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Username: Open Source Developer w Ruby & #Rails, $ETH Blockchain. #Beekeeper. #Linux user, #Hacker & #Maker. Loves $BTC.

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@smaragdboer @William_zoveel @seadanourhussen En dit artikel van g… @smaragdboer @William_zoveel @seadanourhussen Precies! Dus zullen we. dan nu aandacht besteden aan politiegeweld… @William_zoveel @seadanourhussen Welk geplunder en gesloop? Het gesloop in appelscha? In Venezuela? Phillipijnen?… @HuubBellemakers Ik heb Bruls hier vaak over horen praten bij conferenties en dergelijken. Hij weet dat hij het ni…
Any avatar overlays, colored squares or emoji that I can share today, to Make The World A Better Place™? @Matthijs85 @birsen4kara @lennarthuizing Als je het zó omschrijft, lijkt het bijna alsof je een duidelijke mening h… @birsen4kara @lennarthuizing @Matthijs85 Ja. Zie ❡ op Of, als je het wat wetenschappelijke… @rabble @jack @signalapp Forgot the link. 🤦‍♂️ This is where gargron is proposing it and… @rabble @jack @signalapp Good news is that Mastodon is building this as we speak: DMs with E2E encryption using Sig… @signalapp:
Retweeted by berkes @vincent_io @jdevalk @OmarReiss Is it? Got any references or articles about that? Is this yet another tombstone project by Google?Zoom being Zoom.
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@mickw65 @ianbremmer We in NL mostly don't give a shit. Or are proud to stand against racism. Speak for yourself.… @hayify Sure. Dat lijkt mij een logische eerste stap (en ook gedaan). Maar ik vraag me af of bijv. een opsporings… sometimes venture into the Javascript and PHP corners of StackOverflow. What a horrible communities! Compared to… you bought $25 worth of bitcoin every week starting in January 2017 you would currently have ~95,000,000 sats at…
Retweeted by berkesIronically, this popped up on top, because I broke the sorting algorithm for my Geo API.Someone using #Openstreetmap to advertise for money laundering? The place is not a school, but was raided in 2018…
Is it ironic that I still have to look up where to place the h in Levenshtein? My first guess always is something… Trump announced that Mexico would pay for his wall, I thought him delusional. Now I can imagine the whole of… @sz_nowicki I honestly don't know. It is not bad, and the cron syntax is confusing. Improvement is possible, there…
I kinda like systemd for various reasons. But why does it need to replace cron? Serious question. #linuxliberals conservatives 🤝 spending the last 3.5 years on achieving t…
Retweeted by berkes @tobi JavaScript in space? God help us...
Retweeted by berkes @WvanWaas @ton_aarts @HuubBellemakers 'Er is al heel lang niets meer aan gedaan'. Dat is toch geen argument waardo… researchers suggest this simulation of slow-wave sleep may help "prevent neurons from hallucinating the feature… @WvanWaas @HuubBellemakers @ton_aarts Is het moeilijker geworden, dan? Zijn er natuurwetten veranderd waardoor je 3… @DenniZ010 @jack @Twitter Zei je dat nu onironisch op de website van diezelde Jack? Je begrijpt zelf, hoop ik, hoe dom dit overkomt. Toch?$BTC getting ready for a move. A break to the downside could bring us down to the support around 7800$. An upward b…
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@javinpaul @janvlug @b0rk Jq? An unfortunate, but essential requirement to tame JSON into normal text, so you can… @Tokusentai1998 @dvillella @realDonaldTrump And The Democratic Republic of North Korea is a democracy. Right? @HuubBellemakers Vraag anders even aan @ton_aarts . Iets met Musketeers. Fanboys."A small handful of social media monopolies controls a vast portion of all public and private communications in the… Async is better for work. Remote is better for people’s lives.
Retweeted by berkesJe kon er op wachten: Donald Trump verhuist naar LinkedIn ;)
Retweeted by berkesM ye take: Kubernetes is the duct-tape and patchwork for those who heeded all warnings and ran docker in productio… kind of false reporting led to Brexit. Elsevier has clearly not read the plan. Not 1 NL citizen will pay 1€ mo…
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@hmblank @bugblauw Jazeker. En in dat geval mijn welgemeende excuses! Het was mij volledig ontgaan. En tussen al… @hmblank @bugblauw Wacht. Een link naar een zeer goed onderbouwd, peer reviewed artikel is een 'draadje van iemand… in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Oxford Primary Care Prof @trishgreenhalgh presents a pee…
Retweeted by berkesSoftware development is a really hard profession. A lot of people burn out and end up becoming managers.
Retweeted by berkesFavorite time of the year. Time for elderflower wine.
RIP Mark, you'll be remembered for what you gave humanity for sure
Retweeted by berkes«Throughout history, pandemics have left varying, sometimes momentous impacts on the societies in which they have o…
Signal is doing something exciting: They're getting ready to move beyond phone numbers.
