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@GBuskell @KaneShaw16 Retweeted and hello Kane imma email youI see workers' rights are in the discourse again, well all I'd say is journalists, keep your eyes peeled because we…
Retweeted by Bethany Dawson @meghamohan @hannah_ajala you’re in Nigeria atm, right? I want to hear you speak again pls xxx @Karen86756393 Hi Karen, I’d be really keen to talk more about this, would you be happy to email me at then proceeded to inform me I have another invisible illness (probs)Today I got asked by my (new) Cardiologist if I’m the “Bethany Dawson of invisible illnesses” and I have never felt more famous @HannahAlOthman I called and begged to reschedule, I just wanted another date. They did not give me one. distraught. @SapphireLally I have this with my module on race and racism, I keep saying "just racism to go" or "I have to go to… @mrjd1984 oh my goodness! that's so exciting, congratulations! @HannahAlOthman I was called for jury service but couldn’t make it and I was SO upset @shahedezaydi @La_Cowan @PlutoPress One of my fave topics to read on, definitely putting this on my to-read listsCase in point a flare up and not able to do a ton today, so if you need me I’ll be staring at this photo of my boy @matthewhorwood oh my god I didn’t know they started selling the vegan range. you’ve changed my life @sianabradley @joshmeatsix oh my god same I am madly in loveI wrote about this last time the Government rejected the rights of poor children and we had to depend on private co… is obviously lovely of M&S, but imagine if our government did its job and fed hungry children? our Islamophobia Awareness issue, we have compiled a list of amazing books on Islamophobia and Muslim represent…
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@CharlieL28 @SENwarriormum @Lisa_SEND @CityWestminster @Beth_Tastic Hello, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @Karen86756393 Hi Karen, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @rachelmewes1982 @SuellaBraverman Hi Rachel, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @DanielleDurrans Hi Danielle, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @GBuskell expect the home office to knock on your door tomorrow mate @GBuskell I'm also doing race and racism, so I've decided to not communicate my assignment completion status with anyonewhen studying a module on hate crime you must be careful not to text anyone "hate crime done!" to signify you compl… ! got ! offered ! my ! appointment ! to ! fit ! my ! ankle ! brace ! I'm going to be walking my way through this lockdown . just you wait @nattykasambala IT IS SO GOOD my housemate and I watched it together and now are impatiently waiting for season 2I know I’m personally struggling with ~ 10,000 words of university assignments but if anyone would like to give my a book deal do hmu @imybrightypotts Idk what you mean Marcus Rashford is a brilliant leader of the opposition***very covid secure*** looks great dressed n doing your makeup instead of feeling like crap in pyjamas is ... helpful @PippaHodge1 Hi Pippa, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @KellyThornham Hi Kelly, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @m_fearon1 Hi Maureen, would you be happy to chat to me about this? My DMs are open @shahedezaydi It 🌊 calls to me 🌊 "Diversity in creative output feels apt for Al-Kadhi @Glamrou, who reflects on their life…
Retweeted by Bethany DawsonI learnt how to ride a bike in the summer and I’m already planning to cycle 3.5 hours (when that’s legal) just to get to the seaI spoke to the angel @shahedezaydi about just wanting to leg it to the beach tbh
@DanReast no more fears 😎 @ChayQuinn wonder who gave you inspo for this tweethow many times has trump been impeached? @wood_vincent This feels like the “avocado toast is killing the economy” of vaccine discourse"Why are we still not doing a better job of explaining to vulnerable people what [the] rules are?" Caroline Nokes…
Retweeted by Bethany Dawsondoing lots of work on antisemitism and hate crime atm and all I can say is we jews are badass tbh? hand me a challah @mrjoshz @JKellyLinden Then sir I’ll be huffing the air above my plantsreminder of plant numbers before this lockdown's really obvious I'm not managing this lockdown well by 1) the intense amount of naps needed and 2) the addition… @HannahPrice___ no naps can save me (hope you're okay!! xx)lol I want to pitch on chronic fatigue in the pandemic (whilst doing university and working) but I’m too tired @LRJbrun sorry but I am minding the baked beans @wagamama_uk @JSHiggins_ Sure thing!
