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WE HAVE A DRESS! uMakoti is happy with dress number 6, selected by her in-laws. #2FamiliesBETuSisi @tembisa is right. So much drama on the runway tonight. #2FamiliesBET @bauss_thembi How soon would you want the wedding to be if it were you? #2FamiliesBETOh no! Makoti is not feeling ANY of our 2 Families' selections..but wait she is! So much of confusion. #2FamiliesBETGroom's family gets first pick. They have 5 minutes to make their selection. #2FamiliesBETThe type of dress our makoti wants: 1) Champagne colour 2) Sleeveless 3) No lace 4) Bling Will our 2 Families be a…, there's already different opinions from our 2 Families and the groom. #2FamiliesBETWould you wait that long to walk down the aisle? #2FamiliesBETAfter being together for 24 years and being legally married, our makoti, Nonhlanhla and her husband are finally goi…'s almost time for the season finale of 2 Families and a Wedding Dress with the lovely @tembisa. Are you tuned in? #2FamiliesBETWatch Behind The Story, Wednesday at 22:00, only BET Africa, Ch129! This week, @enhlembali is next on @PearlThusi's… Parents Looking For Love, tomorrow night at 21:30. Tune in to find out who will walk away with love.…
Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story. Who would you put your money on to play Lebo? Coming soon to BET Channel 129
Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story, who will play the Lead? #LeboMathosaBET
#BETAndBinge our Monday Night Movie, John Q, Monday at 20:00. What lengths is Denzel Washington willing to go to sa… The Lebo Mathosa Story, who will play the Lead? #LeboMathosaBET The Story, Wednesdays at 22:00 only on BET Africa, Ch129. This week, catch @PearlThusi asking more than 21 q… and The Oval, Starting 31 October from 21:30, exclusive to BET Africa, Channel 129. Two brand new series cre… The Story, every Wednesday at 22:00. Next week, @PearlThusi gets deep with actress @enhlembali.…
Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story is coming soon Exclusive to BET Africa. Are you ready? saw him win Best International Flow at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards, now watch @sarkodie play a little game of O… Parents Looking For Love, Tuesday at 21:30 only on BET, Ch 129. Piki piki mabelane, who will be chosen? Find…
Conquering self-doubt and industry blackballing has lead @AmandaBlackZA to live her Power! Catch Behind The Story,…"I see the dream again" - @AmandaBlackSA #BehindTheStoryWho is tuned into BET? ❤️❤️❤️ #BehindTheStory
Retweeted by BET AfricaAww snap! After months of not receiving money she was meant to get for her gigs, @AmandaBlackSA finally got that bag! 💰#BehindTheStoryThings really don't work how we think behind the scenes in this industry 😮 #BehindTheStoryAfter @AmandaBlackSA 'freestyled' her first hit, 'AmaZulu', the song went platinum in 3 weeks.👏 @cnehshuga @AmandaBlackSA Ne? It all works out in the end. #BehindTheStoryBET @AmandaBlackSA is living proof that you don't need to win a singing competition to 'make it'. Sticking to your end… on #BehindTheStory @AmandaBlackSA will be on with @PearlThusi. I'm longing to watch this episode 🥺🥺 ⏰: 22:…
Retweeted by BET AfricaIt's on, bafeth'! Tune in! #BehindTheStory of the names our parents give us sometimes, also🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️#BehindTheStoryBETSo excited to get to know more about @AmandaBlackSA, I hope you'll be tuned in to get all the tea from @PearlThusi
Retweeted by BET AfricaCatch Behind The Story, tonight at 22:00. Tonight, @PearlThusi sits down @AmandaBlackSA. We caught up with the song… @Melly_Tay_SA 😂 @Naaledi @RemoTsomakae She's a queen for real. No cap. #HipHopAwardsThe Queen Bee @LilKim receives the I Am Hip Hop honour. Extremely well-deserved. #HipHopAwards @IAmNxthi Classic things! #HipHopAwards @RemoTsomakae He's really a special kind of rapper #HipHopAwards @SkyyM__ Who would you nominate to go 'rep that side? #HipHopAwardsOf course, it wouldn't be a hot girl summer if Meg didn't win. @theestallion takes Best Mixtape for her project 'Fever'. #HipHopAwardsWhy ngathi ALL American stand up comedians know how to spit? 🤔 #HipHopAwards @Naaledi These comedians got bars, ne? #HipHopAwards @notriky_ They don't want that smoke with the dude #HipHopAwards @Sako_Ndlebe You need to stop sleeping on him! #HipHopAwards @Sako_Ndlebe On some, "JUST in case y'all forgot...." #HipHopAwards @SibuuuM Now's the best time to get hip to what's been happening in the culture #HipHopAwardsIshuu it's hit after hit! Some dope throwbacks from Maybach Music boss, @RickRoss. #HipHopAwardsThe queen @rapsody on stage spreading that black girl magic. What a performance! #HipHopAwardsYou already know the Queen Bee is gonna bring it! #HipHopAwards boy @DaBabyDaBaby is officially the Best New Hip-Hop Artist of 2019! #HipHopAwards @DaBabyDaBaby takes the stage and got the party jumping! #HipHopAwardsAnd the Award for Best Collabo, Duo or Group goes to @LilNasX Feat. @billyraycyrus for Old Town Road (Remix) #HipHopAwardsExplosive performance from @Saweetie 🙌#HipHopAwards 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards are happening right now. Who's watching? #HipHopAwardsWatch the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards tonight at 7pm, only on BET Ch129. Let’s get woke with @Marazamc #HipHopAwards @AmandaBlackSA on tonight's episode of #BehindTheStory at 22:00 ch129.🕺🏾