Retweeted by berkes @bertboerland Derde botanist: is dat niet waar die groenten aan groeit? Hoe heet die ookalweer, kom, zo'n lang groe…
@jdevalk @OmarReiss And last: no: making it interoperable is *not* good. AMP isn't some open standard or some open… @jdevalk @OmarReiss In essence, AMP is like saying "Here Google, is my content, please host it, the way you want".… @jdevalk @OmarReiss A really strange comparison that misses the point entirely. This is not about AMP the tech, but… @jdevalk @OmarReiss Congrats on shipping. Releasing is always nice! However, It must be pointed out , sorry. But A… @breyten @windinternet @GemHoogeveen Reclame van een commercieel bedrijf door een overheid. Hmm. Daarnaast is… universe tries to tell me to #stayathome, I guess. Was locked in, this morning due to a broken lock. Had to dr…
Interrupted transmission- zooming in on video conferencing privacy policies -
@JoepBC @pjvanerp Nouja 'heftig' is wel heel theatraal. Er zijn twee bakken munt opgevreten. Ik heb de beesten met… @JoepBC @pjvanerp Nouja. Ik had vorig jaar de blauwe muntversie op mijn munt zitten. 'Lekker laten'. Dacht ik 2018…
Retweeted by berkes @rolfvandekrol I did not. Thanks a million!I'm looking for 'ethical guidelines', or such, published by tech companies. Where they lay down how to protect pri…
Unexpected data thingy: Addresses per Postal Code in the Netherlands are far from evenly distributed. E.g. a sing… "Cool, the Dutch government publishes a map with all Bicycle parking - Fietsstallingen".… @Foaroan Of Baudet kan de keukenladder niet vinden om eerst snel alle afluisterkastjes van de systeemplafonds in hu… everyone in programming knows, or should know, week-numbers are a complicated mess. For… frustrates me most about JS is how it unexpectedly keeps letting me down. "A, I'll just write a quick hack t… ordered to delete Facebook photos under GDPR
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Check out this open-source software and open-source hardware #LoRaWAN infrared transmitter kit! #TindieBlog
Retweeted by berkesWe did get majestic use out of the office during our twice yearly meetups. And having a physical base in Chicago fe…
Retweeted by berkesFinally, it's being rumored that Satoshi himself (whoever that is) was the one who mined these coins. Again, that'…
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@ipfspin !pin QmTzDJzDpZvcUudUTc8miuura86TorXiiNnb8HHkJ3eddr Terms And Conditions @sz_nowicki True. Though a pattern that I see, is that "native English speakers" such as -indeed- Scots, Irish, In… @sz_nowicki I tried for over an hour. It just got worse. I tried with subtitles. At 0.75 speed. At 1.5 times speed.… our government has anything resembling a backbone, they'd shut down all mink farms immediately. They were to be…
@jburkunk Zelf ben ik voorstander van een (nazorg)abonnement IPV een strippenkaart. Simpeler van opzet, duidelijker… hey google maps is showing slow streets now!
Retweeted by berkes @jburkunk Het is vergelijkbaar met een tegoedbon: je moet de belofte dus kunnen waarmaken. Bijv een verlooptermijn… just requested a refund on Udemy, because the Indian accent of the tutor was so thick, that I could simply not fo… @Crypto_Guppy Cutting out the middlemen. I love it.Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy - YouTube"Reclaiming Work" is a brilliant, 7-minute documentary on delivery platform co-ops around the world, created by…
Retweeted by berkes @ictnieuws Knap ook om zo'n artikel te schrijven zonder daarin AWS of Amazon te noemen.Verse cloud voor weinig? ;)
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@berkes I have no idea why, but I love everything about that clip.
Retweeted by berkesEvery "Bunker" needs an exotic machine with a vertically mounted phone horn. @iain_vdw No need to become philosophical about a unit test! I became curious about an edge case that wasn't cover… delivery from Local company specialized in Organic and/or Vegan wine, who's in trouble… @kleiram Indeed,I now see I should've mentioned it lives on a 2D pane. Rational numbers only, not that I think that… @berkes Apparently some consider it a “degenerate rectangle” (?)
Retweeted by berkes @kleiram Neither does it have 'equal sides' or sides at all. Which is also part of its definition. Which was my in… @daan_van_berkel Since, AFAIK, those Greeks did not have the concept of zero, I'd assume they'd just consider me bonkers. 😃 @iain_vdw This was my idea too. To continue, would a line of length 4 == a rectangle of 0×4? And would a square o… thing that I cannot find an answer for online: Is a rectangle with a height of 0 or a width of 0 a rectangle…
@hetismejuffrouw @HuubBellemakers En om je nog schuldiger te laten, voelen, Huub. Thuis in haar nestje verhongeren… @mdubbelm I always try to hold that discussion off with "developers design software. They apply design patters, the… is great. - It exposes @coinbase's and its CEO's total incompetence and susceptibility to phising attacks. - I…
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@mbootsman @delans Bittr was heel goed en precies wat je zoekt. Helaas inmiddels kapotgereguleerd door onze 'beschermheren' van DNB.The room is an 8. The cat fight is 10/10
Retweeted by berkes"Sorry for potato quality"
Retweeted by berkesMe: Oh, that’s kind of fun! A pattern for a bat-shaped mask. *hits Translate* ...o-oh. um.
Retweeted by berkesThis is how traditions are born. @Reinier @michiels Overigens heeft Signal het mooi opgezet, waardoor Zuckerberg niet met jou signal-gifjesgebruik k…