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bess williamson @besswww Chicago, IL, US

professor/scholar of design & history. Author of Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design (2019). she/her pronouns

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@kaufmann_buhler I used to draw links between postmodern design and star wars vis a vis futuristic fantasies and a… @ablerism And I only have one kid! I'd say good luck but I don't think that's quite the sentiment... @ablerism Checks out, 3 weeks in here @DisabilityStor1 So sorry. All my best to you ♥️ @syardi Oh wow. Wtf @histoftech Oh god so sorry
@s_sullivan awww did it go ok? Hard thing for the littles. But it's over fast I hope? Were you guys exposed or just a precautionary test? @aufjedenfall Well, you can join my parents, who love that Tuscan bread. I am not convinced by TJs bread in general… @aufjedenfall someone once told me all TJs food has 5 words in the name, which is not true, but it's close to true? @aufjedenfall I used to prefer Just Mangoes (drier) but I was swayed by the cheaper sweet (maybe soft sweet?) mango… @aufjedenfall completely agree on the zhoug.. reminds me to get some other 10/10s for me are bibimbop (obvs nothin… @KLHWells You'd better wipe your feet on the properly textured mat! (Doubt you are reading this section but a recen… as much time as they have spent intervening in black communities around the world, IDEO has not Tweeted about r…
Retweeted by bess williamsonOn Saturday afternoon, Chicago police attacked a small group who had gathered to protest ongoing femicides in Mexic…
Retweeted by bess williamson @shanfinnegan @KeysWalletPh0ne me too. it's totally my work treat to accomplish this small thing row by row. @DisabilityStor1 Wow! 🥳
Retweeted by bess williamsonHere's your sexist-racist tech reading list @profgabrielle Definitely doesn't do everything but encouraging the use of chat has helped me feel less alonePLEASE partake in the open access (see: FREE.99) version of Distributed Blackness, thanks to the efforts of ⁦…
Retweeted by bess williamsonArnold Kemp to Fred Wilson at SAIC's artist talk series.. "what do you mean when you say you love museums?" FW: "th… @LangeAlexandra I've never gotten so many emails!
@artstuffmatters Also IDK if it's as clear as it should be that Gun Sense is pro gun control. I have a red state fa… @artstuffmatters ha. it's not! No endorsement or non-endorsement implied. Just something I was meaning to do and th… good way to check to be sure you are registered to vote (operated by Gun Sense Voting but does not require you to… far this online fashion history/studies conference is AMAZING. really incredible cross-section of makers, schola… @s_sullivan @adornofangirl Prep them as you do for shots - distract, count down, whatever. Also prepare that you mi… @allergyPhD my 5 year old did it. you (not YOU danya) can do it. @s_sullivan @TJBreen I also think we were younger and more open (chronologically younger and also internet-years yo… @Sarcher A friend wrote on closet organizing for a dissertation but never published afaik
@craigimann @merylalper I SO wanted to do this and commission someone for my cover out of my own pocket. Press rejected the idea.also love having a discussion where some are talking, others are in the chat. I can't follow it all and that can be… as many of us (cough) attend class without actually preparing, here they are participating without showing up.…'s awesome to see them making this choice (some of course, do all 3 likely out of some sense of duty/ticking the… gave students the choice in my online classes to do 2 of 3 things - post on discussion board about readings, post… @merylalper my experience with 50+ illustrations (& in the other book, a cover) that required permissions and fees,… collective makes protest-related media accessible: they've done an astounding amount of work in their short ex…
Retweeted by bess williamson @katta_spiel Jacobs new dress & Julian is a mermaid are both books that my 5 year old has liked.
