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Fortnightly podcast rewinding back to our favourite movies of the 1980s. Now on Patreon

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And let us not forget how Nicholas Hammond once fought the Nazis in The Sound Of Music (I haven’t seen the Sound Of… Run II starts on ITV4 at 11.45pm.... @WikiBickle Haha that was the other option “American dives left and catches ball” @NicV77 Oh wow! Certainly memorable then.... how often do you remind her? @Deggerz1 Same, loved them allRocky Balboa ends Cold War @TillyTweets Is that The Hunter?Desperately Seeking Clothing @GrimlyFandango It’s entertaining enough. Completely ludicrous but fun.Rambo V is now available on amazon Prime. If you want to see a septuagenarian recreate a Saw movie using some Mexic…*my* Spider-Man
@rowly_mo Urgh don’t think I ever made it through... The recent one was a masterpiece in comparison (it was good) @drjonty Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club... Increasingly inappropriate @Pablovich @Pablovich Well I do have a video of her sister with Derek and Clive dubbed on top... @Pablovich She can’t sit still for five minutes anyway, probably best... She’d only ask which one is Hans Gruber anywayYesterday - my four year old with tea towel as a cape says “I’m not Superman, I’m Supergirl” Today - ITunes reduce… I guess he was in The Naked Gun so he might pop up again in the future... @Pablovich returns for Weird Al Yankovic’s first (and probably only) appearance on the podcast... UHF Sub… @GidgitVonLaRue It was nominated apparently. But so was Kubrick for the Shining so....Seems appropriate. And to think some critics at the time thought the score was awful (they also said that about the… Absolute icon. @wearecultonline Tbf she did well after doing the wardrobe for the Pope’s funeral#InternationalKissingDay birthday @TheSlyStallone
My Spotify random playlist went from this, to Transformers the Movie, Total Recall, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Basic Instinct. Eclectic.🛩 on Betamax: UHF laptop @simonfromharlow Ohhhh yes @noir_or_never @the00files @moviehistories @attaboyc @RatedHpod @rv_podcast @gallusgirlstory @AlwaysTherePod are living in a timeline where old Kanye West went back in time, gave young Kanye a sports almanac and he’s now…“Their early work was a little too New Wave for my tastes” birthday Huey Lewis
@retrorambleblog @greatestartist @TalkAnd2Sugars @dads_film @TheresNoJosh @LBHTShow @WafflesMaple @RedsRamblings1 @CartoonDD @nonsensepasspod immigrant foils real estate fraud, despite allergy to a rock. Can fly. week on Patreon: American Psycho (set in the 80s bonus episode) UHF (early access)… original cancel culture. Does that make a General Zod antifa? Independence Day from us and @squires_david
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @StillAnyGoodPod @GoodpodsHQ @BaubleRob @theretrocinema @SMERSHPOD @AlwaysTherePod @ruleofthreepod @brettgoldstein @GreyTim Really enjoyed it#welcomebackpubs
@fluff110 Yeah... he overdoes it of course but Dan Stevens and Rachel McAdams are great, it really does feel like a… @IanMaddrell Probably not, but I’m sure Ferrell and Brosnan would draw a few more in... @film_quiz My wife recognised some, I don’t normally pay that much attention... but really captured the essence of Eurovision @IanMaddrell True but more chance of success than at cinema, and this year will have helped it no end... It seems l… @lynmatfogstar I was hoping for some Bucks Fizz...I live in a house where Eurovision is as big as the World Cup (🇫🇮🇮🇪) so it was essential viewing. Mostly very funny… to get a kebab friend has just shared this with me, so it’s only right I pass it onto you... x episode so far include Hunt For Red October, Tomorrow Never Dies, Goodfellas, an extended A View To A Kill pod and more....Latest Patreon only episode out now - and on the three tiers: Temple ($1) Bonus episodes Crusade ($3) Early access,… writers and broadcasters who follow me, if you’re a fan of Bill Forsyth’s work, please let me know. Whether…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @JohnPaynter1970 But only one will ever be James Bond... @mikecheesley Of course! Some classics there, and have done a few already!🎂 @robertsfone9 👍Episode 73: CONAN THE LIBRARIAN @ScaramangaJoe But.... Spatula City!I'm a big Weird Al fan but the only time I tried to watch this I did not get on with it at all. Ended up turning it…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club“Clearly the product of two men going through divorces” Episode 72: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - listen n… @MagnificentPod @MtopdeckMct2218 At least Roger went into space for Moonraker!Tom Cruise is 58 today. Despite rumours to the contrary, he was not born on the Fourth of July. @SiBarbato One for the ages! No matter where the Delorean turns up....Coming next on Betamax: 73: UHF 74: Desperately Seeking Susan 75: ? 76: Real Genius @GrimlyFandango Just a hoverboard would be nice... @mattbryant Thank you Matt - he really did sell that Clark wasn’t just Superman in glasses, a totally different per… on this day in 1985... Cain proving once again that he is the Mission To Moscow of former Superman actors. Not fit to lace Reeve’s bo…
Gonna miss my lockdown haircut Scott! @DeborahTracey (Ps thank you for the most reasoned reply I’ve had....) @BetamaxPod It's cool. Loads of things we enjoyed in the 80s probably wouldn't even get made today. We can enjoy it…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @numberonererun Weird... I wonder if there’s an official reason - at least Flash Gordon was recently re-reviewed fo… @DeborahTracey I have no issues with it at all, just curious to know which bits! Better to have the conversation th… @cagedinpod Maybe.... or Sloth? Or the fat kid? @film_quiz “If this film was made in the past, it may include outdated something” @Digsy88 @BetamaxPod Turned into the most appropriate gif ever created....
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @jamajestical Argh I wish I could RT x @IanMaddrell Cheers again Ian! love this film and the podcast is great too.
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubWhen a podcast recording gets an extra guest.... absolutely and unashamedly love UHF!
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club(Forgot to tag my guest @Pablovich, host @Hark87Podcast and the new @HeadBalletPod) @Griff_est88 @TheSlyStallone 😍A DIRECTOR'S CUT OF ROCKY IV ?!😱 Need to know more @TheSlyStallone 🥊 #Rocky4
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @ItsaFilmPodcast Mentioned throughout, is the hot dog Twinkie a local delicacy?I'll never understand why this isn't in everyone's top tier 80s movies with the likes of The Goonies, Back to the F…
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubEpisode 73: UHF now available a week early to Patreon subscribers on Crusade and Raiders tiers....… is 40 years old today - what was your favourite line in the movie?
👍 pre-Top Gun Val Kilmer v Thornberg from Die Hard. Yes thank you. @NotPerfectedYet I would murder to see that movie by Thomas Newman, who did Desperately Seeking Susan and the last two Bond movies. Weird.