Retweeted by BET AfricaMad props to @sarkodie  for being the first winner of the Best International Flow award at the BET Hip Hop Awards…
It was a tough choice for JB but Kim has stolen his heart. Tune in next week, same time only on BET, Ch 129. #SingleParentsBETFellas, what questions would you NOT want your best friend to ask your potential girlfriend? #SingleParentsBETHard luck, Moloko. #SingleParentsBET and their questions, though🤣Ladies, would you be able to handle such a grilling if you were one of tonight's suitors?Jabu is 3 for 3 for good first impressions and vibes at first sight 😍#SingleParentsBETWhich of these 'guurlls' do you think Jabulani will pick? #SingleParentsBETOur single parent, Jabulani, is a hustling artist who isn't into fake things. What does the house of love hold for him. #SingleParentsBETIt's time for this week's episode of #SingleParentsBET! Are y'all ready?If you know, you know #SingleParentsBET 😉 @K_McGrecoR @Miss_Calita @2meleng The wildest questions, fam! #SIngleParentsBETYuh! Them kids don't care, they will ask you anything and you MUST answer! Hope you'll be watching tonight. a day left until we get the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards express from the US at 2am and later at 7pm. RT if you can…
Dress number 5 it is! See what happens when your family and your future in-laws come together? Tune in next week, s… is REALLY not about that vintage-style life! #2FamiliesBETDress number 3 might just be the one. Even @tembisa couldn't deal. #2FamiliesBETUmakoti's best friend got it wrong. With dress number 2🤣#2FamiliesBETWhich dresses will our bride, Buhle, pick? #2FamiliesBETHayibo, everyone wants umakoti to show cleavage? 😂 #2FamiliesBETThe bride's family, Team Alpha, choose 'tailer' and they get first dibs. Will they pick dresses that uMakoti will approve of? #2FamiliesBETHappy Birthday 🥳to the talented @tonibraxton. soon on BET. the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards, Wednesday 9 October express from the US at 2am and again at 7 PM. Which song is… into the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. Wednesday 9 October, express from the US at 2am and later at 7pm. Which DJ d… the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards, Wednesday 9 October express from the US at 2am and later at 7pm. Which of these… you're going to #RoseFest19 get EXCITED because the lineup for #RoseFestDBN is Mind Blowing. These women are goi… The Lebo Mathosa Story coming soon exclusive to BET CHL 129. Lets get to know the original drama queen.
Single Parents Looking For Love, Tuesdays at 21:30. Catch the next episode of our single parents on their quest for…
Catch the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards Wednesday, 9 October live at 2am and later at 7pm. Who’s taking home the Best Hip… the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards on Wednesday 9 October LIVE at 2am and later at 7pm. Will @sarkodie take Best Int… the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. You We going LIVE on 9 October at 2am and later at 7pm, only on BET Channel 129.… the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards live on 9 October LIVE at 2am and later at 7pm only on BET Africa, Channel 129. T… the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards on Wednesday 9 October LIVE at 2am and later at 7pm does the Best International F…
@kanyiTP @PearlThusi Nobody does it better than @PearlThusi!The journey of Ms. Genesis has been one of peaks and valleys, and she still out here shining! We’re inspired by…! @Gigi_Lamayne is about to run up on Amsterdam like: 📷 #BehindTheStory #BehindTheStoryBET*Whistles* The drama ku le industry #BehindTheStoryBET you guys tuned in #BehindTheStory? Ms @Gigi_Lamayne is on with @PearlThusi ♥️
Retweeted by BET AfricaNo, man! 😢😭💔💔 #BehindTheStoryBETWhere are them bullies now, @Gigi_Lamayne? 👀 Not on TV with @PearlThusi, that's for sure #BehindTheStoryBET what you will about @Gigi_Lamayne, but homegirl has PAID. THEM. DUES. in these here hip-hop streets! #BehindTheStoryBET