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Benjamin Myers @BenMyers1 Upper Calder Valley, UK

Writer of THE OFFING (Bloomsbury). THE GALLOWS POLE (Walter Scott Prize winner). UNDER THE ROCK. BEASTINGS (Portico Prize). PIG IRON (Gordon Burn Prize). More.

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Want a signed first edition hardback copy of THE OFFING in time for Christmas? read the opening quote of the next audiobook I’m doing, I know I’m going to love this book. ⁦@BenMyers1⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Benjamin MyersThis morning I watched a kingfisher pluck a minnow from a pond and swallow it squirming down its golden gullet as England burned. @nicolab03 Many thanks Nicola.Thirty one years in the trade as both Bookseller and Publisher’s Rep. A new standard has been set in the field of A…
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @WaterstonesHarr @MumblinDeafRo @Ofmooseandmen @BloomsburyBooks @stacey_halls @ZaffreBooks Thanks for all your support in 2019.
@BloomsburyNorth @BookCornerHX (Actually I'll be there Monday.) @BloomsburyNorth @BookCornerHX Count me in. @wanderingalong @JoshFG I agree with Sarah. Well done on a valiant effort, Josh. @ThatJoelfella @krldslv You literally joined it! But, fine. @ThatJoelfella @krldslv I've replied to you 3 times already and I'm not into arguing on Twitter. So think that's enough. @krldslv @ThatJoelfella Oh, mate... @krldslv @ThatJoelfella For real. Yet some Corbyn supporters prefer things today. @ThatJoelfella @krldslv Well, yes. The Corbynites just lost the Labour heartland (cf. original tweet). I'm finished now. @ThatJoelfella @krldslv Hard left or centrist, no one person's Labour vote is any more valuable than another's. Kee… @ThatJoelfella @krldslv Sure, let's talk about Blair when Corbyn just suffered the worst Labour defeat since the 1930s. @rickadams82 Now is probably not the time to blame Labour's losses in the north on Blair. Durham was his heartland.… @leebrackstone Yet still I'm getting grief for suggesting King Corbs couldn't cut the mustard. What a shambles. @ScottAPatient @in1980someoned1 I'd happily get behind Keir Starmer, Stella Creasy, Dan Jarvis, David Lammy... @ScottAPatient @in1980someoned1 Under a new leader? @pftumch True enough. My last political post was encouraging people to "Vote Labour". And it did indeed go tits up. @ThatJoelfella I'm not being sarcastic. People just didnt want to vote for Corbyn (I did BTW). @ThatJoelfella A credible leader. @ThatJoelfella Labour just lost the 8000 majority in Durham north-west. Useless. @ThatJoelfella They didn't. The north-east thrived under Blair. @BookCornerHX Will try and come in on Monday. @BookCornerHX All of them? I just did a pile on Monday! @troutiemcfish ...and I've just been looking at it. Very nice.Morning book-signing session amongst the David Hockneys in the cathedral-like @SaltsMill, Saltaire. Freshly-inked c…
@i_am_mill_i_am Do you think he'd encountered Shaun and Bez?On the newsletter: Bill Drummond, @M_Z_Harrison, @BenMyers1, @driftingcamera, @laurarecorder, @womensyear,…
Retweeted by Benjamin MyersWe'll always have Iggy. is a nice surprise: a blurb from me has unexpectedly appeared on two Ted Lewis reissues from @noexitpress. GBH… @Ofmooseandmen @thebookseller @tomtivnan @philipdsjones Amazing. Good work!Friends: all copies are now gone (and original tweet deleted to avoid confusion). I estimate we have raised over £2… @thirdmanbooks *** UPDATE: ALL COPIES ARE NOW GONE. THANKS EVERYONE *** @TheFrow @thirdmanbooks Sorry, all copies are now gone! But thank you. @FinePress @thirdmanbooks Alas, no.... @tomos_e @thirdmanbooks Ah, thank you. All gone, but that's incredibly generous. @imightbejames @maryannehobbs @thirdmanbooks That's immensely kind of you James. @SuetLee4 @thirdmanbooks Thanks so much. @Charismatic04 @thirdmanbooks Thanks so much Charis. Please DM me your address. Special bonus time. @mattcookwriter @thirdmanbooks You can now.... @mattcookwriter @thirdmanbooks No problem - a bonus gift! @Spenner72 @thirdmanbooks Sorry Nick, they're all gone I'm afraid. But thank you. @toridoki @thirdmanbooks What a star, thank you. @Charismatic04 @thirdmanbooks Sorry Charis, they're all gone. @mattcookwriter @thirdmanbooks They're all gone I'm afraid. But I'll send you one anyway. Thanks Matthew. Please DM your address. @jackohblivion @thirdmanbooks Thanks Jack. You've got the 10th copy. Please DM your address. @emmylousawyer @thirdmanbooks It's yours! Please DM your address. @lilyaimees @thirdmanbooks Splendid. Please DM your address. @picklepopers @thirdmanbooks Great. Please DM your address. @cooketim2 @thirdmanbooks Cheers Tim. Please DM your address. @witchcults @thirdmanbooks That's generous, thanks Jill. Please DM your address. @juliarkelly2 @thirdmanbooks That's very kind Julia. Please DM your address. @shaaaarps @thirdmanbooks Thanks so much. Please DM your address. @Rammblyyy @thirdmanbooks Excellent, thanks Laura. Please DM your address. @dan_thom @thirdmanbooks Thanks Dan! Please DM your address. @iamsimonyoung @thirdmanbooks Thanks mate. @Damian_Barr You're hired."Oh, Keir Starmer!" sung to the tune of 'Hotel Yorba'. good news: we'll never have to hear the "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!" song again.Verily my chamber doth echo most mournfully.
