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Podcast rewinding back to our favourite movies from the golden age of Betamax. Now on Patreon

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@Thunderballs007 Oof birthday Danny DeVito'm in this, pontificating at great length on my love for Jesse Ventura.
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubThis Thursday - PREDATOR @DazHodgkins He played safe with Dr No... and now back to the future to avoid any Roger Moore linksColleague “shall I stick a Bond film on?” Boss “anything but Roger Moore” Me “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK”
"I'm going to mould this box into your prison bars" #PrinceAndrew love Tom Selleck
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @lee_hallam Cheers Lee! UTA @BetamaxPod where the hell have you been all my life , those walks to work far better now . I mean #overthetop thro…
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubApparently Betamax is second in the Austrian film review podcast charts. Einfach klasse! 🇦🇹
Includes hot canine content like this @fastermovies Ha yeah; that might have been a coming of age moment for a few people!Shame these reviews hadn’t come in before we did the Curtis-written, Thompson-starring The Tall Guy episode (58). N… @VHSRevival A magnificent motion picture in every way. Loved it.Feeling Unlucky, Punk? #CharlesBronson's Death Wish 3 It's business as usual for Cannon's most relentless purveyor…
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubNow on Amazon Prime UK: The Loveless (1981) directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Willem Dafoe., “is a” you’re into international football, my other project @EscapeToSuomi is following Finland in their attempt to rea… you seen this, @BetamaxPod?
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @keith_r_foster Oh god...
Now watching.... @ScaramangaJoe I'd have preferred that versionFancy listening to the Predator episode a week early? It’s available now to Patreons on the $3 tier… mean, part of me wants to Marie Kondo the heck out of my house and get rid of stuff I don’t use. The other part…
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubThis is a lovely listen:
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @Al_Joe_K @real_meaning Cheers Al! that @BetamaxPod is back with a great new episode. Oddly, like @real_meaning, my first experience of Gregory's…
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@pjelton Luckily she can count to four!Patreons! Episode 57 - PREDATOR - is now available to all $3 subscribers. My guest is @PlopGazette by Richard Keys on TwitterMarried, Kids, Dog, Promoted, House Learned some of a language Didn’t murder anyone Successful football blog Medioc… to podcasts on Spotify? Check out our very own Brit Pod Scene playlist
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @TheOtherBBFC WOTFurther to this, @kesseljunkie argues that Ozzel was neither clumsy or stupid. In fact if Vader hadn't literally cu…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @fourfoot ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX (1983). Cool dystopian action flick with some social commentary. The 274th film I’ve…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @Editmonster I think I watched the Shield when I was poor and before it was UK TV. Mid 2000s maybe? @Editmonster Indeed. First thing I’ve streamed in at least a decade. At least you can watch Game of thrones etc leg… was hoping the Mandalorian would be crap so I didn’t have to fart around with a dodgy stream. However, it was sup… to get one of these gigs. On a similar note, my three year old will be joining me for a reading of Die Hard: T…
@simonfromharlow Ten mins in and I love it @Editmonster DMHahaha Life Day @jamajestical ❤️ @BeyondTheBoxSet @BlokeBusters @NextBestPicture @MMandOscar @academy_queens @FalseStartsPod @Depressedmovie “What would you like for Christmas?” Me “have you ever heard of Patreon?” to @BetamaxPod and myself discuss Jenny Agutter, breasts and Jenny Agutter’s breasts. I think we talk a lit…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @MattCunnington @ArrowFilmsVideo So I’ve heard, shame I’m skint!Released on this day in 1981. I only saw for the first time in 2019. 🌕 @sothcott @MarkWil67206795 On brand! @sothcott @MarkWil67206795 Alas it was recorded off the telly... @sothcott @MarkWil67206795 Massively enjoyed it, and a great example of Roger's acting. So good to see him play straight. @flailingkermit Hahaha what a pain. I got mine for a quid from the charity shop. It *may* form part of a Patreon Christmas special... @B_Movie_Cult Really enjoyed it, Moore was tremendous, and a treat to watch him play so straight (and so well) @CaptainKilt What a performance @spikester Thank you, that would be great - let me know! @cinemancunian Ha even if it’s wrong, it’s great#NowWatching Because Roger Moore ❤️ Predator.
@spikester Cheers Spike! Those towns are a little identikit! @BetamaxPod Thoroughly enjoyed the Gregory's Girl episode. really made me want to watch it over again! I grew up in…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club“Why is this voiceover track so terrible?” three year old just screamed across the soft play “Daddy I stepped on a duck”. So proud. Patreon. the latest episode of Betamax
2019 @JanBilton Amazed he doesn’t have a statue outside Wembley least in the 80s, you could use “the tracking” on VAR“George Harrison gave me this to give to you”. The “true” story about how a sailor gave me my favourite Beatle’s ha…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @ScaramangaJoe Haha my eldest (3) loves it at the mo @ThePCCLondon @TheSlyStallone @Dolph_Lundgren Should have been 18:50!'ve got the "Eye of the Tiger" this #Christmas as ROCKY IV starring @TheSlyStallone & @Dolph_Lundgren returns to…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @chrisporkerwebb Hahaha yes! Hopefully doing the pod soon, hopefully he’ll get the love he deservesProper football THIS was fantastic! Loved hearing @real_meaning chatting with Rich about one of my favourite films.
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@heisenbergpod So good, would have loved to see early 90s DaltonI just listened to your episode @BetamaxPod so this is timely - what a Bond he was #gonetoosoon
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubA production still of Timothy Dalton as James Bond during filming for Licence To Kill (1989) #Bond #JamesBond Visi…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @MattCunnington I believe that was the subtitle of the rumoured 4th Naked Gun film....Plus dog hates the fireworks; I forgot my sweets and I may be a replicant. @jamajestical Jealous! Enjoy x 🥃 @FrogAlaPeche Because I’m at work on a Saturday night!At work. Pissing it down.’ve got the tv to myself tonight, so I’ll be watching this little beauty again later. My @BetamaxPod discussion on…
Retweeted by Betamax Video ClubYour Mum Has Fallen Mannequin Has Fallen Falling Down Has Fallen“So Clive, what would you like for Christmas?”
#NowPlaying 'Pretty In Pink by #PsychedelicFurs, from one of @thesturge's favourite 80s movies. What's your favouri…
Retweeted by Betamax Video Club @SoozUK @ThePCCLondon ☕️ @SoozUK @ThePCCLondon YES. (Then we can do pod after!) @Al_Joe_K From Russia With Clove @thebellow This may have started something!