@bethmayashley .......... I’m stealing this @emrosebr Thanks angel! I’m in touch with someone at the embassy now who’s helping me out, just waiting on her guid…'ll fold it into my Grandad's naturalization documents, just as a treat xif I email this to the German embassy do you think they'll speed up my citizenship application
Looking to speak to two freelance musicians who have been completely locked out of the government's SEISS grants –…
Retweeted by Bethany Dawson @izzy_copestake Ma’am this is a certified sign you’re as hot as hell xx @izzy_copestake Does this actually happen lmao? @meghamohan They were genuinely horrific, I raised the fact that there were racial slurs on their site which contra… is not yet for a thing, but if you've reported on/tried to report on pornhub and chatted to their press office, would you DM me? @Tayloredword @estwebber Interestingly, my brother (CEV by virtue of having Down's) received a letter for this lockdown, but not the first.. "Shukri Abdi was failed by a system that never had her interests in favour. Her death is a…
Retweeted by Bethany DawsonI would run bicep forwards into a vaccine centre at 4:07 am if I could @hwfmorris @Apple / emoji people sort urself outwanted to be Hugh's mate after chatting about trombones (got embarrassed after he was telling me about his professi… piece of 2021: I wrote about the difficulties facing the UK’s brass bands for @Telegraph. I’m delighted to b…
Retweeted by Bethany DawsonReally keen to look into how SEN schools, staff, and pupils have been impacted by this second wave and new restrict… @wagamama_uk @JSHiggins_ you have made a hungry person very happy @kittywenham I do! Happy to chat xxBy the way the timeline went to shit (for about 5 mins) over Amber Gill writing a book and I thought it was Flora Gill until 3 mins agoI'd have never dreamed that I'd throw something out there so personal to me in the public domain, but I'm super gra…
Retweeted by Bethany Dawsonget in the bin, everyone else. i'm easy to get along with
@JSHiggins_ @wagamama_uk James this is the best thing you could have ever said to me @mark_aofficial @wagamama_uk Mark you don’t understand these are so goodI am currently overjoyed by this foodHey @wagamama_uk if you don’t keep your sticky vegan ribs on the menu after Veganuary then 2021 is ruined @BettyKirkers This is so beautiful x @fatpheebs Hello darling, I love you and know you’re wonderful, here for a natter if you need x @ChantayyJayy omds what is it with men stating their horrific political opinions and thinking it's a turn on???? @jnoahmorgan I have no significant stories except so many gross intros like this lmao @DannyWittenberg @LucyMangan it's fine i promise he's not that present keep going danyeah I'm finding doing a degree in a pandemic fine but the library service going down has made me question every si… look at this depop listing
@dinosofos @DannyWittenberg (Schtikk with it) It’s really good, and picks up after season 1 @hwfmorris Fun fact I’m named Beth after Beth (also same) @DannyWittenberg How to get away with murder! Obsessed Also if you haven’t, Schitts Creekwhy is it so easy to lose a pair of glasses when you’re not allowed to leave your house @HannahAlOthman oh no the deputy health minister fed himself whilst travelling to protect the country @HannahAlOthman I have this with my dog, we rescued him at 9 months old but he was fully grown by then (mastiff-lab… is wonderful! I can also help with english literature, politics, sociology, and religious studies up to a-lev… @meehikabarua Omg this is so helpful! Thank you!On NYE I promised myself a better sleep schedule but I slept from 2 am to 1 pm so thanks lockdownHey! So For the next instalment of @Incite_Magazine* we are creating an issue for Holocaust Memorial Day, and we…
Retweeted by Bethany Dawson @KeejayOV2 This is so lovely! Thank you William! X
seeya Friday night might be rubbish but it’s made so much better by the clubhouse discussion w @ChantayyJayy @hClifford29 good journalist good cat @NatashaPreskey I’m still quite new (as a reporter at Indy!) and would love a hello zoom! Also love your hair hehe x