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Benjamin Myers @BenMyers1 Upper Calder Valley, UK

Short hairy writer. THE OFFING. THE GALLOWS POLE. BEASTINGS. PIG IRON. UNDER THE ROCK. Etc. @Bloomsburybooks @thirdmanbooks. MALE TEARS is out Spring 2021.

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@horsegluer Cheers Ethan. @chris_power That's fucking....BEAUTIFUL. @GhostCatLady Or sole? @Zloom Strong demographics for my brand, those. @ralphineson Thanks Ralph. Gutted about Diana - she would have been perfect for the adaptation.And here is a very brief explanation as to why I wrote it: friends: THE OFFING is published today by @thirdmanbooks. It's intended as a blast of sunlight into t… @leebrackstone @Coldwar_Steve @thesociallondon Brilliant. All the best stuff gets banned.I'm getting messages telling me that 'Das Boot' actually means 'The Boat', even though the film is about 21 men in… @GhostCatLady Why is it called that?
@LTHewitt Yeah, right.I'm finally watching Das Boot ('The Boot').Tomorrow. Yorkshire thing., we're only in the very earliest days of the internet.
@MHRashman Trapped on this shrinking island. @sleafordmods A practical/tactical neccessity in the 90s.When visionary authors used to advertise soft drinks.
@Cparks1976 Indeed. I'm having to use glib humour to wade through the murk of it all. Otherwise I'll despair. @Cparks1976 Steampunk Danny Trejo there, enjoying his warm Cola. @ONutball @MHRashman I'd call it BellEndFest and charge the selfish fuckers. @JahDuran That Hawkwind fold-out goes for big money (or in Hebden Bridge, anyway...) @Herring1967 I don't know how you have the energy to deal with all these Twitter wangers, Richard. Respect. @jimmy27072403 @VexSlain I don't know, man. I feel like this might be nature's way of cleansing the gene pool of th… Yorkshire/Lancashire. that I'm very close to, who wouldn't wish to be named, thinks that the strained tones of the "...from the o… is the future. Maximum respect. @rEUnion_PartyUK @kerri_ni @M_Z_Harrison Nancy: My last house was built in 1641, fed by spring water and had two-fo… @larapawson Magic. Are you living there now, Lara?A fantastic book, this.
@larapawson Oh, well that is very good to hear. Thanks Lara. @georgievans Sending rain and drystone walls in solidarity (I lived there for 12 years...)I've just been telling Salman Rushdie and Ricky Martin what a terrible namedropper I am. @robinturner @SICrecords @petefowlerart @thesociallondon I'm doing one of these next week. So far: 17 tracks by The Sweet.The self-titled debut by @work1ngmensclub is out a week today. It's the perfect soundtrack to Britain in 2020, in… @adellestripe @LeeRourke @work1ngmensclub Yep. Young Syd is a bone fide star, and boss lad. @TAB_ChrisB #mullocking
@ph0enixGEM Well, thank you.I'm compiling a playlist for a stint next week manning the virtual decks at a virtual after-work gatherings for… @maryepworth @fieldmusicmusic Sunderland illuminati lizards (good album title?) @LittleToller Do let me know if you'd like signed copies of my sordid little efforts. x @josephknox__ Excellent work, nice one. @simon_price01 People (OK, Bloody Blokes) actually getting in touch to criticise your phone rather the government! @nicholasroyle It would have to be the obvious - Trout Fishing In America. Though I think Revenge Of The Lawn (stor… today isn't Monday then it's certainly acting like it is. @nicholasroyle One of his Top 2 best novels. @the_Crack Oh good. Fancy an interview? @MattyLad I think there are just too many to choose, Matt. Ask The Dust by John Fante is an old favourite.
"Only a proper nimrod would still think Brexit is a good idea." - Bob Marley @fit_as_fuc Ha, I thought you were commenting on the weights I've just been lifting in my office. I was, like, how does he know??Friends: My debut short story collection MALE TEARS will be published by Bloomsbury on April 22 2021 . Available t… @sofingusa Thanks Sophie - it's that site.Just paid a website £12 to delete 11 years' worth of tweets (14,367 of them), in case I decide to stand for president. @pgofton Right, it's on the list. @pgofton My #1 choice. @pgofton (Tune though....) @pgofton But Sly & Robbie ARE reggae. @country_jim JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST.Thanks for the couple of suggestions so far. Other non-obvious choices welcome.No-one: No-one: Still no-one: #AwardWinningWriter (TM): "Yes! Here it is, the world's most comprehensive cod-reg… @ccfage @Mount_Analogue That's going on the playlist too.... @ccfage Amazing - and so many instant memories. That's going on the playlist I'm making in order to avoid doing any real work. @madmilker @springsteen @POTUS You sound like fun.All things considered, 2020 into 2021 is shaping up to be a vintage time for literature. @sallycarman1 I like to call him Boss 'The Bruce' Springsteen. Because I'm part-moron. @MishaMayfair @chimemaiden Aye - while doing his special dance. @HarperNorthUK I like 'Yer Mam' on the pillar of a concrete motorway bridge just south of Durham. @KiwiCraig74 Excellent work.Happy birthday Bruce Springsteen, who gave $20,000 to the striking miners of Durham in 1985.
@jennashworth Ha, yes! The nerve. @jennashworth (Well, Mailer's The Executioner's Song did, anyway.) @jennashworth That's it - and something the best crime writers (Capote, Mailer, Burn etc) do. @KishWidyaratna I remember thinking 'Wow, London seems wild'. Then moved there asap.I'm finally watching 'Des', episode 1. I read Killing For Company when I was 10 (strange kid) and though the sordi…'In a state of frenzied arrogance around 18 months ago I took it upon myself to hurl a few digital petrol bombs at…
Retweeted by Benjamin MyersDon't say we don't know how to party in Mytholmroyd. @PhelpsieSarah Rosa rapidly emerging as a bold new talent. @PhelpsieSarah Are you BEING served? @LS1hack Even the old guard speeches weren't much of a hit when I was there a year or two back. @IanWinwood1 Congratulations. I've (finally) bought Smash to celebrate. @iamsimonyoung Are you having another of your Dundee/Toblerone moments? @KearnsDiane Ha, good one. @KathrynGrice1 No, you can't make me.I see the face of a bug-eyed demon in that frothy milk. @rebechuana It's on Audible (is that Amazon?)I'm bowled over by the revelation that Alan Partridge's daughter Denise lives in Hebden Bridge. I actually think we've met. @guyware Ah, but I didn't actually mention decorum...Started watching this last Christmas and it has sustained us through lockdown. Don't be distracted or prejudiced by… @adellestripe @JahDuran Yep, you've both nailed it there. But it's still a minor quibble for me in an otherwise fla… @CoyneTom NEVER.Christ. I'm going to end up writing another book at this rate.Killer cover.
Never have I been more aware that Britain is an island. A little lonely island. @i_am_mill_i_am I keep having to deactivate. @AmyAmymiles2 @kerri_ni Quite something isn't it, Amy.I love this: 'Solitude: An Essay' By Jeremy Cooper. (thanks @kerri_ni for sending it) @kerri_ni Sorry if this isn't the case - or has been said already - but I'm told (by @adellestripe) that macbooks a… @leebrackstone But they're turning the courts into saunas (#happybirthdaycode) @murphyspeak @kerri_ni @FitzcarraldoEds That's very beautifully put, Mairead. @kerri_ni @FitzcarraldoEds Thanks so much for this.