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Ben Werdmuller @benwerd San Francisco Bay Area

I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy on mission-driven technology ventures. Formerly @mattervc @unlockprotocol. He / him.

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@majelbstoat @dpup @RangeLabs It sadly means "I was literally in 8 hours of meetings on Thursday".Descript is mind-blowingly cool. @dpup @RangeLabs It is .. not unusual for me right now. Working on it. :|I really like a lot about @RangeLabs - we're using it on my team to check in every day - but the end of week email…! Google Translate adds new language, VC Speak.
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @FrogCroakley @srobalino @ForUsAll401k We should chat! Happy to connect our sales / ops folks with your HR folks.Happy Friday! @ForUsAll401k, where I'm Head of Engineering, now has over a billion dollars of retirement savings un… @Haje @Apress Congratulations! @maiab 👋 me! @julien51 I’m so sorry, Julien. @JackK We need all of those things. isn’t great.
The homeless situation in San Francisco, California, and the US in general is brutal. I feel so bad for these peopl…'m looking for non-judgmental, non-religious organizations who will help her get back on her feet but won't put he…'s a homeless woman near our office who has been here for a few weeks. Her situation is pretty hopeless. She d… @timfernando Absolutely! But like I said, there are 4 types of people in SF ... @niallds Couldn’t agree more, except for the smile partI'm planning to log out of social media and boycott the attention economy in December. Join me? @ealshafei Maybe we should take this to email, but what kind of costs are we talking about, on average? @ealshafei Define hosting? Is this infrastructure, or also software maintenance etc?Is anyone interested in hosting this platform on our behalf? Are there organizations dedicated to preserving contex…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerOur @CrowdVoice platform has over 10 years worth of content on social justice movements worldwide - including image…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerRetirement benefits for all. has four kinds of people. Which are you?BREAKING: Dr. Scott Warren found NOT GUILTY on all charges for providing food, water, shelter, and medical care to…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmulleranyone who is surprised that thiel has been working zuck on behalf of trump is a moron
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerThis ad is being targeted to people in the Silicon Valley tech industry, presumably to try and craft a right-wing n… was a day.
I love this team, and what they have built is beautiful. is exactly the type of fund we are launching at @sexandstartups next year. But FIRST we are LISTENING to the n…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @gabekleinman Important follow-up needed: was it stolen??So glad I rage-quit Uber 3 years ago.
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @morepete That's really, really cool. Thank you!At least 19 Black Trans women have been killed by fatal violence in the U.S. this year. Their deaths often go unrep…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerEnforce. Password. Managers. happens next is all down to how strong the Republican propaganda alternate universe really is. I suspect it’s… is not the right lesson to be drawing from the current moment, but to reiterate: WhatsApp is not secure. That… has dramatically decreased between yesterday and today. It’s a good thing. Had a good night’s sleep. Still…’m glad we got to hear Trump’s really good man and that the facts were allowed out to the public! want to make sure my own web infrastructure - for my personal site and projects - runs on renewable energy. I’d l… @girlziplocked Yes, and in the dumbest way possible. @intelekshual God, I just went to read the lyrics for One Week because I wanted to make a lame joke here, and I had… @moorehn I’m convinced it’s not just Putin. These leaders are very convenient for any large entity that needs the o…
@scrapegroat Or rather, laughing at a crumbling political party pretending to be fact checkers ... @Amandaelef I'll give it a try! Thank you! @joshfjosue Solidarity! I hope you're able to find your way through it. Still working on mine, but it's very helpful to know I'm not alone.This #InternationalMensDay, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped to undo toxic masculinity. These eff… #InternationalMenDay @andrewducker That latter one. But point taken. I give a lot of money every month, but socks / clothing hasn't been on the list.Every time I pass the Say Media building (which is almost every day), I remember the very kind visit we had when we… interesting coverage of the off the record civil rights meeting at Facebook. It’s promising. But also points… @bertil_hatt bought some socks yesterday where for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to people in need. On one hand: yay!… insomnia turned up to 11 tonight. Tension throughout my muscles and a racing heart. In turn, my min… OK @Hanjabanja 😶😯😦😧😮2009 / 2019 @Hanjabanja Doo doo doo doo doo @Hanjabanja Oh liiiiiiiiiiiiife @Hanjabanja Oh life @Hanjabanja Oh lifeNostalgic Bill Gates Visits Garage Where He First Had Idea to Be Born Rich
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerAlan Moore, never one to mince words. HBD Uncle Alan! h/t:
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South Dakota has launched a campaign to combat meth. With this new logo.
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @majelbstoat Did they need to Bing it first?Boy, am I excited for DreamForce!1/3 of the US don’t believe 6 million Jewish people were murdered in the Holocaust. I’ll pass onto professional sm…
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@_danilo Big downside: Dyson himself was a giant proponent of Brexit and is politically ... unfortunate. Which make… @EccentricFlower Respect. Aretha Franklin’s version > Otis Redding’s. (And the power dynamics when sung by a woman are so much better.) @majelbstoat I’m excited for you!You know what makes the world better? A cup of tea. @mwichary That is ridiculously beautiful!It’s been brought to my attention that between worrying about my family dying, Trump, Brexit, systemic racism / sta… is really, really bad. HT @praymurray article is everything I hoped it would be. I'm literally crying with laughter. @tictoc @MerrillLynch Social justice. Which we all should donate to, in a world where white supremacy and bigotry are on the rise.I give a lot of my paycheck to social justice causes. Which isn’t even on this poll, for some reason. Discovered that many people don't know the protocol for people who travel to China on behalf of a big tech company.
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I’m still not sure about the platform - lots of work to do - but WT Social’s funding model is genius. It’s public social media. I love it.The promise of the internet is to undermine exclusivity and make the world a more equal place. It is not simply to… a reminder that “a reminder that” tweets are mostly about people’s own lives.A reminder that your needs are as important as the needs of the people around you, and if you want to support them,… @OdedCoster @joelgascoigne @dhh That’s what happens any time people are getting rich all over the place. I think th… @OdedCoster @joelgascoigne @dhh I used to think that, but there are benefits to at least coming here often. It real… @OdedCoster @joelgascoigne @dhh Also: I’m not necessarily against VC as such. There are businesses it’s perfect for… @OdedCoster @joelgascoigne @dhh I don’t believe it’s possible to bootstrap a business in a place like SF where the…’s not going to happen until I’m ready, but I’m determined that the next startup I found will be like my very fir… Jazeera's @TeresaBo has been intentionally tear-gassed in the eyes by Bolivian police while on air. She was simp…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerThis is why public hearings are important.
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerI’m starting to understand something clearly: unethical people think everyone else is unethical too, just hiding it
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @neeraj You too!I've felt appalling all week. Physically exhausted; mentally sad; generally in a really bad place. I'm hoping this…
This makes me physically ill. A loud echo of all the worst crimes against humanity, especially against minorities,…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerHow awesome would it be to work with me on Ruby on Rails code to help people in need to build financial safety for…'s a celebrity in my circles who a lot of my friends retweet and some work with, who I won't touch with a barg… to @leeromney and everyone at KALW who received awards @SPJNorCal! @BentIdeas @yoideaman @radiomarissa
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @holden 🎶 A very merry unbirthday to you (to me!) to you 🎶Considering starting a part-time fund that explicitly invests in revenue-first media startups using a flexible mode… social platforms that help us build more fulfilling real-world relationships with our friends, relatives, a…