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Ben Werdmuller @benwerd San Francisco Bay Area

I work at the intersection of tech, media, and democracy on mission-driven technology ventures. Formerly @mattervc - currently @unlockprotocol. He / him.

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@GV1180 @maiab That’s not how it should be. Founders need to model normal behaviors like vacation and create a cult… summer we were going to take my Ma to our favorite place in the world. She spent a month in hospital instead.…
@simonw A few weeks ago I was looking for someone who could help design a new kind of pleural catheter and then 3D… @rakyll I’ve found myself becoming less sarcastic over time while living here. It’s super weird. But the odd looks get old.I missed it this year because of health stuff. But this is us. Including the camping inside. For us, this year: rac…’s missing here is the irony modifier. So for example, “quite good” can still mean “very good”, if said in a ce… Warren’s immigration reform plan is A+ good and I badly want her to be our next President.
@julien51 Having spent a lot of time thinking about this lately: treat every time like it could be the last time, b… @timweston You shouldn’t apologize! It’s great to chat on Twitter and I value our connection. That’s not what I meant at all, I promise!I’m grateful for everyone who reached out during the last few weeks. I know these kinds of things are probably not… @IdentityWoman Events you’ve facilitated with these principles are still far and away my favorite tech events I’ve… care about technology, but as it relates to its role in improving the human experience. It’s about making better…’s a decentralized web camp going on this weekend, which in another time I might have been sad to miss. But I…’ll say this for a giant family medical crisis: it puts everything in perspective. I have a much stronger sense of… 1. physically; 2. existentially @sarahdessen And we love you! @sarahmei Also, in particular make sure you’ve got a great view for Colorado before Denver. @sarahmei I’ve done that trip. It’s great! Embrace the dining car conversations with strangers. Drink plenty of wa… @rstevens I would say so @rstevens I am resolutely uninfluenced @danemadsen I haven’t thought about my own life in months now. I’m interested in bringing some rhythms back to it.Discharging today. 😅 I’m not sure what comes next. But I’m so glad that she gets to be somewhere more comfortable.
And exhale.Most of us have normalized it, but it's still wild that social platforms worth hundreds of billions of dollars are…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerToo often funding flows through connections, shutting out promising but less connected entrepreneurs from the resou…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @amrith I love this!What is making you happy today?This image of me has been going around 4chan and other awful parts of the web with similar transphobic commentary.…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerI just got to take my mother for a very ginger walk around the ward, and these are the things I’m living for right… is beautiful in the summer
I'm looking for a new writer to come and work with us on Zombies, Run! Are you this person? Do you know this person…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @simonmacmichael I'd get it either way :)What is Rosegarden?How is this legal? @majelbstoat I'm hanging onto this one like a barnacle @AlexJamesFitz Looking forward to the Shake Shack earthquake story🎶 Every day a new horror 🎶"Love It or Leave It" has a long and disreputable role in U.S. history. Those of you shouting the slogan today are…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @kylewmahan Yay!
Feeling so energized and grateful after spending a few hours with the brilliant team @thediscourse. They are way ah…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerI'm not at all a fan of Andrew Yang.’s stop creating barriers between “kinds of engineers” in general and start appreciating humans who show up to w…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerLet me tell you how to ACTUALLY spot a “10x engineer” (fuckin THREAD)
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @bijanstephen A free hug and hour of being listened to, available to everyone as a public service.The link between stress and cognitive decline is real. It's just simple stuff: more typos, finding it harder to kee… you personally own or have owned any cryptocurrency?
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerWe are thrilled that @newmediaventure has chosen Sunrise for their 2019 funding round! Their support will help us b…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerI'm excited about the new batch of @newmediaventure investments: startups that will help to create a more progressi… Iran.
