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Cardiff dwelling Mum of 4. Pushing forward towards an inclusive (arts) world by thinking about access & representation always. Creative Producer @takingflightco

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Oooh #NorthWales friends @OwenPugh @rtaylorbeales You're most welcome! I loved describing your beautiful, moving show. #AudioDescription #ShoutAboutAccess @AidenHatfield Hi Aiden we'd love you to come see @takingflightco family show #YouveGotDragons giving families with… @angel28kc They were repressed, opressed & had to live their lives miserably, many completed suicide, many lived li…
@garrinclarke We love working with you and Hazzer!! Oh my god Gazzer & Hazzer!!!!!!
Cancer is an absolute fucker @laelkins11 @Eloisejwilliams @sewitschorke @gayleenrabakukk @LoriKeckler @SCBWIAustin @SCBWI_BI @Laureate_Wales @FireflyPress So exciting!!! @lisafryer9 Lots of love. It's the rain. My mum passed away 3 weeks ago.. So hard. ❤️❤️🌈 @Josie_Wilson_ @theatrnanog @brumhippodrome Great show!!#AudioDescribed performance Saturday @chaptertweets 8pm #TouchTour 7.15pm #GigTheatre @CarmsCouncil Yes well obviously it's a bit late for my query now as that was yesterday. But it would be good if it…
@aliceeklund_ @MirBallin Clare Williams ex of @HijinxTheatre is a powerhouse. Tic Ashfield's talent.… @EmiGarside @aliceeklund_ @EliseDavison @chippylaneprod Woah thank you Em! @nickiandchelly @chaptertweets Hurrah!! I went to a rehearsal today. Sooooo exciting!Plus you can't talk about what audiences do & don't need supoort in understanding if you don't represent those aud… male & stale theatre critic @billicritic criticises theatres & directors for making #Shakespeare mean somethin… @CarmsCouncil parking in Murray St carosrk in #Llanelli is needlessly complicated. Hard to see how to pay, cas…
Tonight people tonight!! Use it or lose it. @chaptertweets I think your phone isn't working... @nickiandchelly Just double CheckingI will be #AudioDescribing Stones Throw; Lament of the Selkie at @chaptertweets on Sat 12th Oct 8pm. There'll be a… @takingflightco @mummyincity @artsdepot @LyricHammer Yay!!!On my way to #London @jacksons_lane you seen this @lawrencebecko so... Back to work it is.
@MrBrianDuffy Good story. Might be a film script on here.Blimey!!!
Leaving this here so I can find it later @weareunltd @katejlovell @stephback95Mum, we're doing you a lovely home made send off. Wish you were going to be there. You'd love it.
@bluecanaryemma @BBCRadio4 @mynyddbychan This is great! I have volunteered on stalls at school & I love doing it bu… @NorbertElekes That's not true about London. In lost places is more like £3.20 minimumLady just screamed at me in Ely leisure centre car park coz she said I kept opening my door into her car. I had tap… @EliseDavison @HollyStoppit How exciting!!Question on @BBCRadio4 #MoneyboxLive how to retain volunteers when fundraising for PTA? Steward your volunteers! Ma…
@AirbnbHelp I did DM and hot no response at the time @jjsheedy @Airbnb Yes this is right I do agree ..i must say I agonised about the best thing to do which is why asked air b n b to help... @rentrebel I know!!!!!!! I laughed full on for like 15 minutes. @rentrebel I knoe hilaaaaroous!!I have been so out of the loop with work. But still mega proud of this tour. Also my Mum loved this show when she s… @AirbnbHelp It was ages ago. I thought the guy had made a genuine (massive) error of judgement but he was lucky we… @jjsheedy @Airbnb I didnt give him any review at all. He was mortified.. He left ASAP when we told him what he'd do… @bluecanaryemma @BBCRadio4 @Airbnb_uk It got mentioned on r4 great to hear posh radio 4 lady reading out my tweet
Ha!! @BBCRadio4 #youandyours I am an @Airbnb_uk host & a guest got drunk & pooed in our garden, then wandered round…
Do not go to Ji Chicken in Canton #Cardiff. Just paid £40 for this first time using @Deliveroo all cold & soggy but… tweeting now but last night's performance of #MeetFred at @ShermanTheatre was majestic. I love that show so mu… is us @EliseDavison @ralphiearts & me.
