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Await Further Instructions: GREAT low-budget early Cronenberg-y British sci-fi/horror from 2018. Smart + horrifying. Streaming on Netflix! @lionel_trolling Threads
In retrospect, one of the funniest things to happen in the 21st century was in 2001 when George W. Bush said he loo…’d think people would be sad at the demise of an easy way for a guy to kill five minutes during, say, a break fr… @tomgara @BigMeanInternet no one ever went wrong by assuming they neglected to turn off the camera on their panopticonThis is fantastic news. Huge thanks to our bargaining committee who fought so hard for this
Retweeted by Joe BernsteinOne of the underdeveloped themes of the Trump era is the massive latent desire for humiliation @Yolo_Tengo Watch this space @lionel_trolling one man in his time plays many parts, dear ganzThe bald and balding men's movement Man of the Day is British character actor Mark Strong, whose exquisitely contro… @daveweigel if that's all you accomplished during quarantine, dave: you accomplished a fucking lot.Cannot believe how hard my friends on the left fell for that FAKE gamer girl sycophancy last night. BETAS. SHEEP. A… @_grendan oh, did you not get the discount code I sent you? check your spam folder @BigMeanInternet get a dog @skeatings i kinda like that lil guy @skeatings I’ll watch you do that. @MattZeitlin Matt, thanks @bentarnoff Ghost of Tsushima. U?My wife and kid are out of the country for four days. Anyone want to get tatted with me while they're gone? @jaycaspiankang Also worth noting that the “is it fascism”-academic/popular industrial complex is much more interes…
The great gambit of Halo Top was asking: What if there’s lots of people who would rather eat a lot of something tha… @christianpbrink I’ll allow itThere’s a new kind of guy on Franklin. He has a small gold hoop earring, and he dresses and comports himself like B… @Schwartzesque LOL @cwarzel @mckaycoppins The Clinton emails “scandal” was also fairly complicated. I’d argue the complexity is partly…’s bizarre and mediated act of self-love is an important cultural artifact in the tradition of George Trow’s… @BigMeanInternet This looks fun! @cszabla Who are a few good contemporary examples?Methinks a certain Mssr. Iannucci will find today’s handsy hijinks entirely too delectable to keep out of his pathbreaking satire
99 percent of the prose in any given academic paper is "I am preparing to tell you X. Get ready, because I am going… deleted all my tweets about Jeff Toobins schvantz. Trying to be part of the solution @mariabustillos and therein's the rub*Your* Sharona? @RanaGood Nein @oneunderscore__ The only discourse I care about says that I'm proud to see a member of the community be an NBA cha… again: The bald and balding movement holds that any derogation on the grounds of baldness or baldingness, rega… @MattZeitlin I guess if I want like a sourdough bread bowl for an overpriced tourist soup I'd rather just go to Panera @octal Yep, agreed. @octal Yeah, you can find it. I don't think the American artisanal stuff is very good tho, in my experience @MattZeitlin Bay Area bread? Are you kidding?However, I'm not ready to stop being defensive about American produceI'm also ready to stop being defensive and admit that bread in this country is trash. We have a bougie French baker… @BigMeanInternet @jaycaspiankang I'm home now but just buy the 51 percent dark Lindt if you can find it @jaycaspiankang I used to be like you, so I understand this sentiment. You need to start eating good chocolateIt's taken me 35 years and marrying a Swiss person, but I'm ready to stop being defensive and just admit that choco…“Employees began convening to discuss literally any other idea to make money. They searched for things in Wisconsin… @jaycaspiankang Ok maybe not as mental health issues as you @jaycaspiankang I think Adam Durwitz has some pretty significant mental health issues - more than even the average writerHere are some photos of Steven Seagal repopulating the Baikal omul
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My main memory of this movie is thinking I’d gotten one over on my parents for letting me rent it bc I’d heard it w… is such a wonderful oral history that it’s prompted me to do something I never thought I’d do: rewatch requiem… @BigMeanInternet @gabrielwinant I mean it’s just a different way of looking at the endless “platforming” debate @BigMeanInternet The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long...We hear an awful lot about Proud Boys, but never Proud Men. If you ask me, some of these jokers need a program of t… @mollydektar Entirely possible. I guess I just knew the “some people” who “started singing it not knowing what it was”....“This is the song that nev-er ends...,” yet folks seem to have stopped singing it. Why? @lionel_trolling There’s all sorts of variously fucked up ways to rank oppressions imo, and some of them (as w Zion… @lionel_trolling Well, unless you rank idpol claims, which Zionism tends to do! @katienotopoulos Tell me what you thought my insufferable dad content was going to be likeOh, yeah, totally @DangerBrooks A giant in the field!It’s scary when President Trump does it, but “Lock Him Up” is a funny thing to chant when it’s time to put the baby down for the night @MattZeitlin Stop signifying the witch with the vanity spellingSunday funday! @MattZeitlin That’s the broke take. The woke take is that the MRA was always embedded in the Howie character and th… @rosalyster
@lfitzmaurice Noo, no noPeople don’t have reveries so much anymoreWhenever I get bored on a transatlantic flight, I end up staying at the flight map for a long time, and I’m always… @lionel_trolling There you could go, eat by yourself, and feel anonymous in a truly pleasurable and lost way @davidmslevine No? @atossaaraxia *carl
@jack_hamilton He’d delete a lot tweetsThis is a dark horse for the worst thing happening online right now @Stevie_DG It’s too specific and ornate @rosedamora Their primary cultural legacy is Kingpin and we both know itFor the non-French speakers: A literal yodelling concert caused a COVID outbreak in Switzerland Shakers — maybe the only religious sect whose legacy is extremely high quality wood furniture. ‘Tis a gift to all of us!In the center of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, by some accounts the most “civilized” nation on earth, they just… @jack_hamilton Hell Hath No Fury
@mradamtaylor His hair in the movie IS amazing @MattZeitlin "I read Wikipedia for 12 hours" @MattZeitlin nice, "the needle" contentZeitlin the GOAT with the definitive Morris v Silver piece
Retweeted by Joe Bernstein @WillOremus GahWhen Kian first came home from the hospital, people kept telling me to “enjoy your baby!” which felt weird, as if t… @elcush What if I already feel smugIn my opinion, this is the best thing you can read about the tension between free speech and equality. (Or the 1st…“I'm a white male, aged 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are."
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@bcmerchant @samfbiddle That’s anti Semitic @samfbiddle “Work to empower”?These are companies that have vivisected the public in the name of advertising. Don’t let them make you think conte… preposterous false binaries going on right now about content moderation only work to empower the tech platforms… thing is very clear: The people who are paid to think about news and how it spreads on social platforms by the… won't be blocked: 1000 highly shareable stories about "DID TWITTER AND FACEBOOK UNFAIRLY BLOCK A STORY THAT WO… seems like a case where Twitter and Facebook, through their unfathomable clumsiness, are going to make the sto…