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Ben Lang @benz145 Silicon Valley

Co-founder & Executive Editor of the leading independent VR news publication @RtoVR. Journalist & analyst, not evangelist.

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Was anyone else surprised at how much bottled up anger there was about gender reveal parties? From the stories rece… @SamNChiet @AntonHand 👌 @AntonHand Ive always wished a dev would add a 1 in 1,000 chance of a sound effect that’s a short subtle whisper behind the player. @BrbOmg @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack Any VR examples come to mind with great sound? @Heaney555 @Scobleizer @ID_AA_Carmack It wasn’t just software, they completely transformed the hardware in service… @BrbOmg @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack Off-ear doesn’t seem to be the issue, but off-center. You’re much better read in… @BrbOmg @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack Would you agree that there's an ideal position of the real sound source to do im…
@ChickTech Cool shoot me a DM me some time you're feeling musical 🎶🎵🎼🎹🎧🎷🎺🎸🎻🎙(🦆) @ChickTech Happy to show you the virtual ropes if you’d like to jam sometime 🥁🎹🎸 @ChickTech 'Tis a hidden gem: Got a PC headset? It's co-op! @volgaksoy @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack I agree it works "fine". My main point is that audio is a really easy way to… a Quest 2 AMA on r/OculusQuest starting in 25 mins if anyone has questions on the headset, Oculus plans, etc: now but thanks for joining!Over now but thanks for joining! fam, can I interest you in some VR jams? Starting now: to be streaming some VR jams here via Electronauts in 15. Check back for a link if you need some groove in your Friday. @AndreTI @ID_AA_Carmack @KisatoVR It's convenient, there's no doubt. But if immersion is the goal, a better audio s… @volgaksoy @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack The issue is that the ear can tell that the audio source, even if dressed up… @510home @VREALofficial Yeah it’s like ‘80%’ right now in terms of UX. It has to get to 98% to be truly useful othe… *could* open the door to real standalone VR competition for Facebook, but there’s a real risk that devs/game… that @VREALofficial were too ahead of the VR wave, they were working on precisely that.The other day I threw up a Hubs link and spontaneously ‘hung out’ with 20 people in VR for an hour. Really wish suc… @volgaksoy @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack Yup, tried on Quest 2. The issue for spatialization, as far as I can tell, is… sound, FX, and clear art direction were the original 'hit markers'.[Don't Miss] Oculus Quest 2 Review – The Best Standalone Headset Gets Better in (Almost) Every Way…
Retweeted by Ben Lang @Scobleizer @ID_AA_Carmack For sure, I think when it comes to the overall experience, Apple will disrupt Facebook a… @mixedrealityTV @Hero_Kvatch @Heaney555 @samred @hmltn @David_Jagneaux @kentbye It's difficult to meaningfully get… @JustinMolinari @ID_AA_Carmack Valve has shown that off-eat audio is a great solution that provides excellent audio… @NivranaVR Nothing I've seen. @gemisisDev @ID_AA_Carmack They’re less blocked by the face of, but still inches away from your ears. No way to do…
@Azadux 💯 'not good enough' or 'too expensive' is way different than 'not good enough [for my use-case]' and 'too e… 2 is a pretty great piece of hardware in most regards, but it's a real shame how much harm the audio approach… @motorsep Are you assuming they do, or is there evidence for it?It’s going to be a weird future when Facebook starts populating its social VR crowds with your ‘suggested friends’.… @motorsep Apple also does stuff like encryption iMessage amd FaceTime by default, Facebook doesn’t. @motorsep Who does Apple sell data to? @motorsep As far as I know, they’re far better about it than there competitors. Recent iOS update just added a bunc…“Dating” in 2020’m also really impressed with how hard they push accessibility. Stuff like this is subtle but meaningful. glad Apple continues to focus on privacy as a value-add for customers. Hopefully this carries into their AR design.‘Myst’ Remake Coming to Quest & SteamVR Headsets Soon, Trailer Here
Retweeted by Ben Lang @Marketstuff99 It’s hard to say. Although they share the design of CV1 touch, the thumbstick still feels like the Q… @ID_AA_Carmack where are the ‘highest quality pixels’ one can currently see in Quest 2, game, video, photo, or otherwise? Fandango Now? @EzTnT just jumped into Venues and randomly ‘bumped into’ somebody I know and we had a nice conversation. It’s cool to s… normally @ID_AA_Carmack gets shooed off the stage at Connect, but now that he's just streaming to us, maybe he'l… @hc_virtuoso Oh yeah great questions, thanks for joining in!
