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Tuesday was busy in college sports, as the Big Ten and Pac-12 postponed fall athletic competition. The ACC did not,…'s over. It's finally over. Sports are fun.Also this, lol: that happened during this game: - Big Ten postponed fall sports - Pac-12 postponed fall sports - Joe Biden… like the Big 12 stands with the ACC and SEC for the time being.
The Big 12: #ACC and the #SEC release similar statements about where they stand on the season. The wild card in all of this…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinThere is a fake Bruce Feldman Twitter account spewing a Nebraska/SEC rumor. Please disregard.
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinThe ACC releases a statement, saying it is "pleased with the protocols being administered" on its 15 campuses. Le… detail on the #TakeBackOurGrounds efforts Charles mentions in his thread: basketball news. UVa's basketball season is set to begin in November. Much. News.BREAKING: Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris to be his VP
Retweeted by Bennett Conlin @C_Snyder10 I am also very confused by the logic, assuming in-person classes take place this fall.Two down, three to go? Atariwa and D'Angelo Amos decided to come to UVa from JMU, hoping for a fall football season. Even if it does…, reminds me of yesterday morning. @Galileo242 Even his followers seemed perplexed hahaFinally, someone who gets it!! Saturday fall activities for MEN filled with TESTOSTERONE: - Camping with our kids… NCAA literally banned these last week. Two senators wrote Emmert a letter calling them “morally repugnant.” O…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinIt’s Kyle Guy’s birthday, which seems like a good time to remind everyone that he can dunk. Mendenhall thinks "turbulent" accurately describes the status of fall sports seasons. "It changes so quick… am truly blessed to announce my decision to continue my academic and athletic career at the University of Virgini…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinSources: IDAHOOOOOO opts out of all future college football games should the 2020 fall season be postponed or cance… Diary, It’s August 10th. The status of the college football season is anyone’s guess at this point. My banan… is happening? day at the Power 5 level where .... nothing actually happened? mentioned that community spread is also a factor when determining if it's safe to play this fall. He d… Mendenhall is aware of the #WeWantToPlay campaign, but other factors affect the final fall decision. “I’m…
Adeeb Atariwa, a grad transfer from JMU, says the last few weeks with JMU postponing its season were challenging, b… uncertainty surrounding the fall is stressful, women's soccer head coach Steve Swanson says being together as… Mendenhall's top priority during fall camp isn't related to scheme, it's mental health. UVa's athletic pro…'s John MacKnight is quoted in this piece, which outlines concerns over the long-term effects of COVID-19 in rel… @meghin_ One recipe tried lol, very early in my baking career.This throws me off every week, but I'll figure it out by the time I perfect my banana bread baking skills.Quick clarification on wording to make sure I match UVa's release: 4 student-athletes have produced positive tests.… sports COVID-19 testing update: - 238 student-athletes tested since July 5 - 7 athletic programs back on Groun… @bama_hoo Says the five people out have been out for "quite some time." Also added: "I would love to be able to go… @therealdcunna Are you sitting inside a giant shark raft? Need some details here.Will add this to my notes, thank you. @nstoutDP haha thank you, sir.JMU suspends all fall sports competition. ODU made the same call earlier today. @Joe_Kuyk @chaseakiddy True, but it's not like there's a hotel on campus for potential housing needs ... @chaseakiddy This .... could work. @chaseakiddy Old Convo?The president weighs in on the #WeWantToPlay movement. Should be an interesting week in the college sports world,… football coach Bronco Mendenhall on Big Ten cancellation: "I think others certainly could follow. That would b…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinSources: Big Ten cancels football season; no games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020 via…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinUVa has five players not with the team currently, but Mendenhall says they’re not all COVID-19 related absences.Mendenhall says the team has broken the team into groups for distanced lifts and team meetings. Moving slowly with… says the uncertainty surrounding the fall season adds an existing emotional drain and distraction. Con… says adding recent transfers feels NFL-like, almost like free agency with leagues dropping out this fall… says football is secondary to the pandemic. He says until the COVID-19 numbers are controlled, there’s a… the season happens, Mendenhall feels confident in the time left to prepare for the season. Says he hasn’t felt rushed.Bronco Mendenhall joins us on Zoom today. Says he was emotional being on the grass practice field today. Feels th… it up pretty well. Brady says in his next tweet that he wants to play. The decision on fall football should… @zach_pereles Bold guess: Matt RyanUse your voice! Wait not like that!
