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Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land, Greatest Showman, Trolls, Dogfight, A Christmas Story, James and the Giant Peach, Aladdin, Smash, The Flash, Saturday Night Seder.

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Ummm are you sure
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Larry Kramer was a superhero. A man who never let comfort get in the way of progress. An outspoken advocate, saving… standards have gotten so low that when a leader doesn’t cyber bully others or spout insane conspiracy theories,… know a lot of friends struggling with depression right now. Best advice I ever got is to not try to pull your lov…
It shouldn’t take an iPhone camera and the investigative power of black twitter to make white people stop acting racist.
@anaismitchell @anidifranco Little plastic castle was my jammmmmmtheater writers - you can apply for @DGFound emergency grants here. they are real and available now.
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For people who live for the drama, might I recommend a career in the theatre?We’ll fix it before opening did you improve it??? that’s the that on that.
“We’re going to win so much you may even get tired of winning.” @davidmackau WooooooooooowCock of ages. @NinaWest Lol @ALilling Strong showingTrump votes by mail. Melania votes by mail. Pence votes by mail. We should ALL have the option to vote by mail th… hole.
@kso5 I already commented on that, you bitch. @pdpatterson oh I've definitely stretched out a lot of his clothes...and then...they become mine!The best part about being in a gay relationship is that you can immediately double your wardrobe.the gay agenda? Re: Theatre's "Mental Health in Musicals" discussion series, artist @laurabonacciart created this rendering of…
Retweeted by Benj PasekAlex, I'll take overt anti-semitism for 400 please. @poodlestar DUHyou: You know bagels are "carb bombs," right? me: *chew* *chew* *kaboom*no i’m pretty sure it was something else
Retweeted by Benj Pasek“Rain On Me” is a thriving gay bar converted into audio form.Queef you realize it’s @benjpasek’s boyfriend’s birthday so you have a legitimate excuse to order an individual slic…
Retweeted by Benj PasekWhen you realize your boyfriend’s birthday is actually a legitimate excuse to order individual slices of funfetti c…
@davidmackau @kso5 Gotta keep my maaaaaaan birthday @kso5!!! @HannahHE579 Lol so true. I fucked this up a bit. It just went from predictable to unexpected...but...
@CourtneyBettle @DariusAmore I didn’t see this! But true...the better tweet! @Lin_Manuel Exactly!!!My plans: 2020: all the assholes walking around without masks, The Fugees and I say:, zoomer...
@jakewil Sooooo true @DEADM0THS every musical ever.outcasts start singing. @rejectedjokes @washingtonpost @BillyCrystal this is awesome! congrats, Ben!Episode 10. #conductorcam🎼 “Catching the Spirit / Offstage Vocal Booth.” 🎤
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@Karchswag lana del ray @katierosman Whoooooo? @MABACTS @neverhaveiever @ramakrishnannn @mindykaling Me too... @AndrewIWong Ooooof 😍 @_mr_rutherford Truly arousingBeen watching so much good tv in quarantine but particularly loved @neverhaveiever. Hilarious & enormously cathart… @benjpasek I'm also a cinnamsexual.
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @MadiTheMajestic Living my truth!I just saw an Instagram story of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and I...think I’m...sexually attracted to them?There are millions of Americans who truly believe that the slaughter of a black person is a minor inconvenience whe…
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@leNolaBoy Spelling errors. I couldn’t live with myselfQuestions in quarantine: Am I fat or am I corona-fat? Is he hot or is he corona-hot? Is my cooking actually good o…'s commencement speech: "Look around and find the richest, oldest, most physically repellent person. That is…
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @jenashtep America? America. @andylassner @andylassner Welcome to the matrix. 🥳I have now been informed that this is a very white gay thing to say and statisticians now retract their earlier fin… @theferocity Oh no! Say it isn’t so. Karens are going to Karen then...Statisticians have now confirmed there’s a nearly 100 percent correlation between being a Karen and being a Trump supporter.This is the visual representation of finally finding drinking water after having sawdust shoved down your throat fo… Platt and bros just made cry with that fabulous medley. Thanks for the injection of joy and hope tonight,…
Any parents have AirPods and kids 7-11 and want to try something cool?
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @Shakeenz @KeenanBlogger Lol @AlexBoniello @KeenanBlogger Lol he hasn’t I look 100 years older than I did 2 months ago.Happy birthday @KeenanBlogger! What a twink journey we’ve been on together! Love you! ❤️ if we start calling COVID-19 “healthcare” the GOP will actually try to prevent us from getting it.
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @SpencerAlthouse I’m laughing out loud loving this way too much. Why are older actresses delivering sanctimonious speeches my kink?!Sounds like a good time for the @US_FDA to lift their homophobic blood ban
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @CovHousePrez @StephanieJBlock 🙋🏻‍♀️One awful part of Trump as president is that it’s forcing us to collectively relive high school trauma. We were tol… know who I don’t trust to tell me who’s “The Enemy Of The People?” A guy whose incompetence has killed 90,000 of them.
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @crdenny I’m going crazy in quarentine. Tears are equally acceptableYou guys... it’s 2am and I am just here laughing out loud to myself thinking about how Donald Trump is actually the… @ColeEscola 😂😂😂😂😂😂Danny can never replace Tony.
Is Broadway Bares just going to be an OnlyFans account this year or what
Retweeted by Benj PasekWill I ever leave my apartment again?
papa, can you hear her? @mactarr56 read my tweet.Update: @mactarr56 Not until this very moment but like...they were hot...The Republican Party enrages me so much that now I don’t even like looking at pictures of elephants.Why are the killers on true crime shows always so hot though?🤢 🤮
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A Shakespeare character: *wears a cap* Their closest friends and family:
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @xLoveMx We do cake weekly for our companyOn this day in 1954, The Pajama Game opened on Broadway. On this day in 2020, my pajama game has now been exclusive…’ve got 7 more months to outdo it... when we all thought 2019 was the absolute worst? 😂
@musichollie @rebelmusicteach much appreciated 😂 @jakewil and could back your crack.Iconic Trump just doesn't understand: We have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis — and we ha…
Retweeted by Benj Pasek @JudyKuhn1 @celiakb @SaraBareilles @LauraBenanti Thanks Judy!