@GetTheChance4U @theatrnanog @TORtheatre @ShermanTheatre @RiverfrontArts @NTWtweets @HijinxTheatre Fair enough @GetTheChance4U @theatrnanog @TORtheatre @ShermanTheatre @RiverfrontArts @NTWtweets @HijinxTheatre Is it not classed as Welsh writing? @Nick_Rampart @Tucker5law @absolutehaarlem WahaaaaWhat a week for Welsh new writing! Eye of the Storm by @theatrnanog at Swansea Grand. American Nightmare at…
Retweeted by Beth House @GetTheChance4U @theatrnanog @TORtheatre @ShermanTheatre @RiverfrontArts @NTWtweets You forgot the return of… @graeae @MPSHackney Oh my goodness. Awful news... Sending love @mariecurieuk That information is brilliant thank you ☝️ @mariecurieuk Thank you so muchI'm having a sad day. I need Fred. #MeetFred @HijinxTheatre can't wait to meet you again tonight at @ShermanTheatre @shootersarah75 @trwakefield Yay!!!
@mariecurieuk Thank you so much. My 4 kids aged 5-19 are struggling a bit. Should we contact the hospice? Thank you so much for everythingThabk you so much @danaksegal xxxx @benpettittwade @HijinxTheatre @ShermanTheatre Excited!!I've set up a fundraising page for @mariecurieuk in memory of my darling mum who died a week ago at their hospice i… @matthaig1 And I just read the envelope!! Ha ha ha @matthaig1 Someone just sent this along with lots of other books to my 5 and 7 year old daughters who have just exp… @GretaThunberg Yes!!!!!Aye!!!
@Claire_Cousin @gentle_hq Sorted now thank you lovely Claire @MissWordSalad @cardifftweetbot Sorted thank you!! @EmiGarside Oh never though of that!! But sorted now thank you so much Emily xxxx @bluecanaryemma @gentle_hq @RachelKinchin @GuyOD8 @GetTheChance4U @beccaleigh99 @sarabeer_ @Shane_91 @s Sorted!! Phew. Thank you xxxx
@SpiritofEden @BBC6Music What?? @BBC6Music Landslide by @SmashingPumpkinAny ideas @gentle_hq @RachelKinchin @GuyOD8 @GetTheChance4U @bluecanaryemma @beccaleigh99 @sarabeer_ @Shane_91 @s got any brainwaves of lovely spaces we can use to send mum off? St catherines Church hall is not avail! 😢 We… @danaksegal @mcNAFS @RoyalOperaHouse @bernardrossmc Sad to pull out. Hope it was a good day 😢Fuck you #cancer. This is what you did to my Mum. So fuck you evening at @hertfordtheatre @takingflightco bring their "fierce & funny" show #peeling #TFpeeling with…
@JoeySalads @DineshDSouza Aspergers is not a "mental condition" it's neurodiversity. She shouldn't not be targeted… @MrBrianDuffy People will stoop so fricking low. Why the suspicion?? Is it so hard to believe a young woman (who ha… @CoffeeBarker sat next to a lady having lunch with her mum. #jealous.. Make the most of every opportunity 😞 @jonhillcock @BBC6Music Waahhaaaaa @TheWorldofEmil1 @Twitter @ndawards You are amazing!!!!
@bluecanaryemma Thank you xxx @bluecanaryemma So sorry to hear that & sending love & solidarity. I'm hoping this inability to see a way ahead through this is temporary... @sargent65 ❤️💔The reality of my Mum's death on a Thursday is really starting to hit. With all the time we had to prepare, I didn'…
Dean is listening to #Faure #Requiem. He's a braver man than I. 💔
Go see this!!!!! It's one of the best things I've ever seen. @ShermanTheatre
This is utterly phenomenal. I Hooe it happens @StephieLacey @takingflightco Love these shots!!!!Love this reminder of @takingflightco's upcoming tour of peeling #TFpeeling with reviews & feedback from the 1st le…
@PurpleParking Off to Germany with our inclusive cast of actors to perform our show at a German Theatre festival!! Excited!Hi @PurpleParking are your #Heathrow buses wheelchair accessible? Staff at @heathrowparking don't know! 🙄 @toki_allison Hi there no I dont sorry!! I am only level 1. You'll need a registered interpreter but it will be meg…
⬇️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿The same but #Welsh yes please now 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⬇️ @BBC
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@nickiandchelly @cardiffcouncil Me too I always worry about children stepping in it then into school, my friends wh… @EliseDavison @cardiffcouncil It's early mot ING dog walkers who are no t cleaning up!!. @cardiffcouncil so much dog poo on way to #RadnorPrimary #canton this morning & we only live 2 mins away. Inevita…
So excited to be at the @itsmyshoutltd #award tonight. Never realised what an amazing initiative it is & how far re… @JPBrown5 Pilates and cuddlingAmazing to hear Welsh language music on @BBC6Music this morning & it wasn't played by @cerysmatthews either!