Retweeted by Bennett Conlin“Ultimately create a college football players association” Big news. Interesting timing of the announcement, but… group is encouraging others to walk in groups of five (or fewer) from Heather Heyer Way to The Rotunda, visitin… of Aug. 12, a group of UVa football players plan to lead the community in a “Take Back Our Grounds” campaign.… @erineedgerton I’m in. Live TV event. All proceeds go to charity. @Voldrew Fantastic punt returner. Sneaky speed with good vision. Always seemed to gain positive yards on returns. D… @missCulinaryArt Random one online so I’m guessing blog. @bigsur1314 It’s pretty easy haha I rushed the process so the butter wasn’t all that soft and it became a mess. @randy_nj No chocolate chips, which feels like a mistake.Personal news: I made banana bread today. It’s about a 6/10. Might try again later this week. Words of encouragement appreciated.Joe Harris' first-quarter stats against the Clippers: - 7 minutes - 16 points - 6-6 shooting - 4-4 on 3-point shots Whoa.
UVa football also adds JMU's D'Angelo Amos. Talented safety with elite punt returning ability. The Wahoos add two Dukes in one day.Ahead of the three-year anniversary of August 12th, UVa football's "Groundskeepers" take a stand against hatred and… list of transfers: Keytaon Thompson - QB, Miss. St. Ronnie Walker Jr. - RB, Indiana Shane Simpson - RB, To… there's a season, transfers will be integral for #UVa.
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinI watch a lot of JMU football. Adeeb Atariwa is a beast at defensive tackle. One of the better FCS defensive lineme… @amyuf 😂 @amyuf Hahaha if Brooks and Dustin tie they should skip a playoff and just have them strut in front of a panel of j… there anything more useless in sports than broadcasts showing video of athletes arriving at the venue? On a re… @dylan_dethier Do you think they thought they booked Bryson and were taken aback when DJ showed up?We are committed to making change in our community. We are committed to fighting for whats right. We are committed…
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinHow is this CFB media take still a thing? Brogdon scored 24 points while also adding 6 assists and five rebounds in a win over the Lakers. He's been… @RTD_MikeBarber There’s a goat farm in the area with peacocks that attack cars, so that’s probably it!
UVa tight end commit @_jackwitmer recently received some advice from Zach Ertz. Witmer hopes to use that advice and… @Madia_DNRSports Congrats!Thoughts, lead to words which lead to action. It’s our turn!! #GroundsKeepers #TakeBackOurGrounds
Retweeted by Bennett ConlinAn impressive U.S. women's amateur run for UVa's Riley Smyth comes to an end. She falls 2 and 1 in the quarterfin… College, Notre Dame and Pitt all have MAC schools on their fall football schedules. a season opener scheduled, fall camp starts Monday for UVa football. “My team cheered when I announced the s… Willoughby adds nine points in 14 minutes as the Liberty pick up their first win of the season.
Gutsy outing from UVa women's golfer Riley Smyth. Down 2 holes with three to play, but she rallied to advance to th… power JMU suspends fall football. Hopes to play in the spring. UVa opens with VMI, an FCS opponent. uncertainty about fall sports lingers, UVa football continues to prepare under the assumption the season goes as… Mendenhall shares thoughts on Virginia's 2020 football schedule. The Cavaliers open fall camp Monday, acco… @therealdcunna Any relation? @slarjy Guess I’m just cleaner!This tweet is stirring the pot. Here's the origin story: I ate apple pie and ice cream and had a crazy sugar high… @Hoosball Are you washing more than once a year?? @EmbracePaceUVA Was inspired by my Annual Washing of the Sheets! @DailyProgress Send me to the bubble!!!! #MakeBennettABubbleBoyA 'Hoos in the NBA update from your friendly neighborhood sports reporter.