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These were the 7 best moments from 'A Tribute to Andre Harrell: Mr. Champagne & Bubbles' #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET.@robinthicke took us back with Jodeci's Come & Talk to Me during the #CelebratingAndreHarrell tribute. He stated t…
Retweeted by BETFrom the tribute on @BET today, one of the first songs from Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records that inspired me.…
Retweeted by BETBABY MAMBA JUST TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! ❤️🙌🏽 || 🎥 Instagram/VanessaBryant else’s Granny is a ride or die?! 😭 || 🎥 TikTok/Tessah777 and celebrities are paying tribute to the late Uptown Records founder during the airing of…
Retweeted by BETThe music was definitely a celebration of life! And the finer things in life for certain. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETUptown CREATED the culture. Uptown paved the way. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETBecause of Andre Harrell, we are Black excellence. 🤍 #CelebratingAndreHarrell, Camera, Action! #AmericanSoulBET is back Wed 10/9c! is such a reminder that believing in someone is worth far more than being the plug will ever be. This is wha…
Retweeted by BETWe are #BlackExcellence because of #AndreHarrell ✊🏽 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETA moment, a movement, a mood... but most of all.. a legacy.... #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET#CelebratingAndreHarrell 🥂🍾
Retweeted by BETI can't stress this enough. I grew up in an era where GREAT MUSIC was created. Thank you Andre Harrell for providin…
Retweeted by BET“May we lift up Andre’s life and legacy... with gratitude and with love.” 🙏🏾✨ #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETMr. Andre Harrell is and will continue to be a part of the #BlackExcellence movement and one of the most significan…
Retweeted by BETTuned in to honor a king today 👑🕊️ A visionary. A legend. The blueprint of the culture. #CelebratingAndreHarrell on .@BET
Retweeted by BETThis tribute is excellent!!! You can tell he was a genuine person and that he was loved and appreciated by so many…
Retweeted by BETWhat a beautiful tribute.🥂 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETto have an iota of andre's talent and contribution to the culture. he gave us so much. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETWow, what a forever true blessing. I know all the phenomenal music you birthed will take on a different vibe. I wil…
Retweeted by BETWell #CelebratingAndreHarrell was perfectly executed. An icon honored in the highest form. What a life! Andre Harrell. @BET 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
Retweeted by BET#BETHouseParty is giving you the #MemorialDay cookout you deserve with the internet's fave uncle @spiceadams! Join…
"We love you. We miss you. We salute you. I am Black excellence because of Andre Harrell." - @MrEdLover 🤍…"He certainly had an impact on my life and on so many people's lives...We love you, Andre. We miss you." -… is an amazing storyteller. #CelebratingAndreHarrell' tribute song to Andre Harrell 🤍 #CelebratingAndreHarrell Foxx is so genuine #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETThis tribute is beautiful. 😥❤🌹 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETLoving this tribute to Andre. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET"We all know Andre's extraordinary contributions to our industry as an executive, but when I think about Andre that… York Undercover. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETWhat a legacy. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETOther classics #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETI knew Robin Thicke was gonna sing Jodeci! ❤️🎶 #CelebratingAndreHarrell @BET #UptownRecords
Retweeted by BETWatching Andre Herrell Tribute on @BET. #CelebratingAndreHerrell #AndreHerrell 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊
Retweeted by BETI'm watching A Tribute to Andre Harrell on @BET ...and it's amazing! I'm loving the production and the editing. Wel…
Retweeted by BETShare My World, Believe In Me, My Life, Everything, Sweet Thang and etc. That's my Girl MJB Love Her ♥️👑🙌🏾♥️
