou 👌🏿One job secured so far something small but it’s a start 🤞🏿
😂 the ESPN app you don’t even need to watch this shit @Sluggadadon7 Facts @Sluggadadon7 Na Anthony EdwardsLamelo about be sick in Charlotte