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Get ready... #SoulTrainAwards 2020 drops in November! ❤️ ✌🏾 & SOUL to @DeAngeloRB for being one of our BET Her Fights Breast Cancer Honorees! DeAngelo started the De… and Baby Future dressed up as Cardi and Offset! 😭 #Halloween2020 #Halloween || 🎥 @OffsetYRN @ciara it back luck or is it just Zac?! 🤔 #SistasOnBET Brown staying is woke with the times. 😳 Catch a new episode of #AssistedLivingBET Wednesday 8:30/7:30c, on @BET! Hop has something to say! @VanLathan reminds us why it is important to vote. #ReclaimYourVote’s the performances that turn things all the way up at the Hip Hop Awards! Check out some of our favorite past pe… to @Official_Tink-- get out and vote! #ReclaimYourVote this performance was so hard!!!!!!
Retweeted by BET🗣@2chainz featuring @LilTunechi drop the last performance of #HipHopAwards 2020 with 'Money Maker'! 💵
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It's time to vote! Don't let others tell you otherwise, your voice matters. #ReclaimYourVote 🗳 SQUARE BILLBOARD!!! @rapsody thank you for everything ♥️ @ReubenVincent_ we looking good bro!!! Words cant des…
Retweeted by BETIt’s the rich melanin for me! 🙋🏿‍♀️😍@anyangdeng9
Retweeted by BETCurtis plays by his own rules...and then changes the rules as he plays. 😅 Don’t miss a brand-new episode of Tyler P… know it got real when the shades came off. 😂 Catch an all-new episode of Tyler Perry's #AssistedLivingBET NEXT… snapped!! 🎃🔪 #Halloween || 🎥 Dimeeach_5 just won Halloween. 🎃💅🏽|| 🎥 @Saweetie @KELLYROWLAND @Beyonce @RealMichelleW #Halloween shares why it is important to step up in our communities! #HipHopCares x #HipHopAwards talks about mental health for #HipHopCares 🙏🏾 #HipHopAwards Guest VP Candidate @KamalaHarris #HipHopAwards legendary @MasterPMiller accepts the I Am Hip Hop award 🙏🏾 #HipHopAwards shakes the room for Pop Smoke's tribute💫 #HipHopAwards hearts are with their families 🖤 #BETRemembers x #HipHopAwards'all heard @bobbysessions! 🔥 #HipHopAwards Latto (@Mulatto) slays the #HipHopAwards! 🎰
🗣@ReubenVincent_ B A R S! 🏆🔥 #HipHopAwards'all heard @Pooh_Shiesty! Tune in to the #HipHopAwards encore now on @BET!, Spanish, & French 🐅 #HipHopAwards 15 🎉 Tune in to the #HipHopAwards encore now on @BET! Paid 💰💰 #HipHopAwards to the encore of the 2020 #HipHopAwards! Hosted by the dream team @85SouthShow (@DCYoungFly, @KarlousM, &… to @Dr_ALSpencer on being one of our BET Her Fights Breast Cancer Honorees! She has diligently work… time is coming! We're only 5 days out from election day and now more than ever it's time to get out and… Samuel Rates Teyana Taylor, Usher, Tyra Banks & More On Their Outfits in our latest episode of #RateTheFit!… Goss Graves (@FGossGraves) of the National Women's Law Center Action Fund has some words for the Presidentia… was SO READY for Bellamy! Missed this scorching scene and all the other goodness that went down on… is one of our BET Her Fights Breast Cancer 2020 Honorees! Robin has established a “thrivership fund”… Kings raising young Kings! 👑 || 🎥 RSamualW3 went and got the produce first ❤️✊🏽 || 🎥 IG/ItsMedy held it down! 🥶 Relive the #HipHopAwards TONIGHT 7/6c, only on @BET! secrets will be revealed next Wednesday 9/8c, on an all new #SistasOnBET?
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Retweeted by BET#SistasOnBET Aaron ain't acting like no Pastor right now.
