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A quick reminder that Rage Against the Machine's alleged first live performance sounded like ... well, like Rage Ag… @xoxogossipgita Lord in heaven, this was back in 1991. Imagine just walking to a class and hearing "Bullet in the H… @xoxogossipgita Have you ever watched any of the concerts from when they were just starting out? It was like they e… @t_minotaur There are some days when I'm feeling down where I describe it the same way. "Yeah, I'm feeling some bra… felt like crud yesterday, no fever or anything, just a headache that wouldn't quit. It's amazing what a solid nig…
@samred @AgentTinsley @colby_tor Literal LOL on this oneIf anyone at @Team17Ltd has any insight into how I might be able to get into this old, OLD build of Worms: The Dire…
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right now @SusanArendt @vansau My go to: watching the Epic/Apple kerfluffle., surprisingly inoffensive idea: dr. katz reboot
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right nowOMG @AshleyEsqueda @TJFixman When I think about the kids missing what amounts to a full year of school already and how… @TJFixman It's such a bummer, right? I can't even remember being in a crowded theater to see a fun movie -- one of… many things are changing lately. This could be the start of a huge shift, and I think it points to Epic's willin… thank you. @loudmouthjulia Delete this tweet, you have been blessed! @DJTahoe WHAT @groovetini It's one of the reasons the fashion brands take off, I think. For value you're basically getting mugged… @groovetini One day I'm going to catch a Helm Komodo in Orange for the same reason. They sell out SO QUICK, but the… @groovetini It's definitely an homage, if we're going to put it kindly, but once you think about how Longines or Ti… @groovetini And there's only ONE reason to put Mercedes hands on a diving watch, if we're being completely honest with ourselves. 😇 @groovetini I get your point completely, which is part of the reason I want to ultimately pick up a lower-end Rolex… @groovetini Like everything else with watches, it all depends on what you're looking for what and you're willing to… @groovetini But I'm telling you, Neymar and probably Loreo pack a punch in what they're offering, with both brands… @groovetini I agree with this completely, I just wish I had been more of a collector two years ago! @groovetini I adore Seiko, I love them so much, almost all my watches are Seiko, but after the Sarb033 fiasco I fee… @groovetini I like a good microbrand these days, tho! They over-deliver in actual specs to try to get over the bran… @groovetini Damnit, I was so proud of my reveal! @groovetini It's funny you bring that up, because outside of the great water resistance and unidirectional bezel, t… @EvilBachus Apparently he also helped with a bunch of the casting according to Kevin Pollack!Need to get theme music for this, but ... WATCH TWEET. You want a spec monster? You want ridiculous value? You want… @SHODAN117 That's my point about pricing. I don't know where I can get a movie ticket for $7.50, and I live in Ohio… wait wait wait, hold up. Rob Reiner and Christopher Guest created ... and I'm just checking my newly discovere… @SHODAN117 Which is the thing: They priced it so far below that it feels like a gift.
The Tony Hawk games, to me, are just as meditative as Tetris Effect. I'm kind of counting down the days until this… @ermonacelli I'm not 40 yet, but I can touch it with my fingertips without much stress, if that helps. :-)I keep seeing the pictures and video of that socially distanced concert and my social anxiety instantly whispers "c… you want a quick taste of how difficult it is to price something well, look at the reactions to the price of Mulan on Disney Plus. @vr_sam Not in the slightest. All any event promoter is going to see in that picture is empty space where dollar signs could be. @vr_sam That. I hope they just keep that setup for concerts and events moving forward, honestly.I am so excited right now generation swap is going to be very confusing, and it may be confusing on a game-per-game basis. Oof.