@MessrsKickDrum "Utter violence." Excellent work.10 years ago I was writing PIG IRON for @Ofmooseandmen and today one my favourite actors @ralphineson is recording… @tweetsthedevil @BacklistedPod "...but no Anita Brookner."As the decade draws to a close, ask yourself whether Britain is a happier, healthier and more united country than i… The Guardian today: domestic literary warfare w/ @adellestripe.
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @BacklistedPod Thanks for being the best podcast out there - a genuine fortnightly ray of joy - and for infuencing…
In The Guardian today: domestic literary warfare w/ @adellestripe. @weirdwalk @Northern_Earth You two need to swap intel.We caught up with author @BenMyers1 to chat about landscape, folklore, cold water showers, stag-headed men, “writin…
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @johnmitchinson @northumbriana @BacklistedPod Its actually the only book I've asked for Christmas. (Also I'm curren…
@sarahditum Maybe it'll end up with literally everyone being disappointed, just like with Brexit. A 9-way coalition…'s going to be rough isn't it? @samjordison It's a shame that Lucy's real message here is getting obscured: that it just possible that over-popula… @siancain @FictionAtelier (Apologies for missing an 'N' off Lucy's surname. Lucy Ellmann.)Great piece by @siancain on Lucy Ellman (@FictionAtelier), who boldly addresses the great elephant in the room re:…'In 2020 I hope to do less.' The perpetually busy @BenMyers1 shares a year's worth of cultural antidotes to a spin…
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Here is our wonderful @ThePortico Prize shortlist; six fantastic books by @jessicacandrews, @Glen_J_Brown,…
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @hopedickle @TheLevelling Gulp. I hope you enjoy them.... @AdamScovell @Andr6wMale Gah. Oxfam will be getting a good haul tomorrow... @AdamScovell @Andr6wMale Turns out 14 of these are Blu-Ray and I'm a massive idiot. @AdamScovell @Andr6wMale My BFI Flipside collection is nearly complete. @VertigoSickness Halifax.THE NORTH RULES LITERATURE Amazing shortlist for @ThePortico - great to see @BenMyers1 & @adellestripe on there 👊🏻👐🏻
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @paulsmithmusic I went a bit hyper and excited. Also got some Miles Davis, T. Rex, Dave Swarbrick, Michael Chapman.... @eandtbooks @ThePortico And more rain. ✅✅✅ @hopedickle @TheLevelling I loved it, Hope. One of the very best films of the decade. Excellent work. @AdamScovell @Andr6wMale I think I've only seen The Levelling (and Angel Heart) from this pile. @GBudden2 It's the one film I've actually seen from these. Loved it. @adellestripe @YvetteHWriter An extra potato each for tea tonight.Cc @AdamScovell @Andr6wMale @Sarah_E_Rigby @eandtbooks @ThePortico Ah, thanks Sarah. (Free cagoules with the next edition?) @kennyboz67 @adellestripe #teambooksWe’re delighted to announce the six titles on this year’s #PorticoPrize Shortlist, which includes three debut novel…
Retweeted by Benjamin Myers @SharLovegrove @adellestripe @Glen_J_Brown @FleetReads Thanks Sharmaine!Holy shit. I just landed the library sale score of the decade. THE DECADE. £22 for this. the pass-agg tension in our household...