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Chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad, they always made me glad. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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@WSTtweets @PoliticsJOE_UK @acapellascience @vonstrenginho At least we know who to blame. @CelticFC Sounds like he could do with a break. @Oldfirmfacts1 Deal with it @Scots_Geek @HRwritesnews The SNP aren’t left-wing.“Sorry guys. I was gonna, you know, kick it up the other end and just put one right in their fucking goal hole, but… after a six nations game. @monchensaderzak @no_pasaran90 I gained that many because people thought I was Jozo.Everyone tweets the video about the Kevin Bridges pretending he’s Danny Dyer at a Celtic Rangers game but this prob…
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @__mrc67 🤣🤣🤪🤪 @Frankie_Phraser Yes, they are gimps.Sums it up have second-hand embarrassment from this. @BrewDogJames @BrewDog @TamsLeftWand I’ve just been stripping my tree with one, so this is exactly what I’m looking for. @TomiCaws Every league will be null and voided for public safety anyway. @paulwoodhead10 @LivEchonews No that’s a photo of flooding mate. @TomiCaws No point because we aren’t going up. @piixietit2 @piixietit2 England. Liverpool is a city in the north west of England.Lawwell: "Lenny, I told you a hundred times. You gotta win some matches before you try and rally the support by pla…
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @fatboybeans @bertiecauld It wasn’t a compliment. @fatboybeans @bertiecauld That’s your best patter yet. @bertiecauld Ruin your day.“I have the backing of the board.” @PeterMsport @CelticFCSLO @ShipAhoy88 @CelticTV Just when you thought you’d got a job that wasn’t on YouTube. @LivEchonews @jonhughes_72 Don’t get sassy. @LivEchonews Well please keep us updated. I’ll be on edge all day until this puddle is resolved. @GLiveSport David Tanner isn’t a TV host. He can’t get on television no matter how hard he tries. @Thom_Beard @mrewanmurray Are you for real?Well that backfired then I guess.
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @MarruStore “Perfect teeth instantly” Patel: “The £20 uplift in Universal Credit is a lifeline and absolutely vital for vulnerable people which is…
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @Record_Sport I mean I didn’t agree with the delivery but it’s quite obvious what Lennon was going on about. Most p…
Neil Lennon Explosive post Dubai Press Conference 18/01/21 via @YouTube
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭Booyaka Booyaka, P45.
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @j_67__ Defo a Lucha mask. Not sure if it’s a Mysterio one. @ChrisYoDoom @steveperry67 “Seemed” @djpower57416773 Only a certain group of people are destroying the club and it isn’t the fans. @toca63 @PaulJohnDykes If there was then Lawwell should have brought it up in his propaganda video, and not let the… @R1130_ @_Hertz_1874 Makes perfect sense. That’s why Malky Mackay will be announced at the end of May. @erlsellick Yeah the same tbh. @GM1903_ Give me a sellick da over a middle-aged horny Aberdeen fan any day. @runoffpanocho We were awful for 60 minutes in that game. A championship team nearly embarrassed us. @Record_Sport We have that already. press conference today seemed like a pathetic attempt to create a siege mentality at Celtic, and get the fans b… @readingralph @AyoCaesar Have you seen this mate? Shocking stuff. is he acting like fans have only wanted him out for a few weeks, when the majority of sane fans have wanted him… @madcelt61 @HereCelts Ok? @madcelt61 @HereCelts Almost as if Dubai and a Hospital are different things. Plus a bit of humility wouldn’t have gone amiss. @PaulDock93 Lennon using “this you?” patter in his press conference. @Wilson67__ If I was shite at my job I’d look for something else before I get sacked. Luckily he doesn’t have to bother looking. @CelticFC @CelticFC Lennon’s PR advisor -
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ manager update (NM)
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @SetOnOverdrive @KieranMaguire @ConorM67_ Stealing a living. No wonder he never went to Arsenal. @SetOnOverdrive @KieranMaguire @ConorM67_ This was the same season Liverpool won the champions league and their director was paid less. @SleeepyLabRat @davenewworld_2
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭This was the best part
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @thebarryhorns @gazceidz I’d love to take the glory but I don’t think that was me. Guy’s a gimp. football than a network provider
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@Olliek74 @ralphmward @MikeSegalov @soniasodha @geoalloy 😂
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @c_maran1878 Good player tbf. No one could get past him. @ScotRail Expectations for 2021 Reality of 2021 McNulty. Absolute unit. @holsterjones @Saml_efc He was Sara’s teacher. Weirdo. @holsterjones @Saml_efc Mr Gee. Started after I left but dunno if he was there when you were still there. @WeeNippySweety Haha apologies. @WeeNippySweety Didn’t think anyone would see this. Can I delete it?
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭Lorenzo Insigne with a ridiculous assist for Napoli just now. That is so so good 👏👏👏 📹 - @PremierSportsTV
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ @TomiCaws Download one for your phone. @mlcoolj2 Front or back?Aright Donna settle down
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭I have never heard the word chitterwagger before. @Smith73J @ClydeSSB I’m not. @ClydeSSB Offside @br_Fk5 Blocked me, deleted the tweet then called everyone huns for disagreeing with him. @br_Fk5 Jeremy corbyn says poor kids should be able to eat food
Retweeted by Chairman Lmao ☭ asshole fish decided to walk out of the water one day and now i have to go to work and pay rent
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