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@xPalesa_ 💔💔We are so sorry!🔥🔥 Akere la bona #BoityBET enjoy our local reality TV shows so much and #BoityBET is one of them
Retweeted by BET AfricaCouldn't have said it any better #BoityBET #VeryNecessary @BobbyBlanco_ your a whole mood! #BoityBET #Lambhora 😂😂
Retweeted by BET Africa🤣 @BobbyBlanco_ Hayi this one is for you! #BoityBET's consistent every episode 🤣🤣 #BoityBET😂😂😂 I didn’t want to drink #BoityBET
Retweeted by BET Africa🤣🤣 well we don't see why Asante should be excluded from the month of love #BoityBET cut him badly!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #BoityBET
Retweeted by BET Africa @Bongi_Bee_ We hope you're tuned in and enjoying.It’s about that time ⏰ @Bongi_Bee_ You better be READY!🔥🔥🔥 #BoityBET #OwnYourThroneBETWho ever would have thought of a 911 for dogs? Maybe Asante Thulo's granny @modiehi_thulo  has a winning business i…
Remember when Thuli & Sihle walked into church late? Don’t be that awkward person, tune into #BlackTaxOnBET Tuesday…
Join us in celebrating their lives. Stream the services on our Facebook #ForKobeAndGigi doesn't matter where you are from, your twenties are always 'a work of art.' #TwentiesOnBET is coming soon to c… all know how tricky our twenties can be!! Introducing an all new TV show produced and created by @lenawaithe. C… might just be the most intense episode of #OwnYourThroneBET, from @bobbyblanco_sa confronting his father to an… @Celestentuli aka Mama Chankura here to give sound advise for our Millennial Skrr Skrr generation.… is probably why they say to never work with family😂😂😂 Tune in tomorrow night @ 21:30 only on your favourite ch…
The #NAACPImageawards are coming to BET, This morning!! You wont want to miss this star-studded event exclusive to… haven't set that alarm?? Don't sleep on the #NAACPImageawards coming to you live at 03:00 CAT on DSTV chann… Sunday have never been the same!! Catch the #NAACPImageawards Monday at 03:00 CAT and the repeat at 20:00 CAT. one of these nominees for 'outstanding literary work-fiction' do you think will take the award home? Catch t… today but Legends tomorrow!! This Monday 03:00 we find out who will take the award for "outstanding new artist…
The anticipation so thick you could cut it with a knife! Who do you think will take the title as the most 'outsta…
Throwback to our favourite scene in this week’s episode of #BlackTaxOnBET. Thuli’s Mom loves the brinjal emoji - re…
Guess the character? Which character from #NAACPImageAward nominated TV show 'Black-ish' said the following? "I… or False??? "Being Mary Jane was nominated for three categories at the #NAACPImageAwards coming this Sunday at 3am"Throwback to our favourite scene in this week’s episode of #BlackTaxOnBET. Thuli’s Mom loves the brinjal emoji - re…
You and us both mngani #BoityBET😂😂😂😂🔥 #BoityBET might have to be our next #MyBETBreak presenter🔥🔥🔥 #BoityBET Sihle just said to Bobby is very important, in everything that you do dont forget God... Wise words from a friend #BoityBET
Retweeted by BET AfricaWe might just need to get her own show 🤔 #BoityBET this week’s episode of #BoityBET, we get a peek into @madithulo’s gossip sesh with her girls. Wondering what kin… absolute fave scene last week was when @BobbyBlanco_’s mom came through and told him his business 😂. More crazy…
😂😂😂 watch out what you wish for, Bruce! show is hilarious #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET AfricaMissed your dose of laughs on #BlackTaxOnBET tonight? We've got you. Catch the repeat Saturday @ 19:00 😉 the phone hand me down! My first phone was also a hand me down from my family 😂 Zakhele uzoba strong! #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET Africa"There's this new app you can get on to make new friend's it's called 'Thinta'" - Gogo is unleashed tonight😂👀🙈 #BlackTaxOnBETI’d always stress about if I left it out in the open or under my pillow.. umama used to snoop around 😂😂…
Retweeted by BET AfricaShame. uZakhele just wants to be fit in with his friends 😔 #BlackTaxOnBET @MasekoNonjabulo Sorry, Nonjabulo ngathi your tweet is blank sis 👀😂 #BlackTaxOnBETUthi "make a plan" #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET Africa😂 poor Thuli! She must switch up her sales skills kancane 😉 #BlackTaxOnBET @BET_Africa She did well ay🔥😤 such people need to be dealt with! #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET AfricaThere should always be a little “wiggle-room” to negotiate idiscount 👀. What’s the last big purchase you were able…’s genuinely the worst 😭
