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Cardiff dwelling Mum of 4. Pushing forward towards an inclusive (arts) world by thinking about access & representation always. Creative Producer @takingflightco

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Just back from the #WorldPremiere of #thekiterunner @TheWaterside1 Fantastic performances all round 5* plus. Two sh…
Retweeted by Beth HouseI highly recommend this!! Saw it last night at @TheWaterside1 and it's coming to The New Theatre Cardiff in May! Gr… @chapter_eats at @chaptertweets why oh why would you not do brunch on a Sunday. Mon-sat only!!!!!????So proud of @DeanRehman #TheKiteRunner is amazing!!! Such brill performances all round & great storytelling. Loved…
@takingflightco @Golwg360 @stephback95 @NDCS_Cymru @BBCCiN Oh my gosh!!!!! Cute pics of youth theatreDwi'n teimlo yn ghyffrous ac balch!! Cardiff peeps!!! & Sonny super excited to see Daddy @DeanRehman in #TheKiteRunner at @TheWaterside1 #Aylesbury woohooo!!!
Wanted to book tickets for #PlanetEarthLive at @MotorpointDiff as 15 year old son (usually too cool for anything) w… @kirstiecymru @youthcymru Ooh yes please from @takingflightco for our youth theatre for Deaf young ppl @danaksegal @EEALondon This!!! Trustees take so much on. Its not all pretty. Our trustees have really asked some di…
Dear @Microsoft I can't get into my Hotmail account.. The language has changed and this is all I can see
Girls making beautiful copper rings at @StFagans_Museum with @Bezeal_Cardiff jewelery maker! What a brilliant teach…
@BeckyKempDavies Yay!!! Congratulations @beccaleigh99 @takingflightco @EliseDavison Thank you!!! Check out our new website too on we're soooo excited!!
@NationalTheatre @NTBookshop Or caramac @NationalTheatre @NTBookshop Crunchie @AngharadLee It was the butt naked part...
@AngharadLee I do love your turn of phrase!!And on a personal note this is pant wettingly exciting for me as @jimcartwrightUK was the reason I went into theatr…
@timwheelerarts Absolutely. @EliseDavison @timwheelerarts @joverrent @takingflightco I mean I agree about language use. We should define what w… @EliseDavison @timwheelerarts @joverrent @takingflightco Is it?? @timwheelerarts @joverrent @EliseDavison @takingflightco And isn't that what we always say is so great about theatr… @timwheelerarts @joverrent @EliseDavison @takingflightco I'm interested to know how a theatre company might go abou… evening @TORtheatre #Cardiff #BSL interpreted show yn gymraeg. Looks great!!! this here to read later @sargent65 Loads of love Sarah. I know it won't be the same but there's cuddles here..... @sophieLstone Oh my god.. I actually feel sick. @danaksegal 😔
Noooo! @CherylOfficial don't tell Joseph not to cry! We teach our kids to suppress their emotions--especially boys…
@camrock900 @ShieldVoC @AirbnbHelp Wow!! They also never reply do they??? @AirbnbHelp @malorieblackman If people walked round with their eyes open they'd see this kind of shit happening all the time..… @KirsteyPorter @malorieblackman Amazing way of dealing with it! Would love to have been a fly on the wall!!Yet another call that goes like this... Me: I'm just calling to say I've received a letter for my mum but she has p…
Aaand again @virginmedia @MikScarlet Attitudinal access is just as importantAnd... 5 mins later @virginmedia are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our former Artistic Director Terry Hands CBE. "Terry Hands was a g…
Retweeted by Beth HouseFor the last few months trying to watch something on our @virginmedia TV on apps or catch up is impossible.. Buffer…
@bernardrossmc What, you're not watching every week anyway Bernard??Oooh @mcNAFS crew autumn 2018 did you know @BoyBlueEnt are going to be on #TheGreatestDancer next week? Excited!!
With such a Stella cast, #Dolittle should be really food. Should be... 🙊🙉🙈🤦‍♀️
Although the origins of the phrase nitty gritty are unclear, you'd think with the possibility of offence…
@mo87mo87 I once emailed someone that I work with dead performers. I work with deaf performers... @emmawalters1973 This is sarcasm... Panicking that was not clear... @emmawalters1973 Oh yes, us poor white actors. There really are no parts left these days are there!???!!! 🙄🤔😬 @thelizcarr @BBCOne @janejanes #SilentWitness just keeps getting better & better. As do you @thelizcarr. I had to m…
So proud of @takingflightco for getting this started. A youth theatre lead by the Deaf young people who come, and b… Clarissas friendship on #SilentWitness on @bbc1_iplayer May literally be the best thing on TV
Hi @AirbnbHelp was supposed to get a payout yesterday of £71.34 for a guest but only got £7.55. How come? Can't fin… @Dukevfr It's obvs like innit? The rock is faaartin innit?? @EmiGarside Sending you bag loads of love xxxx @ShawabIqbal @eclipsetcl @AmandaHuxtable @StellaKanuCHAT Yay
@DavidBurgessFR @Tesco I though that too.. Just a load of letters and numbers @Detkonstiga @EliseDavison @FlyingBridgeTC Oh how weird!!!!Leftovers from the yummy @Thedoughthrower anyone?? Soooo full meal at @Thedoughthrower with the squids to appreciate their loveliness. And wow that brownie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ got an email from @Tesco club card saying preselectrd to be entered into draw for £1000 need to register. Looks dodgy. Scam?? @YvonneMurphy111 @takingflightco @EliseDavison Oh wow. Little tear there thank you. Xxx you're pretty bloody incredible yourself.