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerWhy I think revenue is vital for a more ethical internet: @balajis I've been thinking about a social network where you post your goals and things you're proud of, and connec… @evanpro @julien Strongly dependent on which roads and which culture! eg: I felt comfortable jaywalking in Oxford,… @kylewmahan On a scale of 1 to 12, a farthing @kylewmahan Shame is a most Victorian value @morepete Yeah, I’m thinking of it in terms of source code and protocols when I say I’m in favor of 1. @kylewmahan Mostly the video I think.I firmly believe in option 1. Tech shouldn’t be able to do everything - instead, it should do the right thing. wish everyone in tech would listen to @superwuster, and in particular to his ideas on competition in tech. I thin…'s where I'm at.
@kylewmahan Definitely Rick Rubin's idea. He and Trent Reznor are friends. I love the recording and the video, but… this is spectacular... telnet Then click and drag with your mouse pointer and zoom…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @AOC 👋 @majelbstoat Right now, yes - reform would change this standard. (It wasn't always set up this way.) Tim Wu's book… you think antitrust needs to be reformed in order to more effectively prevent companies (eg, tech companies) from becoming monopolies?I'm on the board of (and donor to) the Signals Network, which is doing important work to protect and help whistlebl…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @mikeystall Equivalent of 9th grade math.How much it would cost to get the internet without ads? $35 a month Interesting back of envelope calculation!
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @businessinsider Hate everything about this!I'm very sorry to hear this news. I've been a fan for pretty much my entire life, and was overjoyed to finally see… a bicycle for the mind Wired: a bicycle for making the world more equal, equitable, peaceful, and free of hatred and discrimination @jessevondoom I think we chatted briefly at XOXO approximately a billion years ago. But mostly online! @jessevondoom 👋 you’ve been very kind to me and I admire you and your work. @kylewmahan Oh no! I hope he recovers quickly :(It’s looking like a better and better idea to join the hospital gym. Priced like an Equinox, but so convenient, and… grammar here, Werdmuller @arsetechnica No but I see how you got thereDo you personally own or have owned any cryptocurrency?
@rahulvohra @Austen It's 30 years these days. But still!Finally fixed my laptop so it resolves .dev domains correctly. It's like a whole new world.The Dutch followed up 6,793 trans people (4,432 birth-assigned male, 2,361 birth-assigned female) who had visited t…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerExtremely sad and worn out and feeling like on some level I’ve forgotten how to be a real person.
I’m convinced that progressive politics are the only politics that can get us out of this mess. Free market liberta… to all the racists who have been waiting decades for a president to say the quiet part loud
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerVery happy to be taking my sister out for an all-day breakfast on the event of her birthday.If you think camps at the border and the constant anti-immigrant xenophobia from this administration are overblown,… need people to wake up and realise that SIX of the most prominent activists during the Ferguson riots have all be…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerLet’s be clear about what this vile comment is: A racist and xenophobic attack on Democratic congresswomen. This *i…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerTo be clear, if you’re selling services that are in any way used in mass deportations or in the border camps, you a…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerTo be clear, if you’re selling services that are in any way used in mass deportations or in the border camps, you a… @Hanjabanja :( @tdohrmann @JFREJNYC @Werner @awscloud You get that long before the genocide, rounding up Jews was the law in Germa… @Bosefina My mother’s family is from round there (in part). Growing up it was the only part of the US I’d been to,… Don’t @ me
The facial recognition dataset from Brainwash Cafe in SOMA that was eventually used by the Chinese military made it…
Retweeted by Ben WerdmullerWe have started to sound the alarm on the way facial recognition technology is expanding in concerning says. From…
Retweeted by Ben Werdmuller @LillyLyle @sapinker @Evolutionistrue No, but I have nothing at all nice to say about Pinker. @sapinker @Evolutionistrue You ran in the same circles as a man who trafficked in children. Not standing him is very little defense. @justkelly_ok @sapinker @Evolutionistrue “Voted me off the island” is such an unfortunate turn of phrase.I’m reading to Ma from the NYT. This portrait is fascinating. @SheepzDave Potatoes *are* versatile