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Michael Beschloss @BeschlossDC PRESIDENTS OF WAR:

Author, most recently, of PRESIDENTS OF WAR (Crown). Ten books. @NBCNews Presidential Historian. Contributor to PBS @NewsHour. Williams College. Born Chicago.

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“This Time, Vote Like Your Whole World Depended on It”—Nixon 1968: York Times, June 1, 2020: of tunnel under White House to Presidential bunker during Truman renovation, 1949-1952: #HSTL Park and St. John’s Church, Washington DC, photographed 1913, with Henry Adams and John Hay houses (now s… with Eleanor and mother Sara at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, across from White House:
Reposting:“Nixon Sharpens Drive on ‘Thugs’” just before 1970 midterm elections: Richard Nixon on “law and order” in acceptance speech, Republican convention, August 1968 (1 min.): Kennedy in Watts, Los Angeles, before California primary, this week 1968: #Eppridge Transit buses were parked bumper to bumper in circle around White House and Lafayette Park to protect Presiden…“Polls are phony,” “rigged,” with “fake results”—George Wallace, Albany, NY, October 9, 1968: Wallace “scuffle” with protesters in Minneapolis, July 3, 1968: a look at this 4-minute trailer for the important “George Wallace: Setting the Woods on Fire” (PBS, “American…“Earth vs. the Flying Saucers” (1956): of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” 1967:“2001: A Space Odyssey” was showing in theaters across the country, today 1968: Kennedy campaigns on cable car, San Francisco, with John Glenn, 4 days before California primary, today 1968… candidate Richard Nixon arrives in Atlanta, today 1968 #AP
LBJ had Apollo 8 astronauts to White House 12 days before Dec. 21 flight—he was later hospitalized—some aides feare… OK, Tom Lehrer sings “Wernher von Braun,” which ends, “'I’m learning Chinese,’ says Wernher von Braun” (2 m… month before leaving the Presidency, LBJ views Apollo 8 liftoff from Cape Kennedy (now Canaveral again) while in… 97, Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947: Brothers, 1903: Am offered “reservations” in 1968-1971 for first commercial flights to moon: and aides consider alternative names for future Space Shuttle, 1972: Cape Canaveral, JFK briefed by Wernher von Braun on NASA's new Saturn rocket, 6 days before his assassination, 1… Nixon said he decided to resign in July 1974 after Governor George Wallace refused his private request to p… George Bush hosts state governors at Maine home, 1983, including Bill Clinton and George Wallace:… Todd Lincoln (with Taft and Harding at Lincoln Memorial dedication today 1922) had been present at shooting… Nikita Khrushchev made first visit to US in September 1959, President Eisenhower had him brought to Lincoln Me… Robert Todd Lincoln at dedication of Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, today 1922: 160 years ago this month: with staff, monitoring national reaction to assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., April 1968, Oval Offi… deals with crisis in Detroit, 1967: #LBJL against Presidential candidate George Wallace, October 1968, Cincinnati: Magazine a month before the 1968 Presidential election: George Wallace for President commercial (1 min.): Presidential campaign, George Wallace denounces “guidelines” and “breakdown of law and order,” July 1968:…
Nixon-Agnew campaign button, 1968: words on cards for JFK's undelivered speech, planned for Austin dinner, November 22, 1963: Nixon’s law and order commercial, 1968 (1 min.): Ray Charles in concert, “Abraham, Martin and John”: (born today 1917) in posthumous portrait by Jamie Wyeth, 1967: was born 103 years ago today:
In England, US combat engineers preparing for D-Day dine over crates of ammunition, this month 1944:… their actual Apollo 11 flight, Aldrin and Armstrong rehearse taking moon samples in mockup scene inside Mann… moving across new Golden Gate Bridge after FDR sent OK from White House today 1937: War II US Army Rangers, Weymouth, England, on way to fight on D-Day 1944: #NARA month before actual Apollo 11 flight, Aldrin and Armstrong rehearse for their moon walk, Manned Spacecraft Center… design for US Capitol, 1792: #LOC