Came in to @takingflightco office this morning to find some angels had done this. Funky new green lamp, potted succ…
Oh my god people of #Cardiff get yourselves to #Bristol to see #Ubu by @WeAreKneehigh Its on at @MarbleFactoryUK until end Jan... IshOh yeah. .. Interval 1 @WeAreKneehigh #Ubu... Such a moving expressive dance solo from President Dallas' daughter B… to be seeing @WeAreKneehigh #Ubu tonight in Gurt Bristol!! A rare night out without kids... 😁
As if I wasn't already worried about environmental impact of flying, had to queue 15 mins to get out of "drop off"…
Just bought a tin of @QualityStreetUK for our late Christmas night -, posh gold one- & they're all white and crumbl… to @dtoole764 for the awarding of OBE! He says: 'You don’t set out with awards in mind but if on th…
Retweeted by Beth House
A successful crowd funder completes & a 4 figure funding yes all in one day... Yay!! And I'm on holiday too so... F… time of year for a lot of folks. Suicide Hotline 116 123 (Samaritans) A simple copy and paste might save someo…
Retweeted by Beth House @RevRichardColes Just make sure you don't get cross with yourself over the silly things you will do ov… we did it!! Thank you so much to everyone who came through in the final hours. My £50 was on behalf of the mot…
@FooseMoose Can't wait to see it after Christmas @Nadjdaniela @jazzaoxon If there are earth tremors in the North over the next 5 years, it won't be fracking. It'll…
@backlund_jimmy @C4meronM4tthews @AyoCaesar @NadiaWhittome Yes but the tone of your comment slightly undermines her…
@backlund_jimmy @C4meronM4tthews @AyoCaesar @NadiaWhittome Sounds like she's doing it whether she can afford to or not.. @siennamarla @C4meronM4tthews @NadiaWhittome And your point?? That it's not an amazing act??Oh my god this is earth shatter ing stuff... This woman actually taking action to redress imbalance. Wow.. What an… @StephieLacey @NakedProds @graeae @BBCRadio4 @genevievebarr @TheLaraSteward @Miss_SassyAlex @KatieLabno @RafeFernandez20 @Lauren_Eales @hanny4pm It's improving unlike in England & funding to Welsh Assembly for NHS in W… @IanJenk45699230 @ChippyLyn @Lauren_Eales Nudge him on his performance?? Oh yes my kids school is running on fumes,… @Conservatives You said it. We're at rock bottom now eh... Or shall we hold off on saying that for a few more years… @emmaelsaevans @theCentre @tastyspud @connor_allen92 And a naked granny apparently. Hope that's not a spoiler!!So @tastyspud this face has just told me #Red is too good for me!!!!!!!! Planning a trip to see it again as she lov…
@WelshLabour @KevinBrennanMP Phew @RadnorCanton Blimey she never tells me anything!!! @RadnorCanton SnazzySaving this where I can find it for later saw the dress rehearsal of #Red by Likely Story at @theCentre today with school. She loved it!! Thanks…"will all the children be Deaf?" asks young lad excitedly as he realises hell be able to not only participate in dr… @connor_allen92 But thank yew anyway.... 😂🤣I cannot believe that THIS of everything is what @sajidjavid tweets today. This is the kind of point scoring, jumpe… @sajidjavid That's what you were banking on then was it??? That that piece of mud slinging propaganda would do the… @HMcPake @_LikelyStory_ @theCentre Pixies class are coming this afternoon!!! @_JafarIqbal_ Joy @MrBrianDuffy You can't eat a CROISSANT... Croissants are not from here & croissants, I think you'll find, are taki… but not like THAT"Jeremy Corbyn was a problem ".... But Boris Johnson wasn't??????? Are people seeing the same people that I'm seeing?????
On this election day I'm focusing on the great service once again from. @MadameWax Thank you!!!Performers in #London this, will be sha- mazing. The things this man can do... (oooh...)