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@chrisbergman @rudepetsclub @TheNazzaro As a writer in a publishing industry with a lot of stability (online, LOL)… week was a whirlwind and yet somehow I find myself on top of my to-do list, feeling pretty organized, and read…'S 48. HOLY HELL.’s Wager is Dark Souls on a phone, but you’ll need a controller
Retweeted by Ben KucheraRunning around, robbing banks all whacked out on Shubby snacks fought with your father, in the Clone Wars. @ohjefframos Let me think about it ...'m VERY excited about this tour. And I mean that completely sincerely. @kchironis My middle son was reading Ready Player One, and realized it was signed, and was like "Wait, how do we ha… makes you think. @RealBenGilbert I have really bad news about our return on investment on all these wars, too. @RealBenGilbert It's a tax, and my understanding is it goes toward road maintenance in construction in many states.If Behringer is launching THAT many modules at an actual $50 to $100 price point, Eurorack is about to be rocked. A… shit, here we go. SO EXCITED
This is a fascinating approach! @albertpenello She's got a lot of words down and can work through some complete sentences, but holy heck do you qui… @albertpenello Six! It's a fun age.Currently listening to my youngest daughter sounding out words to read books, and it's making me p. emotional. She'… was a ridiculously productive day in just about every way and I am EXHAUSTED. @AndrewNK @jeffcannata @DavidEllis You're a wizard, Harry, you piece of shit. @financesis Overspending on presents to show I care about people. It's a holdover from growing up without a lot of… @therealcliffyb Me from the future: You get a pocket computer. We all get pocket computers. Past me: YAY! Me from t… vs Quest: PCVR: - better tracking - can track controllers outside FOV - higher res - prettier - higher refre…
Retweeted by Ben KucheraCurious about how fighting games work, or why frame data is paid DLC? We got you covered! @GarnettLee @ShaneWatch @gamespite Hell, Shane, I think you ran the store in Lexington I later managed, so it's pos… @GarnettLee @ShaneWatch @gamespite I waited YEARS hoping they were going to throw ours out so I could just grab it. Never happened.Eff this: Get the museum date done ASAP. If they're not a museum person, now you know and can break it off. If you'…'s a one-two punch kinda day
Retweeted by Ben KucheraLet's talk about power differentials inherent in the act of kneeling, illustrated by 2 key scenes in the TV program… video has found the perfect home: horror games
Retweeted by Ben KucheraOne of the best albums from the 90s. Still put tracks from this on my mixes. CC: @kristinhersh I feel when I don't stay up all night watching the Crown so I can get the kids to school and then have a good w… morning.'ve started The Crown. Help. you shopped at a GameStop lately?
Retweeted by Ben KucheraOMG @VirtuaCat And just to be clear, I wasn't hired as a store manager, when I was a teenager I spent years as an entry… @VirtuaCat I worked at Electronics Boutique, and then EB Games, and then GameStop for years. I was a store manager.… @StubbsTheGamer I'm pretty critical of GameStop, absolutely.I had an absolutely delightful conversation with Ken Jennings about becoming Jeopardy!’s greatest player of all tim…
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@lfrum YES! @lfrum If you watched it, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm so happy they brought it back.I don't want to spoil anyone but any local Cincy folks want to talk about Crisis on Infinite Earths? Wink wink. Nud… @BriannaWu @thefrankwu It's not a Frank Wu reference until he's losing his mind in happiness and pointing at something.Friends, does your partner argue with you over watching things without them? Do you have trouble convincing the oth…’s soundtrack change means saying goodbye to some good goofs
Retweeted by Ben Kuchera @BenPaddon (I've also told all my kids I want them all to work customer service for at least six months, because wh… @BenPaddon Saying you better be nice or your service will degrade is just making someone probably struggling with a… @BenPaddon I think the trick is empowering customer service reps and clerks to help, and to use judgment, and back… @BenPaddon After a decade of customer service and 15 years or so doing whatever THIS is (usually making mistakes) k… @BenPaddon If you could go back into the same situation, would you do the same thing today?Board games and role-playing? Same problems, along with incredibly challenging logistics and inventory management.… @inmostlight Inventory management in that space is murder.I'm hearing people say GameStop should shift to a place where it's comfortable to PLAY games, but that means people… @MatPiscatella @CypherSignal I remember covering this in 2004 (holy hell), and people were mad that even retail cop… @jakeadelstein @JoshuaCaleb75 All sorts of movie candy! It was pretty great. Oh lord, do I miss Blockbuster? @ericmbee I don't live in Tulsa. @jakeadelstein @JoshuaCaleb75 No. Blockbusters were clean and fun to be in.I just can't go into GameStop anymore. says game started selling 400% better on Steam after releasing torrent
