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🏳️‍🌈 I’m a fan fic writer. I’m a lover of comics. #MariskaHargitay is who I greatly admire. 💯 ➡️#endthebacklog

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@CHErayuuki @tabachoi27 @AllShow7 @puddingmv but sonnet said no to the ship 🥺 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 ouch . tell me how you really feel @puddingmv @CHErayuuki have a nice family day. talk soon ! @CHErayuuki @puddingmv @AllShow7 yeah cuz you didn’t want us!! we deserve better then that!! lol 😭💯 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki lol and i literally just said we should be together and this is what you say! 😂 well at leas… @CHErayuuki @puddingmv sonnet told me to sleep 44553727262 hours ago lol ahhh @puddingmv @CHErayuuki lmfao what i love is how you both fight over Amalia then it goes back to sonnet and i fighti… @CHErayuuki you’re just using that as a cover story lol 😂😂 @CHErayuuki of course you would use that gif lolME:” I missed you..” CHE:” I miss Amalia...” ME:” But... But, you’re my wife...🥺” CHE:” Amalia is my only wife...”… @puddingmv lol i will. hope you have a good day ☺️😊💕Who is your greatest influence? — Mariska Hargitay 💯 @puddingmv morning!!!!💕💕💕💕💕 wooohooo! lol as i’m typing this falling asleep 😂 👀 Ask me something
@jamiesapphic @Unlimit4Harmony for me— it’s the way Jamie looks at Dani @AleMorgul @candicepatton @MattMitovich @StephenAmell Wait Barry, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow? Yeah.. omg he just got so much hotter 😂 @Kat_McNamara @TheCW @StephenAmell @lamonicagarrett @JamesBamford I’m still cry when Mia first saw her dad.. and sh… need to know— Who tops? Jamie or Dani? 👀 #damie #BlyManor #blymanorwatchpartyWho be wearing the strap tho ? 👀 #damie #BlyManor #blymanorwatchparty @CHErayuuki night ❤️Call me sexy weird. Push me against the wall. Pick me up and spin me around. Tell me about your favorite place you… @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 🥺 @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki it’s true @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki 😂😂😂 @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki I always think about Che lol @puddingmv @CHErayuuki Yeah i understand. i mean i have my moments where i get sensitive over something online. cuz… @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki I couldn’t ask Che to choose between me and two other people that’s not fair to her. Everyone is after her love . @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 gosh you’re so plain hard to get @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki lol no i’m jk she didn’t... it would’ve been a nice upcoming bday present for me though 😭 i w… @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki Logan she admitted it was me @CHErayuuki we all know it’s Amalia @puddingmv @CHErayuuki (2) drama people. If you find yourself in that situation, just ignore them, don’t say anythi… @puddingmv @CHErayuuki (1) of course !! we got your back. seriously though don’t pay know mind to any idiots on ins… @puddingmv @CHErayuuki oh ok good. but like SONNET PROTECTION SQUAD💯 @lolobulbul @CHErayuuki @puddingmv not on my watch 👀 @CHErayuuki @puddingmv who made you cry sonnet? unacceptable. send me over! i got your back! @taylorhickson Drop the EP girl we out here waiting 👏💯 @ashleynicwill 👑👑❤️💯 QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE @CHErayuuki thank you hun 💕💯 @_imnumber7 @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @RayllaShipper @h_nojb @puddingmv @aymmgreen 👀Working on my writing. It’s my birthday week. gonna enjoy it 💕 @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @RayllaShipper @h_nojb @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @aymmgreen i’m not talking about that i’m talki… @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @RayllaShipper @h_nojb @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @aymmgreen looks like i’m gonna have to be loud… @tiernanhickson but as long as your ok that’s all that matters 💕💯 @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @RayllaShipper @h_nojb @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @aymmgreen Che.. you come on.. And i’ve missed… @ArwiSK yeah but it’s different when you retweet.. you know what i mean? it puts something in a post rather then ju…
