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my heart melts son is not yet 3. We've been going to the library nearly every week since he was just a few months old. It's an…
Retweeted by Benny Rodriguesthis is beautiful @rolfmulder "nou he?!"thank you Geheime Liefde Festival, Nieuwe Nor, Soenda Festival, Toffler Festival & Berghain for the weekends dancin… @rolfmulder *oud rotterdam wijf accent* "echt he?!"
hello berghain, i'm coming to get ya.
Sooenda Festival, Toffler Festival (both BR & ROD) & Berghain leggoooooooo :) @jpk69 @atzedevrieze ik kom hier na t weekend (als ik t niet vergeet) nog op terug, nu richting een paar wedstrijden :) @jpk69 @atzedevrieze vergeleken met social media is top 40 (wat alleen geldt voor een bepaalde 'tak van sport' - pu… @atzedevrieze niet altijd? de slimme breinen van social media hebben er een wedstrijd van gemaakt (created a monste… the end of everything beautiful, pure, spiritual & honest, 1st u find heaven, but if u willing to look closer, u…
@XL_NoizBoiz !! @davidvunk Je kan meerijden als je wilt? 12.30 vertrekken ;) @MellaDee_ Tracksuit in benz thats whatsup. How long u staying? Im playing berghain on sunday, be welcome! @3voor12 @orla_dsf sweet, wist ik helemaal niet! morgen extra lange knuffel voor de beste man :) @MaceoPlex i could write a proper essay about this matter, but need my head to be full focus & positivity for the weekend :)
some @residentadvisor words about my new ROD ep on Afterlife @MARTYN3024 @staceypullen welke? @NinadeKoning legend @Tucker_PM @FriendlyFireNL :D @onnoschram @FriendlyFireNL oh ;) eventim ook getweet , maar ga zo maar eens bellen, tnx @FriendlyFireNL kunnen jullie mij volgen aub? kan geen dm sturen @FriendlyFireNL hi, ik ben mijn tickets for gods of rap vanavond in ziggo dome kwijt, zou ik ze aub per email kunne… @EventimNL hi, ik ben mijn tickets for gods of rap vanavond in ziggo dome kwijt, zou ik ze aub per email kunnen ont…
this is Adriatique & Konstantin Sibold playing out my new ROD release Brighten Up Bunny out now on Tale Of Us' labe…
@laurenflax yoour bunker record is sick!! been playing all 3 cuts to maximum effect last weeks, bangers!! @carlcraignet *content* @eric_cloutier hear hear, altough lots of older cuts don't cut through the meat mastering-wise.. so it's always a g… through my 90's techno records and through this forgotten pearl realizing once again what i love the most abo…
love for brother @ChrisLiebing @ loveland
@Tucker_PM :) @Tucker_PM tnx! wel mysterieus hoor zo zonder foto ;) @EliasMazian hoe je die piranhahead mr g remix draaide, i was locked met mn luie reet op de bank haha @EliasMazian sweetness! wish ik was daar! jullie dgtl set had ook echt die unity pre mobiele telefoons/sociaal medi… @octaveone there's no best in family, you all 1 level up <3 @octaveone his remixes of 'blackwater' are as pure as water <3 @octaveone where KSR at? we need his soul back into this music @Nathan_Barato you're welcome ;) @EliasMazian de dag dat ik dit soort bedwelmende shit op een intieme dansvloer hoor omringd door mensen van wie ik… listen to this outstanding organic piece of spiritual shamanistic tribal heaven remembering us the the power… @vincewatson :D
@_13RAFA12_ tnx! but let me keep my mouth shut about how he f*cked up this release and dealt with it in the most am… @_13RAFA12_ sue me @Tucker_PM br + rod ssssstttt @MATRiXXMAN fire in the disco leggooooo @AidaBcn @we_sell_boxes @coyumusic beautiful, wish her/him all the best, but by the looks of it, she/he's covered. @MellaDee_ WM063 @NinadeKoning hihi @EliasMazian <3 @coyumusic @we_sell_boxes on behalf of my very beloved cat bobo who died 5 years ago reaching the magical age of 20… @bostranostra de vraag des levens :D @we_sell_boxes @coyumusic believe it or not, but i actually do agree with this @wolthuizen ;) @DjBillyJohnston tnx billy! glad u dig it :) @eric_cloutier @steve_bug save it for the post bhain burgermeisters we'll be killing next sundayevening, steve you're invited :)my 1st ROD allnighter (since my residency at Trouw) is happening in De School soon, excited is an understatement :) @AidaBcn @coyumusic well, i was talking about you being his friend, not me.. otherwise i WOULD have corrected him p… @AidaBcn @coyumusic a real friend would correct him, hoping he'll do better next time, instead of defending him onl… @anto_noodles @vincewatson @coyumusic word. & if you decide to go cynical mode after all, at least make sure people… sure know how to 'spin' (once again pun intended) the story meoow @HarvardBass @coyumusic even more ironic since he left that genre for 'being cheesy' and ever since joined the 'coo… @HarvardBass @coyumusic and you know what? i honestly don't care if he's a bandwagon jumper or not, because in a wa… @coyumusic @vincewatson you really don't get it do you? stop talking about the music and start correcting your cyni… @AidaBcn i woke up fresh & sound and stand by my words. i corrected @coyumusic for (whatever it's worth) i felt nee… @Tucker_PM @DJWouterS was ik ook niet van plan ;) @coyumusic @vincewatson some of us can read between the lines dude. try to spin it into a positive thing now, while… @vincewatson @coyumusic if he's all into techno now, i'm happy for him, but don't shit on others for making the sam… @vincewatson @coyumusic i'm far from being a techno-purist, but it's the elitist cynical thoughts from him of all p… @vincewatson @coyumusic (2/2) but my point was not about the music, but about him blaming diplo for doing something… @vincewatson @coyumusic and yes, i grow up with the whole original uk techhouse sound (mr c, terry francis, nathan… @JensSchattauer_ tnx! @vincewatson @coyumusic completely agree vince. and i honestly don't care about @coyumusic 's techno-shirts regardl… @Tucker_PM @DJWouterS tnx, leuk en aardig idd, maar ik zie mijn 'scene' ook 'verkracht' worden door opportunisten,…
@DJWouterS gewoon pulp door ze strot gedouwd met vuist en al vieze boelert @AidaBcn can't stand hypocrites, other than that there's no anger or hate inside me to worry about, but tnx for the… @DJWouterS juice 4 daze @papa_template :DDD @martijn10velden @coyumusic true , but my point is not about the state of techhouse or anyone's definition about th… true, and i've ignored this joker for quite some time now for that exact same reason (focus on positivity), bu… stevie wonder saw it coming.... hear you girl. for me it's not even about him leaving techhouse, as offcourse i understand if he wants to head in… forget about kfc and 'the resistance' talk make sure you mention #techno enough times for the bandwagon to take you on board when on it's way out.. @coyumusic're missing the point and we're talking in circles now, so i'm out meeow @bennyrodrigues Quite interesting to see a lot of these guys that milked the tech house bandwagon now claiming to h…
Retweeted by Benny Rodriguesthis. a tragic loss for techhouse you have left. now go on and play your techno & whatever and let diplo do the same… so f*cking what... u made ur own point right there. case closed*cries about techhouse beeing cheesy* @coyumusic ..'m not gonna debate cheesy techhouse, all i know is good or bad music in every genre incl techhouse. therefore i w… can smell the higher moral ground from a mile away, but whatever. do what u want, just don't be a hypocrite. supp… that makes u better than anyone playing techhouse nowadays huh? the moment people like you started playing techn…*ck that shit, acting like he's morally better than diplo or whoever now because all of a sudden he's into 'techno… you're so 'techno' these days so whats ur point
my Younger Rebinds set @ DGTL is now available on Resident Advisor Soundcloud:
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