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@DevRelCallum Signed, the guy with a Nespresso who hits a button in the morning. @DevRelCallum What was that one coffee shop we went to somewhere out west that had like a huge chemistry set in the…, friends. We're getting it done. @jonst0kes It's bizarre to see how broken the US is becoming without any kind of working federal government. Each s… @loudmouthjulia I still cannot believe they pulled that fucking movie off. It was so good. It was actually big enou… @jonst0kes "I feel OK, I don't need these pain meds." *two hours and a lot of pain later* "Oh shit, that's right, I… @AnimationMerc @bobhollyjr I would take him as a compromised candidate over Biden every day of the week.
@KevinLoadedDice I hear that. I'm a Warren supporter, but I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Biden. It's a bummer. @Accalon @Sirson I mean, however you get the votes, the person with the most will win the primary. The narrative Sa… @Lukasnotlucas Can you answer the question I asked? @GottaGoMichelle Do you see a way to win the presidency without the support of any political party though, while de… @RealHonkHours OK, so you won't answer the question I asked? @bobhollyjr @AnimationMerc You seem cool. @someproducer Me getting the kids up keep telling y'all, we're getting it done in Ohio. was distracting as hell, too @JonKehoe I was NOT emotionally ready for that album when it was released. @steveferrigan YEP.Radiohead went off into quite the direction in later works, but The Bends is one of the best rock albums of the 90s… @VideoDreaming My work on controlling my feelings and feeling 'em instead of trying to avoid them is paying off. I'… @kentbye I have a piece coming out soon about this, BUT THAT ENDING. They really, really stuck the landing. Also, T… 2020, I refuse. NO. Fucking stop it. This isn't OK. Leave us SOMETHING. @AnimationMerc Yeah, but choosing to fight a two-front war, when you need the support of SOME party, just seems lik… @pestoquiche80s Correct, I'm voting for the Democratic candidate November.If it helps a lot of the angry people in my mentions, my picks were Warren, Sanders, a small rock, and then maybe B… @michaelpachter @TheRealAndyMc Listen, I have so many bones to pick with this approach, but at this point I'll most… @Lightrider @BernieSanders Because every approach is flawed, everything in politics is a compromise, and sitting ou… @Asminthe Well, Sanders' strategy led to a Biden candidacy, so I'm not sure it's better. He tried it once, lost, do… @guek_jc Biden is a true Washington insider, and has spent a WHOLE LOT of time building support and doing favors. H… @Accalon @patrickcentral @rassnapp So you're sitting out the presidential election? @Accalon @Sirson I mean, he energized more voters than Sanders did, and that's how things are decided. If you want… @mAxius @X0phe How do you get THAT done? That's like saying the first step to get to the moon is building a colony on Pluto. @Debblues @Debblues I think the Warren question has a very, very simple answer. @patrickcentral @Accalon @rassnapp Yeah, I don't get why it's somehow bad to suggest that you have to win an election to become president? @Accalon @J_Holla @roisinmaeve I was going to write a serious response to this but honestly I don't think I've ever… @Asminthe Frankly, watching the DNC operate my whole life is what convinced me that there likely isn't any kind of… @Accalon @rassnapp If you want power, you have to win elections. Winning politics is kinda the only thing that ultimately matters. @RealHonkHours Can you answer my question? @mAxius @Lightrider If you're not voting, both sides are right to ignore you, and history favors the incumbent. It'… @Lightrider @BernieSanders I guess prioritizing yelling at people online and insulting those who actually agree wit… @Asminthe Well, it's not the DNC that votes, it's the people who vote. And Sanders didn't get nearly enough votes t… @J_Holla @roisinmaeve I don't think Biden has ever attacked the Democratic establishment, so I'm not sure why he wo… @guek_jc I have yet to see any Sanders supporter admit his campaign had flaws. It's always someone else's fault. Th… @Lukasnotlucas After two failed runs at the presidency, do you still think attacking people who want to support you… @RealHonkHours So what would be your strategy for attacking your own party while also trying to win the presidency?