@ArwiSK what?!! where how?!!MY IDOL OUT HERE DOING AMAZING THINGS👏💯❤️ #mariskahargitay season 7—-Team Flash may need Iris, but Central City needs Iris too...they need her as Iris West-Allen, The rep… @CHErayuuki night ❤️ @AllShow7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @_imnumber7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen yeah Che is @AllShow7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @_imnumber7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen of course... i mean if it involves my girl Che then i’m always in 😂 @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki @IamAlfieFDodge @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen thanks 😊 @tiernanhickson @thaniellehicks the kinda picture that says “WHY IS IT ONLY A MONDAY. ahhh” 😂 @tiernanhickson you’re gonna have a great day love. 💕💯 @AllShow7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @_imnumber7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen oh.. lol thanks guys @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki @IamAlfieFDodge @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen no i mean when i started talking to Che.. well… @AllShow7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @_imnumber7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen I’m also caring to right ?!? 🥺 @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki @IamAlfieFDodge @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen lol i admitted to Che that I did that 💕 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen i’m not lying. And i’m always there for her when sh… @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki @IamAlfieFDodge @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen ok i may have used a world clock on my phone to… @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen lol even if we are... you know i would protect you… @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @CHErayuuki @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen my heart can’t handle if there’s more @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen get your ass back here and explain yourself lol @CHErayuuki @IamAlfieFDodge @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen really? that’s the reply i get? after all the l… @IamAlfieFDodge @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen you know... i’m just gonna let Jan and Sonnet h… @puddingmv i mean it’s true lol @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @h_nojb @aymmgreen i’ve always cared for Che @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @CHErayuuki @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen there’s....There’s a third person? That i didn’t know about 🥺 @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen i’m happy when Che’s happy @CHErayuuki @_imnumber7 @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen lmfso oh lord @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen lol ok cool @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen team Chennet... cuz i want you to be happy 💕 @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @_imnumber7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen cuz we love you that’s why lol @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen lol we aren’t.. we are just friends. ☺️ I just like messing wit… @AllShow7 @CHErayuuki @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen lmfaooo @CHErayuuki @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @aymmgreen you know i’m just messing with you Che💕 nothing but love for you and sonnet 😂💯 @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen imagine my surprise when i woke up and sonnet and che had ship… @h_nojb @AllShow7 @puddingmv @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen 😂😂 @puddingmv @AllShow7 @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen 😭 @CHErayuuki @puddingmv @AllShow7 @h_nojb @aymmgreen lol you were just doing ship names with sonnet! i see how it is… @AllShow7 @puddingmv @h_nojb @CHErayuuki @aymmgreen really Che?!? after everything we’ve been through 😭 i’m heartbroken lolREPRESENTATION MATTERS🖤🖤Looking forward to Javicia’s role as she takes on the Gotham being Batwoman 👏💯 #Batwoman FOR MORE OF MY GIRL IRIS IN SEASON 7 ❤️👑💯 #candicepatton #iriswest #iriswestallen #theflash
@tiernanhickson @taylorhickson @pam_sadowick have fun and be safe 💕 @KatiagmKg 😂😂😍💯 lol yes @KatiagmKg lmfao that’s definitely Amalia.. I know it . i mean it looks exactly like her! 😂 i’m laughing cuz she’s so cute .Mondays consists of this➡️ Working on chapter 5 of my fic, “the cabin” for you guys 💕💯 @ElkeDB09 @altmycelium @puddingmv @rainhasnor @taylorhickson happy birthday!!! @altmycelium 💕💯 hope you enjoy your bday!Excuse me while I faint— 👀😍🔥 #AlyciaDebnamCarey just want them together again. i’m not asking much 😭❤️💯 #FearTWD” Can i just say... It’s just so good to hear your voice...” 😭❤️💯 #FearTWD & DWIGHT REUNITED ❤️😭💯 #FearTWD you guys think isabelle is gonna be on the roof?!? #FearTWDyou’re not taking Dwight from me!!! 😭😭#FearTWD
@CHErayuuki thank you ☺️☺️ @CHErayuuki night 💕Yes daddy I would love to sit on your lap 😍💯 #raellecollar #MotherlandFortSalem #motherland #switches @CHErayuuki @puddingmv che defense squad ❤️❤️ @CHErayuuki @puddingmv hugs!!!! 🥺💕