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Family, fitness, and that face you wake up with that regularly sends you over the edge on @GMB, @TippingPointITV and @ninjawarrioruk

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@KathrynWebs @DrHilaryJones @GMB Ha - I didn’t realise it was you’re Kathryn, you should have said!! @mzdt @merielbeale Haha love it Mezza I want to see the footage though. Simon we are often using our phones to stay… @merielbeale That’s @chris_kammy favourite joke - sadly he’s never managed to tell it right 🤣 @neilcole You can’t teach that 🤣👌 @Jonesyjones00 @Lurve_Machine Haha this is brilliant @leedsofcourse Who was it and I’ll try and mention it 👍 @AVeasey1983 @susannareid100 We will be Andrew 👍
We’d love you to join us for this live quiz on 7th April it should be fun + hopefully raise some much needed funds… @CliffsideKatie Happy 23rd Katie!!! How time flies and how gloriously you still paint the wonderful environment you… @Seb4chuf That amazing magic smile is how I’ll always remember her mate, what special spirit, warmth and affection… @starwashiom @YorkshireProse Ha - like that!Morning - here’s a lovely way to start the day take a few minutes to enjoy this from @YorkshireProse beautifully su… @YorkshireProse Haha I honoured 🤗🤣 but I know this is what great poetry sounds like
Ahh not the first celeb to try and cheek the answer out of me!! @Kathbum was on fire in this game @HussainManawer 🤣🤣 some arguments never get old!! @HussainManawer Mate that’s a real moment of light in a very dark time. I bet it was greatClash of the Titans - one of our absolute fav @TippingPointITV #LuckyStars to be fair I think this was the only que…
@1984_Princess Ha - it def winds you lot up more than me!! @alexberesfordTV Vintage!!! Love that
Not sure what you’re up to but my mate @gavininskip is about to do one of his brilliant quizzes on Facebook. Check… is awesome lads great work
@PeoplesAstro That’s awesome the moon, Venus and ISS and no YouTube in sight!!! @PeoplesAstro Is that it ok the right? @PeoplesAstro Jack is offering you show his moonshine!! 😳🍑 @PeoplesAstro All present and correctNow this is epic!! Quick question how big can the kids be....asking for my big son? @AlexHorne Happy Friday Alex - we’ve just been reminiscing about the time you fed my 13yr old son merlot from a can! #fingerfairy @Marathonchamp @Waymont8 @TippingPointITV Like a fricking freight train!!!!! 💪💥 @RhonddaBryant @francesbarber13 Yes but that was my because of my over enthusiastic need to cuddle than any evil intent .....honest! 😜 @francesbarber13 @Herring1967 There’s one or two I struggle with isn’t there Rich!! Thank you Frances glad you’ve f… yes!! (Not sure about the mug though) 😜⚒ how we’ve missed these dulcet tones - what a final, what a champ, oh dear what have we become 🤣🤣 @PaulMerrettChef I’ll hold you to that!! @JustJan1ce @reallorraine @DrHilaryJones @GMB Hahaha I’ve had a few pics but this is the best yet!! @realrussmarks I pity the bag @mrowenm 🤣See you at 9am with @benshephard and @DrHilaryJones on @GMB - anything you want to ask the doc? #AskDrH
Retweeted by Ben ShephardWhich one for Laura this weekend?? I’m thinking any of the mullets - business at the front party at the back @welburn_chris @GMB @kategarraway @NWAmbulance I did Chris first thing this morning @kerribenno Haha if only 🤗 @RavWilding Mohawk!!!! @tanyalee1983 What are their names Tanya can we show it?How cute are these two!! DIY Barnet chop from Tanya love it!! @Jonesyjones00 Haha thanks Jonsey that’s very cute. All good so far here. Hope you guys are ok too
