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beth @bessbabyyy Spruce Grove, Alberta she/her

drag, art, harry styles, colin firth, vegan, dumb bitch insta: bethamphetamakeup

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@katyascherry okay like her feet tho??? y those boots so hot @dykefromhell yaDo Ar*ana Gr*nde next!!!!!!
Retweeted by bethwhat do you y’all think i am @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel ceo of avon makeup @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel dolores umbridgesometimes i hate my art so fucking much and then others days i’m like damn i really did something @dalkomyeoja TY LOVE 💜 @trickseemattel OMG TYSM @trickseemattel THANK YOUhot @forjustminutes @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel stunner! @kuntykayla tysmsomeone ch*ke me pls @notnotbecbec thank you love! @blankyspy4 thank you!!!!just got my hair done feeling like a brand new bad bitch
does anyone else get super anxious about getting their hair done like i have to talk to a stranger for the next 3 hours?? that’s not the t @basicalexisnic i have literally never related more to a tweetwhy do i do this to myself WHY DO I CAUSE MYSELF SO MUCH EMOTIONAL PAIN shit sucks bro
@kuntykayla of course love 💕💕 @mxdeleinejxnes @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics U LOOK SO SO GOODa little valentine’s day look 💜💕💜 ~using the Summer of Love blush palette from @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics on t…
Retweeted by beth @kuntykayla i’m so sorry :(( i’m always here if you need to talk 💕if katya says valentimes one more time i swear to godBecause she brought us together 💖
Retweeted by bethHappy valentimes
Retweeted by beth @trixiemattel sis are you speaking in simlish are you ok @dykefromhell it just be like that sometimes @dykefromhell sorta ://my mom: are you sad today? me: uhhh no why? mom: you got out of bed at.... 5pm..... me: oh... ha ha... yeah that’s really weirdnot me just wanting a switch to play harvest moon @katya_zamo as your human teeth collection grows can you please make a necklace or crown out of them? we would very much like to see it @dykefromhell SKDNFBHDUDHS HAN BOUTA UNFOLLOW Utriangle flavour size @dykefromhell mhmm that’s rightDYKES. WHY IS THIS NOT ON MY TIMELINE EVERYDAY. GET IT TOGETHER.
Retweeted by bethnormalize saying cunt normalize saying cunt normalize saying cunt normalize saying cunt normalize saying cunt norma…
Retweeted by beth @dykefromhell okay that’s offensive @dykefromhell ily 💓💝 @Maddie24Kennedy omg these are literally so cute @Maddie24Kennedy omg you’re a god ty 💕💕 that first one of trixie is so 🥺i feel so sad today someone help me @TrixieCosmetics @trixiemattel lava lamp is litcan’t stop won’t stop y’all mad that trixie is an ass but she wrote a song about him like it makes perfect sense to me one week until han and i are on a plane to go see grown up skncbfhdhbdhe
unmatched. un. matched.
Retweeted by bethI FEEL SO SICK OUT OF NOWHERE tf is up with that @Maddie24Kennedy you’re truly winning @katya_zamo did you ever read the annihilation trilogy?And no there’s no Contact shut up!
Retweeted by beth @Maddie24Kennedy honestly what you deserve after yesterdaylegend shit only clips are up! ✨
Retweeted by beth @trixiemattel @YouTube i listen to this and cry everyday on my way to work tysmSTOP BULLYING ON STAN TWITTER 2020 GOAL LETS GObro..... stan twitter is truly another world some of y’all need a joint or a xanax or something cause’s it’s just too much
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@kuntykayla @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics ty you stunner 💕💕used @TrixieCosmetics lava lamp and summer of love blush + highlight @ColourPopCo lilac you a lot palette on the eyesi still remember where i was when the feeling changed ✨💫 gives a shit about straight couples in this economy
Retweeted by bethhave to be up in 4 hours that’s really not the t @mxdeleinejxnes sksnfbfjrnbd holy fuck this is so funny for some reasonokay imagine sweetner the album but it also has NASA + needy???hi bbs @trixiemattel
Retweeted by beth @pinkheartlauren HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL BB 💓💓Help Me, I'm Dying 🕊⚰️A hilarious, heartwarming and disturbing production by @katya_zamo is coming to…
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@trixiemattel the drummer duh @pinkheartlauren @trixiemattel SAYS YOU your talents are endlessthis is my formal apology for sleeping on immaterial girl because it turns out she’s 100% that b*tch listening to ophelia doesn’t make your heart ache then you’ve had a blessed lifethis wip is kind of hot on your neck you ask... message received.. I’m coming over #MistressFame @Suprememgmt #e1972 @e1972official
Retweeted by beth @MissFameNYC @Suprememgmt @e1972official fame...... you look so fucking incredible @katya_zamo i just finished it and i’m so curious as to what you thought of it!! definitely had some david lynch vibes to itmy mom had no idea about the brooms and in the middle of us watching horse girl i just got up grabbed our broom and… am watching Horse Girl @premiumgremlin i KNOWthe end of half blood prince always fucking gets me goddamn @tragiictoys omg how did you know blink @dalkomyeoja hahah YES yes it isi always have dreams where i have to fight voldemort and the only spell i know is stupefy and it never works and i blame harry @dalkomyeoja omg yes i know exactly what your talking aboutcan we be nice to one another👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩to clarify, this is not me saying we shouldn’t spread the word that katya has said in the past that kissing makes h… don’t own your fav pls don’t speak for them thanks for coming to my ted talk bye @dykefromhell we been knew#Affinitweet Valentine This year you're mine dykefromhell! ❤️ And you, whom will be yours? via… to a guy who makes bread in his spare time the wedding is in a month @barbiedreamdyke @DragCoven wow this is so stunning @zamoshytes you.... have to @Maddie24Kennedy tysm i needed that a loti just saw an animation of elsa in full nude Y IS THE WORLD LIKE THIS @trixiemattel this was... too realone thing to note is not everyone who meets katya is on stan twitter all the time or listen to wv so might not know…
@Maddie24Kennedy @thishamstercan @trixiemattel @TrixieCosmetics justice for maddies memeskatya really been feeding us