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Ben Lesh @BenLesh Austin, TX

#RxJS core team. Art lover. Working at @citsecurities on React stuff. Former Angular team at Google, and web dev at Netflix. Views and tweets are my own.

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The Minneapolis State Police just straight up ARRESTED CNN's Omar Jimenez @OmarJimenez on live TV. He was literally…
Retweeted by Ben Lesh @seldo JFC. I just looked up what he said. Morbid curiosity. He says he's going to order the military to shoot Am… @editingemily @maggiepint Pfft. Just get you some DevOps tools for the new SREs you've hired. Make sure they use al… @MylesBorins At least one of those is underpants. @andrestaltz A "mess" implies chaos. What you see here is systemic. Did you happen to check the skin color of the r… article by @doctorow is 8 years old. But it's a fantastic read, and it's all valid today. (Shocking for a tech… @ladyleet @burkeholland @peterpme 7 @steveyp_ I'm very glad she's okay. @_jayphelps @ryanflorence @dan_abramov #protatoawareness
@RReverser @matteocollina @b0neskull It also may have enabled perf optimizations for simple synchronous mapping cas… @RReverser @matteocollina @b0neskull Maybe not with `then`, I suppose. There, I think that auto-unwrapping was prob… @RReverser @matteocollina @b0neskull ... so imagine you introduce some new lazy promise-like thing to JavaScript (h… @RReverser @matteocollina @b0neskull As for why: The example above illustrates it. I've continuously seen people b… @RReverser @matteocollina @b0neskull Anything that wasn't a promise. Is it unergonomic? Sure. Does it prevent stupi… @matteocollina @b0neskull You know, @SeaRyanC, an opt-in TypeScript flag to force developers to wrap their own valu… @matteocollina @b0neskull This is an inherent design flaw with Promises. The auto-wrapping of values as Promises wa… @mtiller Ambition is fine, with empathy, and in the absence of irrational fear, and anxiety. In the absence of narc… @cotufa82 hahaha'd probably start with wish number 1 being "Intelligence and perfect mental health for all"... Then I'd like that… @NeilDocherty But why poop? crap. I thought you all knew the rules. Haven't you seen Aladdin?? - No wishing for more wishes - No bringing… @thpnk @Michael_Hladky Just to clarify the "why" Subjects work like that... this doesn't make any sense right? I m… @thpnk @Michael_Hladky To get the behavior you want, you'd have to recycle the BehaviorSubject and create a new one. @thpnk @Michael_Hladky All Subjects in RxJS carry the same guarantees as the Subscribers that you get inside of `ne…'ve rubbed a magic lamp. You have 3 wishes, but they have to fit in a tweet. Go. @elchefe @StephandSec I thought so. The monitor looks and performs really well too. No complaints. @elchefe @StephandSec The quarantine marked a weird computer shortage around my house with the two older kids needi… @elchefe @StephandSec It's all part of money I sort of "ear marked" to update my setup. I was using a 10 year old m… @0xduraki @elchefe @StephandSec @elchefe @StephandSec It's still an embarrassing amount to spend, so please keep in mind I used my last monitor for… @elchefe @StephandSec I had an old monitor for literally 10 years, and I JUST dropped money on a 49" curved super u… @shanselman LMAO! That's a good story! My only overlap with the IT Crowd has been some of my bosses, and occasiona… @shanselman Two things: 1. Why does the guy from The IT crowd look like you? 2. They actually do make smoke detec…🤓That's will be very special #RxJS flavored meetup! #frontendtech 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ben LeshWife: Why don't you play with your brother and sister? Lily (5yo): Um, no thanks. It's "family, no" time. Me:
Vision deficiency simulation is now available in @ChromeDevTools in stable Chrome (83)!