@JennieFurness @doree you're missing one step of your analysis in which the options available condition consumer ta… @aufjedenfall So 2020So Colin posts a thread about racist facial detection algos on Zoom & his thread unearths ANOTHER layer of racist f…
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I recorded a lecture on the Panopticon on Panopto, and the autocaptioning keeps recognizing "the Panopticon" as "the Panopto con." @s_sullivan Eh, I have a hard time seeing why life terms are necessary or democratic
may this stark news radicalize us all to think FIRST in any emergency/crisis of what is happening to disabled peopl… @s_sullivan my local pret (nearly all Chicago prets) closed and... Chick Fil A opened in a formerly fancy restauran… @kaufmann_buhler @tokeriis @internetarchive My favorite mini book folding technique! This is a great idea for a off screen assignment tooOur statement on today’s White House History Conference: What the actual fuck.*
Retweeted by bess williamsonThe @FordFoundation is hiring for a new U.S. #Disability Rights Program Officer, someone who would strengthen the p…
Retweeted by bess williamson @kaufmann_buhler What is it???"Inaccessibility is a form of voter suppression." -@SFdirewolf in @TeenVogue
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Did you know the @DisabilityHistr blog #AllOfUs is posting celebratory & critiques on the 30th anniversary of the A…
Retweeted by bess williamsona high school teacher friend was asking me is guidance out there for modified versions of the Cornell note taking s… @bschillace @DisabilityStor1 @MatthewBorus if you know someone looking for some woekToday, in class, I challenged my professor, Dr. Paul Krugman, about his 9/11 tweet regarding Islamaphobia, and the…
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btw this was organized by #NOMAS (natl org of minority architecture students) chapter - & drew connections between… many colleagues have noted, there are a lot of these "diversity" panels/series going on in design schools. But i… was a great program because it was part of a student-driven "Spatial Equity" series driven by 2020 activism. W… @KeysWalletPh0ne @merylalper @AimiHamraie jinx @merylalper @AimiHamraie @KeysWalletPh0ne I think it was just an internal architecture dept thing, but you were non… academic publishers! Blind scholar here! I'd really love an audio book version of your books! Do you know how mu…
Retweeted by bess williamson @elizejackson @lldiedrich I mean, I see the ableism of bounding down the steps. But if JFK made it ok for men to no… @lldiedrich Do you think the jacket and boots are a melania anti-reference too (vs stilettos & the I don't care jacket)?CFP: Journal of Children & Media is looking for short (1500 word) personal commentaries on the crises that children…
Retweeted by bess williamson @miriamcb @AnjulieRao It kind of feels that way in that it's so much less busy these days.. @crystaljjlee @npseaver @ibogost @kaufmann_buhler is good on this - see new book coming out shortly on open plan of…
@crystaljjlee @npseaver @ibogost interesting.. I know my own writing on ergonomics doesn't really cover this, but i… @jkriss @npseaver woah. I also think of Donald Norman's 1989 "What's wrong with the PC" or similar? that is about h… it's kind of hard to get your head around teaching when you gave that lecture a couple of weeks ago to your laptopTwenty-one thoughtfully curated digital postcards telling the stories of artists within the Deaf and disabled commu…
Retweeted by bess williamson @LangeAlexandra oh right. This might be our model if we ever go in person.quite a lineup if you really really want to get into skyscraper history @LangeAlexandra how is that working? they split up a typically larger group into sections? I wish my K teacher woul… @jaivirdi "what happens when two historians are stuck in quarantine for 6 months" @jaivirdi OMG Jaigoddamn it when "did you try turning your computer on and off" works you just feel so small in the universe @jaivirdi Love this! Congrats Jai! Excited to teach it this semester @ablerism Oof that's interesting that people want to put you in charge. Says a lot about how design is imagined as…
@pandabrand I was hoping it was "aalto's odyssey" for extra design history cred, but I'll check it out! @LizLewisPhD kindergarten. *cries*I asked my students to share apps that they have, that they think no one else probably has. so many soothing/relaxi… @merylalper awesome! I need to watch this"It seems every urbanist’s favourite option is taking away parking space. If we remove the accessible parking space…
Retweeted by bess williamson @mssinenomine no parking twitter is somehow the twitter I have the hardest time restraining myself from arguing with. good quotes! @megajones good luck...
@BostML @BuiltJustice @karene_luu citation please. for thousands of years disabled people were killed and/or expected to stay home. @leigh_stearns @KUGeology @BlkinGeoscience @LaserGlaciers @LummusMalisse @CodyTBarnett @rezvanbehbahani Love this picture in so many ways!
@crystaljjlee Also if I have to read another description of a quidditch game I'm going to die. No single prof seems… @crystaljjlee Important rundown for me as I have read books 1-4 this lockdown season with my kid and went from "ok… to say I already own this, but download! (& I am downloading to make for easier syllabus distribution) @colinfanning @philamuseum canceled at AIC :(Tomorrow's #fontsunday from noon will be in honour of Sir Terence Conran's life and career. From founding Habitat i…
Retweeted by bess williamson#ColumbiaGSAPP is pleased to announce its fall 2020 public programs including lectures by #StephenBurks, @BCLeeJr,…
Retweeted by bess williamsonI started reading campus newspapers a few months ago as part of a project to track how the pandemic was impacting s…
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Next week, historian Jaipreet Virdi (@jaivirdi) joins us to discuss a history of claims for "miracle cures" for dea…
Retweeted by bess williamsonHey disability studies/urban studies/design folks, don’t miss this! @ablerism @AimiHamraie @CardenOfMilk @besswww
Retweeted by bess williamson @MarinRSullivan You were really in my hood. I was kind of excited like people are really getting into the details o… thread made me feel better @MarinRSullivan @mcmansionhell If it had been like an hour before we all could have crashed and caused twitter art/design IRL mayhem @smtology @pandabrand 🤪 @pandabrand I exaggerated on 2FA :) but it definitely requires logging in every time and there is weird stuff like…