@hc_virtuoso Thanks for joining, what was your name in there? @cartweet1 If you’re used to the battery pack weight already I’d consider doing the Elite Battery Strap, unless you… was well attended for an hour but now over! So don’t be scared if you join and you’re all alone. Thanks everyo… @Tuism Yes that was great, thanks for joining and for helping with the audio troubleshooting!Join me for an impromptu AMA on Quest 2 in VR. Join the room at this link ( or go to…’ve spent two weeks with Quest 2. In about 15 minutes I’m going to do an AMA in @MozillaHubs. If you want to join… @AntonHand Sorry Anton, that sucks. It’s a real shame nobody is competing with them right now. I really hope someone takes up the challenge. @ALEXEIMARTOV I hear that. I think there may be some other variables too. Perhaps VR devs are trying their best to… @Rengle820 Asking why perf is a fairly common problem for VR games no matter how much compute is available. @Olemid Oculus has suggested all titles in the store will work on both headsets. Not clear if they will enforce tha… @GuadoBianco Yes thank you, I’ll correct! @ALEXEIMARTOV My point is that given an arbitrary amount of compute, it seems pretty common for games to cross the… @ALEXEIMARTOV Ah yes, but Naughty Dog makes sure to hit perf before shipping their products. I'm talking about the devs that don't. @OXIOXIForever My point is that, given an arbitrary performance target, many applications do not do a good job of o… @Haulik It *could*, but this would require a pretty concerted effort on Oculus' side to re architect how third-part…, you'd think that if VR games *can* run smoothly on a Snapdragon 835 then there's no excuse to ever see stutte… all the extra power in Quest 2, any *current* Quest experience should run beautifully. Inevitably games will s… @hokey1 The attachments for the official straps is anything but standard and replicable, but it's design to be remo… @joedanimation I haven't tested the battery version, but it's essentially the same thing just with more weight in t… @daveyjose Nope, no SD card slot.Great idea for Oculus to lean into this at the system level. you're getting a Quest 2. Get👏the👏Elite👏Strap. Should have been included by default, but at least it's only $50… @jesseschell Looking forward to the untethered Until You Fall experience : ) @_jamesoloughlin On-par if not slightly worse than Quest with the soft strap. Better than Quest with the Elite Strap. @iBrews Nope, pretty much the same as original Quest right now. More power in XR2 means it could improve via softwa… @NivranaVR 18WhA year ago I wrote in an analysis article: "There’s also another option… a wild card: Oculus could simply eliminate… @NivranaVR Don't think that's been confirmed yet; checking with Oculus.Quest 2 Official Accessories Include Elite Strap, Elite Battery Strap, Carrying Case, & Fit Pack…
Retweeted by Ben Lang‘The Climb 2’ Coming to Oculus Quest This Holiday Season, Trailer Here @OculusGaming
Retweeted by Ben Lang'Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge' Coming to Quest This Holiday Season, Trailer Here
Retweeted by Ben LangGot questions? I got answers. Hit up with questions, but do me a favor and make sure I didn't already answer in our…‘Warhammer 40,000’ VR Shooter Coming to Quest & Rift in 2020, Trailer Here @OculusGaming
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Retweeted by Ben LangOculus Quest 2 Review – The Best Standalone Headset Gets Better in (Almost) Every Way
Retweeted by Ben LangFacebook to Discontinue Rift Product Line in 2021, Will No Longer Build PC-only VR Headsets
Retweeted by Ben LangQuest 2 Announced with XR2, 90Hz, & New Controllers Starting at $300, Pre-orders Open for October 13th Launch…
Retweeted by Ben LangBummer it won’t be in person this year; I’m thinking of all the interesting people and fun times had at Oculus Conn… @AeonixAeon Facebook captured enough of a portion of internet activities to be a ‘country’ of the internet. They wo… You're gonna wanna check out Road to VR in the morning. @zach_wendt @VRGameRankings : ( @AeonixAeon But they would if they could, and that’s the point. Facebook would like everyone in their walled garden…
@David_Jagneaux lol great headline @Azadux Thanks Az. Sleep tracking was one of my top priorities, so when I looked into an activity tracker I went wi… @Tsukinune Facebook has done a lot of experimental things on Quest, not all of which reach all users. I'm only rece… @VRGameRankings That sure would be nice. @inter4ever_7 Yeah I'm not sure if it rolled out to everyone now or not. I know it was added a while back but it se… @vr_sam 😂Omg my Quest *finally* got the update to allow persistent pass-through as the background environment... now any tim… think the 'veil of ignorance' is an applicable approach to creating the privacy structure of the metaverse—if you… @Azadux A watch designed to track your life but only has the battery life for 75% of each day is just not great.Apple can add a million features to Apple Watch, but until the battery life is longer than 18 hours, it'll be usele…
I think a lot of people missed this... even though Facebook won't require an FB account for existing Oculus users u…