Retweeted by Ben Lesh @Brocco @AdamRackis @_torrborr @tlakomy Hmm I don't have many connections in Austin yet. But perhaps @elchefe knows some folks? @getify @DotProto @cyclejs Haha. That's a strange sounding story.This was a really cool discussion. Having spent time working on Angular internals, I have to say I'm really impress… @debug_mode This is how I ended up solving it for my particular use case:, I'm not a huge fan of prototype augmentation, because it's shared global state, and it can cause crazy i… note the `...this` above. If you don't do that, any subclasses of Error will be missing their enumerable prope… are *global state*! That means third party libraries you may be using, that might rely on the JSON rep… you need to JSON.stringify the Errors in your application (in my case for logging purposes). You can add a `to… @BrendanEich @SeaRyanC @littledan Thanks for the responses, everyone. I guess the "why" remains a mystery. In the… @SeaRyanC @BrendanEich @littledan I guess by that same coin, I remember getting errors back in the day where the *m… @SeaRyanC @BrendanEich @littledan I guess the ship has sailed on making properties enumerable though, it would prob… @SeaRyanC @BrendanEich @littledan Regardless, I'm still curious as to the "whys" of the error properties not being enumerable. @SeaRyanC @BrendanEich @littledan LOL... I was literally digging through the spec like "Why is there different hand… @SeaRyanC @BrendanEich @littledan Duh. You're right! It's just that the properties aren't enumerable, not necessari… there's another "Cycle.js" besides @cyclejs... written by Doug Crockford meant to add methods JSON.decycle and… literally anyone that knows the "why" here.) haha. I don't mean to single out two experts and demand explanation. 😅It always gets me that JSON.stringify(new Error()) returns "{}". Why wouldn't we want the message at least? Think o… @wesbos it was in Chrome's "omnibar" or whatever they call it now. It did work in the tweet, though. Also of note… @wesbos My first attempt: p​​​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​​​s​​​​​​​​​t​​​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​m​​​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​… @amcdnl @toddmotto An npm dependency is just like any other import. So it will depend on what it is. If the dep is… @dancow Apparently this Tom Austin guy is a serial racist turd: couldn't be more pleased that today I taught @ken_wheeler about "Manifold Burritos" AKA "Engine Block Burritos".…
class Typo { cosntructor(public readonly everyDamnTime = true ) {} } @jkup ... and that rarely trickles down to the artists and the folks involved in production. It's mostly profit for… @jkup I think it's unethical that companies that control the publishing mechanisms (VHS, DVD, Bluray, et al) also c… development
Retweeted by Ben LeshWe are expanding our team @thisdotlabs and hiring another Senior Software Engineer (3 reqs now open). Interested?…
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Retweeted by Ben Lesh @ThugDebugger Is it weird that I thought, "good for them"? I'm all for people starting their own businesses. In fa… @tizicarolcartel Yes. You can still do this in production. In practice, in the simplest cases I tend to just use th… a new pure CSS (and HTML) piece. Inspired by Italian renaissance.
Retweeted by Ben LeshAnd that means now has a search component, too:
Retweeted by Ben Lesh✨#RxJS Lessons✨ Transformation - pluck() pluck() allows us to select which object property we want to emit. 🔥We c…
Retweeted by Ben LeshThis is a hacking scene from the Netflix show El Dragón... 😂
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@ken_wheeler @arenasmario Ken let me win
Use a mail forwarding service with San Francisco addresses, tell Facebook you live there, actually live somewhere c…
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OMG. What is happening?! Haha. Amazing
This special @angular International Women's Day is especially important because of the female leaders on the Angula…
Retweeted by Ben Lesh @oscarcampos Yeah. They're fine @robertm3004 😕Wixom Lake, one of two lakes drained when dams broke North of my hometown. A massive, long lake, with two legs stre… @simonfarrugia26 I missed that. There's this from the same day, too. @elchefe Then I listened to that cassette on my walkman in vain! 😭 My childhood is a lie. (I legit had that one. H… I'd write about some of my favourite components, packages and tools. First up: the Reach UI Tooltip:
Retweeted by Ben LeshQuote of the day " 'node'.split('').sort().join('') " - @nobleach
Retweeted by Ben LeshSince Vite is using Rollup as the underlying bundler, I've been working with custom Rollup plugins for quite a bit…
Retweeted by Ben LeshMy hometown is underwater, and 10,000 people are displaced, due to multiple catastrophic dam failures... And this i… heart and Jill's go out to the people of Midland, Michigan, experiencing another crisis in the midst of this pan…
Retweeted by Ben Lesh @DeborahKurata Yeah. They're healthy and fine. The house took the brunt of it @ekepes Yeah. Everyone is fine. Still sucks though.
@steveyp_ Indeed. @jz989 Also, the reports are mixed. I know that the dams at Smallwood Lake and Wixom Lake failed, but I was told th… @jz989 There was a picture of Dow High underwater. So I'm sure that my folks' place is in bad shape. :\Apparently my parents' home has taken serious damage and is likely a total loss from the #MichiganFlooding. They ca… ✨#ModernWebWednesday ✨ We're kicking off a brand-new season of the podcast with @ladyleet, @BenLesh, & speci…
Retweeted by Ben Lesh @NikkitaFTW It even notifies other windows and threads! Beat that, "reducks". Pfffttt. @joshin_my_tots @MylesBorins 5?! @N_Tepluhina @gitlab Congratulations! They're lucky to have you. @marcusradell Sorry I didn't see this until now. Just noticed it in the slack history. :) @marcusradell ignoreElements() that's what you're looking for. It will solve your TS types problem as well, as it… @Mandy_Kerr And to be fair, if you are one of the best basketball players in the world, no matter where you're from…