Retweeted by BET AfricaI’d go straaaaaight back home... when I even lose my phone I feel so naked 😭 #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET AfricaThuli's boss really just told her that he hired her because she's black and female 🙆🏽‍♀️😳. Ungathini wena? Thuli ju…'re not alone 😂 If it was up to Sihle she would've been late for school just to find her phone. #BlackTaxOnBET @Pedi_Kween GIRL 😂. We love that hustling spirit 🔥 #BlackTaxOnBETYhuuuu I always make sure I have a spare😩💔 #BlackTaxOnBET
Retweeted by BET AfricaWe know exactly how uSihle feels. That moment when you realise you left the house without your phone is ilast numbe… about to turn ish uuuup 🔥🔥🔥 #BlackTaxOnBET I’m ready for 21:30pm
Retweeted by BET AfricaSet your reminders 🔥😂
Retweeted by BET AfricaIt’s almost Black Tax time!! 😭😭❤️❤️ #BlackTaxOnBET @BET_Africa
Retweeted by BET AfricaRemember the days when you had to 'inherit' phones to get a new one 😂😂 Catch BlackTAXonBET tonight @ 21:30 on your…
@bobbyblanco1  doing the most on own your throne ep 3 Wednesday 21:30. Catch the repeat on Saturday 19:00 week Thuli finds out from her boss that he hired her because she’s black and female. Would you milk the opport…
Situation RN!!! @Boity out @MojaCafe owning her throne #BoityBET faces challenges at work this week on #BlackTaxOnBET. This reminds me of how I was picked on due to my "inab…
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An OWN YOUR THRONE weekend! 👑👑💫💫😁😁💃🏾💃🏾🔥🔥 @MojaCafe @AyepyepMenlyn #BoityBET
Retweeted by BET Africa @AyepyepMenlyn tonight with @Boity owning her throne with @djsumbodysa Are open!! Pull in and shoot your shot #MyBETBreak 😎👌🏾contestants on point. But who’s winning the prize? Stay tuned... is hyped with ALL the right energies!! Our contestants are on their toes. Let’s goooooooo 🔥☄️ We ARE LIVE !!🙌🏾🔥🤩Who’s our next star presenter? If you’re as curious as we are...Stay tuned for More 🚨🚨 entertainer of the year nominee @tylerperry  Good Deeds. Wesley Deeds finds himself caught betwe…
@tylerperry The man responsible for half the content we see on television from Madea to #SISTASonBET. He has been n… you missed @Boity  Own Your Throne this week, catch the repeat Saturday 19:00. #BoityBET episode 3 on your scre…
#TBT... Which African artist won or was nominated at the 2019 #naacpimageawards. Catch the 2020 a… to 40 years of Black excellence Thulo Thursdays @Boity !! We unlocked @boity DM and here's what we found😅😅 #OwnYourThroneBET #BoityBET every…!! you still have a chance to join the BET Fam. Come to Newtown Music Factory Saturday 15 Feb. Doors open at 9a…
@Ashmund_Martin @muzi_m @Marz_On_Earth Hi Ashmund. We are struggling to send you a direct message. Please remove an… @Marz_On_Earth Hey Chris. We are struggling to send you a direct message. Could you please unlock the restrictive blocks you may have @YourBuoy_Buks Congratulations on making it to the shortlist @Muzi_Z Congratulations on making it to the shortlist @MncedisiSindane Congratulations on making it to the shortlistThank you all for your dope entries 🔥🔥🔥 Our judges had a tough time selecting a shortlist from our digital entries!… Modiehi @modiehi_thulo keeps it real with her “pitikous” on tonight’s episode of #BoityBET because how else do… in tonight @ 21:30 for the next episode of #OwnThroneBET to see how @bashvision plans to take @boity's rap car… to the Launch of @boity own your throne. #BoityBET EP 2 tonight at 21:30 and again on Saturday 19:00 chance for you to stand a chance to win before our competition ends. Don't miss this chance to take your Bae… @Mphumzi_Non We're glad you're enjoying it that much! #BlackTaxOnBETWe love the energy you're bringing!'s thirst levels are something else!
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It's 2020, the year of opportunity! Have you shot your shot before? How did it go? #BlackTaxONBETHas your mother, grandmother or any family member ever dragged you into a church war/feud 😂? #BlackTaxOnBETWhich church character do you relate with the most? Were you the sleeper like Zak? The scouter like Thuli? Or the f… you still remember your family routine for getting ready for church on Sundays? #BlackTaxOnBETYour Girl mad cause you spending Valentine’s day gift is weak Why not take her out for an exclusive… send our sincerest condolences to the family of Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder, Joseph Shabalala. We thank you… in tonight @ 21:30 to meet Thuli's @joannereyneke new love interest, Pastor Joshua played by @fezile_makhanya've seen all your #MyBETBreak entries and our judges are loving the 🔥. Entries have now closed so keep an eye on…