Retweeted by BET"There will be no other. You're a true legend and one of a kind." - @NaomiCampbell 🤍 #CelebratingAndreHarrell copped the "Honey" DVD with the dance tutorial? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾 #CelebratingAndreHarrell is your fave Mary J. Blige song? #CelebratingAndreHarrell does Uptown mean to you? #CelebratingAndreHarrell out to @Pharrell for those kind words. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETHe was INTENTIONAL in elevating young Black talent; not just artists, but executive talent and creative talent. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETSalute he has a legendary history. A legend #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETLOVE WITHOUT A LIMIT WEATHER 😩😩😩😩 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETA Tribute to Andre Harrell, Mr. Champagne & Bubbles ✨ #CelebratingAndreHarrell the Andre Harrell tribute w/ my eyes moist ASF!! #celebratingAndreHarrell #BET @BET
Retweeted by BET#CelebratingAndreHarrell 🤍 in. #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET🙏🏾 #CelebratingAndreHarrell “A Tribute to Andre Harrell: Mr. Champagne & Bubbles” on @BET Very Necessary. ✅💜😔
Retweeted by BETUptown Records....A Staple in the Black Community #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETDr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde !!! #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BEToh yes this is everything @BET #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETI remember seeing Heavy D- Mr. Big Stuff video on Candy Shannon Friday Night Videos has a kid! #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETHappy born day to the late, Heavy D. 🙏🏾 #CelebratingAndreHarrell tribute to Andre Harrell is on NEXT on @BET &! 🙏🏾🕊 #CelebratingAndreHarrell, a tribute to Andre Harrell. ♥️🙏🏾🍾🥂 Live on @bet @revolttv @YouTube @foxsoultv iOneDigital
Retweeted by BETCelebrating the life of the legendary, Andre Harrell, TONIGHT 7/6c on @BET! 🙏🏾🕊 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET🎶 @BETJams is jamming right now #CelebratingAndreHarrell💃🏾
Retweeted by BETI’m loving #CelebratingAndreHarrell on @BET he has done SO MUCH for our culture. This man took risks and got it don…
Retweeted by BETDefinitely checking this out. I'm a huge fan of Andre as Uptown Records is my all-time favorite record label by far…
Retweeted by BET#CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BETMariah Carey’s coming😭 #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET#CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET.@Saweetie and @QuavoStuntin have really been living their best life during Quarantine! 😩👏🏽 || 🎥 @Saweetie're a couple of hours away from the Andre Harrell tribute. 🤍 #CelebratingAndreHarrell airs TONIGHT 7/6c on @BET… Edge vs 112 tomorrow night! Which song was the better REMIX though?! 🔥Let's Get Married or Only You 👀👀… Gym...NO PROBLEM! @Nelly_Mo is getting these gains either way! 💪🏽💪🏽 || 🎥 @Nelly_Mo BET! This is what I love to see! Classic videos I grew up on 🥺😍 Thank you Andre Harrell 🙏🏽❤️ #CelebratingAndreHarrell
Retweeted by BET @BET is jammin on commercial breaks with videos 🎶🎼🎶 #celebratingandreharrell
Retweeted by BETJagged Edge visits 106 & Park and discusses the inspiration behind their tracks on 'Jagged Little Thrill'. What was… Beatz and his son going over the fundamentals!😭🧼|| 🎥 @THEREALSWIZZZ Father & Son duo decided to have a virtual cook off due to #SocialDistancing! 😭✊🏽|| 🎥 @L2C_CEO Days! #AmericanSoulBET streets are talking about all the folks attached to the Franklin White House. 👀 Catch an all-new… we celebrate the life and legacy of Andre Harrell with a special tribute airing at 7PM ET on @BET Details…
Retweeted by BET🎥🎥 @fonrozay The Soul 🔮😈 Catch the season 2 premiere of #AmericanSoulBET this WED 10/9c! President with a message to the HBCU class of 2020! ✊🏽 || 🎥 @Wale #HBCU #ClassOf2020 will also be streaming on our YouTube channel ➡️ us in celebrating the life of the legendary, Andre Harrell, TONIGHT 7/6c on @BET! 🙏🏾🕊 #CelebratingAndreHarrell @Empress__Jess DWL 😅 (📹: @WannasWorld / #Verzuz) @TheKhxos Mood! #Verzuz (📹: @ericabuddington) wondering who is commenting from @BET too. #Verzuz is extra live tonight. that were secret before are out and it's causes all kinds of drama‼ ️ Watch an all-new #TheOvalOnBET with us…
Priscilla (@tajavsimpson) has been out of the loop, and Nancy (@ptoshastorey) fills her in on all the Hallsen house… will also be streaming on our YouTube channel ➡️ we're celebrating the legendary, Andre Harrell with special guests @ChrisRock, @MariahCarey, @iamJamieFoxx… you for rocking with us every Wednesday night. We have been renewed for Season 2!🤩 We couldn't do it without…
Retweeted by BETWhat part of “it’s been taken care of” don’t you understand, Mr. President? Catch an all-new @TheOvalOnBET, Wednesd… it worth your soul?! #AmericanSoulBET is back Wed 10/9c! to see Simone, The Star 😍#AmericanSoulBET is back in 4 days! @ke27 Yes! It'll be live from our YouTube channel as well.Check out season 1 of @BoomerangOnBET on the BET NOW App & our YouTube channel! Watch ➡️