@Dedwrekka I like watches, friend. I spent almost all of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trying to figure out what wat… wasn't my first choice and neither was Harris, but at least Joe didn't pick a milquetoast white dude. Also, B…
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right nowNovember is like six months away, right? I'm gonna... *looks at calendar* oh no. @emerszi I got the model number wrong! I have that one too, and I adore it. One of my first watches, and still one… is kind of a drag right now, but it's super fun to have a timeline that's suddenly excited about watches and s… @emerszi Was it the SNK809? @someproducer I don't mind if it's a DM, but any chance you'd be willing to share the reference number or a picture? @therealcliffyb It just makes me happy. It's a great game at the perfect time. @tcatsuko I think they're interesting from a design standpoint, but I feel like learning how to actually tell time… @GoldenSaucerGuy Happy to help! If you want to really fall in love with automatic watch movements, save up a little… @GoldenSaucerGuy If you want a field watch, I can't recommend the Seiko SNK809 enough. It was one of my first watch… @GoldenSaucerGuy I'm wearing it right now! If you want a dress watch for under $100, check out the Orient Bambino l… @BriannaWu @BattleVark That's a stunner! @panther_modern I also like G-Shocks because the style is just like "Fuck off, I tell the time and do a bunch of ot… @BriannaWu @BattleVark Right? This is the first time I've really understood the idea of folks who do makeup for the… @panther_modern I bought the Casio World Time to help me wrangle embargoes, and it was so inexpensive I bought the… @BattleVark I think everyone deserves some wrist candy, and you can find good, attractive stuff at literally any pr… @drgitlin Of course it was. Sigh. @drgitlin I like a good NATO strap since they cost next to nothing and let you play with a lot of colors, but I fee… @drgitlin My favorite dress watch right now is my Sarb033, and it crushes me that Seiko discontinued the model. The… @panther_modern I know a lot of people are snobs about automatic movement or Swiss manufacture, but Casio is so sev… the Casio Duro, which is a $50, clean, effective quartz diver, making it really versatile and easy to we… @drgitlin That's a really good point too, and it reminds me I need to get some distressed leather straps, they real… @Hauz20 @Fossil Whatever you like, you like. I'm not trying to talk you out of it. That being said, I'd be remiss n… @drgitlin It's not optimal, but you can absolutely get away with a clean diver on a metal strap in some formal sett… I like about watches as a hobby is even though there's a perception that the good stuff only happens above $1,… watch tweet? Let's say you just want a simple, inexpensive watch that looks good as a daily wear but you can… stuff like this? anyone making fun phones anymore, or is everything a slightly different slab of glass outside of the folding scr… @aramjabbari Or even silly things like Fall Guys! Gaming has really been coming through lately, and I'm doing my be…
"I felt like I had a pretty good handle on everything this year has taken from us before I started to think about H… men are still resisting wearing masks. The problem, experts say, is they’re afraid of looking weak.
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right nowThe first hour of Flight of the Navigator is basically a horror movie about the unintended consequences of time dilation.
@Lexialex Watching the Americans again and then looking up YouTube videos where Mathew Rhys and Kerri Russel are ju… @DrNerdLove My son has noted that among forge people there are two groups: Those with too much hair, and those with… @loudmouthjulia this is the most internet series of words I have ever experienced and I'm kinda reeling @X0phe Price went up a touch! @Patchhes Right? And they're so much fun to mod out or put on even weirder straps. You can class 'em up or make 'em…, can I do a watch tweet? The Casio World Time is a big change of pace from the sort of thing I normally gush ove… @panther_modern It's ridiculously silly, especially in couch co-op. There is a dedicated quack button.Just sitting around, thinking about how great Duck Game is.
@wellsbe YEPThe kids and I are now watching Space Camp, and holy heck I've haven't seen this in decades. It has a teeny tiny Jo… Dungeons is such a great family game. I feel like the timing on that one couldn't have been better. We're…
How Ohio has avoided becoming another Covid-19 hot spot (so far)
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right nowSo if you've read Dune then you'd know that Paul Atreides wasn't the Bene Gesserit's first choice for their messiah…
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right now
The @CrashBandicoot trailer blew out the speakers on my notebook.
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right now @jpantuso I'll be writing about it real soon. :-)Working on an at-home murder mystery and for the love of Gygax I may break down and buy a big piece of corkboard, s…
@chrisbergman Gonna need some chicken tendies on that menu.
How to register to vote, and why you should register to vote right now
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right nowGames need to return to black-and-white morality
Retweeted by Ben is concerned about everything right now @Charlie_L_Hall When are you gong to start making some real art? @LegsFrank Miss you too, I'm just muddling through trying to be healthier up out here.Sometimes I think I take a break from these services and you think I forget about you, but I think about you every… @herniquetxt @HEYGSTRASS @crapstacular Which is why it's worth doing.How are you all doing out there? @herniquetxt @HEYGSTRASS @crapstacular Keep in mind we run all final headline and dek choices past the writer befor…