Wow that was a very special moment - the applause from the street, and our neighbours dog joining in too! A small g… @TheDeanAshton Love the comms!!!! Little Legend @Lavaniya85 I’m so sorry to hear that. Sending love and hugs @KimberleighCat1 @lisamejuto @melkneee @GemmaAldousslee @teriatfear Haha ssshhhh 😜 @teriatfear @GemmaAldousslee @lisamejuto @melkneee Haha no doubt! Xx @BritBoxingBlog @PullingThePunch Nah follow @AkyKarim8416 and he was tagged in! That fella is a Tipping Point legen… @PullingThePunch @BritBoxingBlog That’s hardly PullingThePunch 😩😜 @Biosynergy @lisamejuto @melkneee @GemmaAldousslee @teriatfear That is a good idea - I wonder how that would go down!! @GemmaAldousslee @lisamejuto @melkneee @teriatfear Haha I’m actually more gentle than you lot!! @lisamejuto @SJPTAI @melkneee @GemmaAldousslee @teriatfear You def said something like that - or slap it on??? One of the two @lisamejuto Haha don’t think there’s any chance of that happening!!I know there are important things going on but thought this’d make you smile- pre match routine has changed so it D… @andieuridge @reallorraine @DrHilaryJones Haha brilliant @WaspsKitMan @WaspsRugby @Scotty_Murray @stevemiddy1865 @KellySotherton Great to hear from you Pudsey - hope alls g… @EllisNigel You’re not wrong Nigel!I have so much to learn, like thinking before I speak #quiltdontspread 😳🤣🤦🏻@MelGiedroycShow @SugarCubesRS Ahhhh yes I get it now 😜🤣 @IanPieman Ian that’s brilliant!!! Thanks for forwarding this
How great is this - Peyton cleans out the @TippingPointITV jackpot is fine style!!! Love it @ellachadwick1 Thank you Ella xxx @philipb1 Haha - at least Mrs S has actually pulled some weight over the years, Barry....hmmmmMe + Mrs S have made it to another year - 16yrs married which seems all the more significant with what’s going on.… @chuckadolphy @BFBSCyprus Don’t make it look too easy for my sake!!! 😜
@BrianWoodMC Brutal love it!Wow - love that you felt inspired to write this Steve and it’s got a great sentiment too. @CliffsideKatie Love that beach Katie thank you @PeoplesAstro We’re in! Let us know the time Mark 👍
I’ve trained with Tim and Jacko who set up @SchoolOfCali and they are flipping great. If you need some ideas, inspi… @mikemcclean5 You’ve missed off World Knowledge and strategy - 4pm Tipping Point 😜 @kevbensam Sending my best Kev @ditchfield Haha ours too!! Hope alls good James it’s been too long!! @j40x Well the old man sent us all four samples, a rose/white/2xred then a spread sheet of each of the samples, wit… @KincaidDeclan Ha I have indeed! @ArrghBee Ha - it might have been at one time, good spot!! @SteveWiesbaden @DrTOBIASSHEP01 If you zoom in to the screen he’s bottom left!! @brendairwin2001 That’s a good idea Brenda I’ll try and work out something
@sw1205 Haha I’ll look forward to seeing that in the sitcom!!! @cathjjenkins I’m good with the champagne and beer Cath as you know!! 🤣Ahh the #virtualwinetasting was a huge success - I was hopeless but the wine tasted great! #HappyMothersDay hope yo… @ThelmaChen Happy birthday Bob - sending thoughts and virtual hugs to you and your wife! @Jonesyjones00 @Seb4chuf @realrussmarks @ChristianCeriso @Lurve_Machine @EmmaBilton Love these updates Jonesy
@jit_singh99 That’s beer machine will make it even more entertaining!! You drink every time I say lateral, or drop!… @meseemajaswal @premierleague @PLCommunities Great work seema - love the last line @HanleyKathryn Thanks Kathryn glad you enjoyed it
A little bit of jackpot sunshine at a cloudy time... Paul making this look a lot easier than it actually is, what a… @smiffy_69 Love that Colette - I take it there’s a £10k jackpot involved right 😜The booze has arrived - the only problem is I’ve got to wait till Sunday to drink it 😩 #virtualwinetasting @emmacol1979 That’s a great idea Emma - you’ll have a fab day and plan a lovely big party down the line too!!
@signalongwithus Happy birthday Christian!!! @theyycallmesin @ITV Loved it!! They aren’t brave enough to come and give it a go- regardless of what happens that…’re here for you David everyday!! @TippingPointITV #tippingpoint @DeborahWills63 @GMB There tomorrow Deborah 😘 @ChristianCeriso @Jonesyjones00 @Lurve_Machine @realrussmarks @EmmaBilton Hahaha that’s brilliant. Sending love to you all
@NickHarrisActor Hope the wide shot caught the walk and talk
@viveksharma98 “The greatest error is to be paralysed by the fear of failure” will remember that!! @limobikelondon @davidflatman @TomShanklin As I said to Flats I do listen - (he doesn’t as he said I don’t!!) great…