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this was very delightful. she is very delightful.
Retweeted by berihuneTiger Woods said fuck a therapist, I'm telling all my side hoes about my demons and they all thought and felt like they were special.
Retweeted by berihuneDefinitely a Cawkayshun behind this account
Retweeted by berihuneKD is coming off an Achilles injury and looks better than ever ⚫️ 30.6 PPG ⚫️ 7.1 RPG ⚫️ 5.7 APG ⚫️ 54% FG ⚫️ 48%…
Retweeted by berihunethe sureness made me question my own lyrics 😂
Retweeted by berihune @WALKonAYR lmfaoooo not wrongno it doesn’t. it only just got old to me and im 22 and have watched it multiple times over @domi_renee damn i kinda feel bad but it just comes down to over sharing on social media lmaoo💀💀💀💀 by Mac & Future top 10 song evermac rapped on a just blaze beat, held is own on a song with sean price and made a jazz project. he’s the greatest white rapper to ever do it
Retweeted by berihune @domi_renee backstory?I been in the house for a year straight with no exceptions & still ain’t a 99 on 2k.
Retweeted by berihune @tianoell lmaooo who me? never @tianoell nigga lmao19 been telling you weebs since forever that Japan is generally a very conservative country. It ain’t the perfe…
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Retweeted by berihuneLebron has always been good at keeping up w new music but the way he never knows any of the lyrics when he’s rappin…
Retweeted by berihuneThis shit too funny🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Retweeted by berihunesparked up and immediately got hiccups so i just been sitting here for 15 mins for it to go’s not really an accomplishment im good on the internet today. promise he didn’t outsmart anyone you’re just in denial bc celebrity culture is implemented into your mind so you… Miller | Best Day Ever
Retweeted by berihune @sammyplanc90 for Chinese and hibachi i just always prefer white rice idk whysocial media a disease lol it gives them a false sense of confidence when whole time we know 60% of y’all asking th… why do bitches doo them "ask me questions?" or " talk too me" shits on instagram just too be mean too niggas o…
Retweeted by berihune agree lowkey. he can do a plethora of things on the court but the last two years i noticed more and more this nig… shit you love to see it @wetbeanwater dead ass?
Retweeted by berihunethe nba having the hiipower beat playing while a MLK statue was on the screen before commercial break shouldn’t hav… @arash_n7 you trust them to have Charlotte lose to a up and comer? lol @arash_n7 Bianca gotta win the rumble. your idea ain’t bad at all. i just wish they’d treat asuka better and get reign. @arash_n7 nodefinitely top 10 i love it in 4 kids get faded these days, vs the haircuts i use to have to get
Retweeted by berihuneaccidentally got fried rice instead of white for my hibachi :(
it take one conversation for me to look at you differentlyDAY 305 OF THE PANDEMIC LET’S HEAR IT FOR DAY 305
Retweeted by berihuney’all niggas made me hate weed packaging lmaoooo if that shit ain’t legit and it didn’t come like that do not try and sell it to me*aot WARNING SPOILER
Retweeted by berihuneBARS ONLY
Retweeted by berihunepeople having American flags and Blue lives matter flags in their front yard is so funny to me man. cause it’s lite… my niecebro Erick was fucking spazzing i can’t wait for his EP literally a drug addict a year earlier and got a job paying thousands and thousands of dollars weekly on a care… @Berihuneadam you could’ve been at the roc nation brunch if you played your cards right with that SMH
Retweeted by berihunethat man really started my hate for capitalism. i always hated it but just never knew how to put it into words lmao… remember when i was working at this window job i literally fell off a ladder and it wasn’t like no crazy height b… GOO Friday 1/22 my debut (EP)FUTURE PROOF will touch down. have a nice day☀️
Retweeted by berihunethis is why gatekeeping is important and we need to give damn near EVERY nonblack person wanting to get into hip ho…
Retweeted by berihune“ MLK Dr. “ official video 👽
Retweeted by berihuneAttack on Titan gotta be top 1 worst fandom on here. Stay attacking MAPPA animators for absolutely NOTHING. They’re…
Retweeted by berihune @rodneym___ Westbrook gonna make sure he average 4 ppgThe Cavs are expected to trade or release Kevin Porter Jr. after a locker room “outburst,” per @joevardon,…
Retweeted by berihunedamn Kevin Porter Jr :/lmaoooo yoo im too high for this to em @dre___843 she killed this shit tho lol @Berihuneadam I took them off after the second listen. Album still flows well without them
Retweeted by berihuneonly bad part ab this Jazmine Sullivan album is the tales being unnecessary as fuck @YFF_Mel @IoIaxo man im on my first listen for the album and i heard that like get this nigga outta here bruh @Berihuneadam LMFAO yea I was like?
Retweeted by berihuneAnderson Paak corny as fuck for that line on Jasmine Sullivan shiti fuck with Ari Lennox on a feature but i could never listen to her music heavy idk why her first EP was the only thing i kinda likedhow you get tweets like this not to show up on the TL, Consideration, Higher BRO let this fucking shit burn one way or another i really couldn’t give a fuck less last four years: 2017: Minneapolis Miracle 2018: DPI debacle 2019: Lose to No. 6 seed in OT 2020: Lose to…
Retweeted by berihuneANOTHER BREES INT
Retweeted by berihuneonly thing i regret about this game is the saints didn’t lose on a last second blown call so the tl could cry for 48 hours
Retweeted by berihuneget Drew Brees in a retirement home before he gets hurtSaints DBs b movin like they da mob and dat shit is hilarious
Retweeted by berihunechristianity has saved many people from lots of things. same as every religion. and that’s great. but that doesn’t…
Retweeted by berihunehardest Luffy panel to date
Retweeted by berihuneChauncey Gardner-Johnson’s hands must be lethal. Only explanation for someone to get into so much shit on the field
Retweeted by berihunelmfaoooo man Jameiswhy would anyone wanna work like i just wanna sit around with my person and a cat doing whatever we want everyday
Retweeted by berihuneBrees got pulled pork for shoulder ligaments and they get him throwing out routes lmaoooo
Retweeted by berihuneJust a reminder: the Lakers are paying Luol Deng $5M this year AND $5M next year.
Retweeted by berihuneMarshon Lattimore when he lines up on Mike Evans
Retweeted by berihunebetter overall scoring package. can score from multiple spots on the floor more efficiently but like Lebron can eas… him outta here