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1/ THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PATIENCE while I tell you why I think the movie Metallica: Some Kind of Monster sh…
Retweeted by Ben KucheraRemember trying to get Steel Battalion to work on Kinect? Holy moly. What a neat idea, what a terrible end result.… @Futterish It's definitely more than that, but I mean ... Twitter. It's one of the reasons I'm physically uncomfort… hot GameStop take: The company's one advantage is that you can go in and buy a physical copy of a game right the… @DaleNorth Still my favorite hardware synth.Yes, the $29.99 PS4 controller upgrade is worth it
Retweeted by Ben Kuchera @benkutcher @DevRelCallum There's also a Ben Kuchera in Lexington, they make films and I've never met them but I'm… @benkutcher @DevRelCallum We've had lunch and I think I paid with his credit card and everyone was fine with it. @DevRelCallum I'm really hoping I passed this. @aegies @patrickklepek @AshleyEsqueda I'm changing my answer to Tron Legacy. The other two are amazing soundtracks.… @AshleyEsqueda MOANA. Not even a competition.Actually, let me change that, for the PlayStation 5 I really hope it launches with power and eject buttons that mak… thing I'm most excited about with upcoming consoles: NEW INTERFACES. Both the PS4 and Xbox One launched with, a… the money in the world couldn’t make Kinect happen
Retweeted by Ben Kuchera @SusanArendt @siracusa Oh god, the scene where they had her cornered at the table and were all yelling about the wa… @siracusa @SusanArendt Or the one kid says she's had five concussions, or when the whole team does push ups, making…'m starting to get nice and excited about the next generation of consoles. The lead up and launch are two of my fa…'ve read a few reviews of Cheer that were like "These young ladies are amazing athletes, doing wonderful things, a… will be shown in Kentia Hall this year.If Nintendo doesn't show they better give us 20 free minutes in the ball pit.
Warframe reinstalled, time to get confused about where I was in this world all over again! (I love Warframe, but al…
Retweeted by Ben Kuchera @MitchyD YEP. Writing, any kind of writing, is already enough pressure. It's nice to have a partner who sees it as… @pdstafford Explaining Twitter or industry BS to someone who isn't extremely online is always the most depressing /… @Bren1985 Oh no, I didn't even put all that together. It's a Fox movie?I hope Underwater hits streaming services soon because I can't wait to see it but I don't think it's one I'll prior… @cuppy I adore this show. I love Joey forever. @LaurakBuzz @SteviePatamon That's very kind of you to say, and just in case it needed to be said, I put this in the… @SteviePatamon I hope this helps a little? And @LaurakBuzz and I have worked together in the past, and negotiated!… @SteviePatamon If you are trying to be professional in this situations and they get crappy or it goes poorly, again… @SteviePatamon But think about things in terms of the editors time. The more time it takes them to edit, to fix, to… @SteviePatamon Rate is often determined by length of the game, experience of the reviewer, and the deadline. A big… @SteviePatamon When you're having the rate conversation, also ask if there's a style guide for you to look at, and… @SteviePatamon Even if it's higher than what the editor was expecting, a solid rate, ready to go, shows you're a pr… @SteviePatamon If the editor was thinking $100 and you say $500, a good editor will either say you're out of their… @SteviePatamon Have a number in mind, and whatever the first number that comes into your head is, ask for more than… jeez, I'm editing one of those great pieces where I'm learning a whole bunch about an area of games I didn't kno… @leftathome The viewing habits of the Academy voters is a whole 'nother topic. :-) @gameism @hmltn Sorry, it's been a long night and I'm tired, I meant one of the lighthouses, should be have been more specific. @hmltn I feel like the software has been more squirrelly than the hardware. But my review unit did come with a brok…