John Glenn with Robert Kennedy and children, Disneyland, two days before California primary, June 1968: NASA desert training--astronauts Borman, Armstrong, Young, Slayton, near Reno, 1964: astronauts in training near Reno, Nevada, July 1960, to survive in desert, especially North Africa or Austr… of Neil Armstrong and other Gemini astronauts during photograph session, 1963: Just after watching Apollo 11 launch at Cape Canaveral, July 1969, LBJ talks to Walter Cronkite: (1 min.… 11 U.S. Customs form after first moon landing by astronauts, 1969: Truman, who in 1949 established Cape Canaveral space flight facility, admires NASA rockets, 1961:… and Agnews watch launch of Apollo 11 to moon, July 1969: #NASA looks at mock-up (1962 version) of future Apollo lunar landing module, Houston: #JFKL and LBJ briefed at Cape Canaveral, September 1962: #NASA von Braun explains future Saturn rocket to President Eisenhower at George C. Marshall Space Flight Center,… Canaveral blockhouse, 1957: #Getty Canaveral at dawn of space exploration, July 1950: Nixon on US Capitol steps with Mercury 7, tomorrow 1959, inscribed to John Glenn: Kennedy draft reply to invitation to christen aircraft carrier John F Kennedy, 1967: “That type of thin… carrier John F. Kennedy was christened today 1967: #Getty World’s Fair—“A Century of Progress”—opened today 1933:, today 1857:
Americans ready to fight on D-Day 1944. Sgt. Sandy Martin [top left] died on Omaha Beach and is buried there:… in commencement speech at American University, next month 1963: "For, in the final analysis, our most basic com… Hoover for President campaign at cutting edge of new technology,, 1928: #NARA 19 years, Ford stops producing Model T today 1927: Army veteran tells stories of Civil War 70 years later, in 1935: #Klein
Ticket for Ali vs. Liston, 55 years ago tonight: Ali defeated Sonny Liston 55 years ago tonight, Lewiston, Maine: #Leifer Woolson (1847-1956) of Minnesota was called last surviving Civil War Union soldier: #NARA Convention opened, Philadelphia, today 1787: to Congress, today 1961: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this de… of Fort McHenry, September 1814:“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow” — Lincoln in Second Inaugural Address, 1865 on Memorial Day 1963 at Arlington National Cemetery: #JFKL National Cemetery began with Union burials on General Robert E. Lee’s old estate, 1864:… Watch what emotional Dwight Eisenhower says to Walter Cronkite of CBS News when he returns to cemetery in F…
Retweeted by Michael BeschlossEisenhower at US cemetery, Normandy, France, while filming “D-Day Plus 20 Years” with Walter Cronkite, 1963:… at Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Day 1963: #JFKL Truman speaks at Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Day 1948: #HSTL
Yo-Yo Ma performs for Kennedys, Eisenhower, LBJ and others at benefit for what is now Kennedy Center for the Perfor… Ma is playing Bach live now—here is the link: Wallace campaigns at Lincoln’s Tomb, Springfield, September 1968: #SJR design for Lincoln Memorial, Meridian Hill, Washington DC, looking south toward Washington Monument, by Jo… Decoration (Memorial) Day, this week 1922, Chief Justice William Howard Taft, President Warren Harding and Rober… Scott Carpenter's father sent him this letter before his launch as 2nd American in orbital flight, today…
In June 1969, Life Magazine published photographs of the 242 American troops killed during a week of the Vietnam Wa…
Retweeted by Michael BeschlossTomorrow’s Sunday New York Times: Babe Ruth of New York National Guard salutes General Pershing, this week 1924: George Fishley, one of longest surviving American veterans of Revolutionary War, photographed shortly befor… of Gettysburg survivors drop flowers on battlefield from plane, Memorial (Decoration) Day 1938:… Mishaps during making of Hertz “driver’s seat” commercial in Jack Lemmon’s “Good Neighbor Sam” (1964) (2 mi… you, Room Rater, and thank you for what you are doing for the Navajo Nation.