Retweeted by BETBRB we are very much in our feelings RN. This is all tew much. #SistasOnBET
Retweeted by BETFatima needs to school a few of us. Just sayin'! #SistasOnBET
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Retweeted by BETThat’s right Fatima, teach Zack a thing or two! He needs some advice! #SistasOnBET
Retweeted by BETTime for an all new #SistasOnBET!
Retweeted by BETOh, but I will be watching! For certain!! No need to tell me twice or send any hard looks! LOL! #SistasOnBET
Retweeted by BET#TONIGHT Catch our client Crystal Renee’ Hayslett on @BET IG LIVE with Kevin Walton at 10:00pm ET discussing…
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Retweeted by BET#SistasOnBET WEDNESDAYS!!! We almost there East Coast! Pull up! Going live to chat for a few before the show!
Retweeted by BETOh no! Look at Sandra being sneaky, again! #AssistedLivingBET
Retweeted by BETOne thing about Mr. Brown and Grandpa Vinny, they're going to argue about something. #AssistedLivingBET
Retweeted by BETI know that's right! #AssistedLivingBET
Retweeted by BETSo it isn't an ear for an ear? 🤣 #AssistedLivingBET
Retweeted by BETWhat is diet water? #AssistedLivingBET
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Retweeted by BETPraise God! #AssistedLivingBET
Retweeted by BETThe look you give when someone has the audacity to tell you they're not watching #SistasOnBET tonight! 🙄 brand new episode of Tyler Perry's #HouseOfPayne starts NOW!
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Retweeted by BETTime for my favorite show #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETCurtis Payne you know what!!! 😂 #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETCurtis has a plan.....and we're not too sure it's going to well! 😂 #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETCurtis stay up to something man 😂😂 #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETWe are tired too, Calvin! 😂 #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETI truly don't think Janine will be able to keep her cool! #HouseOfPayne
Retweeted by BETA new episode of Tyler Perry's #HouseOfPayne starts NOW!
It's almost time for a new episode of #AssistedLivingBET!
Retweeted by BETWe're back! Don't miss a brand-new episode of #AssistedLivingBET TONIGHT 8:30/7:30c on @BET!'re only 1 HOUR away from an ALL NEW episode of #HouseOfPayne!!
Retweeted by BETwhen you know it’s Wednesday and new episodes of #houseofpayne #AssistedLivingBET and #SistasOnBET comes on tonight…
Retweeted by BETNothing like family to get you through! Don't miss a new episode of Tyler Perry's #HouseOfPayne TONIGHT 8/7c!, Aaron! 🥴 #SistasOnBET into this weeks episode of #HotGirlStyle with @lipstickncurls 🔥 #BETAmplified Artist of the Month @_FloMilli played a game of "This or That" so we could get to know her a litt… like a fine bottle of wine. 🍷 Catch an all-new episode of Tyler Perry's #HouseOfPayne TONGIHT at 8/7c on @BET!, how the tables have turned. Tonight 9/8c, watch an all new @SistasOnBET with us and live tweet using… & CJ have adult problems to take care of! Don't miss a new episode of Tyler Perry's #HouseOfPayne TONIGHT 8/…'s truly the bars for us! 🗣BETTER out now! ⤵ #HipHopAwards God And Stay Humble ✊🏾 @BET #BETHipHopCypher2011 #ThisAintOvernight
Retweeted by BETGrateful.. salute to all the artists involved in this years #HipHopAwards Cyphers✊🏾 Please VOTE! #BLM @HipHopAwards
Retweeted by BETCongratulations Stormzy on Best International Flow award at the #HipHopAwards !
Retweeted by BETMORE 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @SkipMarley killed the @BET #HipHopAwards Cypher
Retweeted by BETWe the generation with the knowledge and the hope ✊🏾 #HipHopAwards @BET
Retweeted by BETA READ. Please protect this Queen at all cost! 💅🏽🙏🏽 || 🎥 Tag Her to Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce for winning Best Collaboration for Savage (Remix) 🤘🏾🐝 #HipHopAwards presents the Best International Flow Award at the #HipHopAwards 💫 & @RealSway share their memories of Fred The Godson 🙏🏾 #HipHopAwards shares why it is important to step up in our communities! #HipHopCares x #HipHopAwards