… @Mechadude12 That's another debate. I'm talking about what it takes to win a presidency, and what we can do better… @Asminthe After going hard on this strategy of picking a fight with your own party while trying to get that party's… @Lightrider @mAxius So who are you going to be voting for in the presidential election? @megathom13 @HitokiriEric You do it by listening, and Sanders and his supporters struggle to listen. Whenever racia… @aegies @kiddtic This is what I never understood about Bernie. He was very good at saying what he wanted to accompl… @michaelpachter @TheRealAndyMc I actually think soak the rich would find a LOT of support, especially right now, if… @Lightrider Who do you think you're going to vote for in the presidential election? @mAxius Getting the support of your party isn't corruption, it's politics. @Lightrider No, I meant the words I said, not the words you want to hear.The one thing that continually turned me off from Sanders and his supporters is that I was watching the Republicans… @TBSkyen Voter apathy is what the system wants, and chases. The Republicans are now saying it openly: Not everyone… @guek_jc Yep, and it's a huge problem, but not in a way unique to Bernie. @BestJakeYoung No, I understand, I'll be more careful in the future. Apologies again, and it's deleted. @BestJakeYoung Sorry, I thought it was a good answer that could use more discussion so I wanted to highlight it. Wa… @guek_jc I wish. @mikeselinker I agree with this a whole lot, even though I'd love for these times to be a catalyst for change. We s… @KevinLoadedDice Do you think calling people who don't like your candidate stupid is going to get them to suddenly… @X0phe That's the problem, how do we get around it next time? What's the strategy? The media isn't going to change, so the strategy has to. @robdaviau See my last tweet, I think this is a BIG one.I think this is a REALLY REALLY big one. A strategy that counts on young people voting is asking for a loss. Bernie… here's another question: Without bringing in the DNC and claiming conspiracy, and without being dismissive and c… @WangChangBackup @MisterBinky I kept hearing this is why I had to back Bernie from his fans: Moderate conservatives… what should we take away from Bernie's two failed campaigns? What lessons should future progressive candidates l… @winnersusedrugs Is this helps break us of our nagging feeling of never doing enough at least SOME good will have c… @jonst0kes Every Weber owner I know evangelizes the brand. @just_josie221 @SpaceCptZemo Never Going Back again is peak Buckingham. It sounds amazing, and emotional and meanin… this video is super good, and we're all going to rewatch Prisoner of Azkaban today, because I think it's one… son is writing about editing in Alfonso Cuaron's movies, and he just burst in and was like "Hey, did you..." and… @heartfeltlauren It's a real good way to cap the day. The world really knows how to pile it on right now.The responses to this tweet legitimately made my night. Hit 'em up if you want some absolutely BANGING music @FoxBuchele TOO REALI feel like these thunderstorms that are ending today are pretty appropriate. This feels earned. It sounds BAD out… wasn't great, huh. Let's give it another shot tomorrow. @weijerrychen I think so many things are in flux right now that there's no solid answer to that question. I'm hones…
@beiting Oh jeez, that album is amazing. Although I'd maybe throw Jar of Flies in that pile as well.OK friends, hit me with albums you think are flawless. The ones you can just put on and let go, because every track… @TheSoundDefense It's aged its way pretty close to London Calling, IMHO.Just put on "...And Out Come the Wolves" from Rancid and turn it way up. That album HOLDS UP. @chrisbergman @CLabanz Holy shit I spent so much time at Cody's. We used to have a big yearly LAN party in the area… @PerLeeGates I still hum Barbara Manatee from time to time, and have a buddy who is friends with the creator of Veg… @PerLeeGates I appreciate a good Bibleman reference. @TheSoundDefense Yep, and a lot of places really bank on that and sell a sauna you can get online for like $1,800 t… @TheSoundDefense Pricing on saunas is ridiculous, because no one knows what a sauna should cost. The margins can be… folks asked me about this so: If you have ANY interest in making music and you're a complete beginner,…
Retweeted by Ben KucheraTwitter just kinda telling you they're going to sell your info no matter what is peak 2020. @chrisbergman Do you watch 'em through the app? I always just look up compilations on YouTube because I'm an old.I don't even want to be doing much I'm not doing right now, I've always mostly been a comfortable home body. But I… @chrisbergman It's funny, often uplifting, and you get to turn your brain off and remember that the kids are funny…
The crime isn't a scandal, it's what people like about him. That's why he tweets about how good his crimes are. It'…'m not angry Trump is criming, because he said he was going to crime, and he loved crime and crime is fine when yo… is probably the most honest president we've ever had. He never pretended to be anything he wasn't, and people… when Trump asked Russia to hack stuff for him on TV and then everyone acted surprised when all the Russia… swear we're like a week away from Trump saying "Listen, I'm a corrupt guy doing corrupt things, and it's fine. I… @velocciraptor I wish I was that smart.